8 Things Demon's Souls Doesn't Tell You

Here are 8 things that Bluepoint's PS5 remake of Demon's Souls doesn't tell you.
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Albert Cordero
Albert Cordero - 46 minutter siden
9: If you like women, you will inevitably fall in love with the maiden in black
Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad
Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad - 2 dager siden
What that 8 things Demons Souls do not tell you I already know from Original Demons Souls
תומר שמש
תומר שמש - 5 dager siden
What happens when I die lots of times in a row without killing the demon I died to??
Will I have to start the game from scratch again??
Also if I die to a demon will I restart exactly where I died or will I respon in the Nexus and'll have to reach him again??
Kevin - 5 dager siden
#1: it really makes you *feel* like a demon's soul
rafal zarebski
rafal zarebski - 5 dager siden
Definitely doesn't tell you your gender
Arjun T
Arjun T - 5 dager siden
I’ve never played a Souls game and I bought this game because the bosses looked cool. I can’t even get past the first castle part...
Ross Dont Play
Ross Dont Play - 5 dager siden
Took me a week to get past the tower knight because i didnt play smart. You gotta just grind out souls until you can level up
Erlaxis - 6 dager siden
What a game.
Syed - 6 dager siden
Like their shitty method to co op with friends
G B - 6 dager siden
Wait, SONY let you guys get a console?
SwagMasta - 7 dager siden
oh....these are casul tips..... my tip for anybody seeing this is to: git gud
Jaime Cano
Jaime Cano - 7 dager siden
Only eight?
Seems like there’s a whole bunch of stuff it doesn’t tell me
Keep dying and dying and wait
Nope, just died
Buurt - 7 dager siden
it doesent tell you that that game alone makes the PS5 the best console :D i love those sony exklusiv games
mario mario
mario mario - 7 dager siden
Voldebutt - 7 dager siden
only 8? ...okay then.
Erick Orduno
Erick Orduno - 7 dager siden
The girl in the thumbnail straight up looks like the sister from Fable
Socomunist - 7 dager siden
Only 8? 😆
Rudy Khairul
Rudy Khairul - 7 dager siden
Only a casul wouldn’t know all this...
johnny rivera
johnny rivera - 7 dager siden
This game is hard.
Turbo S
Turbo S - 6 dager siden
Very hard
ogga bogga
ogga bogga - 7 dager siden
So basically everything we knew and more😂
J Lo
J Lo - 7 dager siden
I’ve played demon souls since it first came out. When nobody knew what it was exactly. I started playing it thinking, oh this will be fun. Well. To this day I can close my eyes and visually walk-through Bolletteria
Utibe Ekpenyong
Utibe Ekpenyong - 7 dager siden
I like how all of y'all collect ideas from each other... Things games don't tell u from gameranx.
.soon...before u buy... Lol
RebellionD - 7 dager siden
Loving this game, just got to level 102 as a mage and still have not made it to NG+ yet.
Matthew Serpa
Matthew Serpa - 7 dager siden
Wish I had a ps5 to play this
Matthew Serpa
Matthew Serpa - 7 dager siden
Common sense if you've played dark souls
Proflexer - 8 dager siden
Pro tip ALWAYS be in soul form, your world tendency doesn't change to Black if you die in soul form
Luciano Lamberti
Luciano Lamberti - 8 dager siden
dying in the nexus was a great tip for newcomers
Arturs Pimenovs
Arturs Pimenovs - 8 dager siden
this is classic DS mechanics...
cocabeer - 6 dager siden
Some of us haven't played it and this game is perfect to step into the franchise.
Kyle Kymanie
Kyle Kymanie - 7 dager siden
We are noobs
Kyzer Soze
Kyzer Soze - 7 dager siden
Demon souls was the first souls like game. Dark souls borrowed a lot of aspects from this game.
Arnell Long
Arnell Long - 8 dager siden
I'm like, Dark Souls really don't tell you much at all so this list could be dang near infinite lol.
Tray Tray
Tray Tray - 8 dager siden
Souls games don’t tell you anything
I Komang Ari Putra
I Komang Ari Putra - 8 dager siden
9 : The meaning of "UMBASA"
pr-od !
pr-od ! - Dag siden
Trueeeeeee 😂😂😂😂
consumer1982 - 8 dager siden
v0ids33ker31 - 8 dager siden
but can you pause in photo mode while also being online?
Mappy Bc
Mappy Bc - 8 dager siden
Nope. On the bright side, until you get familiar with the game you'll be spending most of your time dead and you can't be invaded that way.
willjohnboy - 8 dager siden
Play offline and other players cant invade oh and magic is OP so if your finding it difficult with the melee characters pick the royal class.
Bailey - 8 dager siden
Where my moon grass be at!?
MaskHero Zo
MaskHero Zo - 8 dager siden
Does anyone know the infinity items duplicate still work on this version?
astorias - 8 dager siden
I believe so
ethancodes - 8 dager siden
4:02 what weapons are those??? I didn't think you could duel wield in Demon's Souls? I thought that didn't come in until Dark Souls?
Max Kalton
Max Kalton - 8 dager siden
The various katanas can (sort of) be dual-wielded. Supposedly there's a particular hit combo that comes out extra-quick if you do, but I never got it to work to a degree that actually made it seem worth it. Mostly, it's the same as it is in Dark Souls 1: you can have a weapon in each hand and attack with either, but there's little in the way of dual-wielding as a separate style. (That got introduced with DS2.)
Vin Maxwell
Vin Maxwell - 8 dager siden
and One more thing: Why they put AI and character movements from Ps2 games ..
Stewieternity Gaming
Stewieternity Gaming - 8 dager siden
1:23 now I know how to increase my load
SwiftX10 - 8 dager siden
I have always been here in this Nexus.
I was here when the Old One awakened, and I will be here when It rests once again
DeathsInverse - 8 dager siden
YOU CAN HEAL AT THE STONES 🤯🤯🤯 (don't mind me, I'm just a noob)
majinraptor - 7 dager siden
It resets everything so what’s the point
Will Yung
Will Yung - 8 dager siden
Im sure this was Sonys tactic to get people to buy extra controllers due to souls rage
A Moye
A Moye - 8 dager siden
#9. Demon Souls can only be played on a 10teraflop 600gb (useable) system
Darrell Garrett
Darrell Garrett - 8 dager siden
Finished my play through of Demon’s Souls on the PS5! Brought back some great memories of the PS3 era!
Martin - 8 dager siden
If I recall correctly, dying in the nexus doesn’t shift your world tendency to black. So if you kill a boss and find yourself back to human form just go to the nexus and jump to your death. There are items that offset the HP loss from being in spirit form. Easiest way to keep everything white is by not being in human form. If I’m wrong someone correct me! It’s been a while.
Genesis - 8 dager siden
Yeah your correct
Dat Pickle!
Dat Pickle! - 8 dager siden
Bold of you to assume i have a ps5
Mattables - 8 dager siden
Could be a preference, but I think I appreciate voiceovers with a little more...energy? Would wholeheartedly love to hear others' preferences when listening to the commentary.
Sankalp Mahajan
Sankalp Mahajan - 8 dager siden
8 things demon's soul doesnt tell you:
1. Square root of pi
2. What women want
3. How youtube algo works
4. When will you lose your virginity
5. Whats in bermuda
6. If aliens exist
7. What is life?
8. And yeah, demon's souls also doesnt tell you some stuff about the game (if you care bout that)...
Sankalp Mahajan
Sankalp Mahajan - 7 dager siden
12. How long will this list go
Raouf - 8 dager siden
11. how many times you will die in the game before you die in Real life
Arnell Long
Arnell Long - 8 dager siden
10. How to actually get the money for a PS5 to then see if you can find a PS5.
Exspiravit333 - 8 dager siden
9. how to get a ps5
Michael Mentality
Michael Mentality - 8 dager siden
me never playing a souls game paused the game and was shocked that i was still getting attacked. i thought the game was broken 😂
Hesho The man
Hesho The man - 16 timer siden
Same here 🤣🤣🤣🤣
15thCrypt - 7 dager siden
Ah yeah I always hated the lack of pause and always hated when I was far from the nearest bonfire in Dark Souls or lamp in Bloodborne and havent found a new one yet. I guess it has to do with the online aspects like invading and summoning since Sekiro finally allowed you to pause for a piss/snack
Mark Ball
Mark Ball - 8 dager siden
Just use photo mode.
Tremain Dzuimo
Tremain Dzuimo - 8 dager siden
"first time"
DeathsInverse - 8 dager siden
Mark Donovan
Mark Donovan - 8 dager siden
Dont be a nub and watch this video, play the game and take your lumps. Then do a walkthrough second playthrough or NG+
ethancodes - 8 dager siden
@Michael Mentality yea but just the tip.
Michael Mentality
Michael Mentality - 8 dager siden
tips are useful
Pouya先輩 - 8 dager siden
Vaatividia: aM I a jOkE tO yUo ???
Jan Rikardsen
Jan Rikardsen - 8 dager siden
So overrated
super burger
super burger - 8 dager siden
Why tf did u even press on the video then?
Marcello Lanza
Marcello Lanza - 8 dager siden
Ah, another game where the tutorial is harder than 90% of entire video games
astorias - 8 dager siden
Lol no
Keanan Connor
Keanan Connor - 8 dager siden
Might cop
Ashaman - 8 dager siden
Watching this video is blasphemy.
Poogles - 8 dager siden
Fantastic video. Playing this at midnight tonight in Scotland when PS5 releases.
Kirk Redgate
Kirk Redgate - 7 dager siden
I already have the game, just waiting for console lol.
Sagwe Man
Sagwe Man - 8 dager siden
Why are u watching this in 2021
Avve N
Avve N - 8 dager siden
im not
neither enemy nor friend
neither enemy nor friend - 8 dager siden
Dude's name is chonk😂
George Jones
George Jones - 8 dager siden
The remake is amazing, honestly if you keep the world tendency pure white the game is easy, if you want better drop and tougher enemies with pure black tendency. FYI, if anyone is going for the platinum pick the ring 💍 as the gift because it’s regarded for the trophy’s not dropped in the world.
George Jones
George Jones - 8 dager siden
@FRANCISCO DIAZ it’s a different trophy list. I made the mistake and didn’t select that ring so out of 30 rings, the gift ring is missable if not selected preventing the platinum. It’s a dumb move on their part to lock it in the gift selection.
FRANCISCO DIAZ - 8 dager siden
That was dumb on their part I hope that the trophies are exactly the same as PS3 since I know exactly how to get those
Jesse Ravelo
Jesse Ravelo - 8 dager siden
Soul game veterans: mhmm mhmm I know all this mhmm l
Jesse Ravelo
Jesse Ravelo - 7 dager siden
@Alex Landon 🤷🏽‍♂️
15thCrypt - 7 dager siden
@Alex Landon it was very weak
Alex Landon
Alex Landon - 7 dager siden
@Jesse Ravelo if you call that a joke you need to work on your delivery.
Jesse Ravelo
Jesse Ravelo - 7 dager siden
@Alex Landon hey the joke it kinda just flew over you G
Alex Landon
Alex Landon - 7 dager siden
Veterans aren't the intended audience of this video.
One less lonely memer
One less lonely memer - 8 dager siden
PC is better
Malicious Heart
Malicious Heart - 8 dager siden
Meh IRL is harder than Demon Soul's. Currently stuck in my progress and the guides are not helpful.
Sahil Singhal
Sahil Singhal - 8 dager siden
Git Gud
Naveen Antony.P
Naveen Antony.P - 8 dager siden
Gameranx is better.
Plokpanda15 '
Plokpanda15 ' - 8 dager siden
cant wait to play it in 2022
dryricefields - 7 dager siden
@BloodMoney impossible to get a ps5
BloodMoney - 7 dager siden
I don't get it
溺人 - 8 dager siden
8 Things Demon's Souls Doesn't Tell You.
Number 1: where to buy a ps5
whitegenome22 - 8 dager siden
@Jan Rikardsen no it won’t
Papa Russ
Papa Russ - 8 dager siden
@Jan Rikardsen Never even heard of gears tactic
Jan Rikardsen
Jan Rikardsen - 8 dager siden
@Papa Russ Pc will have Demon Souls and Gears Tactics on series x is way better
Papa Russ
Papa Russ - 8 dager siden
@One less lonely memer pc doesn’t have demon souls
One less lonely memer
One less lonely memer - 8 dager siden
Buy a PC its better
Streets of Ragequit
Streets of Ragequit - 8 dager siden
A different kind of hard when comparing to others like Bloodborne and Dark Souls. Can't wait to try it!
Jesse Ravelo
Jesse Ravelo - 6 dager siden
@Chris Salsedo it’s not coming RIGHT NOW they confirmed it won’t be released for pc at launch but will eventually get a pc release
Jesse Ravelo
Jesse Ravelo - 6 dager siden
@cocabeer I got time 🤷🏽‍♂️
cocabeer - 6 dager siden
@Jesse Ravelo You can wait a long time then, buddy bud bud.
Jesse Ravelo
Jesse Ravelo - 7 dager siden
@Lord Jesus nope I beat and 100% 🤷🏽‍♂️ nice try though
Lord Jesus
Lord Jesus - 7 dager siden
@Jesse Ravelo I guess you're also waiting for Bloodborne to come to PC lol.
Joseph Raymond
Joseph Raymond - 8 dager siden
This video is basically for people who can’t read or don’t have common sense
Amal Balraj
Amal Balraj - 8 dager siden
1- save money for a new controller for when you break your first one
FZ Cosmic
FZ Cosmic - 8 dager siden
the game is not even hard
MTN 7 - 8 dager siden
@MrSour D not how it works when you’re a competitive person.
MrSour D
MrSour D - 8 dager siden
2- remember it’s just a game not that serious
Cjham - 8 dager siden
Number 1:
How to get a Ps5
Cjham - 8 dager siden
@One less lonely memer pc doesn't have demon souls and is more expensive
One less lonely memer
One less lonely memer - 8 dager siden
Get a PC instead it destroys those poor consoles
Dipaladopolis - 8 dager siden
"inserts funny comment to get lots of likes"
liconite - 8 dager siden
Davaahuu Davaahuu
Davaahuu Davaahuu - 8 dager siden
Yeah that game like sekiro 🤔🤔🤔
Crawling Eye
Crawling Eye - 7 dager siden
@Christoper Bacani Because your timing needed to be perfect. I just couldn't get into the deflecting. I rage quit half way trough. I'm more of a roller and dodger. The fact you can level the character like you want in ds makes it only easier imo
Christoper Bacani
Christoper Bacani - 7 dager siden
@Crawling Eye How?sekiro has unlimited stamina you dont need to worry about stats management,weight management,sekiro has skill tree,the game give you 1 extra life the all you need to worry about was the timing of your deflection.Sekiro has grappling hook mechanics so you can easily escape from enemy’s of all the souls game sekiro has the most easiest next to bloodborne sekiro gives you alot of advantage you need.
Crawling Eye
Crawling Eye - 8 dager siden
@Jimbo Slug imo Sekiro was the hardest of all. Demon and dark souls and bloodborne
zedhead90 - 8 dager siden
@Jimbo Slug the level design and jank is what mostly makes DeS difficult.
Powerm bro
Powerm bro - 8 dager siden
@Jimbo Slug ok
Kyriakos Michaelides
Kyriakos Michaelides - 8 dager siden
Davaahuu Davaahuu
Davaahuu Davaahuu - 8 dager siden
Woow my coment is secod
محمد الحربي
محمد الحربي - 8 dager siden