Another Eden x Persona 5 Royal - Official Crossover Trailer

The second crossover with Persona 5 Royal is available now for the mobile adventure game and brings Violet, Skull, new battle content, and more. Check out the trailer.
Runtime: 01:30


Melody The Ranger
Melody The Ranger - 4 timer siden
My favorite of all time this entire year. Been playing it since the beginning of this year and I am absolutely so happy. There is no other game for me to play on my phone than this game. Hands down my number one favorite and it needs to be heard by many more!
nicola white
nicola white - 2 dager siden
Perfect example of a series that is being constantly milked and because of that I have grown to hate persona. Atlus have forgotten about true fans of the SMT games.
S3NJIRO - 4 dager siden
Oh boy... More p5 collabs..
Froo - 5 dager siden
well this is the last place I expected to see the goro and akiren reunion but I'm not complaining
Jason Singleton
Jason Singleton - 6 dager siden
Was that Frog from Chrono Trigger?!
Malcolm Swoboda
Malcolm Swoboda - Dag siden
@Evil Bolster There's plenty of references and the more you go, the more you see Cross references and not just Trigger. The latest meta gacha units have 'zone/stance' abilities that shift the battlefield towards and away from certain types of abilities, like the elements in Cross. (I'm sure there will be free units with it later, or upgrades, but for now its being milked.)
Evil Bolster
Evil Bolster - 4 dager siden
Ironically, the Frog is named Cyrus. Also there's a girl calls Ashtear who's interested in researching, etc.... Instead of Spekkio, there's Uquaji, similar mechanics of increasingly difficult battles. Ohh, most importantly, you can open the curtain in room!!! The very first thing i did in the game.
Abraham David González González
Well ,one of the main writters for the game it's Masato Kato. So, yes it's a reference to CT.
jfray G.
jfray G. - 6 dager siden
At this point p5 is milked as much than p4 in only 4 years ...
GoMhaaad - 6 dager siden
Man! I love this milk.
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar - 6 dager siden
Alds Black
Alds Black - 6 dager siden
Thought this was new dlc for persona 5R and I was getting quite happy
PastoKage - 6 dager siden
Frog Join the Fight!
Dreamnap!ッ - 6 dager siden
*when persona5 collab to much:*
Mario VJ
Mario VJ - 6 dager siden
Asmr Game Grumps
Asmr Game Grumps - 6 dager siden
"39 seconds ago" NICE
Lel Lo
Lel Lo - 6 dager siden
Is that a frog samurai?
Oscar Cisneros
Oscar Cisneros - 6 dager siden
What is this
Abraham David González González
Another Eden it's a mobile turn based jrpg game. This is the trailer of the second collab with Persona5R.
XMegaJuni - 6 dager siden
Never heard of this game. Well tine to check it
SYRØ - 4 dager siden
Oh it's awesome
Ashe Martinez
Ashe Martinez - 6 dager siden
Best girl
Ashema Bahumat
Ashema Bahumat - 6 dager siden
They chose one of the bad girls, lol
Cik awang Manisah
Cik awang Manisah - 6 dager siden
Sam jb
Dhew - 6 dager siden
*F for Germain*
Being the nice guy is hard.
DXG Fire
DXG Fire - 6 dager siden
Lyn once again with the great music
Sou Hiyori
Sou Hiyori - 6 dager siden
No Akechi? Why you bully me
**hears the end**
Casual_Elitist - 4 dager siden
That was Aldo :P
_ Electric Blues _
_ Electric Blues _ - 6 dager siden
Oh, yay! So, so excited about this! 💕
Cik awang Manisah
Cik awang Manisah - 6 dager siden
Toxin2020 - 6 dager siden
Kicked joker to the side
pancake boy
pancake boy - 6 dager siden
Persona 5 looking different bro
BitchChill - 6 dager siden
At least we got a mobile port
Scott Riley Adrueno
Scott Riley Adrueno - 6 dager siden
Absolute mad lads. They even included an all out attack!
OniDogg - 6 dager siden
The Meck-Trons
The Meck-Trons - 6 dager siden
I feel clickbated lol
Pedro Fialho
Pedro Fialho - 6 dager siden
"Hubare, Kid!" Chills everytime
canadam - 6 dager siden
At this point we’re going to have GTA with Joker.
Manak Mishra
Manak Mishra - 6 dager siden
I dont see how that's my problem
Zybatsu - 6 dager siden
That ain't no problem
afromarco005 - 6 dager siden
Still waiting for base P5 or any persona for that matter on Switch and Xbox.
Joshua Suh
Joshua Suh - 11 timer siden
Too bad.
darthjohn0 - 6 dager siden
chilling-boy - 6 dager siden
I was happy until I found out this is a mobile game lol
Administrator 92
Administrator 92 - 6 dager siden
Do I smell another rerun?
Derwin Gamer
Derwin Gamer - 6 dager siden
Not milking the franchise
Mr. Snake
Mr. Snake - 6 dager siden
For those asking about persona 5 scramble, it's set to release on february 21th 2021.
Dylan Manley
Dylan Manley - 6 dager siden
Yes I just read the leaks
raddaradda01 - 6 dager siden
so this is where Kasumi went during scramble
MetalSonicGamerX200 - 6 dager siden
Meh.Wheres scramble!
William Friedrich
William Friedrich - 6 dager siden
For some reason I read it as Elden Ring x P5R crossover.
Dastardly_Duo - 5 dager siden
XpertRebel95 - 6 dager siden
Oh mobile nvm...
Narasukedon - 6 dager siden
Jesus Christ Atlus and Rockstar are twins at this point just give me P6 and GTA6 already
Master - 6 dager siden
I think rockstar is more similar to Bethesda they're both taking forever to release their next big game
Daniel Gomes
Daniel Gomes - 6 dager siden
Persona 6 only after they do a Persona 5 arena
messquiz - 6 dager siden
anybody else heard Skull say, “GOODBYE, KITTA!”🤔
MGAlter - 6 dager siden
And STILL no Persona 5 Scramble Westernization 😭
Jay Sutter
Jay Sutter - 5 dager siden
@BitchChill but if it’s English, it would hardly make sense not to release it here at the same time
BitchChill - 6 dager siden
@Mr. Snake I'm pretty sure that's just an English release that's coming out in Eastern Asian countries
Jay Sutter
Jay Sutter - 6 dager siden
@Mr. Snake hopefully
Mr. Snake
Mr. Snake - 6 dager siden
It is gonna release on 21th feb 2021.
Ray - 6 dager siden
Was that Akechi at the end?
Ray - 5 dager siden
Hey, I appreciate you taking the time to tell me. I dont play the game, Nor do I know the japanese voices in Persona. just a fan of p5r.
Dale - 6 dager siden
And that guy sound like Kirito lol
Con D. Oriano
Con D. Oriano - 6 dager siden
It's not Akechi but the main character of this game, Aldo
Alfred Alfred
Alfred Alfred - 6 dager siden
Wtf is this garbage ? Get it outta heeuuuhhhh
Alexander Almas
Alexander Almas - 6 dager siden
Steveypoos - 6 dager siden
Came in hyped........saw 'mobile' then left deflated.
Maōkami - 6 dager siden
Is this game worth playing tho?
SYRØ - 4 dager siden
It's awesome.
Jacob Pamplin
Jacob Pamplin - 4 dager siden
Yes, it's the best mobile JRPG out there in my opinion, theres tons of content and it's pretty F2P friendly. Music is phenomenal, and the story and characters are actually pretty decent for a mobile game, if a bit cliche. I'd certainly recommend you at least give it a try.
Ikhwan Mauaja
Ikhwan Mauaja - 5 dager siden
This carried oldschool jrpg's soul.
Abraham David González González
Yes if you like turn based jrpgs.
Peck Neck
Peck Neck - 6 dager siden
Persona Fans: Okay we are now ready for P6 announcement.
SMT Fans: Okay we are now ready for anything SMTV related.
Etrian Oddysey Fans: Okay we are now ready for anything at all.
Meanwhile Atlus:
Nasu - 6 dager siden
Another Eden
Literally what?
Sin3007 - 6 dager siden
🧐chibi theives
R.L.C Games
R.L.C Games - 6 dager siden
Hey guys I made a Brawl Stars review if you want check It out and subscribe
The Tinker
The Tinker - 6 dager siden
PS1 era low budget game...
Sin3007 - 6 dager siden
🙂 it's a mobile game
Ricardo Pineda
Ricardo Pineda - 6 dager siden
Goro akechi ?
Supreme Law
Supreme Law - 6 dager siden
I have no idea what's going on, but I like the music. 🕺🎶
Rossi Esqueda
Rossi Esqueda - 6 dager siden
Congrats, You have just described Persona
Jonah Laining
Jonah Laining - 6 dager siden
Song Name is “Take Over,” and it’s from Persona 5 Royal.
BloopinDaThird - 6 dager siden
I’ll just go and play persona 5 royal for real, Now Later!!
A Y - 6 dager siden
Couldn't find this game when searching for "Persona 5" in the app store. Then I realize it is from an existing game called "Another Eden". So it's either a skin you can put on your characters, or they are giving a big part of the story to Persona 5. Phone is downloading 5gigs of data for this mobile game as I speak, LOL! Too bad, A Persona 5 Royal mobile game would have taken some pocket money from me.
Ikhwan Mauaja
Ikhwan Mauaja - 5 dager siden
Also... all p5 are free
Con D. Oriano
Con D. Oriano - 6 dager siden
This is the second collaboration. In the first collaboration, you will get a joker and morgana as playable characters, not a skin, you only need to complete the story of this collaboration. Likewise with this second collaboration, you will get a violet and skull. This collaboration is permanent, so you don't have to worry. Sorry for my bad English.
Erick Davis
Erick Davis - 6 dager siden
So can we get p3 p2 and p1 as well as p5r on steam please?
Erick Davis
Erick Davis - 6 dager siden
@Toasty Not if you have a bad pc...
Toasty - 6 dager siden
You can emulate them all
Tae Yai
Tae Yai - 6 dager siden
What next? Crossover with LEGO?
jfray G.
jfray G. - 6 dager siden
Atlus: Excellent idea, and after a dancing game ooops ...
L - 6 dager siden
Don’t give them ideas
Rafael Gutierrez 809
Rafael Gutierrez 809 - 6 dager siden
Husiyw Uuh
Husiyw Uuh - 6 dager siden
I need persona scramble
RabbitGamer44 - 6 dager siden
JORDAN YNOA - 6 dager siden
heheheh i cant wait for the shenpai video for this
Waheed Abdullah
Waheed Abdullah - 6 dager siden
I'd love to see Violet as an echo fighter in the next Smash Bros. game
Rogue poison
Rogue poison - 6 dager siden
Only if we get the other Phantom Thieves as echos 🤔
Gabriel Castillo
Gabriel Castillo - 6 dager siden
Damn now i want her AND hat kid in
Aidswayz - 6 dager siden
She's literally my most wanted fighter
Luke B
Luke B - 6 dager siden
Still waiting for the Persona 5 Scramble Western release announcement
Luke B
Luke B - 4 dager siden
@Eoryu oh awesome, thanks for telling me man 👍
Ericson Jacques
Ericson Jacques - 5 dager siden
GoukenslayWAO - 6 dager siden
its a musou game, they know its not gonna be huge in the west
The Angel
The Angel - 6 dager siden
I think it’s been delayed due to the next generation consoles and Covid, but I do believe we will get it soon
BitchChill - 6 dager siden
Me too
Kisuko EV
Kisuko EV - 6 dager siden
I thought the another in the title was just the guy who wrote being condescending, like "ugh, another Eden × p5r collab"
A Bad Potato
A Bad Potato - 6 dager siden
@door Gintama fans got big brain
door - 6 dager siden
lmao that's a unique way to perceive it
Andy M
Andy M - 6 dager siden
i thought the "Another" from the title was not part of the game name :D
Asufiku - 6 dager siden
Yow, i used to play this back then but i kinda dropped it. It this worth to play it back from the start or do i need to finish the whole game to play this P5R stuff?
Grand Nemesis
Grand Nemesis - 6 dager siden
@Asufiku Clear part 1 of the P5R collab, which needs chapter 13 of the main story to be cleared.
Malcolm Swoboda
Malcolm Swoboda - 6 dager siden
@Asufiku This is the second part to the collaboration content. The first part was last year. This part requires only completion of the first part's story, and that part required Chapter 13 in the main story. You can get to Chapter 13 after several hours from the start of the game. In other words, you're fine. Beware though, Part 1 enemies are Lv 30s+, and Part 2 enemies are 40s+, with the added dungeon having Lv 40s-60s enemies, and challenges up to Lv 70s-80, and then an endgame superboss. Story-wise though, you're okay, though you may wish to take breaks and do other content alongside and level your characters/get gear.
Asufiku - 6 dager siden
@Grand Nemesis Any certain part i need to reach before being able to play it?
Grand Nemesis
Grand Nemesis - 6 dager siden
You don’t need to finish the whole game to play the P5R collabs.
Streets of Ragequit
Streets of Ragequit - 6 dager siden
Come to the Switch please!! ^_^
Streets of Ragequit
Streets of Ragequit - 6 dager siden
@Peck Neck - Guess you missed the part where we missed the part about guessing parts
Peck Neck
Peck Neck - 6 dager siden
@Streets of Ragequit Guess you missed the part where i said that everyone can have access to the game providing you purchase the necessary platform.
Streets of Ragequit
Streets of Ragequit - 6 dager siden
@Peck Neck - Guess you missed the comment where we BOTH own a PS4 and have BEATEN BOTH P5+P5R multiple times. 🙃
Peck Neck
Peck Neck - 6 dager siden
Imagine wanting mobile gacha game number 2849658+1 on switch. jokes aside get a ps4 and stop begging already. inb4 b-b-but it needs to be accessible for anyone! It is, all you need to do is purchase a PS4. It's not like by owning Switch you are absolutely prohibited by law from buying a PS4.
Streets of Ragequit
Streets of Ragequit - 6 dager siden
@A Bad Potato - We have PS4 and have completed both P5 and P5R multiple times. We just love the idea of having it accessible for everyone!
Mr. Charreu
Mr. Charreu - 6 dager siden
SpartanGerm 212
SpartanGerm 212 - 6 dager siden
Well this came outta nowhere...
Shadeon - 6 dager siden
>P5R still not on PC
>P5 crossing over with a gacha
LinkJTO - 5 dager siden
@Cesar Vazquez Garcia ya, at least we got Persona 4
Cesar Vazquez Garcia
Cesar Vazquez Garcia - 6 dager siden
@LinkJTO lol yeah keep dreaming pal (not because i dont want pc players to enjoy the game I just think its never gonna happen)
Toasty - 6 dager siden
Just get RPCS3 and get the rom for Persona 5
door - 6 dager siden
@LinkJTO so we'll be getting p5/r on pc in about 3 months? sweet
LinkJTO - 6 dager siden
@door they’re probably waiting for scramble to release internationally
kiosuke - 6 dager siden
we need this game on switch
A Bad Potato
A Bad Potato - 6 dager siden
@Kibōshita You can get money in many ways than one
L - 6 dager siden
Not everyone has money to throw around
Kibōshita - 6 dager siden
@A Bad Potato Not everybody has a job or the money for a PS4 in these current times.
A Bad Potato
A Bad Potato - 6 dager siden
@Kibōshita they can buy a PS4 like the rest
Kibōshita - 6 dager siden
@A Bad Potato Yes, yes they do. I want my fellow Nintendo players to enjoy Persona 5.
SONY india
SONY india - 6 dager siden
Hi I am from India😎
Cole Spradlin
Cole Spradlin - 6 dager siden
What the
Jianto - 6 dager siden
Persona has collabs with so many games now lol
jfray G.
jfray G. - 6 dager siden
@exSPiDERmate 4 game related to p5 + 4 anime & manga + 8 Game Collaborations = In only 4 years old, altlus milked p5 as much than p4 in less years ...
Speed Phoenix 900
Speed Phoenix 900 - 6 dager siden
Also smash bros ultimate to
Minh Le
Minh Le - 6 dager siden
they sure like horing themselves out....
exSPiDERmate - 6 dager siden
@Xozniath Escalus 4 from the top of my head is a decent amount thinking how huge Persona 5 is
SpikeTheWolf - 6 dager siden
@Jianto oh cool
Nero Walker
Nero Walker - 6 dager siden
is persona 5 a permanent ps exclusive? (couldn't find a strict answer online)
Jack - 6 dager siden
@FindTheGamer no they didn’t. All they said was they “want” to port more titles but they’ve been saying this for a while so nothing is set in stone. If anything maybe they’ll port Persona 3 on PC or Persona 4 on Switch but it might be a long time before they port Persona 5.
Zul Khairan
Zul Khairan - 6 dager siden
Wait until persona 6 come to ps5 then persona 5 might be available on different platforms. Sega announced that they have interest to release persona games on multiplatform since persona 4 golden got succeded on steam release
When you nut in her mouth and she give you a kiss
I can say for a fact its never coming to xbox, but I can say the persona games will come to pc in the future.
Nero Walker
Nero Walker - 6 dager siden
@Peck Neck yes, ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ
Peck Neck
Peck Neck - 6 dager siden
Is that a stealth switch port begging question?
DEAD D - 6 dager siden
tyler the retard
tyler the retard - 6 dager siden
UssrCJ - 6 dager siden
kame2h - 6 dager siden
GIVE US PERSONA 5 FOR STEAM !!!! I don't care about MOBILE version... please ?
SpikeTheWolf - 6 dager siden
@MrJayza89 contract i guess
MrJayza89 - 6 dager siden
Dorota Mikolejko as far as I'm aware there's no reason why that is. They just refuse to port to other platforms.
SpikeTheWolf - 6 dager siden
Why not just get it? Its 20 bucks mabye even lower.
A Bad Potato
A Bad Potato - 6 dager siden
Get a PS4
Dorota Mikolejko
Dorota Mikolejko - 6 dager siden
it's literally Playstation exclusive.
JustJoshin - 6 dager siden
Okay fine! I Will download the damn game.
Jad Slash Gaming
Jad Slash Gaming - 6 dager siden
Nishit Kotian
Nishit Kotian - 6 dager siden
"39 seconds ago" NICE
Don't watch my videos
Don't watch my videos - 6 dager siden
fact of the day: The match was invented after the lighter
Romel Christian Nicdao
Romel Christian Nicdao - 6 dager siden
Hey, saw your nebraska fact
Don't watch my videos
Don't watch my videos - 6 dager siden
Fun fact: the word "long" is shorter than the word, "short"
BitchChill - 6 dager siden
It's not shorter than "Shorter"
K.M.N - 6 dager siden
@Arnell Long *letters
Demonreacts - 6 dager siden
BraulioVEVO - 6 dager siden
pero que wea?
UnbornSin NoNameMcHero
UnbornSin NoNameMcHero - 6 dager siden