Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Why It's One Of The Franchise's Best - The Review Crew

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is here and The Review Crew is talking about Ubisoft’s biggest game of 2020. Now that AC Valhalla reviews have been published all over the internet, we got a few of our colleagues together from Polygon and DualShockers for a lengthy review discussion. Guests this week include Nicole Carpenter (Polygon), Cameron Hawkins (DualShockers), and Brandin Tyrrel (IGN).
This particular AC review roundtable takes a focused look at at some key aspects of our AC Valhalla Review, and looks beyond the IGN review to swap notes on the Polygon review and the DualShockers review. This includes lengthy Assassin’s Creed Valhalla impressions, discussions about new directions for the series, and of course, a lighting round. What would a new IGN review show be without a lightning round?
IGN Review Crew invites folks from all over the gaming community all over the gaming community to talk about the biggest and best games. We’ll dive deep into each review, talk about the things we loved, the stuff that needs improvement, and probably have some spirited debates and a few laughs along the way. We’re kicking things off with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but in the coming weeks we’re talking about Demon’s Souls, Xbox Series X, Spider-Man Miles Morales, Playstation 5, and Cyberpunk 2077. For all your video game reviews, stick with IGN.
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Mendax - Dag siden
Love this game so fuckin much
Curtis - Dag siden
The only thing I don't like is the zealots are so hard to find , and really miss the bounty hunters from odyssey, they gave a sense of order and consequences , as in valhalla if you kill too many citizens the game is over and have to reload a save.
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez - Dag siden
Great show. Would like it to be an hour or more if possible. Can't wait to see future episodes and to see Gamespot and other outlets featured on this IGN show.
Will Cawley
Will Cawley - Dag siden
Huge downgrade from the last games
Bradyn Krecskay
Bradyn Krecskay - Dag siden
This game is so bugged I almost can't believe they released it. It honestly breaks my heart. AC has always held a special place in my gaming life and even more so Norse culture so this entry is so up my alley. I want nothing more than to do a 100% completion and it's not possible, my personal experience is 32% of my side quest are bugged and not capable of being completed.
Lee Ferguson
Lee Ferguson - 2 dager siden
I'm your host, crackhead hobo
boinggers s
boinggers s - 2 dager siden
Haha that titles funny
Time Rider
Time Rider - 2 dager siden
Rancorliverpool - 3 dager siden
I’m looking for a proper comparison with Valhalla and ORIGINS...can anyone help me.
Ultraviolet - 3 dager siden
loving all the podcasts - keep them coming
MaxBlight - 3 dager siden
My favorite is the literal fact theres no mention that theres no single handed swords available for Eivor, wtf?
Coty West
Coty West - 4 dager siden
Found my way here from NVC and I love it
IGN - 3 dager siden
right on! thank you! - zach
KeithZilla - 4 dager siden
I’m enjoying this game so far, but it’s a bit overwhelming to me as an open world game. I’m not huge into these types of games like that anyways. I feel Horizon Zero Dawn is my favorite open world game. It’s more my speed
Jerry P
Jerry P - 4 dager siden
Between all the IGN podcasts, review crew, and destin's new tech analyses, I'm really enjoying the content variety. Well played!
Josh Broadwater
Josh Broadwater - 4 dager siden
Im loving this game im a huge AC fan I've played them all n this might be my new favorite. 10/10
Jspeedtheman - 4 dager siden
No dammmmmm spoilers...... dammmm people...if your going to spoil then say so
IGN - 4 dager siden
What did we spoil here? - Zach
Shariff Crawford
Shariff Crawford - 4 dager siden
Great show
Joseph Amundson
Joseph Amundson - 5 dager siden
Besties knockoff
yu qiao
yu qiao - 5 dager siden
I just found this game pretty boring, while bugs and glitches all over the place. Maybe this game is not for me.
Mina Min
Mina Min - 5 dager siden
I would love to have this as a podcast so that i can listen during work
Rangeboy - 5 dager siden
Liking The Nerd Crew's fresh new look 👏
Kamo Game
Kamo Game - 5 dager siden
I Play this game in my channel 👌👌👍👍👍👍
Wolf aZassin
Wolf aZassin - 5 dager siden
For people who supposedly put a lot of time in the game they couldn't even properly pronounce the name Eivor 🤦🤦🤦
Daniel Ammerman
Daniel Ammerman - 5 dager siden
Game Devs: We're going to include the option to be a female character.
Ungrateful People: She still feels like a male character. [*insert other petty baseless complaints here*]
Henrie Bryce
Henrie Bryce - 5 dager siden
I wonder if they have the same complaint about female Shepard in Mass Effect. I did a lot of playthroughs with both sexes, and I never really felt like female Shepard had any distinct female qualities. I just enjoyed the voice actor for the female version more. It just feels like nitpicking.
oniuserjh - 5 dager siden
my first assassin's creed game ever, so far, i like it, and i usually don't open world games
Fortified Man
Fortified Man - 6 dager siden
Lol Polygon
kobainage - 6 dager siden
Because it has Vikings. Nuff said.
Waxer3929 - 6 dager siden
This just reminds me of Nerd Crew
Syed - 6 dager siden
Microtransactions on a $60 single player game is like a spit on the face
Syed - 6 dager siden
@zack cook its the thought that counts. Mobile gaming tactics are seeping through. It'll only get worse
zack cook
zack cook - 6 dager siden
They literally mean nothing, you dont have to touch them To enjoy the game, ive played 50 hours in it already and havent even looked at the PS store
Syed - 6 dager siden
HAHAHHA Brandon's entrance 😂😂😂
Suh dude
Suh dude - 6 dager siden
Is it spoiler free?
Siege Jay
Siege Jay - 6 dager siden
I love the idea of having people with different opinions on subjects.
TheVidzWatcher - 6 dager siden
Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Why It's One Of The Franchise's Worst - The Reality Check
Gabriel Magno Alexandre Vieira
This is a great initiative, congrats guys. I think the game community and the game critics are trying their best to push foward the quality of videogames as a art form. This is something that, unfortunately, has been missing on the music industry for about three decades (on movies too).
Quentin Compson
Quentin Compson - 6 dager siden
Great discussion. Nice work getting this together, Zach!
Zach Ryan
Zach Ryan - 5 dager siden
Vincent - 6 dager siden
Im not enjoying it that much. I dont get the reviews.
Broc - 6 dager siden
Brandin Tyrrel drinks his own pee.
Zach Ryan
Zach Ryan - 5 dager siden
are your sources reliable on this?
Rafi M
Rafi M - 6 dager siden
Ign: gives AC valhalla 8/10
Again Ign : WHY AC Valhalla is the best in series
What The F....
Alan Vega
Alan Vega - Dag siden
The bar is pretty low nowadays....
Ishaan Guha
Ishaan Guha - 6 dager siden
ONE of the best bro :)
Symen Jager
Symen Jager - 6 dager siden
Jarring Viking speedboats in AC: Valhalla, though... :(
DarkUser 66
DarkUser 66 - 6 dager siden
I've played 1,2,brotherhood,3,black flag, and syndicate
Allan Jensen
Allan Jensen - 6 dager siden
Really love that The sidequest does`nt take 1-2 hours... like in Origins i did a sidequest that took 2 hours!
W3EzNaX - 6 dager siden
Did that woman forget the existence of brotherhood and revelations?
Oran Moten
Oran Moten - 6 dager siden
I had the exact same experience as Nicole. I wonder is it worth going back and playing the games between 3 and Valhalla?
Logan Legend
Logan Legend - 6 dager siden
Black Flag and Unity are fantastic. Also Origins is okay and Odyssey is fantastic. All four are extremely different games though. Personally, Syndicate is the weakest entry and not worth playing. I've had amazing experiences with all those games so I'd definitely recommend them.
Bigus Dikus
Bigus Dikus - 6 dager siden
Why is youtube recommending me this IGN garbage. WTF.
Meme Lord
Meme Lord - 6 dager siden
It obviously ISN'T the best game in the series since you gave it an 8/10
Ben - 6 dager siden
What happened to ladies first
krazy tattoo
krazy tattoo - 7 dager siden
This is my favourite AC game!
Vidhya Hanumanth
Vidhya Hanumanth - 7 dager siden
getting rid of modern day segments works with a RPG styled Assassin's Creed game because multiple endings doesn't work with Animus since it's a Machine running a simulation.
Dork Andrson
Dork Andrson - 7 dager siden
The facial animation is out of the ps3 generation.
Onur K
Onur K - 4 dager siden
Not even
The Time Bandit
The Time Bandit - 7 dager siden
I wouldn't say it's one of the best, there's still a ton of room for improvement given the lack of direction.
Pascal Suissa
Pascal Suissa - 7 dager siden
Great video series! Excited for the next one!
Playtime - 7 dager siden
So ign gave it just 8.
Michael Christison
Michael Christison - 7 dager siden
I will definitely be watching out for this series of videos - really loved it! Also super keen to play AC Valhalla!
GamerInVoid - 7 dager siden
I dont understand why each and every reviewer is using the female EIVOR in their gameplays where we all damn know that the MALE Eivor was far far better in this game and fits the story and setting perfectly. Just like Kassandra was far superior in Odyssey in terms of acting and dialogue delivery
Naved Akhtar
Naved Akhtar - 7 dager siden
why is it ome of the best? -no its not
Clayton Saint Cyr
Clayton Saint Cyr - 7 dager siden
To gamers like Nicole (male/female doesn't matter) it's okay not to have the most optimal build, to not complete your settlement in the precise right amount of time or having a specific setup. Player freedom is to give us the power to choose our own path, it isn't there to make us anxious and worried.
Sonny NØX
Sonny NØX - 7 dager siden
Ace show. Well done. Keep them episodes coming.
IGN - 6 dager siden
Thanks for watching! - Zach
Games Video
Games Video - 7 dager siden
Helsfasa - 7 dager siden
I like this format, it takes out a lot of what people have issue with in a review with it generally being only one view point
Radiant For Radiance
Radiant For Radiance - 7 dager siden
One of the best and most rich games of this year.
Shaurya Sharma
Shaurya Sharma - 7 dager siden
sad to see it's getting review bombed
Steed-o-Blox and other games
Awesome series bro!!!
108Rudi - 7 dager siden
Did you get a ps5 on launch day? Can you tell me at what exact time and from where? Cheers
Daniel Barrera
Daniel Barrera - 7 dager siden
Review Crew needs to be a Staple on IGN.
temochin kshetrimayum
temochin kshetrimayum - 7 dager siden
I think it's the most bugged game in the franchise.
Richard Mckinney
Richard Mckinney - 6 dager siden
No that was unity
AMAN NAVLAKHE - 7 dager siden
It will be fixed in some time tho
Greg Davis
Greg Davis - 7 dager siden
IGN REVIEWS: odyssey 9.3 Valhalla 8
Also IGN: Why Valhalla is the best in the series
Me: 🙄🤔
Greg Davis
Greg Davis - 6 dager siden
@Logan Legend meh, I’ll pick it up when it’s in the discount bin in 6 months for 19.99
Logan Legend
Logan Legend - 6 dager siden
It's because Valhalla is more buggy at launch and it's based on the opinion of the one person who reviewed the game. This format is better because it's the opinion of multiple people. Many people say it's one of the best which isn't surprising because it's a great middle ground between the old and new ACs.
Jerm - 7 dager siden
“One of”, nice reading comprehension
Mr. K
Mr. K - 7 dager siden
Ign rankings have always been a joke
Kris SET
Kris SET - 7 dager siden
Most perfect graphics and gameplay in the franchise, except for the part at 4:28 I just don't think a Viking warrior climbed tall pole / statue like the previous assassin characters, or at least not in any Viking movies that I've watched.
Mark Ferrer
Mark Ferrer - 7 dager siden
Every review outlet has podcasts where other employees discusses the reviewers take on the game at hand. Gathering up all the reviewers from different outlets themselves seems like such an obvious idea that no one's done before is a great take on this format.
TJ TJ - 7 dager siden
I never realized how goofy Assassin's Creed was until I played the side quests in this one. I want to keep feeding the old lady viper eggs so she can keep surprising me with new smells.
Salted Lamp
Salted Lamp - 5 dager siden
I haven't played the game yet, but now I'm really curious... lol
Angelo - 7 dager siden
Loved the episode & looking forward to more. Zach also gets to play his favorite game as a series now!! Question Block FTW!!!
Xtemplate - 7 dager siden
Hope this review series keeps going!
lifeisinserthere - 7 dager siden
You guys are a major media outlet--what the hell is with the poor audio performance and subpar audio equipment?! Airpods ARE NOT professional equipment to use in a professional media presentation!! COVID has been around for a while, get your crew proper [necessary] equipment!
lifeisinserthere - 6 dager siden
Also btw I do like this idea and feel like you guys are onto something so kudos
IGN - 6 dager siden
I was only listening through airpods. Relax. - Zach
iRsemple - 7 dager siden
I can't find anything online about whether or not this game makes uses the Ps5 Dualsense controller's haptic feedback.
Has anyone tried it yet?
Matthew Frechin
Matthew Frechin - 4 dager siden
It does, but not as much as it does in Astro’s Playroom or Miles Morales. It is a bit more subtle in Valhalla.
Carston 101
Carston 101 - 7 dager siden
Thumbnail looks like Thusnelda from Barbarians.
caladan217 - 7 dager siden
Also, please get Ben Hanson from MinnMax (2 N's) and Ben Reeves from GameInformer as panelists....they'd be awesome!!
caladan217 - 7 dager siden
Excellent first episode...thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one!
Terence Scannell
Terence Scannell - 7 dager siden
Brilliant start to the new series! Great idea to have reviewers from around the industry and a great alternative to the scoring system.
abradolf lincler
abradolf lincler - 7 dager siden
It’s not even close to the best.
Constantine The Second
Constantine The Second - 7 dager siden
My first assasins game ..and I love it.
Joe Kickass
Joe Kickass - 7 dager siden
Don’t call it one of the best. It’s one of the least hated is a better way to put it
David Sam Inyang
David Sam Inyang - 7 dager siden
@Joe KickassSo that's what makes it average rigor himself didn't kill civilians so that's why they don't let u do that also what ruins immersion for u won't ruin it for someone else it's a subjective thing
Joe Kickass
Joe Kickass - 7 dager siden
It’s average at best guy, nothing special. They couldn’t remove the de-sync when killing civilians on this one? Or at least up the limit. Really ruins the Viking raid immersion
David Sam Inyang
David Sam Inyang - 7 dager siden
That hard to believe people can like what u don't
_ Electric Blues _
_ Electric Blues _ - 7 dager siden
Currently playing this game and love it! Kind of strange because the facial animation and character models are a bit stiff but the rest of the game looks absolutely stunning. Overall, having a lot of fun. 👍
PorscheGT1 - 7 dager siden
Loving this game. I bought the Ultimate Edition for both my Series S and Series X
And my Seagate 1TB SSD expansion card arrives tomorrow
Kage Williams
Kage Williams - 7 dager siden
John White
John White - 7 dager siden
No, just no! Whoever made this knew nothing about my ancestors so I’m not gonna reward their obvious minimum amount of effort spent researching the period
John White
John White - 7 dager siden
@Jordan Jones like everything from culture and history to clothing and weapons? No thanks, also the greatest Vikings were the Danes not the Norwegians and the Swedes debatably were never Vikings at all
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones - 7 dager siden
I watched a video where the ubisoft team went to Norway and learned from people there. But also they had to change stuff to fit their video game
CriticalHit - 7 dager siden
From origins, these aren’t assassins creed games. Should be called a different series
Lucas Basso Pacheco
Lucas Basso Pacheco - 6 dager siden
@Annalisa Dance odyssey is really amazing!
Annalisa Dance
Annalisa Dance - 7 dager siden
@David Sam Inyang They are, ik, the stories tie up well with valhalla, and I think odyssey is the best in the series, along with black flag, but the new ac series is soooooo different to old ac. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the old days a lot.
David Sam Inyang
David Sam Inyang - 7 dager siden
They still are
FreshNews247 - 7 dager siden
Next assassin's Creed game should be like Avengers EndGame all 3 of the "Origins Arc" in one game play around make it fun don't worry about the few hundred years between the time lines it's in a computer system you don't need logic.
Apollo21 - 7 dager siden
Love the show!
Ak47 - 7 dager siden
i see polarized review
FreshNews247 - 7 dager siden
I'm 15 hours in and I've only just realised you can upgrade your weapons damage on top of the over upgrade. So I've done 15 hours with a weapon of only 55 damage.
ELITELEGENDS - 7 dager siden
Brett Thielen
Brett Thielen - 7 dager siden
I’ve played about 15 hours so far. It’s absolutely an incredible game and I think it’s better than Odyssey but it has a lot of bugs and glitches so far and I’m pretty sure those will be fixed soon but it’s definitely my favorite AC game so far
Matthew Frechin
Matthew Frechin - 4 dager siden
I’m 22 hours into and haven’t encountered one glitch yet which I am thankful for. I absolutely love this game. The world, the atmosphere, the characters. It all resonates with me so deeply. And my ancestors are Norwegian, thus Viking blood runs through my veins. So I just feel so at home in this world. As far as it being better than Odyssey, I can’t say yet until after I spend more time and finish the game as I did Odyssey. As it stands, Odyssey is my favorite but the way Valhalla is shaping up to be, it is probably going to be my new favorite. Game on friend!
Faidren - 7 dager siden
Sorry if this was already answered, but is there a podcast version of this?
IGN - 7 dager siden
Podcast version drops on Wednesday! - Zach
Drew Yancey
Drew Yancey - 7 dager siden
Great show!
Eriko. Oy
Eriko. Oy - 7 dager siden
Valhalla is a decent game, but man... Is it long.
Almost too long.
Like this game takes weeks to complete and trust me, playing a singleplayer game for weeks on end get boring and tedious.
Johnwoo - 6 dager siden
@Eriko. Oy Well, that's what gaming is. A leisure activity you do in your free time. But you're talking about it as though you're doing a part time job. Long games don't have to be beaten on a timeline.
Eriko. Oy
Eriko. Oy - 6 dager siden
@Johnwoo I'm guessing you have a lot of time on your hands then...
Johnwoo - 7 dager siden
I actually prefer long single player games. It's a pet peeve of mine to spend 60 dollars on a game and beat it within a single weekend.
William Holbert
William Holbert - 7 dager siden
GREAT first episode Zach, and Brandin, and Nicole, and Cameron and Cameron's little Dog. GREAT work guys. I really enjoyed it. 😊
Brandon Campbell
Brandon Campbell - 7 dager siden
This game is incredible, and I'm loving this idea for a show. I hope this review discussion and round up sticks around for a long time. Great job!
Matthew Frechin
Matthew Frechin - 4 dager siden
Rich Finaldi it’s amazing. I’m 22 hours into and I am so in love. Awesome characters, great story arcs, immersive world and atmosphere. It’s not only one of best (quite possibly THE best but I haven’t beaten it yet so I’m reserving my judgment) Assassins creed game of all time. Every time I play it, I am astounded at the experience and joy I get from it. Must buy.
Ali Knight
Ali Knight - 6 dager siden
@Rich Finaldi it’s great, better than odyssey and origins for sure and those are both great too
Rich Finaldi
Rich Finaldi - 7 dager siden
Is the game immersive? Are the graphics and story great ?
Dennis Collier
Dennis Collier - 7 dager siden
Corporate boot lickers
Prince Patel
Prince Patel - 7 dager siden
I’ve been hearing a lot of mix reviews for this game, so I don’t know if I should get it or wait to get it
Titular Hero
Titular Hero - 6 dager siden
バユーー - 7 dager siden
If you're on PC or next gen console you should get it ASAP.
Radhika khanna
Radhika khanna - 7 dager siden
Jesse Gill
Jesse Gill - 7 dager siden
This is where the fun begins
IGN - 7 dager siden
* gif of Michael Scott winking with a drink in his hand *
captainmercy87 - 7 dager siden
This was a very cool and mature conversation about the game with no one using hyperbole to describe an element of the game or the game as a whole. We need more of these around games. Thanks for putting this episode together. Excited to see more!
IGN - 7 dager siden
Thanks for watching, and thanks for this critique! - Zach
John Carpenter
John Carpenter - 7 dager siden
I think always having one person that is *not* a series diehard is a great thing to include in this series. It's cool to hear the thoughts of someone who has played every game in the series, as well as someone who... hasn't. I have played AC1, 2, 2b (Brotherhood), 3, Black Flag, and Unity. So Nicole's thoughts really matter to me.