Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War - How to Decrypt the Floppy Disk

Here is the complete walkthrough video on how to decrypt the floppy disk for Operation Chaos. Unfortunately, the specific answers for these puzzles are different per person, so this video goes into detail on how the puzzles work, so you'll easily be able to solve it for yourself.
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Craig Echols
Craig Echols - 9 minutter siden
I need help call of duty black ops cold war blue 41,47,53 red 79,81,85,91 IHSEMMP
Mason jr Ackley
Mason jr Ackley - 2 timer siden
Mason jr Ackley
Mason jr Ackley - 2 timer siden
Masterman5010 - 2 timer siden
This was a huge mindfuck
Xen Kenimo
Xen Kenimo - 3 timer siden
this made no sense at all lmao
Julien - 3 timer siden
This did not help
Tony the Tiger
Tony the Tiger - 8 timer siden
Guys there’s a easier way,do the first steps Wright down the first code you get the skip the math part write down all the city’s names and try them all
Tony the Tiger
Tony the Tiger - 17 minutter siden
@Julien get the first code then just skip the math part and Wright down the names of city’s and put in the code and put in all the city names and if they don’t work cross them out
Julien - 3 timer siden
It still doesn’t work for me
Kyte de Gooijer
Kyte de Gooijer - 6 timer siden
ki11ersg 24
ki11ersg 24 - 10 timer siden
I think mine's is glitch
Cooking Corner With Vinny
Cooking Corner With Vinny - 15 timer siden
Ummm i got oakland 2ce (once for first step 2nd after decryption)
Cooking Corner With Vinny
Cooking Corner With Vinny - 15 timer siden
It wont accept code
SBT_Toastie yt
SBT_Toastie yt - 19 timer siden
45 66
Medeiros_ Magic
Medeiros_ Magic - 19 timer siden
Almost broke my controller 4 times trying to do this but finally got it thanks
DTGxZEUS - 20 timer siden
so i gotta really think about it to decrypt it lol i was getting a headache thinking about it lol
jackson martin
jackson martin - 21 time siden
Bro feeling really dumb lol right now 🤣 it took a minute
James Abraham
James Abraham - 23 timer siden
I was recommend to11johncharter_ on IG I never think I can get my account fix but this dude help me out
kisame hashigaki
kisame hashigaki - Dag siden
I dont even want it anymore i just watch somone else get the reward
Daddy dae
Daddy dae - Dag siden
Still lost
Danielle Minor
Danielle Minor - Dag siden
As soon as you get the city from the newspaper type in the code from the city and just go down the line typing in every city till you get granted
Julien - 3 timer siden
I did that and it didn’t even work lol
Trevor - Dag siden
Wow thank you so much! I would never have been able to figure that out, but so glad I did because it was sure fun cracking the code like a true spy!
Oliver Oshields
Oliver Oshields - Dag siden
Mine is Seattle but it still doesnt work
DarkMidgit177 - Dag siden
Thank you 🙏🏼
creepy uncle
creepy uncle - Dag siden
wnaker i need help with this pls lmao
Kevin Jeriel
Kevin Jeriel - Dag siden
Mine was 8055 Houston
Omallium - Dag siden
Where do I find the newspaper
きりこ - Dag siden
Nooo I was so close to solving that
RRydo X
RRydo X - 2 dager siden
What if you have access denied how to I get to redo it?
bungo dink
bungo dink - 2 dager siden
After I got the first set of numbers i just guessed every city on the decrypt and got it
COUNTRY TANK95 - 2 dager siden
This really helped you have no idea
vegeta - 2 dager siden
Aven Suazo Cuellar
Aven Suazo Cuellar - 2 dager siden
Guys make sure u spell out the second code as a name not as a code in case you can't get accessed granted.
AxelEats - 2 dager siden
Thanks for explaining I was entering it backwards oof
Evan Gamer24
Evan Gamer24 - 2 dager siden
This is so hard to understand
Lorna Mitchell
Lorna Mitchell - 2 dager siden
Help red 66 68 72 ? 86 blue 60 67 74 ? 88
Omallium - Dag siden
Red is 78 Blue is 81 also do you know where to get the news paper
Kyle - 2 dager siden
Thank you
Michael Whitten
Michael Whitten - 2 dager siden
Never mind I figured it out
Michael Whitten
Michael Whitten - 2 dager siden
I don’t understand wtffff
Lateral Beast Tooth
Lateral Beast Tooth - 2 dager siden
Sicario josh
Sicario josh - 3 dager siden
For the "a coded message" my blue numbers don't make sense, they follow a pattern down to one number then it breaks from it
Julien - 3 timer siden
lapislucas001 - 3 dager siden
ZOMBIEkilla 935
ZOMBIEkilla 935 - 3 dager siden
Wait. For my numbers it isn't a patter it goes from plus 4 to plus 2 wtf
John Walker Head
John Walker Head - 3 dager siden
Is there a game with more puzzles like this? Me and my buddies sat and did this together and loved every minute of it
J Wood
J Wood - 3 dager siden
Saint - 3 dager siden
Can't decrypt for some reason there is no interact button for me
Death SliMZz
Death SliMZz - 3 dager siden
I literally need help on this crap lol I've tried everything aszumingly and tried researching but found nothing useful... mine turned out to be detroit from the red letters and the numbers for blue went up by 6 but red like 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 but the numbers for red is 12, ?, 19, 21, 22 and Detroit original number on the broadcast is 0556 but that obviously isn't it but I can't figure this out at all heeelp lol this is annoying by this point I shouldn't need to research so much as if it was homework
KingJai - 3 dager siden
Mine keeps saying denied
James Simpson
James Simpson - 3 dager siden
A gAMeR GIrl
MicLess Ryan
MicLess Ryan - 3 dager siden
Mine is
Red: -8 ? 06 10 12
Blue: 14 17 20 ? 26
I know that the blue ones are going by three but I legit dont know what the red ones are going by??
AtomicBear011 - 3 dager siden
try 0, it would be going by 8,6,4,2
cheesey boi
cheesey boi - 3 dager siden
Where did this chick pull 0232 from wtf
DeathByAnAngelYT - 3 dager siden
I was finally able to figure it out, so I will give you guys steps on how to do it
Step 1: Click on the newspaper
Step 2: Decrypt the words from the newspaper to the word that matches either the state, country or city from the audio clip (the 3rd piece of evidence)
Step 3: Find the city that you decrypted from the newspaper (example: Charleston) and to the right it shows a code (example: 1738)
Step 4: Write out all of the countries, cities or states listed to you on the third piece of evidence on to a piece of paper
Step 5: Press the back button
Step 6: Click on ‘Decrypt Floppy Disk’
Step 7: Type in the code the city matched with (example: 1738)
Step 8: What I did is I entered my code and then I just typed each city, state or country one at a time till I got it right (Note: Each code and passphrase (city, country or state) was coded to be different for each person)
Keenan Bales
Keenan Bales - 15 timer siden
This helped a lot thank you
Tocoolforschool - Dag siden
I don’t have the newspaper
Josh Goodwin
Josh Goodwin - Dag siden
Someone who actually helped for real haha thanks a lot 👍🏻
Bronson Littlechilds
Bronson Littlechilds - 2 dager siden
That’s literally what the video tells you
Kevin Kharmandaryan
Kevin Kharmandaryan - 2 dager siden
For some odd reason I cant open the terminal to put in the code. I got to the encrypt button and press A, nothing happens
LStubbs151 - 3 dager siden
The fact that IGN HAD to make this guide, how about COD focus on making a FINISHED GAME before you start making Fallout puzzles. DEVS please put my game back in the oven, it’s not done yet!
DunkinWestgrove69 - 3 dager siden
Uh I got it wrong can I retry it
DeathByAnAngelYT - 3 dager siden
I bet even Einstein himself couldn’t be able to figure this out
osama - 3 dager siden
Yeah no im going to let his spy ring escape
Nazir - 3 dager siden
Who got Houston in the news paper? I tired every single paraphrase and nothing has worked
Brian - 3 dager siden
I've 100% solved but won't work. Do you need to reach a certain point of game or is there a bug?
Brian - 3 dager siden
@Jaime Mesta I did it. Just switch the 4 digit number from puzzle with 4 digit number you get from paper and it worked. Double check spelling as well, I used auto correct on the screen and it changed Pittsburgh
Jaime Mesta
Jaime Mesta - 3 dager siden
Same here im pissed
Space_Doggo - 4 dager siden
Nope, don't work
cyren edmonds
cyren edmonds - 4 dager siden
My red is 33, , 38,44,52
My blue is 32, , 41,45,49
Help me plz
Patrick Mullins
Patrick Mullins - 4 dager siden
So what mission do I play next
Zachary Goeden
Zachary Goeden - 4 dager siden
I need help you got easy numbers
justinl458 - 3 dager siden
Hello. Try the brute force method like I did. All you have to do is figure out the newspaper and then write down all the city's names and type them all in till it matches the newspapers code number it gave you.
Johnyy 420
Johnyy 420 - 4 dager siden
Help someone out my code is
Red:72 73 75 ? 82
Blue: 40 ? 50 55 60
Patrick Lopez
Patrick Lopez - 4 dager siden
for me it was 1754 Austin
Sxhizophrenic RSK
Sxhizophrenic RSK - 4 dager siden
Instructions unclear, ended up In Walmart detergent aisle.
Sam - Dag siden
Aura - Dag siden
@lil messer Thought u did sum huh
lil messer
lil messer - Dag siden
Hahahahahahahahaha 😐
wiindxxx 2233
wiindxxx 2233 - 2 dager siden
Thought u did sum huh
Curley Pubes
Curley Pubes - 3 dager siden
Thought u did sum huh
D 2
D 2 - 4 dager siden
I'm so fkin hungry but too lazy to cook anything..... Cereal it is!!!!
Blake Brown
Blake Brown - 4 dager siden
atShAdez - 4 dager siden
how tf do we know you're not just slapping numbers on the screen and telling us this is da way
DragonPickelMan - 4 dager siden
I’m still confused
gerardo diaz
gerardo diaz - 4 dager siden
I just found the city in red and use the number for that city that I found and the just put everything other city for the second one lol it work
JustDrxpy - 3 dager siden
SASk 17
SASk 17 - 4 dager siden
Nuclear Snipz658
Nuclear Snipz658 - 4 dager siden
My red numbers are hard
chord memory
chord memory - 4 dager siden
👎 skip
Debra Wheeler
Debra Wheeler - 4 dager siden
none of them were mine
I like my dog
I like my dog - 4 dager siden
My red is 41 ? 55 62 69
Blue is ? 13 19 23 25
I’m confused
Aura - 4 dager siden
@Jose Suarez how is that?
Jose Suarez
Jose Suarez - 4 dager siden
Oda24 - 4 dager siden
Now I gotta go do red light, green light again...
Insanity Wolf
Insanity Wolf - 3 dager siden
Same here
marquise edwards
marquise edwards - 3 dager siden
You don’t have to
Mike Afton
Mike Afton - 4 dager siden
What does she mean when she said put them together
CEO of Vibe checks
CEO of Vibe checks - Dag siden
she means that you put the numbers for both question marks together
Joey Stilwell
Joey Stilwell - 4 dager siden
I typed in the correct city name and password, but it refuses to let me move on. I've gone over it multiple times and tried different patterns to make sure I'm not mistyping anything. I'm starting to feel like a sleeper agent seeing the right passcode and password not working
Death SliMZz
Death SliMZz - 3 dager siden
@Axzl OG not working , tried detroit for me the numbers then just tried every single one on the list non worked
MR.DEADFISH - 3 dager siden
@Axzl OG 👍👍
Mr Sir
Mr Sir - 4 dager siden
Axzl OG well no sh!t
Axzl OG
Axzl OG - 4 dager siden
First- What you do is look at your news paper then figure out the name 2nd- You look at your floppy disc and find the location so for example mine was Washington, so I typed in Washington's 4 digit pass code for the code 3rd- For the passphrase you look at the weird paper with all the wierd symbols and number and question marks, figure out the numbers. The passphrase is different then the location on the newspaper. 4th final step- Find the sequence of numbers back on the Floppy disc its going to be a different location for the passphrase. So like my passcode was Washington's 4 digit code and the passphrase was Omaha for me you will find your by looking at the weird evidence that has the numbers and symbols
Deshombi Stevens
Deshombi Stevens - 4 dager siden
Same it spent 3 hrs on it and did it correctly and it still denies me access
Games United
Games United - 4 dager siden
I don’t know how to do this
LtAkilla - 4 dager siden
I’m still confused
Dяаgoи Huит
Dяаgoи Huит - 5 dager siden
Thanks this is annoying to do alone
Zain Choudry
Zain Choudry - 5 dager siden
My red numbers don’t have a pattern?
nath - 4 dager siden
Yes they do
Chiuaua Gameplay.s
Chiuaua Gameplay.s - 5 dager siden
my iq is too low for this
Dru Truax
Dru Truax - 5 dager siden
I took a picture of the map and i still do not have the evidence
Kringe King
Kringe King - 5 dager siden
You need 3 pictures
Brennon Parker
Brennon Parker - 5 dager siden
I just did the newspaper thing then found out the first 2 digits of the puzzle and found which ones matched and got it
Rogue MarKsman
Rogue MarKsman - 4 dager siden
How exactly did you do it. I can’t get it
Trent Rahman
Trent Rahman - 5 dager siden
My evidence is broken. I took a picture so many times for the map in the bar and it still doesn’t give me that evidence.
coomlord burrito sanchez
coomlord burrito sanchez - 2 dager siden
I remember taking the picture and I don't even have the newspaper
Parker Woolard
Parker Woolard - 4 dager siden
I think you have to take pictures of all the maps in that level. That was what worked for me
Oda24 - 4 dager siden
Sunny D
Sunny D - 5 dager siden
All Cold War games are personalized.
ATiOX - 5 dager siden
0142 - NEW YORK
QweefLeaf - 5 dager siden
Can anyone help me?, my pattern is..
🔻14 🔹78 🔻? 🔹82 🔻28 🔹86 🔻32 🔹? 🔻34 🔹94
The colored emojis are colors of the numbers
Hooplakid36 YeetYeet
Hooplakid36 YeetYeet - 5 dager siden
wait do we need to do this to beat the camping
Hooplakid36 YeetYeet
Hooplakid36 YeetYeet - 4 dager siden
alright what could people even get
Kringe King
Kringe King - 5 dager siden
No its optional
FlipNasty - 5 dager siden
easiest Most straightforward explanation On YouTube
8tz - 5 dager siden
Cant type it in the computer
8tz - 5 dager siden
i know why, i need to restart the whole campaign
thorsmith59 - 5 dager siden
ANNNNDDD this is why the vast majority of COD players don't play the campaigns.
Ray Prints
Ray Prints - 5 dager siden
Tf are you talking about? This is optional
xGreekGod - 5 dager siden
Solved thank you!!! 🙏
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo - 5 dager siden
i couldn't enter mine unless i put it in all caps
AdoringFan - 5 dager siden
Find out which city on the newpaper, write the city and number down, enter that number and try each city. I've just skipped that part.
Emp. - 5 dager siden
Hisemmp 2887
9217 Seattle
Justus rodriguez
Justus rodriguez - 5 dager siden
Tbh all u need is the red one cuz thats gonna be the first to numbers then look at all of the citys and just try the ones that match up
TEDEEK - 4 dager siden
You’re a legend I’ve been trying to do this their way and got no where but as soon as I did it your way I got it first try
Eu Jean
Eu Jean - 5 dager siden
This is easy guide for decrypt. Helpful. I have done this since launching day.
Pako 1
Pako 1 - 5 dager siden
Pls help😭
AdoringFan - 5 dager siden
@Pako 1 Its the code u discovered from news paper, enter that as passcode and type each of the city as passphase.
Pako 1
Pako 1 - 5 dager siden
@AdoringFan ok I figured it out but everyone I type the code it tells me error even though it’s right
AdoringFan - 5 dager siden
Just get the number from the news paper and write down all the cities again, type the number you discovered, and just try each city. You can skip the number part.
Myassassin - 5 dager siden
Red - 57
SneakQne - 5 dager siden
29 blue
Jacob Ashe
Jacob Ashe - 5 dager siden
My red numbers are 55,60,65,?,75
My blue numbers are 73,74,76?,83
And the the city name I found was Charleston. I’m still trying to find out the code
Xyphor - 5 dager siden
@Jacob Ashe red numbers go up by 5 each time. Blue number goes up 1, then 2, 3, 4.
Jacob Ashe
Jacob Ashe - 5 dager siden
@Xyphor how did you do the math I’m confused
AdoringFan - 5 dager siden
Go to the news paper, get the city name, that's your pass code. Write down all the city names and try each one as passphase.
Xyphor - 5 dager siden
Spike Knucklesz
Spike Knucklesz - 5 dager siden
What do you do when your code gives you an error saying "inappropriate text"?
Brendan Reguera
Brendan Reguera - 4 dager siden
Stop sexting on a government IP
ProjectCodex - 5 dager siden
try again with the appropriate text ?
Brutal Games
Brutal Games - 5 dager siden
Yes the campaign is short but you are supposed to play through it multiple times because each alternative ending is alot different. Easter egg - you can kill zombies in the campaign if you make certain choice's
Meke Kell
Meke Kell - 5 dager siden
Someone Person
Someone Person - 5 dager siden
Confusing isn’t helping
Oliver Anderson
Oliver Anderson - 5 dager siden
Where do you find the newspaper evidence
Darrell Garrett
Darrell Garrett - 5 dager siden
Call of Duty: Jumble Solver