Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Multiplayer Review

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With stripped back mechanics and an underwhelming set of maps, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer is somewhat of a backwards step for the series.
Reviewed by Simon Cardy on PlayStation 5. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.
Runtime: 07:56


Hunter Atkinson
Hunter Atkinson - Time siden
I actually really love this game
Ifra Ibrahim
Ifra Ibrahim - 9 timer siden
Ouch, tough luck treyach
TehHotline - 16 timer siden
Lads I honestly think that there's more Cod Cold War Campaign DLC coming, Especially since the season pass tells you you've purchased Campaign parts 1, 2 and 3
Anyone else notice that?
charlie hancock
charlie hancock - 20 timer siden
he hasn't been playing with kill confirmed for over a decade
ThePemudalope - 21 time siden
I don't think it's a backstep for the multiplayer mode. I loved the first Black Ops, it's in my opinion the best CoD ever. Campaign = awesome, multiplayer = as fun as you can have. The nostalgia in this is insane, I've skipped the last 3 CoD games but this ones gives me serious vibes.
J. Rambo
J. Rambo - 20 timer siden
@ThePemudalope I understand pal, I bought BO1, 2 and 3, didnt like bo3 much but bo1 was great and bo2 same. I prefer Cold War to bo3 but maybe thats just me, i dont like futuristic stuff much.
ThePemudalope - 20 timer siden
@J. Rambo Oh damn xD. Nah I didn’t miss WW2, actually liked it. But Black Ops is in my heart.
J. Rambo
J. Rambo - 20 timer siden
@ThePemudalope WW2 mate not MW2, if you missed cod ww2 then its sad cause its like the original COD and COD 2 but all is better about it, set in 1944
ThePemudalope - 20 timer siden
@J. Rambo I did indeed miss MW2, didn't play much of it which I very much regret that I didn't. This game gives me MW2/Black Ops vibes though. Might give it a shot.
J. Rambo
J. Rambo - 20 timer siden
You missed WW2 which is my favorite COD ever, i missed bo4 and the new mw but bought cold war i like it
Filium - 21 time siden
Zombies is ok but getting boring
The Knights Gaming
The Knights Gaming - Dag siden
My rating for this game would be a 3/10
Condor Southernlands
Condor Southernlands - Dag siden
Longer time to kill, are you on crack?
SYL 99
SYL 99 - Dag siden
So many bugs ...
Pancake Wafflez
Pancake Wafflez - Dag siden
Im just upset that survival in MW was limited to PS4 until october and Zombies in Cold War is limited to PS4/5 for a year
silent sir
silent sir - Dag siden
This looks like a PS4 game to me
Joe Fox
Joe Fox - Dag siden
Bought it on PS5 on Saturday.
Deleted on Sunday.
Waste of £60.
Julian - Dag siden
They should have the Health back to 100 and also make some tweaks on sbmm
ZanFear - Dag siden
Well the last Black Ops game was multiplayer only, so you'd HOPE they launched with more than these 8 maps.
F Shah
F Shah - Dag siden
Agree with the reviewer CW is no steps forward and 2 steps back
JD Garcia
JD Garcia - Dag siden
I was never a person to play zombies but that's all im doing bc multiplayer is just so sweaty with people using the mp5 and shotguns
YeahSick TrustNan
YeahSick TrustNan - Dag siden
This is one of the best cods ever made the only reason they’re giving it a low review is because there aren’t any micro transactions lol
Gamer 2.o
Gamer 2.o - Dag siden
I’ve never seen someone so clueless about the game that he’s not even going to talk about how cod f-ed up the matchmaking and talk about how basic it is because that’s literally every ign review, BASIC.
Gamer 2.o
Gamer 2.o - Dag siden
Playing Cold War with the new dual sense now makes you feel cold.
Macbang - Dag siden
damn that big ammount of iam assist on consoles
Luke Grothe
Luke Grothe - Dag siden
Listen. You're either a Treyarch gamer or a Infinity Ward gamer. For me, this COD is a breath of fresh air.
gmanthatguy - 20 timer siden
@J. Rambo - We have a joker here. WW2 is the worst COD game ever made. Everyone knows that.
J. Rambo
J. Rambo - 20 timer siden
NO. WW2 is the best COD game ever
gmanthatguy - Dag siden
Spot on. I buy every COD and play them, but my favorite games are from Treyarch. Not very fond of the Infinity Ward games except for the campaign mode.
Drew camm
Drew camm - Dag siden
Can we just get nuketown back?
Nick Mitchell
Nick Mitchell - 2 dager siden
he just explained how overpowered snipers are, then said MP5's are the only viable loadout 9 out of 10 times and said the M16 is great as well. I'm so confused.
Luke Middletom
Luke Middletom - 2 dager siden
They've just made to many CoDs straight up.. kill it
DJ 4Real
DJ 4Real - 2 dager siden
Mines Bigger Than Yours
Mines Bigger Than Yours - 2 dager siden
Excellent Un-biased review!
el_joker - 2 dager siden
Warmbeer - 2 dager siden
Nice re-skin, I assume it will be $5-10?
JamesH N7
JamesH N7 - 2 dager siden
The series NEEDS. A backwards step.... Call of Duty NEVER got better after Black Ops II..... We NEED to go back.
Talha - 2 dager siden
This guy gave a really biased review. Mans a hater. I played the beta and absolutely loved the dirty bomb mode and even the regular multiplayer! The guns and sounds feel amazing!!!
dylan smith
dylan smith - 2 dager siden
Been playing since mw2 this cod is a 6 at best.
Fridge 875
Fridge 875 - 2 dager siden
The multiplayer is a huge downgrade from MW the movement is just wack and all the maps are huge and requires everyone to camp so you can't have fun. They should make a close quarters map so people don't camp as much as they do right now. You can't come across a hallway and not get killed by a camper. The multiplayer just isn't enjoyable for that reason
ZAIN AKBAR - 2 dager siden
Feel like the mechanics itself ain’t that bad and gameplay is decent but the launch content is pretty underwhelming. Maybe developers have Fortnite syndrome.... release half finished games and then release the rest of it as ‘seasons’
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez - 2 dager siden
When they change things....people rate it low and say they should go back to the way it used to be...when they go back to the way it used to be....they rate it low. There's no winning and people will still buy it
Bill Williamson
Bill Williamson - 2 dager siden
Idk about you guys but I’ve been enjoying it
Tyrell Nottaway
Tyrell Nottaway - 2 dager siden
Maps are garbage in the game...
Carlos Braun
Carlos Braun - 2 dager siden
The game only shines in the campaign and zombies.
Salvador Miranda
Salvador Miranda - 2 dager siden
Campers infest this game and it’s hella annoying they should make an update like if you dont move out of a specific area in 5 sec it should kill you
Jesus Merced
Jesus Merced - 3 dager siden
I just buy this game to play zombies 🧟‍♂️
Joshua Baker
Joshua Baker - 3 dager siden
“By stripping back mechanics.” You should have said, “by not creating anything new.”
V H - 3 dager siden
Modern Warfare is one of the best CoD's ever, Cold War is one of the worst, and I hate to say it because Treyach make my favourite CoD's, the connection and lag when shooting someone feels very disconnected and like the download and upload of data is slower or the milliseconds the data sends to notify each player of hit detection and such, it just feels very weird! Modern Warfare feels like a perfect connection and like data is sent and received quicker than my brain takes to notice any disconnect, MW is just made to a way higher quality, everything in MW multi-player is better than on CW, the shooting, player visibility, character model size, gun play, realism, connection, arcade type shooting, grenade throwing, deaths feel correct, just everything feels better on MW, even the decision to not implement dead silence as a perk in MW was a genius idea. Then there's Zombies, BO3 had the best Zombies in my opinion, CW Zombies is the worst I've played, I miss the characters and storytelling and level designs from BO3 Zombies, everything is just a joke on CW!
naosei seila u.u
naosei seila u.u - 3 dager siden
I really don't mind about the time to kill, Its fine to me, and I really enjoy Dirty Bomb, though I feel that Cold War needs to have much more content, content like BO4. Cold War at the moment seems basic, not that I don't enjoy older CODs, because I do, of course, but right now it just seems that cold war needs more
Samuel Ford
Samuel Ford - 3 dager siden
better than MW:2019, but thats not really a compliment
Bert Low
Bert Low - 3 dager siden
Or maybe the game got Rushed out the door✓
Morse Code
Morse Code - 3 dager siden
This guy’s taste in maps is different from mine.
Alex Tejeda
Alex Tejeda - 3 dager siden
“Heavy BuRST” I see what you did there
iAlpha_ Zero
iAlpha_ Zero - 3 dager siden
This game is amazing. I can tell a lot of you cod players never played the old cod’s or got to experience them at launch and it shows. It literally feels like the old arcade shooter which cod is and reminds me of b ops 1 and 2.
Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell - 2 dager siden
Then why shouldn't I just keep playing Black Ops 1 and 2?
Andrei Jedidiah
Andrei Jedidiah - 3 dager siden
Great review but you need to leave ign
JamTrini - 3 dager siden
Multiplayer feels dated and sluggish. Grenade throwing is clunky and takes forever. Only eight maps on release with only three being enjoyable. This is definitely as step back from MW. Oddly enough with the texture patch I find MW looks better than Cold War.
GeneralSmudge - 3 dager siden
Pretty sure black ops on ps3 was better than this loved that game
Luna - 3 dager siden
I like it
dazzaburger - 3 dager siden
If it wasn’t for zombies I wouldn’t have bought this game
Kai O
Kai O - 3 dager siden
But....but does it have a little something for everyone?!?!?
TacticalTigerFox - 3 dager siden
Now is the time for Medal Of Honor to come back.
Elite Casting
Elite Casting - 2 dager siden
Ummm no
EvolveDj - 4 dager siden
Tanks aren't bad. There are mods for your guns that give bonus damage to vehicles. Works great on an LMG.
Hotel Whiskey
Hotel Whiskey - 4 dager siden
In other words go back to battlefield 1
Farhan Ali Azhar
Farhan Ali Azhar - 4 dager siden
Operators in MW feels more alive than Cold War
Sensei J4Y Gaming
Sensei J4Y Gaming - 4 dager siden
The game was rushed due to sledgehammer. But the community is still suprised by the graphics difference... Also the maps of MW are garbage and thats due a to recyled resources. I mean on warzone theirs 12 stories and up bulidings with only a repel and stairs as an option. No one plays obj in MW. MW also had op weapons (m4 mp5 again..and the 725!) IGN consist of casual campers who play cod so of course they love MW and that “I can camp anywhere and mount” gameplay
Jack Wheatley
Jack Wheatley - 4 dager siden
was really hoping this year would be the year Id buy my first cod since BlackOps 2. But yet again they have failed to impress
COLBIS913 - 4 dager siden
Bring more explosive for the tanks!🤷‍♂️
jovanie ortiz
jovanie ortiz - 4 dager siden
Still playing MW xbox one s
Samurai Ninja
Samurai Ninja - 3 dager siden
It’s better than Cold War
Andrew - 4 dager siden
I felt like mw had another year in it and we really didn’t need another cod yet. We really didn’t need this cod. It’s bad.
buttplugs and mastadons 1988
Well this is first one I enjoyed since mw2
JudgeJ - 4 dager siden
The sound design is the worst imo. Guns sounds dull. Especially other players guns. Massive step back for the series. 4/10
cp070476 - 4 dager siden
Kicked this up on my ps5 other day had 10 mins on it Modern Warfare pisses on it.. Graphically as well? how the hell is that even possible? £70 game running on a superior machine??
nissan gtr
nissan gtr - 4 dager siden
Games very very poor games full of campers
It should be called call of duty campers game
Jamie Horn
Jamie Horn - 4 dager siden
Zombies is broken. Freezes and crashes all the time. Then when you try and restart the game, it crashes again, back to your home screen. It does it in that exact order, every time it happens, across all platforms. So, they just put out a totally messed up game, knowing it was messed up and didn't care and did it anyway. Done with these games. Multiplayer gets worse every game.
McdonaldsCones - 4 dager siden
The game is just boring and more of the same nothing exciting about it
Elven Ranger
Elven Ranger - 4 dager siden
3:33 having more than one dude on your team carrying anti-tank on a map with tanks is considered coordination...
The absolute state of it...
Dark Rust
Dark Rust - 4 dager siden
IGN Gave infinity warfare 7.7 and Cold War a 6
And that’s it IGN is a joke
Mistah - 4 dager siden
While the gunplay feels great, the lack of content is a little upsetting. "Back to basics" shouldn't mean "remove content."
Dr. Salt
Dr. Salt - 4 dager siden
Welp,this makes me think that this game isn’t worth 60-70 dollars,best to wait until it’s on sale
Calvin Jackson
Calvin Jackson - 4 dager siden
Why is he playing warzone if he has a problem with longer TTK? It’s sounding really contradictory...
Gr0000ver - 4 dager siden
No mention of the constant issues???
Devin Gray
Devin Gray - 4 dager siden
I was with him until he said MW went back to "simple" map designs... doors, windows everywhere, too many camping spots and too many elevation points, big maps. Cold War’s maps are bad too but we not gonna act like MW had great maps! Nothing is worse than Piccadilly lmao.
Jamesryan1987 - 4 dager siden
If MW supported haptic feedback and adaptive triggers it would be 10 times easier to talk myself out of a game thats getting far too many mixed reviews to pop £60 on.
Lord Stark
Lord Stark - 4 dager siden
MW fan boy right here
GAZ Up - 4 dager siden
We need all black ops 1 maps to save this game
RiotnRespect - 4 dager siden
Wow for once I agree with IGN... game is subpar in its current state. Really disappointed with the lack of content and the maps currently in the game.
2% milk
2% milk - 4 dager siden
Cold war has insane potential. Just needs more content. Feels more mature for a cod game which is refreshing.
Elias Nicolas Miranda
Elias Nicolas Miranda - 3 dager siden
"matute" "cod" yeah right
Seraphendipity - 4 dager siden
Dang, IGN really laying into more authentic reviews. Gj, hope to see more of it
GamezFreakHD - 4 dager siden
When he cuts away from every death lol.
Central intelligence agency
Central intelligence agency - 4 dager siden
Intelligence officials said people refunded over 100000 time
stickvortex - 4 dager siden
Cold War is fun, but it’s definitely not better than MW. Released with lackluster content imo. Perhaps it’s gonna be fixed with content updates etc. That said MW definitely feels tighter in all of its mechanics, it just feels sweeter than CW. Anyway I’m sure it will improve over time.
Alex Sutton
Alex Sutton - 4 dager siden
Dont compare warzone to multiplayer
Tomek92ful - 4 dager siden
This game is broken. Boring, and looks worse than MW2019 on PS4.
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight - 4 dager siden
What's worse is that this games development is less than a year
Mr. Donut
Mr. Donut - 4 dager siden
Aight. So I’m sticking to Modern Warfare.
Beautifulliar93 - 4 dager siden
I really disliked Mw compare to cold war. I feel like this is more of a classic COD Just waiting for gunfight to come back.
Jaime Gerena
Jaime Gerena - 4 dager siden
This doesn't deserve the og cold war name
Ronan Morgan
Ronan Morgan - 4 dager siden
basically what hes saying is its shite
Tomas A
Tomas A - 4 dager siden
Already seen someone with the level 1000 wtf people like that must be one of those incel hermits
Suhaas Chennapragada
Suhaas Chennapragada - 4 dager siden
The multiplayer definitely feels like a step back from mw but despite that I still have more fun playing cold war than mw just cuz its a lot faster paced and the maps are simple but a lot more enjoyable to play on than mw maps
Angel Lozada
Angel Lozada - 4 dager siden
How about if you just keep playing modern warfare ? Why are you in full refusal when something NEW or trying to be INNOVATIVE comes to market ?
JurgenSauce - 4 dager siden
Sadly, we all bought the game. Thats all they care about anymore
Phoenix Drivers
Phoenix Drivers - 4 dager siden
I’m waiting for this game to be 9 dollars next year on PS4. And all cross play games made for PS5. Doesn’t make sense to buy them now. If it is playable on PS4 it’s going waaaay down in price for ps4
dino jaram
dino jaram - 4 dager siden
Wow,IGN realy buried this game
Lakers 1
Lakers 1 - 4 dager siden
Got the game but cant even get the console
Dan Riq
Dan Riq - 4 dager siden
Multiplayer is very boring I only got Cold War for the zombies 🤷‍♂️
Anakin Skyballer
Anakin Skyballer - 6 timer siden
Dan Riq same tho, zombies is where it’s at
Elite Casting
Elite Casting - 2 dager siden
Zombies? What are you 5 years old?
Rapss79 gaming
Rapss79 gaming - 5 dager siden
Been playing cod since the vanilla cod and cod United offense on pc,this is by far the worst cod ever made
special person
special person - 5 dager siden
Honestly pretty sad the score was based on personal opinion not how well the game actually plays