Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Developers React to Speedrun

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After the reaction we got from developers Toys For Bob for the Crash Bandicoot 4 demo, we knew we had to have them back on for a full episode. Well, almost a full episode. Turns out, Crash 4 is a long game no matter how fast you play it, so we let speedrunner Riko_KSB choose which levels he wanted the developers to see. So while this isn't the full Crash 4 speedrun, it's still almost an hour of hilarious goofs and reactions. Enjoy!

Check out more from speedrun Riko_KSB here:
Check out more from speedrunner Riko_KSB here:
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Crayons Only
Crayons Only - 50 minutter siden
"Stop engineering things."
Best line....ever. 🤣
Puja Bestara
Puja Bestara - 4 timer siden
i love this devs, they're hillarious hahahahahahaha
ultimateei - 8 timer siden
dev feel happy if the speed runner fail
GamerZ Go Nuts
GamerZ Go Nuts - 10 timer siden
That's insane. I stopped at 4 minutes because I plan to buy this and don't want full game spoilers. I was just curious
lightupmanproduction - 13 timer siden
not even here to watch the video just to say
IT'S ABOUT damn TIME developers watch this speedrun
Chalice O’Hearts
Chalice O’Hearts - 17 timer siden
Uh oh. Devs are back to see the *entire* game get destroyed.
Chedzee Sheeda
Chedzee Sheeda - 17 timer siden
If these devs REALLY want a show for glitchhunting, they should check out Skyward Sword and the story of RBM.
adolph gracius
adolph gracius - 18 timer siden
Do you bleeeeeed?
V I - 19 timer siden
Its nice to hear them suffer like we have for so many long hours of torment.
ScoutiverTTV - 20 timer siden
Damn, streamers chat be talking smack about the game infront of the devs
chad Angeles
chad Angeles - 21 time siden
Finished a youtube video this long very rare for me.
EZ Claxz
EZ Claxz - Dag siden
Juni Cortez
Juni Cortez - Dag siden
This is a top-tier series coming from a low-tier source.
Boki - Dag siden
Stop these series, people keep patching everything because of this
Robert Sabie
Robert Sabie - Dag siden
Well i guess it was about time for the devs to react to the speedrun.
Tyler Trent
Tyler Trent - Dag siden
couldn't finish the video because of all the audio breaks
SquallyCoin 5664
SquallyCoin 5664 - Dag siden
Too bad we could only see 1 level per world (except for Cortex Island). I would’ve watched these guys talk about this speed runner for an hour!
Bro_D B
Bro_D B - Dag siden
The most entertaining Dev team thus far. Loved listening to these guys!
Scaulby with an 'S'
Scaulby with an 'S' - Dag siden
Relax IGN, the game just came out. I'm certain the devs will react to the speedruns in due time.
Nicky Fandino
Nicky Fandino - Dag siden
Idk why it took me this long to realize this. But speedrunners make the best game QA testers now that I think about it.
Renski - Dag siden
Speed runner dies
Devs: "You see he's just a man."
Speed runner: *Performs backflip up 2 stories*
Darren S.L Li
Darren S.L Li - Dag siden
Did the dev made a initial D reference 🤔.
dorgodorato - Dag siden
Is AQUAFPS a Toys For Bob level designer?
capnthepeafarmer - Dag siden
These devs are a joy to listen to! It's always nice to listen to a group of guys that love their work!
Fongletto - Dag siden
This is my favourite devs react. The banter among the devs was great.
Louis - Dag siden
haha these devs are freaking awesome. engaged with each other and with the game, but not letting one dominate the other (a hard balance imo).
Conservatives Singer Guitar JSC
Resident evil and crash bandicoot were made to speed run!
L.R. Bushido
L.R. Bushido - Dag siden
Would be hilarious if there was an update and it has a little gold metal around the neck of everything that killed the speedrunner.
The Impressionist
The Impressionist - Dag siden
This guys is emotionless, it's kind of eery.
Edwin H.
Edwin H. - Dag siden
Dev react is amazing!
LOOKISS! - 2 dager siden
"Why even bother slowing down time when you're running so fast." HA!
Shinelucid - 2 dager siden
devs make these weird sounds every skip I love it xD
Donnie G
Donnie G - 2 dager siden
i hate speedruns it’s a disrespect to the creators of masterpieces
Branch - Dag siden
TfB employees seemed to enjoy the Crash 4 speedrun in this video. Can also say as a developer (of a different game) I do enjoy seeing people break games i've worked on.
L1mb3r7 - 2 dager siden
The devs must be fun guys to be around with. Such funny people.
Karim Mcdonald
Karim Mcdonald - 2 dager siden
How did he skip the boss fights!!!!!
Pantha - 2 dager siden
12:43, the metal boxes, looks very intentional xD
Mediados - 2 dager siden
As a Developer it has to hurt watching someone speedrun your game. All the detauk you put into the game, the thoughts and writing, all wasted. Its like playing DnD and the players seek every way to not having to solve your riddle.
Clay B
Clay B - 2 dager siden
"Ah yes, Louise. Named after [REDACTED]"
HYBRIDbeing - 2 dager siden
The deal with people speedrunning Crash Bandicoot 4? It's about time.
Jorge Viley Tadei Serpa
Jorge Viley Tadei Serpa - 2 dager siden
This was AMAZING!!!
Davis Prather
Davis Prather - 2 dager siden
I definitely didn't read that wrong, you read it wrong.
Eli Lockie
Eli Lockie - 2 dager siden
I love how the developers beat themselves up when the speed runner breaks the game.
William Pereira Gomes
William Pereira Gomes - 2 dager siden
its already out? and no CTRNF for PC? So offensive
Kawhi - 2 dager siden
Why did they use this mediocre speed run instead of showing them the world record?
erizo - Dag siden
it WAS a world record, except it was a very unoptimized one!
Junas - 3 dager siden
HAHAHAHA it's hilarious how they get happy when he makes a mistake
Cerberus' Ghost
Cerberus' Ghost - 3 dager siden
Battery commercial w the xbox controller should just show that then a PlayStation 3 controller 😂😂 then the ps5 chime
Equlix - 3 dager siden
39:05 he described it perfectly.
nam e puthpong
nam e puthpong - 3 dager siden
Is this like golf where the lower points you have, the better?
DarkSouljah - 3 dager siden
These devs have been the best so far.
JPeace116 - 3 dager siden
These devs are hilarious!
Sl1kz - 3 dager siden
i hope this game comes to PC too. FIXED!!!! xDD just kidding love it!
Elias110194 - 3 dager siden
31:37 He's a natural
Yung Dnso
Yung Dnso - 3 dager siden
can't help but to wonder how fast it would've been without any deaths
Roberto Rebola
Roberto Rebola - 3 dager siden
Now I know why crash 4 is amazing these devs get on so well like one big family
Amazing game guys GG
Ayrton Frank
Ayrton Frank - 3 dager siden
"alright... this is pretty legi-
oh no..."
The Logical Vegan
The Logical Vegan - 3 dager siden
This dev team was made for these types of videos. So entertaining hearing them riff together.
Black Brine 360
Black Brine 360 - 3 dager siden
Ah velho não e a run do deep😠
AceV822 or lil CAAH idrc
AceV822 or lil CAAH idrc - 3 dager siden
I am the spy from tf2
Jed McAfee
Jed McAfee - 3 dager siden
They’re office must be so much fun
Chronno - 3 dager siden
Don't worry developers, just like 5 people out of 100 are capable of doing this kind of stuff, we mortals enjoy the game xd
Joe Farren
Joe Farren - 3 dager siden
Toys for bob are so great
Marc S.
Marc S. - 3 dager siden
Devs always pretend to feel so humiliated by the speedruners when it really is the ultimate way of showing respect to them. It means someone loved your game enough to spend A LOT of hours mastering it.
gay tekken champion 1991
gay tekken champion 1991 - 2 dager siden
@Damp Some argue that art, once released to the public eye or consumption, isn't your art anymore. It is essentially free to be reinterpreted, reinvented, destroyed, rebuilt, etc. Speedrunners break down a game without tons of hours of dedicated gameplay, using exploits and glitches. It's a different type of respect, a type of collaboration that turns a game into a canvas, although through identifying the quirks and flaws that a developer may of left in the game intentionally or not. Sometimes speedruns don't use glitches at all!
Damp - 3 dager siden
is got to be bittersweet, they put in the time, but it was spend finding flaws on their work.
shaunthesheep24 - 3 dager siden
I love how the only gems he's getting at the end of each level is the "less than 3 deaths" gem.
ZAYAN ALRASHDR - 3 dager siden
What a amature gameplay
Adolfo Alfaro
Adolfo Alfaro - 3 dager siden
14:04 My Message to Developers: I liked the concept of sub-bosses at that level of the game. I would like to see more sub-heads (either 3 or 4) for the next Crash 5, thanks for all they offered in Crash 4
Ps: Ps: It would be great if the sub-bosses had little cinematic scenes
vegeta vegeta
vegeta vegeta - 4 dager siden
hehhehe its really funny how different attitude of some of them is
1. guy who takes it as a fun enjoying every time when speedrunner shine with skill and intellect
2. guy who have fun but everytime he sees glitch or bug, he plans already on fixing it
3. guy who sees everything as cheating and cannot accept it but watches it to later maybe learn on faults
4. my favorite guy whos world got ruined and every minut of watching exploits which could be his fault is for him a torture
hehehe devs must understand.... it doesnt matter how much time you will put to make game glitchless... speedrunners often are as knowledgable or even much more experienced as devs about game mechanics. practice makes you understand it better and i doubt it any of devs played their game even 10% of the time speedrunner spend in the game. soooo... accept it that speedrunners will always find a way
mavricio - 4 dager siden
Stop muting them so fcking much
aze chase
aze chase - 4 dager siden
Funnily enough, he wasn't really talking about marvel, as much as he was talking about them.
E G - 4 dager siden
You would think they would understand that the "muscle memory" came from an absurd amount of hours playing, breaking, and understanding every minutia of the game. Thats the highest honor I could ever ask for as a developer.
Infamous - 4 dager siden
10:36 a swear right there
Wololo Man
Wololo Man - 4 dager siden
Please do dev react to mirrors edge speed run next
no - 4 dager siden
what a bunch of awesome guys
the only ign videos I watch
Joel Chitunda
Joel Chitunda - 4 dager siden
Everytime he takes a shortcut
Devs: ooooh that was my fault
Danosauruscreck - 4 dager siden
I used the body slam the same way a lot actually that little up draft can really save you in sticky situation
indy151515 - 4 dager siden
I need the dev points leaderboard
Johnny Comeau
Johnny Comeau - 4 dager siden
😂 I love these dev reacts
Pro metheus
Pro metheus - 4 dager siden
When devs are cool like this and realize that Therese more than one way to play a game (casual, speedruner, competitive etc) and kind of cater to each crowd all in one game. It adds to value of the game and replay ability.
anakin148 - 4 dager siden
Lol, the title of the video makes it much better
Kiriakos Kanatsaris
Kiriakos Kanatsaris - 4 dager siden
Wait I remember this speedrunner I think, something annoying comes to mind, some famous GDQ run or something?
mamba2468 - 4 dager siden
Speedrunner: *Dies*
Me: "You see he's just a man"
Nathan Lunsford
Nathan Lunsford - Dag siden
I understood that reference
Mediados - 2 dager siden
Aaaaah Matrix 2 references are scarce
Gandalfdawhitekid - 4 dager siden
Why are devs so shocked to see huge glitches in their game?? Maybe fix your game and then it wouldnt be an issue
Gandalfdawhitekid - Dag siden
@Branch then fix the bugs after they are found
Branch - Dag siden
Every game has bugs. Speedrunners will always find bugs.
Danilo Soares
Danilo Soares - 4 dager siden
By far the best one out of this series. These devs were amazing. Would love to see team cherry react to hollow knight runs
Danilo Soares
Danilo Soares - 4 dager siden
@Tschu Backa oh yeah i saw that one!
Tschu Backa
Tschu Backa - 4 dager siden
@Danilo Soares sorry! I meant Shovel Knight. they reacted to that game., not hollow
Danilo Soares
Danilo Soares - 4 dager siden
@Tschu Backa I can't find it!
Tschu Backa
Tschu Backa - 4 dager siden
they did a devs react to hollow knight
Infectd - 4 dager siden
These devs should be proud. Most Speed runs of games are like sub 10 or even up to 30 mins tops. At least this one banked a nice hour plus. =) I will say the devs in this video were some of the most entertaining from this series.
Jacob Graw
Jacob Graw - 4 dager siden
The Coco staring right at me from the time tracker is laugh worthy
NadeRadical - 4 dager siden
These guys are hilarious lol
sonneeaa rkaa
sonneeaa rkaa - 4 dager siden
Hector Holguin
Hector Holguin - 4 dager siden
Something happens with a timer at around an hour 18 minutes and 47 seconds
Branch - Dag siden
The video was slightly edited by IGN to be a quicker to view.
ZMowlcher - 4 dager siden
Riko has grown his channel so much over the year I've followed him
trapez77 - 4 dager siden
I like using the left trigger to crouch and slide and the right trigger for special
Branden Thomas Rennie
Branden Thomas Rennie - 4 dager siden
I crayon colored a monopoly board of my favorite game once.
William Webb
William Webb - 4 dager siden
Makes me sick how easy he made Cortex Castle look. Lol.
Broockle - 4 dager siden
"wohw that was some Tony Hawk stunt right there"
it's always nice to see that there are still some people that are older than me ;D
Rcade now
Rcade now - 4 dager siden
when pc and switch version?
boogy313rd - 12 timer siden
exclusively for Sony
Josh Pfeiffer
Josh Pfeiffer - 5 dager siden
Why can't these jackasses fix their mics...
Tschu Backa
Tschu Backa - 4 dager siden
shut up, everything is crisp
kevin hawley
kevin hawley - 5 dager siden
ign should be shot.....
P-NUT - 5 dager siden
We need to see the devs not the speed runner. We have vid of that lol just sayin
K. Fuji'
K. Fuji' - 5 dager siden
Is this poorly censored or just send mic.?
Der Dox
Der Dox - 5 dager siden
Schnörkel means curlicue in german...

just so you know..
Amalio lara
Amalio lara - 5 dager siden
Wish they could get the team from breath of the wild to react that would be fun
CirkusBolgen - 5 dager siden
Local recordings please. They keep dropping audio fragments