Cyberpunk 2077: The Final Preview

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IGN's own Tom Marks got to play 16 hours of Cyberpunk 2077, and even then it only feels like we've just started to scratch below the surface of this massive RPG.
"It took me roughly six hours of playing to reach Cyberpunk 2077’s opening title card. That was six hours of the 16 I got to play earlier this week, and even after countless adrenaline-filled shootouts, compelling conversations, and weirdly abundant dildos, I feel like I only just started to scratch below the surface of what’s here. Night City is dense and stunning, and this mammoth RPG is packed with a multitude of mechanics to explore and a copious amount of choice in doing so. As with any game this ambitious and broad, some parts do shine brighter than others (and the frequent bugs in this still-in-development build made me glad it didn’t launch today as previously planned) - but once Cyberpunk 2077 kicked off in earnest, it clicked, and now I just want more." - Tom Marks
Runtime: 06:00


CAP YTC - 4 timer siden
Fallout 4 next decade when you choosing The Institude.
TWO OTAKU A - 4 timer siden
Am I the only one who feels disconnected from this game? Somehow not only I am not excited for this but also I dont know how to feel about it. it doesn’t bring the same feeling I got when I first saw Gta v or Red dead 2 trailer.
Is it because the game doesn’t have a direction or a statement to make or is it just me?
Ty Yoegel
Ty Yoegel - 6 timer siden
i just can wait to give V a huge schlong
The Crow of Yharnam
The Crow of Yharnam - 9 timer siden
Lol it won't get a 10 8 years and 3 delays for nothing 😂
&ure - 10 timer siden
Yeah but do I get to romance Keanu? Asking for a friend.
Heartracer - 11 timer siden
Anyone can already be a DJ...
Danny Martinez
Danny Martinez - 12 timer siden
Reminds me of Ready Player One, somehow
TriniPiggi - 13 timer siden
Im happy that I was wrong about this game it looks great.
OQ Critic
OQ Critic - 15 timer siden
omg. cant wait. 41y of wayting
Travis Curran
Travis Curran - 15 timer siden
So many people offended by a review and quick to defend a game they’ve never played before. It’s his opinion if he doesn’t like the quest organization and bullet sponges that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to like the quest organization and bullet sponges. Just sayin. Chill. 💀
Dylan Wolfram
Dylan Wolfram - 15 timer siden
I feel like no matter how impressive this game is, no matter what I’m going to be disappointed
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 15 timer siden
you gonna be disappointed because you already are ... because of this feeling you will be picking every small detail you will not like what you could ignore if you are not preparing to be disappoint ... just forget all your expectation dont think what you want from this game and try just enjoy it
John Warren Bagcat
John Warren Bagcat - 15 timer siden
Can we play this in third person mode?
Scudzz - 8 timer siden
Nope, but someone will probably make a mod or something
Michal Piskorski
Michal Piskorski - 15 timer siden
Before I didn't care as I saw an FPS action game coming, but now sir, I am hyped as hell.
Agung X
Agung X - 15 timer siden
GTA VI : release
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 15 timer siden
GTA and This are totally different games you know it right?
P&P - 16 timer siden
When you realise 2077 is the year is the date this is scheduled to release
c - 16 timer siden
16 hours is whopping?
Se th
Se th - 17 timer siden
His description of quests actually sounds perfect for me 😅 I favor roleplaying in games and always want my character to follow the path and story they set out for themselves. Focusing on exp and misc details doesn't matter. But I understand how it can for others.
Flow Arizona
Flow Arizona - 17 timer siden
The bullet sponge enemy aspect could singlehandedly ruin this entire game for me
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 15 timer siden
why? is only normal that comat is compare to other things nothing special ...
Tony Caleb
Tony Caleb - 18 timer siden
The strategy guide should help. I wish the game wasn't in first person.
Tanderen - 18 timer siden
"The game didn't really grip me until 8 hours in."
Me: *Holiday cancelled after two delays and now has to play on 2 hour intervals after work*
Thiccy Nicky
Thiccy Nicky - 15 timer siden
Broo I feel you on that 2 hour intervals bro. Ok my days off every couples weeks or so I find myself doin a couple tabs of acid to get fully immersed in a game and not get distracted by anythin
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor - 18 timer siden
Bullet sponges well yea you dope! They are cyborgs 😂
mike korean
mike korean - 18 timer siden
왠지 불길한 예감이 든다...
Clapex - 19 timer siden
Listening to this barely 25 year old sounding reviewer makes my ears bleed. Reviews are useless at this point, especially from IGN. We all shalt simply wait and bask in the glory, if there is any, once the game releases. Godspeed
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 15 timer siden
my eyes bleed when i reading your comment
ZenIceHero - 19 timer siden
For a second there i though this was a actual review lmao
Keith Hopkins
Keith Hopkins - 14 timer siden
@Jaroslav Mihok oh
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 15 timer siden
@Keith Hopkins 16 hours
Keith Hopkins
Keith Hopkins - 19 timer siden
It is he played it for 8 hours
WYBJ - 19 timer siden
I wanna see an Easter egg
Jay Ray
Jay Ray - 19 timer siden
Lengthy prologue..? Slow Burn..? Please please please don't be like Red Dead Redemption 2
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 5 timer siden
@Jay Ray dont be childish ... play Doom or these avarege Call of Duty games if you just want shoot and no real story... Cyberpunk will be have story !
Jay Ray
Jay Ray - 14 timer siden
@Jaroslav Mihok I want fun. Not walking at a snails pace and having my hand held for hours before given any freedom
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 15 timer siden
it could b e even slower because this is RPG ... depends what you want if you want just shooting than dont play this game this is RPG not shooting game
Paul - 19 timer siden
People saying "I dOnT WaNt tO KnOw WHaT My ReWaRd wIlL be" don't understand what he means. If a quest doesn't even have a basic xp amount tied to it, you'd never know what's more worth your time to do first. Imagine having three side quests and being 1000 xp away from leveling up. Wouldn't you want to know which of the three side quests are going to net you the most amount of XP thus helping you level up faster? Or at least what TYPE of upgrade/weapon? Why would I do a mindless side quest to snag a sniper rifle as a reward when that doesn't fit my play style at all?
Mario leon
Mario leon - 20 timer siden
I hope this supports psvr I bet it’s a whole other experience.
Mr. Random
Mr. Random - 20 timer siden
Comment on how old you will be in 2077.....i will be 74
salar putros
salar putros - 20 timer siden
Preview? Buddy I’ve played the whole game already through all these previews
FPS Rico
FPS Rico - 21 time siden
This game just needs to come out already. I am on the last day off of the 6 days off I booked to play it. Luckily I have a 3 day weekend when it comes out in December. Not looked forward to an RPG this much since Fallout 3.
Dakota Drapeau
Dakota Drapeau - 21 time siden
Gonna ask the question we are all subconsciously thinking. Can we romance Keanu Reeves? lol
Tobias March
Tobias March - 21 time siden
I'm thinking the "combat sponge" enemies are going to be like a first person Tom Clancy Division type sponge. And I feel that not having rewards or difficulty shown adds a sort of realism to the game and let's you be surprised with the outcome. Eventually there will probably be online answers for what you can get from missions, but I know I won't be searching up answers like that
Joel - 21 time siden
Isn't it reasonable to expect "bullet sponge" enemies in an RPG? You're supposed to start out weak and progress to more powerful abilities. If you killed enemies with one bullet then you'd just use whatever the most accurate high capacity gun was and headshot each enemy for the entire game.
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 15 timer siden
finally someone who understand what is RPG about .... thank you you returned my hope for human race :D
Space Dootboy
Space Dootboy - 22 timer siden
You can't romance Jackie.
Mario Guzman
Mario Guzman - 22 timer siden
A couple of cuestions.. do the cars have a fuel marker? Do you need to refuel?
Giancarlowijman - 22 timer siden
How is this game only 70gb big
Dead Harmony
Dead Harmony - 22 timer siden
It's an RPG. All enemies are "bullet sponges", it's the nature of the genre. Can you imagine if you were able to one-shot enemies in Borderlands with a head shot with any gun?
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 15 timer siden
finally someone who understand what is RPG about ....
Skyy Jump
Skyy Jump - 22 timer siden
You know they made the side mission thing is actually a nice thing if you think about it your not focused in certain quest lines if you knew lesser value it gives more reason just to try them lol
Esesem ssm
Esesem ssm - 22 timer siden
Interviewer - "How much time did you take to complete the game?"
Customer - "Yes"
Fennex - 22 timer siden
The first thing I will do is creating an Aiden Pearce lookalike character, can't wait to be the vigilante but in 2077
hlongwaneb - 23 timer siden
Was that james Charles in the beginning
Kyle Bai
Kyle Bai - 23 timer siden
4:01 because u only hit him twice lol..
Yuki Eiri
Yuki Eiri - Dag siden
"Game does not hold my hand enough..." -crymore..
Scar626 - Dag siden
3:53 - It's weird how when they talk about "spongy enemies" they try really hard not mention Borderlands :/
That's the 1st think I thought about when I saw the early gameplay reveal (where V pulls that lady out of the ice and shot people through walls) and I saw the hit points
Liam Vince
Liam Vince - Dag siden
So like division spongy or worse
Terry Westbrook
Terry Westbrook - Dag siden
I’m just gonna say it.. my hype Has been restored.
Unic Khan
Unic Khan - Dag siden
Yeah, sure... “final” preview
Tobias Ivarsson
Tobias Ivarsson - Dag siden
0:39 Mr. Peanutbutter?
Mogul Keys
Mogul Keys - Dag siden
beast 09
beast 09 - Dag siden
at least we have something to smile about
It looks like call of duty cyber punk versions black ops llll and advance warfare
Angry Goblin
Angry Goblin - Dag siden
Considering how important your lifepath choice is, a long prologue is important to immerse yourself in it. Otherwise, it would be just an afterthought, like choosing a background on fantasy rpgs where its only value as a feature is some marginal stat gain.
Aayush Paul
Aayush Paul - Dag siden
Buying it❤️❤️
Madey Shihab
Madey Shihab - Dag siden
Mentions "rough edges" numerous times, just never talks about what they are. Oh, and not knowing what the rewards for a side mission are beforehand? Hahah.. oh wait, that's it?
John Maharjan
John Maharjan - Dag siden
I wish i can play as third person
A A - Dag siden
Will wait until 2077 when the game comes out in VR
Ceesar ort3Ga
Ceesar ort3Ga - Dag siden
Cyberpunk will release in 2077
Nicko Lozano
Nicko Lozano - Dag siden
IGN: "Bullet Sponges"- 7.7
Soula DT
Soula DT - Dag siden
Pray for me.. I have to wait until April since my exams are extending Duo to corona... :‘(
Alex X
Alex X - Dag siden
is cyberpunk out?
Shun - Dag siden
Lmao @ign complaining about bullet sponges, this is an rpg, enemies have different stats of course stronger enemies are going to take a beating, not to mention there are subdermal armor that can stop bullets
Crazy_Lew 90
Crazy_Lew 90 - Dag siden
16 hours is nothing, IGN did 60 hours review on assassins creed valhalla 🤷‍♂️
gthakur17 - Dag siden
those who still cant understand that this is not Call of Duty/GTA shooter game just go and play "The Outer World" and you know what to expect from CP2077
iiMoist_Milk - Dag siden
IGN: The game not letting me use my 6 foot titanium magnum tactical fully customizable dong for combat is a let down. 4.5/10
James Fullerton
James Fullerton - Dag siden
Organising the quest log is important, however consequences and rewards are meant to be hidden. This is part of the design.
NorthsideChamps16 - Dag siden
The reviewer's voice..... LMFAO. Squeeker
SpacedOut L
SpacedOut L - Dag siden
They haven't even showed 5 actual mins of gameplay
Wavy - Dag siden
Not worth the wait
Julia Walkers
Julia Walkers - Dag siden
Cyberpunk could be better
But the last of us Part II was a masterpiece
Anonymous Wolf
Anonymous Wolf - Dag siden
What would you expect , Cyborgs die like a Normal humans ? , they made of metals goddammit
Magnum Visuals
Magnum Visuals - Dag siden
I'm so sick of this game already and I haven't played it. In the beginning, I was hyped for it but now since I already know the whole game I already watched this movie.
Anmol Yadav
Anmol Yadav - Dag siden
You can feel the exaggerated swagger of a futuristic cyberpunk contract man.
larcuna - Dag siden
bullet sponge 4:02 >.> yes he sure does take a lot of bullets to the head...
Cristian Cortés
Cristian Cortés - Dag siden
Ok this about the combat not standing; out sounds very concerning. Im mean also wanted a deep RPG experience but i don't want another FALLOUT3 .
Jonah Marshall
Jonah Marshall - Dag siden
Why does my gut just know jacke wll die and be replaced as a side protagonist by johnny?
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers - Dag siden
Why is everybody hating on this guys review, chill guys there’s plenty more next year when it finally gets out
PrudentiusInvader - 13 timer siden
Scooby snacks?
evilkingstanley - Dag siden
"enemies often act as bullet sponges"
Proceeds to clearly not hit the enemy
Wills Lls
Wills Lls - Dag siden
Why would anyone want to play this like a generic fps?
Party Man
Party Man - Dag siden
Im glad I didn’t look into this game till now. What a treat.
Sassy The Sasquatch
Sassy The Sasquatch - Dag siden
pc mods.
Chocolate Shogun
Chocolate Shogun - Dag siden
I find this review rather shallow and pedantic...
Dalears Ilqit
Dalears Ilqit - Dag siden
I just hate that it's a first person game. With the amount of character creation, and the world detail, I would've prefered to see the character in these elements. Also the physical combat just seems messy and lazy in first person. But I get that tons of people enjoy first person combat, so it might just be me...
john_blaze39 - Dag siden
Just in time for another lockdown! Counting the days...
kota *
kota * - Dag siden
*after the game comes out looks to see what order to do quests in*
Looks like my grandkids will be born by the time I 100% this game. I like that.
that strange geek
that strange geek - Dag siden
"The quest log doesn't tell you what the rewards are" if I go into a mission unless they tell me "hey your getting this" theres no reason for you to magically know what item you are getting
tokn69 - Dag siden
Why would you want to KNOW the reward of a quest, fellow adventurer?
The path is its own reward.
Chris B
Chris B - Dag siden
If Deus Ex and GTA 5 had a baby
Celies - Dag siden
"The game is fundamentally an RPG, not an action game."
"Enemies are bullet sponges."
Listen to yourself.
vibin' - 22 timer siden
@AAA Yeah that’s why the IGN previewer’s comments don’t make sense.
AAA - Dag siden
But like isn’t bullet sponges found more on RPGs? Since there are levels usually that means a enemy can be way over your level and have higher health bars because of it.
Gadekko - Dag siden
This game better be printing gold
Savage_Plumbus - Dag siden
4:10 is rather concerning
Nick Vlad
Nick Vlad - Dag siden
"The way v grunts when shot screams exaggerated swagger of a mercenary."
BashfulRay 12
BashfulRay 12 - Dag siden
If this dude reviews Cyberpunk, he's gonna end up giving it a 9 and incur wrath of fans.
Roland Garofalo
Roland Garofalo - Dag siden
Awesome game, terrible preview. This dude has no clue what he's talking about.
IKMNification - Dag siden
IGN: Why these cybernetically enhanced humans no die in one shot? I call bullet sponge!
Senjuubi Gold
Senjuubi Gold - Dag siden
If you keep mentioning how it had rough edges, why not say what they are outside of "I didn't understand the quest log"?
Josh Cook
Josh Cook - Dag siden
Where are all the NPCs? Lockdown in Night City?
Mobile Tech Point
Mobile Tech Point - Dag siden
If you like action then play pubg on your phone. These games story driven, enjoy the storyline 😏😏😏