Dirt 5 Review

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Reviewed by Luke Reilly on Xbox Series X. Also available on PlayStation 4/5, PC, and Xbox.

"Dirt 5 represents a complete about-face for the main Dirt series, shedding virtually all semblance of simulation in favour of an unabashed, arcade-inspired racing experience that draws from just about every influence you can name except its direct predecessor. It's not especially deep, and there isn't as much variety in the career mode as it claims, but it's fast, frantic, and extremely handsome, and the wild and wacky stunt track editor truly has its hooks in me."
Runtime: 06:29


Kurt Foy
Kurt Foy - 15 timer siden
I’ll save you 6.5 minutes and say it’s an arcade racer with lots of flashy graphics, a minimalist damage model/physics engine and a thumping soundtrack that even an old-timer like me can appreciate. If you’re a rally purist who loves WRC or Dirt Rally 2.0, then don’t even bother considering this title.
MAVIC 514 - 20 timer siden
Forza is bettter
Tamás Angyal
Tamás Angyal - 22 timer siden
IGN : Dirt 5 makes you feel like batman
História com o Jorge
História com o Jorge - 23 timer siden
The shout out to the classic Stunts PC game from the 1990s made my day. It was one of my favorites! It was nice to see that formula ressurected in Trackmania and now in Dirt 5. Excellent review and such a shame this game does not feature point to point racing.
Reznor440 - Dag siden
"The game is flawless, couldn't even find one negative about it. 8/10"
NextGenNate - Dag siden
I play on wheels so this game pissed me off with the lack of wheel settings compared to past dirt games
bigmancan1 - Dag siden
We wanted a successor to Dirt 2, not dirt showdown. Probably the first dirt game I really don’t have interest in.
Grommis - Dag siden
Norwegian fam!, (in the start of the video you can hear norwegian)
Grommis - Dag siden
«...have seen many stars through the years, but no one is as legendary as alex..» is what he says
buckleyn - Dag siden
Looks disappointing I really enjoyed Dirt 4 as it was a proper arcade rally game. This looks like a compilation all the worst bits from previous Dirt games.
Fokke Lingeman
Fokke Lingeman - Dag siden
The audio levels are all over the place. Luke's voice is extremely low, while the cutscenes are deafening. If you're trying to keep the volume down, it's impossible to follow without subtitles. Would be great if volume levels could be more synced next time. :-)
Dalitso Tembo
Dalitso Tembo - 2 dager siden
Looks like I'll be sticking to dirt 4 and 2.0 this game doesn't look fun
Arse Biscuits
Arse Biscuits - 2 dager siden
I wouldn't get this game on the series x yet as per the analysis from Digital Foundry! It's considerably poorer than the Ps5 version at present. Didn't watch the review so don't know if he mentioned this.
wasap doc
wasap doc - 2 dager siden
If you shoot someone and he doesn’t die.
Didn’t load on XSuX.
College Slam
College Slam - 2 dager siden
It should be on switch too
GoodGuyGaurav - 2 dager siden
is it just me or is his voice too low compared to the game sounds?
Ricardo Junior
Ricardo Junior - 2 dager siden
Clay Rad
Clay Rad - 2 dager siden
No WAY! once again, shows how money driven IGN reviews are. 5 at best
Zain Zia
Zain Zia - 2 dager siden
What happened to the damage models 😳
Dom Cus
Dom Cus - 2 dager siden
Dirt Showdow looks better, but i will give a try to this game, thanks for review!
Bruno Nakamura
Bruno Nakamura - 2 dager siden
While I do love the way this game was made, I still think they sould've kept some sort of Rally or Trailblazer event.
R S - 2 dager siden
dirt 5 : 8
yakuza 6 : 7.5
i don't get it...
Imasneakerhead - 2 dager siden
Big Down grade from dirt 4. They should have done both simulation and arcade. Would make for the perfect game. Forza horizon and motorsport (on dirt) in one game man that would be awesome
arcticridge - 2 dager siden
sounds like a 7 to me
ThatsBigDave - 3 dager siden
Normally buy the dirt series but this time i went and bought WRC 9 on the ps5. The best dirt in my opinion is the original dirt rally on the ps4 followed by dirt rally 2.0 sorry but this time WRC 9 in my opinion is hands down alot better
radoslava Mcdougall
radoslava Mcdougall - 3 dager siden
This game looks amazing! But i think the previous Dirt had better gameplay...
wj r
wj r - 3 dager siden
plz roll back decimal score..
7.5 and 8.4 games became 8 i think
Akhil Gigu
Akhil Gigu - 3 dager siden
Now I miss the decimal system. We are at a point where we can correctly guess the scores from the 1st minute of the video.
Snoogans - 3 dager siden
This looks terrible to me.
CyberThug1080i - 3 dager siden
PS5 HDMI 2.1 Bandwidth of 32GB/s capped and also Slower than
Xbox Series X's 40GB/s 😏
CyberThug1080i - Dag siden
@Xach Tay Hang Uc What does that have to do with the PlayStation 5 HDMI 2.1 capped at 32 GB?
Xach Tay Hang Uc
Xach Tay Hang Uc - Dag siden
Lol check out digital foundry comparison
memeboi3000 - 3 dager siden
Nreeme u love me I love yoi zoo
ark13700 - 4 dager siden
Note: if you're struggling with the Sprint car races, don't even bother modulating the throttle. full throttle out the exit of the turn and down the straights.
vasily202 - 4 dager siden
If arcade is your thing, then maybe this junk deserves an 8. If you are a sim racer this thing doesn't even deserve a 0.
Junior Deleon
Junior Deleon - 4 dager siden
Should I Buy Dirt 4 for $40 Less or is this one Worth the price??????🤔🤔
Marko malagić
Marko malagić - 4 dager siden
this cant be a next gen graphic, right?
N C - 2 dager siden
XSX is inferior graphics wise to the PS5 version, look up digital foundry's video
SectionEight - 4 dager siden
Drive Club needs a PS5 port so badly.
GrimReaper4383 - 4 dager siden
DriveClub was terrible.
Jonathan Beaulieu
Jonathan Beaulieu - 4 dager siden
Dirt peak at 3.
anacondav12 - 4 dager siden
Grid 2019 project car 3 dirt 5 they all drive the same codemaster need to go to drawing board and make sure every game have something special not just different name different map
Israel Ochoa
Israel Ochoa - 4 dager siden
Feel likes a 6.1 and that's being generous
weezay - 4 dager siden
The speedometer makes it look like a mobile game.
hyto - Dag siden
Have you ever played the previous dirt games?
FIREWERTYHN - 4 dager siden
but review already was 5 days ago! why you reupload it!
Meme Lord
Meme Lord - 4 dager siden
Liam English
Liam English - 4 dager siden
This game looks heaps fun may have to get it
Super Rad 800
Super Rad 800 - 4 dager siden
Graphics is too clean to be a next gen title.
Sidharth Prekash
Sidharth Prekash - 4 dager siden
I want MOTOSTORM for PS5!
Nicolo Don Diego
Nicolo Don Diego - 2 timer siden
true! one of the best racing games I've ever played.
LegionDaGhost - 4 dager siden
Visually it does NOT look next-gen to me....
Maxine Caulfield
Maxine Caulfield - 4 dager siden
finally a new game for my PS3
Soysauce4gease - 4 dager siden
This game just looks like a stunt race from GTA5.
António Alvarez
António Alvarez - 4 dager siden
Another awesome review Luke! You're still the best by far ^^
Atelier.si - 4 dager siden
Did he say Stunts? Will I press a like?
Alex M
Alex M - 4 dager siden
you can no longer review games without talking about dualsense implementation
Derrek Beeck
Derrek Beeck - 4 dager siden
Really didn't like dirt 4 because of the unbelievably repetitive tracks but this seems really cool at a reduced price
Hikari Sakai
Hikari Sakai - 4 dager siden
this game feels more like a 6 or 7 at best lol
DGhost19 - 4 dager siden
Is there a multiplayer?
blinkero8 - 4 dager siden
Still can´t match the visuals of Driveclub. The snow storm at night is waaay more close and dark it was amazing and the game has like 6 years lol... (Let´s not talk about the rain or drops in the windshield)
Nik Ki
Nik Ki - 4 dager siden
I follow Rusty(Driveclub Game Director) on twitter and he give kudos to the rendering team of Evo Studio on making Driveclub visual effects soo amazing using the game engine.
Gizmo Mogwai
Gizmo Mogwai - 4 dager siden
Great review, as always with Luke Reilly! Mediocre game tho...
Tom wells
Tom wells - 4 dager siden
No mention of the online not working.
Owen Carney
Owen Carney - 4 dager siden
this game looks lame 😒
LoL Edition
LoL Edition - 4 dager siden
Weather Effects looks bonkers!
Gregory Thye
Gregory Thye - 4 dager siden
Been waiting on that Dirt review from Luke Reilly
EJJANS01 - 4 dager siden
The audio is this review is horrible. The game play is so much louder than the reviewer everytime they swap between game play and commentary.
Alan Watts • 12 years ago
Alan Watts • 12 years ago - 4 dager siden
I stopped playing this game because of the frequent crashes
MerdaParaiso - 4 dager siden
60 fps is disgusting for racing games. feels like an old 90's arcade game
Ryan Fanstone
Ryan Fanstone - 3 dager siden
That is the stupidest thing i have read all month.
YOUNG KHALID - 4 dager siden
Does it look better than Fords 4 ?
Josh Smalley
Josh Smalley - 4 dager siden
Wow, a 1080 video of a next gen game.
Alices Band
Alices Band - 4 dager siden
Is this Game going to have more conten like new Cars or places ?
Raymond Morris
Raymond Morris - 4 dager siden
What's up with everything getting an 8?
ahmed mohmed
ahmed mohmed - 4 dager siden
so which on to buy this or WRC9?
Doom Slayer 47
Doom Slayer 47 - 4 dager siden
This game is so much fun.
Alejandro Sarabia
Alejandro Sarabia - 4 dager siden
When did Jim Jefferies start doing reviews for IGN?
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson - 4 dager siden
I just started watching and I’m like I better hear Luke’s voice doing it 😜 🙃 😁. I’m going to pick this up on sale for sure 😉 on series X.
Saif Iqbal
Saif Iqbal - 4 dager siden
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T - 4 dager siden
Bring back the decimal system ffs
Jaymz X
Jaymz X - 4 dager siden
Weird that there isn't ANYTHING about next-gen in this review. Not even a mention of the 120hz mode and/or the differences between old and new gen. Furthermore, the obvious tearing isn't addressed either. A bit more technical info would be appreciated, without having to go all "digital foundry" on us.
Jaymz X
Jaymz X - 4 dager siden
@Djepsi we are in agreement 🙂
Djepsi - 4 dager siden
@Jaymz X Well, he did say it definitely doesn't look next gen, sooo... Maybe that's why IGN isn't talking about it being a next gen game. Nevertheless, it's a lackluster review.
Jaymz X
Jaymz X - 4 dager siden
@Djepsi I’ve seen it, but that doesn’t mean anything for this review now does it.
Djepsi - 4 dager siden
@Jaymz X It doesn't seem like Dirt 5 is the best showcase for next gen. Look up The Cherno's reaction to it
Jaymz X
Jaymz X - 4 dager siden
@Djepsi I expected them to at least ACKNOWLEDGE the fact that it’s a nextgen game, with HDMI 2.1 features. It’s not rocket-science.
Complexity - 4 dager siden
Miya Takamura
Miya Takamura - 4 dager siden
To IGN and critics and doubters dissing DIRT 5:
Tangeni Iiputa
Tangeni Iiputa - 4 dager siden
The verdict was fair.
Mic Solace
Mic Solace - 4 dager siden
Just wanted to say, I always look forward to IGN racing reviews because of this guy in particular 🤘🙂 awesome reviewer!
Split Screen Gaming League - Games and Vlogs
Sounds like this guy doesn't know DIRT 5 has *Split* *Screen* support.
No review of a game that has Split Screen, should forget to mention said feature, as part of the overall package.
DIRT 5 brought back 4-Player Split Screen support.
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford - 4 dager siden
Hm another race, I played it, smooth but nothing revolutionary. We need a Rush hour video game with Jackie chan for next gen set in Japan with Chris tucker in it.
RevolveR - 4 dager siden
I prefer dirt 4 💯
MadBrit26 - 4 dager siden
Very disappointed, watered down Dirt :(
Codemasters needs to focus on quality on quantity, especially now there only racing Dev.
Donald salazar
Donald salazar - 4 dager siden
They should have just remastered dirt 2.
Tarxon - 5 dager siden
"Lacks novelty." I guess he hasn't had a taste of the dualsense~
ZYMON X - 5 dager siden
Best dirt so far, yeah better than 2 an 3
ZYMON X - 5 dager siden
8.0, now u can go
Bobby Cooke
Bobby Cooke - 5 dager siden
Why would anyone want a PS5 to play this? this looks like something from the PS2 days. Nothing Next Gen here.
virxest - 5 dager siden
This game never seemed "right". It is now clear why the handling seem downgraded, as the game was made by another developer known for super arcade-y games like driverclub and motorstorm (DNA is even there if you look closely). In previous Dirt games the handling felt more mature and in place, this is the result of hiring lower class studios. What's more, what happened to Fallout 76 ... the game wasn't made by Bethesda's main staff, but they still scratched their logo on the game and ruined their reputation.
Nik Ki
Nik Ki - 4 dager siden
Woah rude.
Ryuichi Aditya
Ryuichi Aditya - 5 dager siden
Teacher: IGN, please count from 1 to 10!
IGN: 8
Mani V
Mani V - 5 dager siden
Ah yes Stunts was an amazing game for its time. Fond memories.
Just a random guy on Youtube
This looks ok, might pick it up.
Kendall Pino
Kendall Pino - 5 dager siden
The mention of Stunts made my day!
Cazacu John
Cazacu John - 5 dager siden
Dirt 5 < FlatOut 4
adro duke
adro duke - 5 dager siden
for once i agree with some things what ign said, the campaign mode does feel very repetitive with each car class and most race modes feeling very similar to one another. But, was hoping they would be more harsh on the handling of this game, it does not feel like i'm driving a vehicle at all(compared to dirt 3), except for the sprint cars those are the only things I find challenging n fun. Now I ask you people, after playing this game for a while, do you prefer the handling model of dirt 2/3 or dirt 5?
adro duke
adro duke - 4 dager siden
@Nik Ki yeah easy to grasp, but isnt that why we have driver assists, if people really had a problem with the drit 2/3 handling, just chuck on the assists for those who struggle. And I know how impressive dirt rally 2.0 is (and I do like it), but it doesn't have the fun campaign or online modes that dirt 2/3 poses. I mean every dirt numbered series (including 4) had a nice handling model n then dirt 5 happened, why change it?
Nik Ki
Nik Ki - 4 dager siden
Oof hard question here. But I would probably choose D2. However, I don't hate Dirt 5 handling. As Luke said himself, it's easy to get the grasp and i think it lend to the overall pick and play nature of the game. If i want to feel D2 handling, I'll just play Dirt Rally series...or just launch D2 ahaha
v Højgaard n
v Højgaard n - 5 dager siden
I dont see any driveclub influences in this game.
Lycan Thorpe
Lycan Thorpe - 5 dager siden
Me still sitting mad and confused why there is no rally or rallycross modes in a dirt game ....
Lattrodon - 5 dager siden
Deserves a 7
Shimeih - 5 dager siden
Mo powah bebeh!!
Jrive075 - 5 dager siden
And here I thought I was the only one that used to play “stunts” waaaaay back in the day! MSDos Classic it is!
SoloDoloPyro - 5 dager siden
My problem wiht this game is that it has so many bugs man the vibration doesnt work I can't hear the voices, just the subtitles
SoloDoloPyro - 5 dager siden
on the xbox series x