Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - Official A New Power Awakens Ep. 2 Launch Trailer

Frieza returns in the upcoming DLC: A New Power Awakens Ep. 2, available on November 17, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Watch the trailer for a look at the Z-Warriors in action.
Runtime: 02:05


HopOnTheHype - 2 dager siden
So the next one will be universe 6 vs 7 tournament, then we'll get another dlc for zamasu, universal survival tournament, and moro?
Dream Team Wrestling
Dream Team Wrestling - 6 dager siden
might have t start playing this again tbf
Glenn Cobley
Glenn Cobley - 7 dager siden
I really hope they change it up this time and honestly let you choose who gets the win because in my honest opinion vegeta has a lot more reason to hate Freiza then goku and the way they did in the movie just ruined it so let Vageta get a win please
Freakin Spooky
Freakin Spooky - 8 dager siden
It's nice to see VA's putting as much effort into the game as they did in the show.
*cough kingdom hearts*
ipwn youtwo
ipwn youtwo - 8 dager siden
how many times do we have to see/play the same thing over and over again ??!?
AXEL The next Stan Lee
AXEL The next Stan Lee - 8 dager siden
Chris Aryes is frigging killing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🎆🎆🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈✨🎉🎊
Joseph Brice
Joseph Brice - 8 dager siden
A New Power Awakens Part 3: The Tournament of Power
Markmagician2 - 8 dager siden
I hope the lvl cap is increased
Changabang - 8 dager siden
oh and "he he, HELLO MONKEYS!"
Niclair Casseus
Niclair Casseus - 8 dager siden
We need a Tournament of power and broly DLC!!
ᴀɴɢᴇʟ TM
ᴀɴɢᴇʟ TM - 9 dager siden
can't wait to play this! hopefully it's better than the first dlc and not as boring. super saiyan blue looks beautiful in this game, I look forward to playing as goku & vegeta 🔥🔥
KaitoZaras - 9 dager siden
DLC 3 is going to be Broly - Im calling it now.
DECADE_XP - 9 dager siden
Ok so they are doing the movies as DLC so the next one should broly if they're going that route
Berti Sanies
Berti Sanies - 9 dager siden
if i buy season pass, i have both dlc 1 and dlc 2? (please give me an answer)🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
COPY Paste
COPY Paste - 9 dager siden
And get 1 too
COPY Paste
COPY Paste - 9 dager siden
If u got the season pass u will get dlc 2
Moped Mike
Moped Mike - 9 dager siden
Hopefully the next one will be goku black
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - 9 dager siden
I love how they strategically don't actually show them speaking. It's like they know their voice animation is garbage.
718-Icsis - 9 dager siden
Vegeta made Golden Frieza
rage quit like Goku did Frieza on Namek Put some RESPEK
on Vegeta
Justine Urata
Justine Urata - 9 dager siden
Yeah I'm poor that's why i don't waste time playing what i watched
AXEL The next Stan Lee
AXEL The next Stan Lee - 8 dager siden
I can relate. Seeing people play all these cool games makes me jealous ngl.😪
Difference Too Stoned
Difference Too Stoned - 9 dager siden
Lasted 20 mins wow
Pecto's Pages
Pecto's Pages - 9 dager siden
If only the game wasn’t so generic and boring
Orlando - 9 dager siden
Wtf is this animation
Benjamin Taff
Benjamin Taff - 9 dager siden
That Frieza voice is honestly the worst...
Kings Empire
Kings Empire - 9 dager siden
Looks great but its not Dragon Ball Z Ressurecton F original story.
ThermoNuclear - 9 dager siden
this trailer was lit doe
hakjie11 - 9 dager siden
"Die ! ! !" - Frieza
luis r
luis r - 9 dager siden
Everyone has a sleeping power. Just another way to make the series longer 😂
Xbox Gamer Unlimited
Xbox Gamer Unlimited - 9 dager siden
Same ol same.
Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fisher - 9 dager siden
Great now 2-3 years for the third dlc 🙄
Overlord - 9 dager siden
Frieza's delts are even more absurd than they were before.
Mad Wolf
Mad Wolf - 9 dager siden
I really hope they keep releasing dragon ball super dlcs. It would be amazing if the last dlc we get is the Broly story!
Devin Forman
Devin Forman - 9 dager siden
I'm way behind. I just beat Radditz
LumyTheQueen - 9 dager siden
... I read the tittle as Dragon Ball Z: Karaoke.
Sheep Boy
Sheep Boy - 9 dager siden
when do they introduce saitama in this game?
ĐRØ. !
ĐRØ. ! - 9 dager siden
Its mothafuckin Golden Frieza time!!!
HowerdButts - 9 dager siden
“Super saiyan blue huh? That’ll be easy to remember!”
CocoCrispy1337 - 9 dager siden
I didn’t know I was waiting for this.
Phyyn Productions
Phyyn Productions - 9 dager siden
Ofc they gotta put all of super in here... when are we going to get the next BUDOKAI TENKAICHI!!!
RKRDSnSNEAKERS - 9 dager siden
I like 👍🏾
GnarlyBoyJAI - 9 dager siden
It’ll be interesting To see what they do next. ToP would take more resources to please fans and tbh knowing Namco Bandai if they did ToP it would either make us disappointed because it’s missing stuff or it would take long to come out. Goku Black and Zamasu would be easier. Trunks already in game, just give him new outfit and transformation and the sword ultimate, vegito also already in game just give him final kamehameha and ssj blue transformation. Goku black is goku with more evil base face and different move and outfit. Only thing they will have to build from ground up would be Zamasu and Fused Zamasu. Broly would also be more up their ally because it would have more hype than Black/Zamasu arc while also costing less than ToP to develop
Xtraver 230
Xtraver 230 - 9 dager siden
Explicit Anthony
Explicit Anthony - 9 dager siden
I’ll buy em till they get to goku black
Nathan - 9 dager siden
Not playing till I can use ultra instinct.
Brendon Tipene
Brendon Tipene - 9 dager siden
‘How many time do we have to teach you this lesson old man !?’
dominique Stewart
dominique Stewart - 8 dager siden
"I love the young people"
Hasan Baalbaki
Hasan Baalbaki - 9 dager siden
DLC Story 1: Battle of Gods
DLC Story 2: Resurrection F
DLC Story 3: **MAYBE DBS Broly??**
John Brew
John Brew - 9 dager siden
Doesnt even make sense to skip all those arcs before that then dbs broly would be the last dlc unless they do Moro doesn’t make sense business wise nor content wise
Jared Garcia
Jared Garcia - 9 dager siden
I think I'll beat him as nothing more than Kai o Ken.
Murtaza saleem
Murtaza saleem - 9 dager siden
I think frieza might die.... 🤔
Stephanokiller 20
Stephanokiller 20 - 9 dager siden
So the last dlc gonna be the tournament of power?? SWEEEEETTTTT
Stephanokiller 20
Stephanokiller 20 - 9 dager siden
@Aled James true, but I don’t think they doing that i dont know it’s a 50/50
Aled James
Aled James - 9 dager siden
I mean..... you're forgetting the Universe 6 tournament and the Goku Black arc was before the Tournament of power right?
Foxy SSJ3
Foxy SSJ3 - 9 dager siden
Crossing my fingers that the next story will be the T.o.P. I understand that they would have to skip the Universe 6 & 7 Tournament Saga and Future Trunks Saga but I for one would rather have the T.o.P if I were to pick.
julianx2rl - 9 dager siden
Very cool but... where's the Switch's version?
Michael Everett
Michael Everett - 9 dager siden
Yeah, this game needs to come to the switch.
Bertotti - 9 dager siden
Damn! Frieza's voice actor is really putting his soul into it!
reave rich
reave rich - 9 dager siden
stop lying especially with the awkward pauses this game has
At Me
At Me - 9 dager siden
Darius Scott
Darius Scott - 9 dager siden
Now that’s a birthday present 😅, I hope the 3rd episode is Broly or the T.O.P.
eclipse story universe
eclipse story universe - 8 dager siden
The next dlc is a story arc not episode
Max Price
Max Price - 9 dager siden
are they gonna be makin dlc all the way to the end of super?
julianx2rl - 9 dager siden
No, Super will probably be the sequel.
JonSchnee - 9 dager siden
I hope so dlc 3 is battle of all Universums 🤭🤭
Hookahnadian - 9 dager siden
If it wasnt for wis frieza had actually won well he sacrifice himself but still killed everyone on earth
Hookahnadian - 9 dager siden
@Aled James he survived namek because goku gave him energy.
Aled James
Aled James - 9 dager siden
@Hookahnadian Frieza was beating badly by Goku, was chopped on half and still survived Namek blowing up. Golden Frieza would definitely survive earth being blown up
Hookahnadian - 9 dager siden
@go-10 Lucario unless he teleports before but he doesmt have that ability
Hookahnadian - 9 dager siden
@go-10 Lucario yeah he can....but not the blast
go-10 Lucario
go-10 Lucario - 9 dager siden
Frieza can survive in the vacuum if space, he would have probably been fine
50% Ninja
50% Ninja - 9 dager siden
Kinda forgot this game existed ngl
Incognitus - 9 dager siden
I hope we get a Broly DLC w/ playable Broly in the future!
Isaah Thomas
Isaah Thomas - 9 dager siden
Gotta feeling that new arc is going to be broly or maybe the tournament of power
Isaah Thomas
Isaah Thomas - 9 dager siden
@DeMario Jackson because they can do a whole broly arc like the super movie or make some whole new arc up with some new character they always doing that too
DeMario Jackson
DeMario Jackson - 9 dager siden
Question to you: why would they skip U7/6 tournament?
R3N - 9 dager siden
Dammit now i have to lv up everyone else besides goku and vegeta
Kash Tha Great
Kash Tha Great - 9 dager siden
Dragon ball s needs to make a new story line I’m tired of playing the same story over and over in games 🤦🏾‍♂️
Felipe Valente'
Felipe Valente' - 9 dager siden
The original had plenty of material for a open world game. It just lacked the super saiyan thing, my guess this would keep the buyers away
Aled James
Aled James - 9 dager siden
There is a new story going on. Dragonball Super is still ongoing with the Planet eater Moro arc
julianx2rl - 9 dager siden
But Dragon Ball Super isn't even finished, and GT was... weird, and the original seems kind of primitive nowadays.
Dominic Aubuchon
Dominic Aubuchon - 9 dager siden
Imagine if they did a top arc
Phoenix Amaku
Phoenix Amaku - 9 dager siden
looks epic!
Robert Donnelly
Robert Donnelly - 9 dager siden
Take it you need to be onto Dragon Ball Z to understand any of the comments?
rayhan islam
rayhan islam - 9 dager siden
i used to think freiza was a girl lol😅
Aled James
Aled James - 9 dager siden
His original English voice actor was played by a middle aged women thats why. Now it's played by Chris ayres (And Damion Mills in this game)
julianx2rl - 9 dager siden
Well... he's not 100% male either...
The Greatest
The Greatest - 9 dager siden
Instead of giving us the same story again they should’ve had us play as frieza and have him defeat vegeta and goku. Something different at least.
OBS-Yakou - 9 dager siden
The Crew
The Crew - 9 dager siden
Man I can't wait for Goku Black arc to come out as DLC and Ultra instinct for the TOP. Hell I would love to see The Moro Arc in this game. I can't wait
The Crew
The Crew - 9 dager siden
@GnarlyBoyJAI they can do DLC for it. Just because this season pass is almost over doesn't mean there not going to do another season pass 2.
GnarlyBoyJAI - 9 dager siden
They are only doing one more dlc after this so yeah. Def not Moro. Tbh they should save Moro, black, and ToP for a “Dragon Ball Super Kakarot” game developed for next gen
Blue-Eyes Jay
Blue-Eyes Jay - 9 dager siden
This better be an actual arc and not another short beerus dlc
DeMario Jackson
DeMario Jackson - 9 dager siden
@The Crew facts
The Crew
The Crew - 9 dager siden
Have you read anything about the season pass. The first 2 DLC's are episodes not a story arc. There not going to be more than 1 and a half hour long.
Chris Blades
Chris Blades - 9 dager siden
Great more dragonball stuff, when will this series just go away?
Harpreet06 - 9 dager siden
Why did they show it the wrong way round? Goku fought golden frieza first.
Ryder LS
Ryder LS - 9 dager siden
@Brian Wishon plus it's probably not even gonna be accurate, just like the Beerus dlc
Brian Wishon
Brian Wishon - 9 dager siden
Does it really matter though since he steals the win from Vegeta anyway?
Venom Spidey
Venom Spidey - 9 dager siden
Waiting for xenoverse 3
King Raizan
King Raizan - 9 dager siden
I want a new game plus with enemies my level
GAMING SUMMIT - 9 dager siden
Sounds nice
Bluebird - 10 dager siden
Xenoverse 3
Bruce McP00
Bruce McP00 - 10 dager siden
Finally a new arc on DBZ kakarot 🙏
Jamie Cartwright
Jamie Cartwright - 10 dager siden
That is not Friezas usual voice actor. What's happened there?
SHARK - 10 dager siden
Frieza's voice sound diffrent
GnarlyBoyJAI - 9 dager siden
OG frieza VA from dragon ball z back when I was a kid was way better Imo
Angelina Aries
Angelina Aries - 9 dager siden
He did FighterZ, Kakarot and some Episodes in Super. U must've heard him before...
Jami Ghani Jr
Jami Ghani Jr - 9 dager siden
It's not chris Ayers (the voice you're used to) it's daman mills (his under study)
MrHarrisonJBig - 10 dager siden
I like how they edit the story a bit
DeMario Jackson
DeMario Jackson - 9 dager siden
Especially adding Yamcha and goten trunks and #18
The Crew
The Crew - 9 dager siden
Yeah. I hope they do the same thing in the Goku black arc. Mostly the ending tho
Axel Kasai
Axel Kasai - 10 dager siden
I wonder if broly is coming after this
AleSavness - 9 dager siden
Maybe. Or black goku
MFI Gaming
MFI Gaming - 10 dager siden
Somethings up with friezas shoulders
La_zire - 10 dager siden
I don't even know why this ain't free fuk oof
Moomoo James
Moomoo James - 10 dager siden
Dragon Ball PS5
Wavy Aye Vee
Wavy Aye Vee - 10 dager siden
Honestly this should've been in the base game....
vista1456786 - 9 dager siden
Didn't the base game get it wrong too though,? It does not go to Z's actual ending if I remember correctly.
Babe the pig
Babe the pig - 9 dager siden
Budokai tenkaichi had db dbz and gt. Dlc nowadays are just lazy and easy cash grabs.
Naknaduvan 5
Naknaduvan 5 - 9 dager siden
@AKVelo yeah and lets be honest Z is 30 quadrillion times better then super
Tomoko - 9 dager siden
@AKVelo Bro this kinda does that already.
AKVelo - 9 dager siden
@Tomoko then it wouldn't be dragon ball z kakarot
Joshua Pullin
Joshua Pullin - 10 dager siden
"How many times do we have to teach you this lesson saiyan."
emacicc - 10 dager siden
How long are they gonna milk db for...
Trimaster20 - 9 dager siden
Forever since it sells
Brandon Star
Brandon Star - 10 dager siden
Did I just say Yamcha
Jackson Glasscock
Jackson Glasscock - 10 dager siden
Yo, what is that background song tho.
Ivan Chavez
Ivan Chavez - 10 dager siden
Come on give us the tournament story or the Broly one !!!!
AKVelo - 10 dager siden
Not happening this game is based on Z Resurrection of F was a Z movie
Lion Ablaze
Lion Ablaze - 10 dager siden
Frieza's hatred of goku is really unhealthy.
GOD Slayer
GOD Slayer - 9 dager siden
@Kefla goku gave him his first L
Michael Everett
Michael Everett - 9 dager siden
@Kefla reasons: 1. Goku beat him on Namek and 2. He can’t find future Trunks anywhere.
Kefla - 9 dager siden
Trunks was the one who killed him... Lol
Mr. Snake
Mr. Snake - 9 dager siden
It's dragon ball after all.
Dragon Ball University
Dragon Ball University - 10 dager siden
He’ll get over it. (Spoilers)
ATM GAMEPLAY - 10 dager siden
Angelina Aries
Angelina Aries - 10 dager siden
Gotta love Sean and Daman's work! ❤
NAJEE COLEMAN - 9 dager siden
Daman is the best understudy
Thatguytee - 10 dager siden
Moro coming soon?
AleSavness - 9 dager siden
I think broly or blackgoku
BrickTheCycle - 10 dager siden
Anyone else completely forget about this game?
GungeonPro - 10 dager siden
Ultra instinct as the story Arc calling it now
Deso - 7 dager siden
@Angelina Aries resurrection of F is super
Angelina Aries
Angelina Aries - 9 dager siden
@Deso How? Where do u See Super in this??
Deso - 9 dager siden
@AKVelo this DL C is DBS though lol
The Crew
The Crew - 9 dager siden
@AKVelo you think bandi isn't going to make Super DLC for this game. Your insane if you think that.
AKVelo - 10 dager siden
DBS is not DBZ
Paddington - 10 dager siden
Not super into this game but this trailer is hype af
A.J Thomas
A.J Thomas - 10 dager siden
“Hah, Hah! Your threats are as empty as your title. Oh hail Vegeta, Prince of No One!” - *Frieza*
A.J Thomas
A.J Thomas - 10 dager siden
So hyped! Hope Goku Black and Future Trunks arc as the third dlc pack.
AKVelo - 9 dager siden
@The Crew there is no dlc slots there is *ONE* Super has 3 arcs it takes them half a year just for one arc super would take them a year maybe 2 to make and why then they would have dlc for xenoverse 2 or xenoverse 3 and dlc for fighterz kakarot would be even more dead
The Crew
The Crew - 9 dager siden
@AKVelo yeah they also said later down the road. This is there game. If they want to make money then there definitely doing super.
AKVelo - 9 dager siden
@The Crew The devs Literally Confirmed In Interviews When Asked Are They Doing Super They replied This Is Dragon Ball *Z* Kakarot
The Crew
The Crew - 9 dager siden
@AKVelo just stop. we all now there doing Super like it's so obvious. It's DLC. If they want to make money there going to do not just Super but they could do GT, old movies, and the original
The Crew
The Crew - 9 dager siden
I hope they change the ending for the Goku black arc. Make it better than the anime
A.J Thomas
A.J Thomas - 10 dager siden
Here's Future DLC character & Stages I want to see in Dragon Ball FighterZ:
Kame House
Kami’s Lockout
Hyperbolic Time Chamber
​Lord Beerus's Planet
Tournament of Power
Majin Vegeta
OtherWorld Tournament
Snake Way with King Kai's house
Naruto Uzamaki (Guest)
Sasuke Uchiha (guest)
Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun
I'm still here playing FighterZ
Phantom 314
Phantom 314 - 8 dager siden
Budokai tenkaichi 3 is GOATED
An Evil Resident
An Evil Resident - 8 dager siden
Still here playing Goku's Legacy II
Angelina Aries
Angelina Aries - 9 dager siden
@At Me FighterZ died the Day it released...
At Me
At Me - 9 dager siden
FighterZ will stay relevant long after Kakarot.
LeggoMyHuevoz - 9 dager siden
Still here playing Budokai 3 ftw!!
InTeRplay - 10 dager siden
Tao Pai Pai Pillar - A New Way to Travel xD
Angelina Aries
Angelina Aries - 10 dager siden
Probably the most fun thing to do in the Game atm
Creeper - 10 dager siden
Okay, now I can't wait for Dragon ball Super: Kakarot
Faisal Hasan
Faisal Hasan - 10 dager siden
yesterday i was thinking they must have forgotten about the dlc
Faisal Hasan
Faisal Hasan - 8 dager siden
@Sàshīl P.G. where? 😐
Sàshīl P.G.
Sàshīl P.G. - 8 dager siden
... 😮 Have I seen you before?