GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist - Teaser Trailer

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The Cayo Perico Heist is the biggest Grand Theft Auto 5 Online adventure ever. Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and via backward compatibility for PS5 / Xbox Series X|S on December 15th.
Runtime: 00:25


Harish - 29 minutter siden
Your joking I bet Lester is gonna make us buy a 10M sub
PozGaming - Time siden
Levitating Phonkster
Levitating Phonkster - 3 timer siden
people want gta 6 but its not like 5 was/is a great game either..
DISHONXR - 5 timer siden
I hope Cyber Punk 2077 becomes the Gta Online killer so that we can get a step closer to getting Gta 6
DanielDarragh16 is OP
DanielDarragh16 is OP - 6 timer siden
rockstar:so heres that gta 6 you have been wanting
me:sees Cayo Perico heist trailer
also me AND THE BOYS:yeah you can put that back now
DN1X - 47 minutter siden
Prajjwal Tiwari
Prajjwal Tiwari - 7 timer siden
Thank you Rockstar. You guys are always on time😌
Ivan Toretto Sanchez
Ivan Toretto Sanchez - 9 timer siden
Wheres bully 2?
Press_ 0
Press_ 0 - 11 timer siden
Vatos ahorren sus millonacos
ja maar soms nee
ja maar soms nee - 14 timer siden
Song name??
Mapz Game
Mapz Game - 5 minutter siden
I’m asking too lmao
Darius McNeal
Darius McNeal - 17 timer siden
Even though every1 is waiting for gta6
I'm actually excited for this
Frostbite6680 - 17 timer siden
The trailer reminds me of Ghost Recon : Wildlands i don't know why
Iamfrom_AUSTRIA_ - 20 timer siden
I will play tropico when I want that tropical feeling

my English not so gut
Michael - 22 timer siden
Sun E
Sun E - 22 timer siden
Looks like I’m grinding boys.
ApexYT -_-•
ApexYT -_-• - Dag siden
Imagine buying your own island
The Hentai King
The Hentai King - Dag siden
i cant wait
Liam T
Liam T - Dag siden
First name Last name
First name Last name - Dag siden
Only ten days before belle delphine releases the vids 😏
Titan King
Titan King - Dag siden
Garbage, further proof we are light years away from GTA 6
Joel Reyes
Joel Reyes - Dag siden
What if this is Tahiti
Dominic 2326
Dominic 2326 - Dag siden
The only shame is that you can only explore during the heist. You wont be able to play in free roam
Liam English
Liam English - Dag siden
I was 16 when gta 5 came out. Im now 24 and kids are playing this game without even knowing San Andreas or Vice City.. what happened rockstar? You used to be cool man
LetsTalk - Dag siden
Oh damn, we’re going to Tahiti boys
Mr.Miguelin Kalashnibob
GTA Online:The Tahiti heist
IbrahiMK - Dag siden
Too little too Kate rockstar. This should’ve been out 2015
Đā 1st5th
Đā 1st5th - Dag siden
Rockstar be milking the blood out of this cow now
BIGWORM 510 - Dag siden
We will get GTA 6..........Eventually.
Full Life 3
Full Life 3 - Dag siden
Considering the time of the season a North Yankton Expansion that everyone has been wanting would have like been nice... But I guess not...
Wesley Balford
Wesley Balford - Dag siden
I feel ya man when they first hinted at a map expansion i was hoping for north Yankton.
Solodolo84 - Dag siden
Song in trailer?
HUY VƯƠNG - 2 dager siden
Accept invite.
HEIST FAILED. Crew member left.
Toothless .Fury
Toothless .Fury - 2 dager siden
I suppose GTA 6 is the next Half Life 3
Dominic 2326
Dominic 2326 - 2 dager siden
Here are some ideas that they can do in gta 5. Own your own pet, mansion another seris of missions like the casino missions and the yacht with a villian to kill at the end, another treasure hunt to find a gun, police officer outfits, be able to go inside places like a mall, museum, office building, have a gang hideout, military outfits. And a lot more
Oscar Persaud
Oscar Persaud - 2 dager siden
Hey that’s when my data refreshes
bit byte
bit byte - 2 dager siden
Everyone: how much can anybody milk on something?
Rockstar: Yes.
Syed Amair Hussaini
Syed Amair Hussaini - 2 dager siden
omg turuuu lobeeee
Nik-Xx 0_o
Nik-Xx 0_o - 2 dager siden
rockstar games releasing everything other than a new game...
Wesley C
Wesley C - 2 dager siden
GTAVI will gonna come back so longer.
Save The DSM's
Save The DSM's - 2 dager siden
Whens the red dead 2 canada/Mexico expansion
cnpastro club
cnpastro club - 2 dager siden
5 star best games back payday
TheSlimmestShady - 2 dager siden
You know that submarine gonna cost like 20 million
Huner Nightcore
Huner Nightcore - 2 dager siden
Every company: My Trailer/Teaser
IGN: Our Trailer/Teaser *Communism anthem plays*
Romeo / Viibe
Romeo / Viibe - 2 dager siden
They need to make it cross play already
JG - 2 dager siden
Not buying this, also I want GTA 6, but the music kinda bringin the vibes doe
Adult Guy
Adult Guy - 2 dager siden
brooo whats the intrumental title
Chris Manic
Chris Manic - 2 dager siden
And nothing hardly new to RDR2 except a change of clothes!
Andy Gutierrez
Andy Gutierrez - 2 dager siden
Tim bob
Tim bob - 2 dager siden
Maybe it’s gonna be like Ocean’s Twelve
Beans Trelawny
Beans Trelawny - 2 dager siden
Why is my man using a nuclear sub to destroy the island
The pigzy
The pigzy - 2 dager siden
Whats the song
Q.H.S - 2 dager siden
They’re still doing this?
TES Heavy Metal 1981
TES Heavy Metal 1981 - 2 dager siden
It almost makes me cry honestly.
Kryypuk - 2 dager siden
Cant wait for GTA 5 for ps6 and xbox infinit
Holden Tudiks
Holden Tudiks - 2 dager siden
Wow that’s cool to bad I’m not gonna play it
Jeremiah Griffith
Jeremiah Griffith - 2 dager siden
*They could have done Hawaii but oh well*
Genaro the Fake Politician
Genaro the Fake Politician - 2 dager siden
I guess this is GTA's Catalina Islands. San Fierro and Las Venturas when?
Propell Cod
Propell Cod - 2 dager siden
What in the guarma is this
MADDOG - 2 dager siden
Cool.....another heist......
VinnyCam - 2 dager siden
Unidentified Flying Waffle
Unidentified Flying Waffle - 2 dager siden
What is the song
Geovany Veleta
Geovany Veleta - 2 dager siden
At this rate my grandkids will probably still be playing on gta v.
pancakes jackson
pancakes jackson - 2 dager siden
R* stop neglecting your other game RDR2. GTA Online got enough content
Yung Carti
Yung Carti - 2 dager siden
The song at the end
OnJahvi - 2 dager siden
2021 better have gta6 dont let this distract us
PyroInferno - 2 dager siden
You better be able to buy a sub
Marcin Szrajber
Marcin Szrajber - 2 dager siden
Its trailer or just a teaser?
Thug9030 - 3 dager siden
How to get the gta 5 online for my ps5
Chanka Bizarre Network Deluxe
New content sweet they might as well gta 6 gonna take a while to develop
CHICAGO Mando - 3 dager siden
Titanic lady: its been 84 years
Mr. BLACK jacket
Mr. BLACK jacket - 3 dager siden
Fellas, remember once a game similar to GTAO but better arrives i think Rockstar will have to bring something new to the table, or they will lose the money of potential buyers.
Certified Cheater Goldigger
Certified Cheater Goldigger - 3 dager siden
We need gta 6 in our ps5
Gabriel1777 - 3 dager siden
Dead game
carlos pozomanco
carlos pozomanco - 3 dager siden
I just came here for the music. Anyone knows which tune is this? Amazing groove
Yashraj Rajput
Yashraj Rajput - 3 dager siden
Rhon R
Rhon R - 3 dager siden
This thing still exists? Damn! This game will be on ps10 too right?
Nebulae - 3 dager siden
I forgot that gta v still exist
Killer Freeze
Killer Freeze - 3 dager siden
I love how people are expecting GTA 6 , but Rockstar is still making money off of GTAV/O. Think about what happens to Gta Online when Gta 6 comes out. Until the moment that the cow that is GTAO runs dry , you're not going to see a glimpse of GTA 6.
Wyvern Slayer
Wyvern Slayer - 3 dager siden
i quit this game because playing with randoms is garbage and you can't do the heists solo
Lester Crest
Lester Crest - 3 dager siden
Damn guess the construction is still going on
hgy vvfhb
hgy vvfhb - 3 dager siden
Awesome, they added Guarma in GTA
aparajith jithu
aparajith jithu - 3 dager siden
Stop playing gta 5 guys .. it's been long
William Werenberg The Surgeon
Come on GTA Japan 1970’s 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
William Werenberg The Surgeon
I need to find out what this music is. HELP ME!
Beans Trelawny
Beans Trelawny - 2 dager siden
It's original music
William Werenberg The Surgeon
@carlos pozomanco exactly 😔
carlos pozomanco
carlos pozomanco - 3 dager siden
Shazam does'nt get It!
stuntman mike
stuntman mike - 3 dager siden
Get ready to go bankrupt
Araiz Khan
Araiz Khan - 3 dager siden
Does pc need to play this update
Souvik Sarkar
Souvik Sarkar - 3 dager siden
2015-2018 : Apartment Heist
2018-2021 : Doomsday Heist ,Casino Heist ,Cayo Perico Heist
Hotline - 3 dager siden
Richie Sinclair
Richie Sinclair - 3 dager siden
"All you had to do was follow the damn train C.J!"
Kenny Sinclair
Kenny Sinclair - 2 dager siden
He Said What?
He Said What? - 3 dager siden
I'm sure this will be a cool update
rise. - 3 dager siden
Комунизм у берегов Америки...
Jai Kundicevic
Jai Kundicevic - 3 dager siden
Should've been single player dlc
Comrade Boi
Comrade Boi - 3 dager siden
Welp another dlc that makes you buy shark cards
Mr. Nand - Gaming
Mr. Nand - Gaming - 3 dager siden
Song name?
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime - 3 dager siden
Red dead 2 players: were still hoping you’ll expand the map to mexico
Cockstar: did you say gta online
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime - 3 dager siden
Too bad rockstar just reset the accounts of half their player base lmao
TES Heavy Metal 1981
TES Heavy Metal 1981 - 3 dager siden
Thumbs up if you’re hype for Cyberpunk 2077.
Admin Prone
Admin Prone - 3 dager siden
If the island isn't accessible in Freemode I'm gonna riot.
Yehoshua Osei
Yehoshua Osei - 3 dager siden
You guys kno it’s not a map expansion right? It’s gonna be an area entirely on its own and in order to get there u HAVE TO BUY the submarine , come on guys be smart here , there’s no map expansion it’s rockstar 😂
Razear - 3 dager siden
Looks like something out of the Just Cause franchise. Lol
Dave Beverley
Dave Beverley - 3 dager siden
I probably would've been excited for this 5-6yrs ago & had it have been part of a single-player dlc
Unique Gamer 4 You
Unique Gamer 4 You - 3 dager siden
No matter if it's free roam or not. I will go with Passive Mode Lol 😂