Halo Infinite: Unboxing The Mega Construx Warthog Rally

Halo Infinite makes its way to Xbox Series X in 2021, but if you can't wait to play as Master Chief then you can join Max and Brian unbox the Mega Construx Warthog Rally! This Halo Infinite inspired toy is a 2 in 1 building toy that allows you to build out the Warthog Rally or a watercraft and jetpack for Master Chief. The Unboxing also includes 4 collectible action figures: Master Chief, UNSC Marine and 2 Jackal Freebooters.
Runtime: 10:30


Slytherin Reviews
Slytherin Reviews - 18 timer siden
Gimmie this set RIGHT NOW
SPARTAN-B301 - 5 dager siden
Love the new Infinite Sets. Mega Construx really outdone themselves.
Risotto Nero • 68 years ago • edited
This is some nice gameplay
Marcus Kane
Marcus Kane - 6 dager siden
Oh boy, this game gonna blow hard.
ninjakid164 - 6 dager siden
Beat Halo 4 on legendary and you See his face
CVX Gaming
CVX Gaming - 6 dager siden
All I want is
*C* *R* *A* *I* *G*
Eko Permana
Eko Permana - 6 dager siden
Development hell the game
mephisto40 - 6 dager siden
Why on earth wouldn't they put a craig figure in there, that alone would sell the product
Jacob Later
Jacob Later - 5 dager siden
They have sets with brutes and they have Craig faces
Enzo Fernandez
Enzo Fernandez - 6 dager siden
Do more
Star Gamz
Star Gamz - 6 dager siden
jackal master chief is the best thing i have ever seen in my life
Acid - 6 dager siden
you mean the Chupathingy?
Gold Yoshi
Gold Yoshi - 6 dager siden
MegaBlocks are hard to put together sometimes
let - 6 dager siden
No angry face at scalpers today lol
Shank Adams
Shank Adams - 6 dager siden
i didnt know max looked so much older,prob cause of the close up lol
No Man's Land
No Man's Land - 6 dager siden
Now just to wait a year for the game to come out...
EACP - 6 dager siden
Here before the LEGO fan bonus arrive
ScapeNation - 6 dager siden
We want to see the game. Not toys. Come on 343/Microsoft, this is a low point.
William Lehmann
William Lehmann - 6 dager siden
Well they have been making these since like 2009
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 6 dager siden
Yeh so true it seems they r becoming sell outs as they “partnering” with toys, monster energy and more (get skins in game). Wish they could focus on the game which needs it most
Mateo Gros-Slovinsky
Mateo Gros-Slovinsky - 6 dager siden
My friend got me one of these halo brick sets and I don’t play halo I have no clue what the set was but there were some cool armored guys so whatevs
Ace Warrior
Ace Warrior - 6 dager siden
Nice thumbnail design, BIG "UNBOXING HALO INFINITE". Really hungry for those clicks huh?
Cristian Sanchez
Cristian Sanchez - 6 dager siden
Yeah, ok, but is it lego bionicle? Exactly.
John & Yasya
John & Yasya - 6 dager siden
IGN is like GameStop and Sears. It’s just a matter of time
m mib
m mib - 6 dager siden
Erlend Hamborg
Erlend Hamborg - 6 dager siden
Halo? More like Hell no!
Prateek Misra
Prateek Misra - 6 dager siden
Silence lego ripoff
Jorge Shaxx
Jorge Shaxx - 3 dager siden
If this was Lego they would be charging 80 dollars like they did for the Grievous Starfighter
Spartan Jameson Locke
Spartan Jameson Locke - 6 dager siden
No, it isn't.
Fᴏx - 6 dager siden
Oh hell yeah!
RedLogicGaming - 6 dager siden
Merchandise for a game that won't be out for more than a year
THANH LU - 6 dager siden
I'm glad they are numbering their bags. I put together the MegaBlox TMNT Technodrome. No numbered bags. I had so many bowls sitting around a table after I sorted all the pieces out.
Hayato JP
Hayato JP - 6 dager siden
does it come with craig?
gumball morty
gumball morty - 6 dager siden
does anyone know when is halo infante comeing out
BoundByGundams - 6 dager siden
Soul Extractor
Soul Extractor - 6 dager siden
The hilarious part is even after the extended wait, it’s still just going to be another 343 Halo
VYSHNAV JITHESH - 6 dager siden
@Kimera 1992 m8 the first commenter is a sony pony he has not even played a single halo game why dont u understand
Kimera 1992
Kimera 1992 - 6 dager siden
I would agree with you if we already didnt know about some facts 1 - It will be the first Halo made in a brand new engine, not in some frankenstein engine like the latest Halos 2 - It will be the first open-world Halo 3 - 343 have plans to make Halo Infinite some sort of platform where they are gonna update the game for the next 10 years (even tho its probably bulshit, no other Halo was made with such thing in mind) 4 - From the gameplay demo that we saw, the graphics and the gameplay are waaay more similar to Bungie's era games than Halo 5 or Halo 4. (It doesnt look like Halo 5 at all to be honest)
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 6 dager siden
Nice looks better than the game
VYSHNAV JITHESH - 6 dager siden
lol pony
Svide - 6 dager siden
why do they make their toys for 8+ Year old kids when their games are 17+?
Ace Warrior
Ace Warrior - 6 dager siden
Bec if 6 year olds play GTA V, they'll play Halo too. ALSO: MORE MONEY
17RedKnight - 6 dager siden
Huge Act Man
Huge Act Man - 6 dager siden
I think the last games were T 13+
Alfie Moloney
Alfie Moloney - 6 dager siden
Those mega bloks were my childhood
Alfie Moloney
Alfie Moloney - 4 dager siden
@Top Rabbit y not both?
Top Rabbit
Top Rabbit - 4 dager siden
No real men play with LEGO
NEO TRUTH Collector
NEO TRUTH Collector - 6 dager siden
Same !!
Parallel - 6 dager siden
Greetings ✌️
Oliverus 69
Oliverus 69 - 6 dager siden
they're just desperate for content at this point
xd Zaam
xd Zaam - 6 dager siden
I want a Craig action figure :(
Wait What
Wait What - Dag siden
All of the Mega Construx Halo Infinite brutes have craig heads!
Scuff Studios
Scuff Studios - 6 dager siden
this, they apparently made t shirts at Microsoft.. Now just turn him into a toy
Falconer992 - 6 dager siden
Yeah me too 😂