How Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Fuses Dynasty Warriors with Breath of the Wild

We explore a few of the ways that Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity combines the bombastic gameplay of Dynasty Warriors with the mechanics and systems of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
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rJUSTINr1995 - 22 timer siden
With the exaggerated swagger of a hyrulian protector
Hartono - 2 dager siden
kinda disappointed with this game. i hate dynasty warriors gameplay
JB - 2 dager siden
4:29 nope
Steven Bell
Steven Bell - 6 dager siden
Didn't they do that 3 years ago with the first game? You know? Fuse dynasty warriors with zelda? They need to fuse Gundam and dynasty warriors again. Its been too damn long.
Jordan M. Lacroix
Jordan M. Lacroix - 6 dager siden
I just made a parody animation of this game where Link uses the ladle (the preorder bonus) to fight on his adventure.
Ni Tian
Ni Tian - 6 dager siden
What slate do we use to get 60 fps? Wtf are you doing nintendo lmao
JB - 2 dager siden
There are dips (still overblown from the demo) but 30fps allows hectic combat on weak hardware. Also this was produced by Koei Tecmo.
Jimi T.
Jimi T. - 7 dager siden
yup, you understood the title, well done
Jamie15211_Comments - 7 dager siden
Lol switch is bad ps5 better
aztec quetzal
aztec quetzal - 7 dager siden
I miss XPlay, and how silly they were 😩😓
Russell Kaplan
Russell Kaplan - 7 dager siden
Then wheres multiplayer
Eduardo Bustamante
Eduardo Bustamante - 7 dager siden
4:32 lies
Floshjix02 - 7 dager siden
luis Lovera
luis Lovera - 7 dager siden
3:08 of course falco prefer the air
Andrew Matthews
Andrew Matthews - 7 dager siden
What’s the point of this video?
OneButton Dash
OneButton Dash - 7 dager siden
this looks sick, I seriously might buy a switch for this since I can't find a PS5
TonyKanameKuran - 7 dager siden
SPOILER: Impa is Naruto!!!!
Najee Davis
Najee Davis - 7 dager siden
Shimeih - 7 dager siden
As if I wasn't already jealous enough of Nintendo console owners 😭😭
Dr_poptart - 7 dager siden
Im so excited for this
Sebastian - 7 dager siden
This is breath of the wild but with anime game attacks
Spirit of Omega
Spirit of Omega - 7 dager siden
I’m a simple man. I see Dynasty Warriors, I click.
Guilherme Bertoche
Guilherme Bertoche - 7 dager siden
Khalil Sabbagh
Khalil Sabbagh - 7 dager siden
I hope Koei adds som of these elements in the next DW game
StaticShock42 - 6 dager siden
@TonyKanameKuran You spelled "moron" wrong.
TonyKanameKuran - 7 dager siden
Moran... it's Koei *TECMO* and *SOME!* Next time, use SpellCheck!!!
IDK - 7 dager siden
3:08 you could say that personally he prefers the hair
Seng Seakkok
Seng Seakkok - 7 dager siden
I thought it was collaboration. 🙁
Bearded_Z0mbie Gaming
Bearded_Z0mbie Gaming - 7 dager siden
Didn't they show this 4-5yrs ago
Christian Graulau
Christian Graulau - 7 dager siden
Different game
Cameron Bailey
Cameron Bailey - 7 dager siden
I miss when games use to have demo's prior to release but I understand why developers don't make them as a much anymore. It's essentially extra work.
More companies should make demo's to build anticipation or even attract more of an audience to their game.
Cameron Bailey
Cameron Bailey - 7 dager siden
@Serendipia I know. It's the reason I made this comment. The demo got me more hype for the game. When I was looking at the trailers, I was like "eh". Playing it changed my mind.
Serendipia - 7 dager siden
the demo of this game was actually released weeks ago
Cococrash11 - 7 dager siden
Awesome Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Video.
LucaYuri - 7 dager siden
Asmr Game Grumps
Asmr Game Grumps - 7 dager siden
IGN is right, we’ve been pronouncing it wrong our whole life. It isn’t Zelda, it’s “Zel-der
Hellgatyr - 7 dager siden
I will pretend the sequel for botw is genshin impact
Trae Dandrea
Trae Dandrea - 7 dager siden
Hellgatyr - 7 dager siden
@reave rich that's why i pretend to, a prequel looks like 2009 dynasty warriors lazy gameplay duh
reave rich
reave rich - 7 dager siden
this isn't the sequel dumb dumb
General Ivan
General Ivan - 7 dager siden
Is there 2 player co-op mode like the first hyrule warriors?
Lexis Green
Lexis Green - 7 dager siden
Just bought it today and cant wait to get my dirty smelly sanitized hands on it
Stevano Chow
Stevano Chow - 7 dager siden
"Hyrule Warriors: Not so BoTW Prequel"
Jaciel Hernandez
Jaciel Hernandez - 7 dager siden
Seems like they could have just made another dlc....
Christian Graulau
Christian Graulau - 7 dager siden
This is a different game with a different engine
Tanmay Bhandari
Tanmay Bhandari - 7 dager siden
Genshin impact
ITS YA BOAH RAMEN - 5 dager siden
Soy Fish
Soy Fish - 7 dager siden
Amazing. I thought this was the actual review! 10/10
Raiden - 7 dager siden
What a boring turd of a game. Switch drought is real
Neutral narration
Neutral narration - 7 dager siden
you were saying, mate?
Daquan Johnson
Daquan Johnson - 7 dager siden
Probably the same way they fuses dynasty warriors with zelda to create hyrule warriors
Jett C
Jett C - 7 dager siden
Crazy ign I didn’t know this beforehand
BGM - 7 dager siden
"Why age of calamity is dynasty warriors meets breath of the wild"
Yes, that's literally what Hyrule Warriors means
Jasper van Kooten
Jasper van Kooten - 7 dager siden
Actually the first Hyrule warriors game wasn’t made for breath of the wild, only the second game in the series focuses on what happened 100 years before botw, but I do agree to your point and for me this video looked more like a summary on what this game will be like regarding comparison to botw.
Michael Ludden
Michael Ludden - 7 dager siden
Super high quality coverage guys! Really appreciate all the accompanying new gameplay clips you included back to back that helped introduce all the character play styles. More of this type of coverage please! 🙏🙏🙏
Toàn Hoàng
Toàn Hoàng - 7 dager siden
15 fps hurt my eyes
Matthew Cheung
Matthew Cheung - 7 dager siden
Holy s***!!!!!!!!,!,
Jair Salazar
Jair Salazar - 7 dager siden
No it's no Canon
Jair Salazar
Jair Salazar - 7 dager siden
Because (This message is deleted)
Cringy Kent
Cringy Kent - 7 dager siden
i wish legend of zelda will colab with genshin impact, where a character in loz will cameo in genshin impact
TonyKanameKuran - 7 dager siden
Not happening...
Carl Lee
Carl Lee - 7 dager siden
I've always wanted to play as Revali when I played BOTW
AntTheMan2006 - 7 dager siden
Honestly this game itself was so underrated
fordadbod - 7 dager siden
wanna play it so bad, but don't know if i can do a game that runs like an animated gif
Efren Bernal
Efren Bernal - 5 dager siden
I have had any issues on mine, runs just fine
Darkchief117 - 7 dager siden
BOTW is overhyped
Janemba 112
Janemba 112 - 7 dager siden
I like that game a lot but I agree 100%
fleeplayTV - 7 dager siden
Clever title on the thumbnail IGN you really must've though about this one quite a while.
Bash - 7 dager siden
15 fps
Goooka - 7 dager siden
اكو عراب اذا في انا محتاج دعم و ماحد كاعد يدعمني🙁😔
Mashoumy Islam
Mashoumy Islam - 7 dager siden
U.K.N - 7 dager siden
who will win?
an army of demons : a blondie with a ladel
U.K.N - 7 dager siden
@Sentinel King the joke.
Sentinel King
Sentinel King - 7 dager siden
Army of demon win look at BOTW
LarboLarb - 7 dager siden
The game looks cool, but the frame rate is terrible.
Chris Millar
Chris Millar - 7 dager siden
Wait a minute so that trailer that we seen a year ago when we seen link an princess together that was this game????
Chris Millar
Chris Millar - 7 dager siden
Ohh ok im over trippin I’m like wait I know this ain’t Breath of the wild 2 Thanks for clearing that up
Bazzvid - 7 dager siden
GriffenC4 - 7 dager siden
No it’s not the one your talking about is the sequel to botw this is more like a prequel
Dot - 7 dager siden
R7venger - 7 dager siden
wow look like samurai warriors :) love it
ninetails625 - 7 dager siden
this looks AWESOME
Astral G
Astral G - 7 dager siden
AMONG US is law & order meets fall guys
Ashwin Dhanachandran
Ashwin Dhanachandran - 7 dager siden
Yup and fall guys is dead
H Im
H Im - 7 dager siden
Musou zelda???? Take my money!!!
VC - 7 dager siden
can't wait to get this boys
tHeMiC18 2020
tHeMiC18 2020 - 7 dager siden
Same! Im just wondering if there's going to be DLC like the original Hyrule Warriors game
Sam H
Sam H - 7 dager siden
IGN is right, we’ve been pronouncing it wrong our whole life. It isn’t Zelda, it’s “Zel-der”
Tokyo 6ix
Tokyo 6ix - 5 dager siden
Adi S
Adi S - 7 dager siden
@DA Henrys r/whoooosh
ZeeShawn - 7 dager siden
Dudes probably from Long Island, they usually say words ending w in a as -er i.e. "pizz-er"
ReapZz - 7 dager siden
@DA Henrys pretty sure it was a joke
Ivan Roman
Ivan Roman - 7 dager siden
Not to be confused by Zelda, the boy in green clothes from the previous games
IRockLikeISaid - 7 dager siden
Looks OK.
Vesmoper - 7 dager siden
So hyped
Random 411
Random 411 - 7 dager siden
10/10 it has a title screen
Carlitos Freaking Burn It Down
Marcel Oka
Marcel Oka - 7 dager siden
Why tho
Retro Saiyan
Retro Saiyan - 7 dager siden
Hi, niice i can't wait to start this game on my channel :D