Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Review

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Reviewed by Cam Shea on Nintendo Switch.

"Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity offers a welcome trip back to a world I've clocked hundreds of hours in, set in a time we've only heard discussed in hushed tones. Its hugely varied roster of characters, solid combat mechanics, fun progression and clever adaptation of Breath of the Wild's vision of Hyrule is a joy to play and discover. While there are some missed characterisation opportunities, Age of Calamity remains a blast from start to finish."
Runtime: 08:21


MARNY - Time siden
I thought about getting this....but then I decided to just play Breath of the Wild again
xWh1teChoc0l4te B
xWh1teChoc0l4te B - 2 timer siden
Are you serious? This gets a 9/10, but AC Valhalla gets an 8? Terrible bias.
Anthony Galvan
Anthony Galvan - 4 timer siden
Wow this game kinda looks like genshin impact.
iamradical - 7 timer siden
I’ve been a Zelda fan for 30 years and loved BotW but I’m not sure about this game. I like the classic Zelda gameplay, is there any exploration in this type of game?
iamradical - 24 minutter siden
@meximous yeah if it’s just like dynasty warriors im afraid I’m gonna have to skip this one. Which is a huge bummer. I really wish they would have just done a proper sequel. Wasn’t there a trailer released or something showing that they were working on a sequel?
meximous - 31 minutt siden
Same I don’t really like dynasty warrior games. I’m thinking there isn’t any exploration. I think it’s all big, war like battles.
Antonio Muñoz
Antonio Muñoz - 9 timer siden
This game is so detailed.
King Yatta
King Yatta - 11 timer siden
This will lead to so many more.. can't wait for the future .😆
CyanKnight_Q9 - 12 timer siden
I feel like playing dynasty warriors again
Mana Maori
Mana Maori - 13 timer siden
Is an awesome game characters, battles, story line n all one thing dont like bout this game is cant explore like other zelda games freely, no puzzles besides that cool game
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz - 13 timer siden
Zelda ocarina of time was one of the greatest game i ever played
KhB - 16 timer siden
is this game running on 18 fps? Switch pro can't come soon enough
Epic_Cuber - 16 timer siden
So I’m still a bit confused with the game. Is all you do the quests? Do you get to walk around hyrule like in botw?
Ren 89
Ren 89 - 12 timer siden
Have you never played a dynasty warriors game... Or any of the other musou style games???
xil3ntkha0s - 17 timer siden
Zelda wields the slate: pulls out a switch 🤣🤣🤣
Jason Harwell
Jason Harwell - 17 timer siden
After all these years I think I finally nailed it. IGN doesn't review a game, they review the game they want it to be. They can't take the game for what it is they always have to critique something because they wanted it that way
Orhan Punar
Orhan Punar - 19 timer siden
IGN: It has Zelda in the title 9-10
Timothée Guilbart
Timothée Guilbart - 19 timer siden
Im confused, is that the “sequel of breath of the wild is in development” game?
1 2 3
1 2 3 - 18 timer siden
No, this is a prequel of BOTW
Blazy Rod
Blazy Rod - 19 timer siden
Garian Nobinger
Garian Nobinger - 20 timer siden
The camera in this game is atrocious. Terrible. You constantly have to fight the auto-moving camera. Just please give us the option for a free-moving camera. Also terribly annoying is the way the enemy lock-on automatically switches enemies, often in critical moments of heated play. Why bother having lock-on if you're going to randomly switch to someone else automatically? These two things greatly hurt the game play experience, IMHO. I'll finish playing it though for the story, but I sincerely doubt I'll give this game any further play after the story. Unless they provide options around these annoying issues.
TheOmegaDragon - 21 time siden
It's an OK game but I'm not sure it's worth a 60 dollar price tag. It's still fun and I'm not too far in the game yet. The one on one combat is the best part of the combat system for sure.
RJ George
RJ George - 21 time siden
Did I just hear its NOT Co-OP?
Blacklyon Dreams
Blacklyon Dreams - 22 timer siden
Its open world?
Sir Derpington
Sir Derpington - 22 timer siden
did link persue lu bu
AstronomicalJay - 23 timer siden
This game was kind of a let down for me. Yeah I understand it’s not Breathe Of The Wild gameplay but the ending just wasn’t it for me.
Clark Hardin
Clark Hardin - 23 timer siden
impa for smash.
Patrick Jhim Baylon
Patrick Jhim Baylon - 23 timer siden
Looks laggy
Fernando Castellanos
Fernando Castellanos - Dag siden
Cece Abarca
Cece Abarca - Dag siden
both botw and age of calamity have received criticisms about their voice acting but i can never tell because i play both of them with japanese voice acting and it sounds great LOL
Lonk Bonk
Lonk Bonk - Dag siden
"questionable voice acting"
Way better than you're voiceover that's for sure
N S - Dag siden
Frame rate is off? Super slow?
Jammal Akhtar
Jammal Akhtar - Dag siden
No online coop 🤮
Allen Huang
Allen Huang - Dag siden
Can you still climb anything?
Eelchad1 - Dag siden
Interesting that usually give these dynasty warriors type games mediocre reviews. I guess that Zelda skin over it makes it better for some reason.
kakashi san
kakashi san - Time siden
Put any of nintendo ip skins in any game and the rating will be 9 or 10.
Doug DeLyser
Doug DeLyser - 14 timer siden
Its not just a zelda skin, it has gameplay elements from botw and each character is really well designed. That plus the excellent story and overall refined mechanics and visuals, this is by far the best warriors game to date. That being said I still wouldn't give it a 9, a solid 8 for sure if you're into these games but not everyone is. A 9 should be reserved for games everyone should play
Nic De Houwer
Nic De Houwer - Dag siden
Still looks flat, boring and choppy. BotW is the best game ever created to me, but this is a hard pass.
Javier Mejia
Javier Mejia - Dag siden
What shame, not buying solely due to missing online coop.
Paku Paco
Paku Paco - Dag siden
It’s a solid 7 at best
Rob Nelms
Rob Nelms - Dag siden
I don't know. Part of the major enjoyment with BOTW was the exploration. Combat wasn't really the biggest deal. So, having a game focused on combat and not exploration doesn't seem like it is going to work. Maybe it will just be fun as a "game that you play for what it is and not what it is based on." Either way, I don't see $60 for this one, especially since he just said he's already completed the main game in 40 hours.
A Certain Anime Index
A Certain Anime Index - Dag siden
lubu is a secret chara xd
hulk smash
hulk smash - Dag siden
When did this game released 🤔
1 2 3
1 2 3 - 18 timer siden
Wake Wind
Wake Wind - Dag siden
“The way Impa jumps off and paraglides off of Towers is just full of the exaggerated swagger of a Sheikah teen”
Tyger Royal
Tyger Royal - 10 timer siden
I love how this has become a meme
Bonus Ducks
Bonus Ducks - Dag siden
I can see the 20 frames
Es Gohan Blanco
Es Gohan Blanco - Dag siden
Any major game gets released.
IGN: Its got a little something for everyone
Nick Shaffer
Nick Shaffer - Dag siden
the Egg Guardian is cute, my brother dubbed him E2-G2 after playing the demo
Genshin impact way better, but this looks cool.
James Husentoff
James Husentoff - Dag siden
Hyrulia worlds is a boring hack and slash
Connor Thurston
Connor Thurston - Dag siden
Refuse to play this game until they fix the terrible frame rate issues
Hazelieee - Dag siden
Friendship ended with Genshin Impact. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is my best friend!
Cooper Andrade
Cooper Andrade - 17 timer siden
Genshin ain't worth jailbreaking a switch.
@Tony Stark you can jailbreak it and get it
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - Dag siden
@MALNOURISHED PANDA Its not on switch tho
Genshin impact has way more content and its free
Wenceslao Futanaki
Wenceslao Futanaki - Dag siden
after years of watching reviews you can see that in videogaming world a 9 is a 8.
†Leonic 458
†Leonic 458 - Dag siden
*Gintama warriors age of calamity*
Perichin - Dag siden
Does it have online?
1 2 3
1 2 3 - 18 timer siden
Julien Chaudron
Julien Chaudron - Dag siden
why do i fell it is a mix of star wars and Japanese isekai genre?
Steven Hunt
Steven Hunt - Dag siden
oh my got a Musou game getting a 9/10 in 2020
Mao Dijong
Mao Dijong - Dag siden
switch still exists??
John Heusler Jr
John Heusler Jr - Dag siden
IGN finally gives a fair and great review.
Super hyped to pick up this game tomorrow.
Jerry Bot
Jerry Bot - Dag siden
Ewww Koei Tecmo.
Bloke - Dag siden
Am I the only one that doesn’t want a breath of the wild 2? I’d rather a more traditional Zelda title like another ocarina of time or even a remaster of that game with the breath of the wild engine
Bloke - Dag siden
@SilverLinkX for sure dude. Although I think a remaster, or even remake (a la demons souls on ps5) for OoT would be incredible, especially if they added a few quality of life improvements etc... for me BOTW was really just... meh. The whole loot mechanic just didn’t fit the Zelda mould for me. Zelda has always been about starting with a crappy sword and shield and playing half the game to finally unlock the mythical master sword. I know the master sword was in the game but it kinda took a back seat narratively. Plus the absence of dungeons for me was the biggest let down. The shrines had some cool stuff but I’d rather have had some proper traditional dungeons. I know they probably wanted to change up the age old Zelda formula - but was anyone asking them to? The remake of links awakening proves the classic Zelda formula is still bulletproof
SilverLinkX - Dag siden
i feel ya on this one. At the same time, im tired of remasters and rereleases. Im only ready for new traditional stuff at this point.
Jeremy Saur
Jeremy Saur - Dag siden
Love the review and the lack of spoilers
scrcy - Dag siden
It really makes you feel like a bad frame rate
Skank Hunt
Skank Hunt - Dag siden
Gamespot: 6 ..ign: 9
Nicholas H
Nicholas H - Dag siden
Wow I’m surprised this got a 9. Gamespot gave it a 6
Steven Bowser
Steven Bowser - Dag siden
The reviewer makes the all-too-common mistake of assuming Zelda games have stories and "timelines" that deserve to be taken seriously.
Jonathan Cohen
Jonathan Cohen - Dag siden
This game should have got a 7, 8, 9, or 10.
Green space Monki
Green space Monki - Dag siden
Hyrule warriors 2....ehhh no thanks, botw2 yassssss!!!!
Time Traveling Old Man
The dynasty warriors game mechanics ruin the game. Gameplay has zero substance when it's just hack n slash.
Manpants1980 - Dag siden
When you are on a loading screen you can control the little guardian with the shoulder buttons to move and jump with B
Luis Cabrera
Luis Cabrera - Dag siden
Yakuza Like a Dragon: New addition to the series with a mix system of the classic games and a rpg system, full of easter eggs and comedy while you walk through japan. IGN gives it a 7 out of 10.
Age of Calamity: Musou game with Breath of the Wild characters same formula as any other musou game, Impa is nice, and story may be or not a parallel universe. IGN give its a 9 out of 10.
And thats why I stopped believing in IGN, and if you ask why I checked this reviews, was just for curiosity if there was any changes, but no.
juan D
juan D - Dag siden
yeah my biggest gripe is just the huge frame drops in multiplayer (especially when you play impa)
RedEnvelopeMedia - Dag siden
Can you imagine if you dynasty warriors in the normal game jumping all over the place with combos?
Bart de gans
Bart de gans - Dag siden
its just dynasty wariors with a zelda skin.
knight sword
knight sword - Dag siden
how is this garbage a 9 out of 10? lmao. didn't ff7 get an 8.5 or something? but something like this gets a 9? haha.
thaimbomb - Dag siden
The problem with these games is that the combat in the real Zelda games aren't even close to this.
Toàn Hoàng
Toàn Hoàng - Dag siden
Lol this why no one take u seriously ign, a 9 for15fps repetitive musou ... what a joke
Laura Rowland
Laura Rowland - 2 dager siden
You can’t even jump in the game 😩
I’m over this. Nintendo pretended this was a direct prequel to BOTW. And while the story line, might link up. ITS ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN LIKE BOTW. Everything people fell in love with botw for... isn’t in age of calamity.
Lord Beerus
Lord Beerus - 2 dager siden
Is this open world?
KingPotato - 2 dager siden
I thought it would of have free roam but it has not a bit disappointed bcs of that would’ve made it a bit challenging to get to the next mission
brad livey
brad livey - 2 dager siden
playing on p.c right now and its amazing
CizFran Ainedres
CizFran Ainedres - 2 dager siden
Aand just like that both ps5 and new Xbox- just got owned by a switch game again🤣
Ps5- 8
Xbx- 8
Zelda- 9

🤣😂 Damn it IGN.
Pikachu Pug
Pikachu Pug - 2 dager siden
Zelda: “Link, you need the master sword to beat calamity ganon”
Me: Beats the game on very hard with a wooden sword
Michael Westen
Michael Westen - 2 dager siden
too bad switch can't keep the framerate up
James Wayne
James Wayne - 2 dager siden
Damn the frame rate looks absolutely horrible..Nintendo desperately needs better hardware. The Switch was already extremely dated when compared to Ps4..now with Ps5 it’s just laughable how weak it is
Alex D
Alex D - 2 dager siden
onerepublic taemin peeing cbs deeshanell
Andrew Spreadbury
Andrew Spreadbury - 2 dager siden
Why would they not invest in matchmaking in a game that would clearly do well with online co op?
Impulse - 2 dager siden
I do not understand how this game could possibly be canon. I think the sheikah slate only manages to unlock the runes and lift up the towers after link wakes from the shrine of resurrection, not before. there is a memory of zelda trying and failing to activate the shrines with the sheikah slate 100 years previously. Also, the sheikah slate needs to visit the four great plateau shrines to get its rune power, and since none of them have been activated pre time skip, none of them should be accessible to the player. Similarly, the towers should not be able to raise up. Moreover, all the protagonists are far far far more powerful here than they are in the original game. None of the four champions would have been defeated, and link would not have been defeated. Even the most powerful version of Link in botw cannot kill 20 bokoblins at a single time with his sword. It does not make sense for this to be canon.
Toomany .Toastuhs
Toomany .Toastuhs - 2 dager siden
"delivered through questional voice acting."
**plays perfectly fine voice acting**
Brendan Brady
Brendan Brady - 2 dager siden
Those frame drops tho
The Gaming Plague Doctor
The Gaming Plague Doctor - 2 dager siden
Be Careful IGN. Nintendo might get triggered for showing off their game shortly after release, they might end up copyright striking you...
sora543 - 2 dager siden
Huh it was a 6 yesterday
Rodney Matthews
Rodney Matthews - 2 dager siden
If I haven't completed Breath of the Wild yet is it okay to play this game first, or will it ruin it, I kind of want to play this one first before Breath of the Wild, I've been playing BOTw but not very far. Got as far as getting into 2 of the divine beasts, out of the 4, so obviously have did the yiga clan hideout part too!
DARKSHATOW - 2 dager siden
This does not look like $60
Znail - 2 dager siden
An IGN review? Helpful? Oh my.
Emeterio Marquez
Emeterio Marquez - 2 dager siden
Sam Gardner
Sam Gardner - 2 dager siden
The game looks fun and well made, but I'd get sick of it in 30 minutes
J B - 2 dager siden
but the graphics are an eyesore. its like playing a 480p game that cant be upscaled on a 1440 or 4k monitor.
Shimshady K
Shimshady K - 2 dager siden
I havent played breathe of the wild yet you think I can still play this first??
Joshua Woods
Joshua Woods - 2 dager siden
And what do us us Twilight Princess fans get? Nothing lol.
Explosive Candy
Explosive Candy - 2 dager siden
Jesus, just use the time and resources to make a real Zelda game.
Collections, Trailers & Medleys
So they fixed the frame rate from the demo?
Damien Hine
Damien Hine - 2 dager siden
Sounds better than a Dynasty Warriors game has been in years. Hopefully we'll get this level of dedication on their next DW / SW instalment.
Fox McFog
Fox McFog - 2 dager siden
Whilst I love the gameplay of AoC, don't go into it expecting the story Aonuma promised. It's not a bad story but there really isn't enough.
Andrew Matthews
Andrew Matthews - 2 dager siden
It makes it’s own timeline and your a coward for not telling people!
pelle hansen
pelle hansen - Dag siden
Thanks now i wont buy the game🤗
Francis Nathanielle Saldivar
I havent played the breath of the wild. Can I play this first or go to botw first?
Bri Goose
Bri Goose - 2 dager siden
Ive been playing it since it was delivered. Overall bahh its ok, it has the graphics and some of the same stuff however... I will be selling soon
Hey Bro
Hey Bro - 2 dager siden
This dickhead really gave dynasty warriors a 9 lmfao