IGN Friendsgiving 2020: Playing Among Us with our Friends for Charity!

In celebration of giving, friendship, and community, IGN's Sydnee Goodman & Akeem Lawanson group up with our friends in the gaming and entertainment industry to play some Among Us! We are raising money for No Kid Hungry-- an organization that raises money to fight hunger and feed kids year-round. Donate here: donate.ign.com
Sydnee and Akeem are joined by:
Alanah Pearce (aka Charalanahzard)
Bruce Greene (streamer)
Rahul Kohli (The Haunting of Bly Manor)
Xavier Woods (WWE, UpUpDownDown)
Adam Cole (WWE, UpUpDownDown)
Cesaro (WWE, UpUpDownDown)
Tyler Breeze (WWE, UpUpDownDown)
ChilledChaos (streamer)
Elyse and James Willems (FunHaus)
Want to help us vote out the Imposters? Cast your vote for who you think is the most suspicious by submitting a donation through IGN's Tiltify fundraising campaign (www.donate.ign.com) for No Kid Hungry for a chance to have your comment read by our hosts during the stream!
Donate $50 or more and you get a chance to win the Big Prize, a Logitech lightspeed wireless gamer bundle (a $420 value) complete with a G733 headset, G915TKL keyboard and G305 gaming mouse.
Additionally, all donations of $20 and above will be entered for a chance to win game codes from Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed Valhalla Ultimate Edition, Watch Dogs Legion Ultimate Edition), 2K (WWE 2K Battlegrounds and PGA Tour 2K21) and Capcom (Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3), as well as enter for a chance to win gaming gear from MSI including the GC30 controller, GH50 headset and GK50 Low Profile keyboard!
#ign #gaming
Runtime: 2:18:18


M&M Mars
M&M Mars - 3 dager siden
I only watched this for DaParty
Matt Grey
Matt Grey - 3 dager siden
Breeze and Chugs: The eternal rivalry.
Drew White
Drew White - 4 dager siden
The one guy that keeps pronouncing his g’s is completely unnecessary. Stahp. Also... super small screen.
Sean Piriyakul
Sean Piriyakul - 5 dager siden
Anyone else think of izombie among us when they see rahul? And everyone just blames blaine first
DarthTach - 5 dager siden
People who can't or won't do tasks when they are dead are the worst teammates. You are screwing your own team.
Shujinko - 5 dager siden
danybeast92 - 5 dager siden
This is an awkward mix lol
They should just do one thats WWE
Ashleigh Klein
Ashleigh Klein - 5 dager siden
Bruce with that all-time bonehead play
Lenzing Taki
Lenzing Taki - 6 dager siden
Sydnee's 'Whaaats up everybody' may be the cure for corona.
Ahmad Ansari
Ahmad Ansari - 6 dager siden
Adam Cole: NXT Champion, NXT Tag Team Champion & the first NXT North American Champion.
Cesaro: WWE United States Champion, 7-time WWE Tag Team Champion & the first Winner of Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (WrestleMania XXX).
Tyler Breeze: NXT Tag Team Champion.
Xavier Woods: 10-time WWE Tag Team Champion.
Ahmad Ansari
Ahmad Ansari - 6 dager siden
@HighSpeed StrongStyle K.
HighSpeed StrongStyle
HighSpeed StrongStyle - 6 dager siden
You forgot Tyler Breeze: Left Right, Left Right Champion
Oshabot 16
Oshabot 16 - 6 dager siden
Video about thanksgiving with friends even tho the game is about betrayal
Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz - 6 dager siden
I love Cesaro haha
Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz - 6 dager siden
Love that Creed and the other superstars seem like natural casual gamers. Love that their job is completely different from gaming and they are older than "most gamers" and they still love to game
HighSpeed StrongStyle
HighSpeed StrongStyle - 6 dager siden
Cole is only 31
CALL ME A.K - 6 dager siden
I was just here for
Sydnee Goodman
Rambo -The GSD
Rambo -The GSD - 6 dager siden
Adam Cole Bay Bay
Csaba Varga
Csaba Varga - 6 dager siden
Hello! Do you know guys that when will Microsoft patch this xbox series x freeze/crash. Should I wait buying it until like Christmas?
jar - 6 dager siden
IveGot TheSauce
IveGot TheSauce - 6 dager siden
Imagine buying subs
Kristian Nikolla
Kristian Nikolla - 6 dager siden
WWE Superstars & Chilled Chaos playing together?! I must be dreaming!😳
Joshua Adkins
Joshua Adkins - Dag siden
Uberhaxornova in shambles.
MARIJOY VILLAR - 6 dager siden
daniel cheyne
daniel cheyne - 6 dager siden
5k was the goal? Ign I know we set the bar low for you but come on 😂
Breadman0123 - 6 dager siden
Funhaus and Upupdowndown should collab more often on both their channels, with special visits from bruce and alanah of course
manan alwadhi
manan alwadhi - 6 dager siden
hey are playing like noobs lol
EhCloserLook - 6 dager siden
Stream starts at 10:19. Absolutely necessary to *thanks me* .
Akshit Tyagi
Akshit Tyagi - 6 dager siden
I only came here to check out the comments but I'm still gonna *thanks* you
Neeta Sarawade
Neeta Sarawade - 6 dager siden
I just skipped time to start
Ishan C
Ishan C - 6 dager siden
*thanks* you.
GrumpyTheParrot - 6 dager siden
@X tech tips why so rude??
X tech tips
X tech tips - 6 dager siden
Matt Media
Matt Media - 6 dager siden
Eyy DaParty is here
Thork the Mighty
Thork the Mighty - 6 dager siden
Do you guys know the Friendsgiving bit by Tim Dillon? I'm dying right now lol.
scrippler - 6 dager siden
These wrestlers better enjoy this because soon wwe won’t let them do certain things like this soon.
Kristian Nikolla
Kristian Nikolla - 6 dager siden
UpUpDownDown is the only channel allowed up since WWE and UpUpDownDown promote each other. Xavier Woods owns the UpUpDownDown channel. He’s been doing this since 2015 and WWE were well aware of it, his youtube channel is not getting taken down at all.
A Bad Potato
A Bad Potato - 6 dager siden
Dead game
A Bad Potato
A Bad Potato - 5 dager siden
@Kristian Nikolla ok buddy
Kristian Nikolla
Kristian Nikolla - 5 dager siden
@A Bad Potato no, it’s a fact
A Bad Potato
A Bad Potato - 5 dager siden
@Kristian Nikolla is that a threat cherry boy
A Bad Potato
A Bad Potato - 5 dager siden
@Castro The Prince it’s dead
A Bad Potato
A Bad Potato - 5 dager siden
@not Lexi shut up women
AP - 6 dager siden
Starts at 10:20. No need to thanks me, enjoy!
Rez1k - 6 dager siden
H A Z M A T - 6 dager siden
*thanks* you.
Pacers Packers and Rants
Pacers Packers and Rants - 6 dager siden
Wow! Don't understand why anyone would watch this! Want to know what people also don't like watching? My videos. Give them a chance though I mean come on... 😏
Sniley Snile
Sniley Snile - 6 dager siden
RealDragun - 6 dager siden
Angel5999 - 6 dager siden
Steve F
Steve F - 6 dager siden
The Funhaus/Exfunhaus crew and the Upupdowndown crew were a perfect match. Hope they work together more
ThatFartNibba - 6 dager siden
1st😏 wait what bighead beat me👿😡😾😠
BigHeadBoi11 - 6 dager siden