Immortals Fenyx Rising - Official Adventure Time Crossover Trailer

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Finn and Jake get some help battling Cerberus in this trailer for the Immortals Fenyx Rising and Adventure Time crossover.

Immortals Fenyx Rising launches on December 3, 2020.
Runtime: 01:13


speedy lewder
speedy lewder - Time siden
I want
Concealed Eurypterid
Concealed Eurypterid - 2 timer siden
I'm still calling the game Gods and Monsters
Captain23rd Gaming
Captain23rd Gaming - 2 timer siden
Ngl im really happy to see Finn and jake back, i really do miss those guys 😭
lyricalmiracletypebeat - 2 timer siden
h U H
validusername - 2 timer siden
I can't prove this, but I'm pretty sure Jake can't actually multiply his face 🤔
Denzel Dickenson
Denzel Dickenson - 3 timer siden
Omg Cross overs thank brawllhalla I love it !
RenegadeFade - 4 timer siden
How is this more than a marketing gimmick with one of my favorite shows?
aDiOs - 4 timer siden
Oh i thought it was a series but sady no😞
CerLopez - 4 timer siden
This was suppose to excite me and make me happy but it made me sad
Elven At Heart
Elven At Heart - 4 timer siden
Super Manny GAMER
Super Manny GAMER - 5 timer siden
When we aren't seeing distant lands
Average Brenden
Average Brenden - 5 timer siden
Adventure time
Cmon grab your friends
Well go to very distance lands
Mr. Miscellaneous
Mr. Miscellaneous - 5 timer siden
Adventure time just keeps coming and coming with new content
t500010000 - 5 timer siden
Not to be a stickler but Jake can't stretch out extra eyes and mouths
Tờ Núi
Tờ Núi - 5 timer siden
This video makes me want to watch Adventure Time more than play the game
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay - 6 timer siden
Ok *NOW* I'm interested
Infant Native
Infant Native - 6 timer siden
Fuckery! Nobody! I mean no-damn-body defeats Finn & fuckin Jake! Remove this please lol
Iodine - 7 timer siden
Ultra Fox
Ultra Fox - 8 timer siden
Finn would put up more of a fight than that lmao.
Георгий Матин
Георгий Матин - 8 timer siden
Finn is so generous, he literally forgot how to *SWORD* to make place for a nice character introduction.
꧁BreaCch꧂ - 10 timer siden
Saleh Siddiqi
Saleh Siddiqi - 10 timer siden
This animation a little weird.
Zombie Sheep
Zombie Sheep - 11 timer siden
Hell yeah!
Blurplepie - 12 timer siden
Wait... Is this dlc? Or just a poorly conceived commercial to retain relevance in an audience with constantly shifting opinions?
Zainab Hamed
Zainab Hamed - 12 timer siden
0:31 that part made me laugh so much 😆
m0derncat - 12 timer siden
They should make a distant lands version
Kaptain Fitzy
Kaptain Fitzy - 12 timer siden
Pretty sure those aren’t Finn and Jake’s voice actors...
Ethan Hayes
Ethan Hayes - 13 timer siden
Jake can change size and shape, not grow entire new organs. That three faces thing was completely inaccurate.
Hazim Shaqir
Hazim Shaqir - 13 timer siden
Im gonna buy t
awesome wolf
awesome wolf - 14 timer siden
Yes, more adventure Time
RedTheWeeb - 14 timer siden
Oh that's kinda cool
Kevin Montalvo
Kevin Montalvo - 14 timer siden
Why is Adventure Time promoting a video game? This show ended like 2 years ago...
Jerry Harvey
Jerry Harvey - 16 timer siden
Jake...can't multiply his body part
Peely Bobshadow66
Peely Bobshadow66 - 16 timer siden
me: does not know what this game is
the titile: has adventure time
me: sign me up!
Foxy - 16 timer siden
FINN TV - 20 timer siden
Finn Ve Jake,yı Çok Kaletile Çizdilar...Ama Diğar Adam Kötü
Bu Arada Bu Cartoon network de Türkçesi Var....Bence izleyin
FINN TV - 20 timer siden
Synopsix - 20 timer siden
Is nobody gonna talk about how weird jake sounds in this
Abdelrahman Elzein
Abdelrahman Elzein - 21 time siden
This is fanfiction level I hate it
Papa smoke
Papa smoke - 21 time siden
I genuinely thought this was a trailer for the next HBO Adventure time special
Gamers of Legends Past
Gamers of Legends Past - 21 time siden
I’d rather have Finn and jake lol
Tristan - 21 time siden
Damn that cerberus was just vibing and they killed it :(
Soulist - 22 timer siden
It’s the game that will apear in the series or finn and jake are going to appear in the game?
Cole - 23 timer siden
I feel like whenever finn and Jake are in some promotional crossover they always revert back to their old season 1 and 2 selvels pff. (Also judging because finn has his arm, it probably is.)
Cole - 23 timer siden
Also just noticed, he has his first sword, so that makes sense haha.
Que Ess
Que Ess - 23 timer siden
Bro since when could Jake grow new faces? He literally never did that.
FGPerry - 23 timer siden
Kymmy Wingo
Kymmy Wingo - Dag siden
Oh cool
Jeremy Shada can still do Finn's voice
I thought it would sound like an "Aged Finn"

And of course, John DiMaggio everyone!
SOOP3R - Dag siden
I’m getting this game for sure now
FetPotatoh - Dag siden
So is there adventure time costume in the game?
boom - Dag siden
is nobody gonna talk about how much CAKE Finn is packing? 0:17
Tilted Malzahar
Tilted Malzahar - Dag siden
Damn this fandom in the comments really doesn't do anything but cry over everything
Joni Lepistö
Joni Lepistö - Dag siden
Most of the games budget was blown in this trailer
Neo Core Saturn
Neo Core Saturn - Dag siden
Imagine being like "HEY, I can't wait to play this on my Stadia :D"
ムク - Dag siden
some guy is probably like " I told you all buying a Stadia was worth it!"
D'angelo JacobHymenShits
I mean
That was kinda cool ngl
this looks like fanmade lol
ThatGamerNerd TGN
ThatGamerNerd TGN - Dag siden
Not the same voice actors, that’s sad
ThatGamerNerd TGN
ThatGamerNerd TGN - 5 timer siden
@PKBlitz ok when the time comes we’ll know
PKBlitz - 6 timer siden
@ThatGamerNerd TGN They sound a little bit off but they're still clearly the usual voice actors. Finn sounds exactly like jeremy shada and jake does sound a bit off i'll give you that but I can still hear john dimaggio. When the game comes out, we can easily just check to see the voice actors and see who they casted as finn and jake. guarantee you it'll still be the original actors.
ThatGamerNerd TGN
ThatGamerNerd TGN - 7 timer siden
@PKBlitz you can tell they aren’t
PKBlitz - 8 timer siden
they are the same actors tho?
Leaf - Dag siden
It doesn’t make me feel the same anymore
The StormBolt 2020
The StormBolt 2020 - Dag siden
Michael Schaeffer
Michael Schaeffer - Dag siden
Umm... those art styles are gonna clash...
FrakWithAria - Dag siden
Cancel the game and reallocate the resources to this show.
poop man
poop man - Dag siden
Aw man I thought there would be some in game stuff.
william morgan
william morgan - Dag siden
what even is this show
samueltheman - Dag siden
Adventure Time
william morgan
william morgan - Dag siden
oh its a game what??? but like how dose that work
Vlad Do Stupid Things
Vlad Do Stupid Things - Dag siden
0% Gore
Benji Wayen
Benji Wayen - Dag siden
This show is boring now :/ (for me)
Die Machine
Die Machine - Dag siden
Goggle Hero Omega Maple
Goggle Hero Omega Maple - 2 dager siden
that lady is holding Saaba
Khalil Thomas
Khalil Thomas - 2 dager siden
How did we get here?
Joseph Houston
Joseph Houston - 2 dager siden
Joseph Houston
Joseph Houston - 2 dager siden
Tactical Milkman
Tactical Milkman - 2 dager siden
Wait so it’s not even out?
Matthew Gomez
Matthew Gomez - 2 dager siden
Come on finn, again with your shenannigans?
SkandiTV - 2 dager siden
I like how youtube still calls this game "Gods & Monsters"
Based, it was a better title anyway.
Geronimo Alonso
Geronimo Alonso - 2 dager siden
Josmation - 2 dager siden
I hate cross overs like these they undermine the characters
DoctorDreamcast - 2 dager siden
Wait the immortals protagonist is a girl
DoctorDreamcast - 2 dager siden
Wait the immortals protagonist is a girl
FurryEskimo - 2 dager siden
Sort of, cute, but also weird? Feels really un-lore friendly.
Crazy Potato
Crazy Potato - 2 dager siden
how does this tie into the game tho? are they gonna be playable characters?, side quest?, skins? like what?
arisa momoka
arisa momoka - 2 dager siden
Stiiiilll no gameplay trailer?
Ivan Luigi Velasco
Ivan Luigi Velasco - 2 dager siden
First Brawlhalla, then Immortals: Fenyx Rising, I swear in the future, Assassin’s Creed will have Finn saving another Princess while wearing a hood with Jake as his weapon…
John Peacekeeper
John Peacekeeper - 2 dager siden
Two arms and the gold sword... this is Season 1 Finn, before all the character development
Kymmy Wingo
Kymmy Wingo - Dag siden
Classic season
K Brown
K Brown - 2 dager siden
ZnairWaL - 2 dager siden
I Hope they make another CardWars Game :
PREDAKING - 2 dager siden
Anything from adventure time actually in it tho?
Deacon Warren
Deacon Warren - 2 dager siden
they should do a bravest warriors and adventure time crossover
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson - 2 dager siden
Didn’t realize this was an Ubisoft game. They are making my Uplay sub worth it!
Just Zseeo
Just Zseeo - 3 dager siden
Finn you got rejected *A G A I N*
S - 3 dager siden
The Stadia cover art we'll never see again.
The Great Chimera
The Great Chimera - 3 dager siden
who the hell voiced Jake in this?
Christian Aliferis
Christian Aliferis - 3 dager siden
Jake can’t make multiple faces.
LeRandomBro - 3 dager siden
They couldn't bother bringing her in for new voicelines?
redtygr14 - 3 dager siden
This reminds me of the time they ruined Bravest Warriors after season 3 with Flash animation. Except here it's surprisingly not as bad.
Raul lopez Mario
Raul lopez Mario - 3 dager siden
¿There will be an adventure time with inmortals fenyxz?
Globby - 3 dager siden
I think I've seen gameplay for this game and isn't it similar to botw? How exactly is this gonna work? Is it gonna be like brawlhalla or something?
C.M. Cameraman
C.M. Cameraman - 3 dager siden
She's sassy as f**k! Holy s**t I like her!
Lucas Longo Lucasksenha
Lucas Longo Lucasksenha - 3 dager siden
Imagine a crossover between a Adventure Time and Regular Show
Daniel Emerson
Daniel Emerson - 3 dager siden
I thought there would be like a finn costume for fenyx or something
Jack Diaz
Jack Diaz - 3 dager siden
Finn in love again
anthonio - 3 dager siden
0:54 *rolls eyes at finn*
fans: _”perhaps it is an act of war”_
GIZMO RADOS - 3 dager siden
La la Lame...😫