IO Interactive Bond Game (Project 007) - Teaser Trailer

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Surprise! The developers of Hitman are making a Bond game!
Project 007 is a brand new James Bond game that has you play through the world famous spy's origin story.
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Codenamed Zombie
Codenamed Zombie - 2 timer siden
Hitman with Hair
FireWater Tequila
FireWater Tequila - 2 timer siden
A remastered classic?
ExpiredOnly - 3 timer siden
another B OMEGALUL N D game
AJHaeford89 - 4 timer siden
Its about time
4K King
4K King - 4 timer siden
Usually i dont care for teasers trailers but THANK YOU for letting us know Bond games arent dead!!!
ThatsBroFromChicago Derrick
ThatsBroFromChicago Derrick - 8 timer siden
If they do the multiplayer correctly this can be just as big as GTA online. 007 should’ve been on the PS4. I have my money ready.
vol Rogue
vol Rogue - 10 timer siden
All I need now is a Splinter Cell game that gives me MGSV: TPP gameplay vibes, and we're set
Arbeli Rozenberg
Arbeli Rozenberg - 11 timer siden
Finally they're making something new instead of another Hitman. And another one, and another one...
NoOneCanFindMe - 12 timer siden
When is this bond maturing?
TheCasualGamer - 12 timer siden
This better not be the same, boring stealth like Hitman. We want some straightforward fast paced action
cenedron - 13 timer siden
They better make it like a third person adventure game
Hope4NewDay - 14 timer siden
Idris Elba DLC already planned for release
Ab85 main
Ab85 main - 15 timer siden
Worst teaser ever.. probably worse than cod
Manitos Flores
Manitos Flores - 15 timer siden
Si hacen el nuevo juego de 007 que sea en primera persona y recordada por 007 GoldenEye N64
lastgunslinger3759 - 17 timer siden
Surprise it's going to be a reskinned Hitman three
...or at least run on the same engine as Hitman so basically take engine 47 put a wig on him give him some 007 gadgets and that'll probably be the game not that it'll be bad but....
John McCarthy
John McCarthy - 17 timer siden
I wonder if this will be James Bond or 007 where you’ll create your own agent (male, female, trans).
Robert Bowser
Robert Bowser - 18 timer siden
OddJob Collectors Edition.
Mental Stamina
Mental Stamina - 20 timer siden
Please give us an actual AAA multiplayer experience! Please keep this game in first-person!
Rund - 13 timer siden
It's made by the makers if hitman so of course it's going to be triple aaa
Elias Holmes
Elias Holmes - 20 timer siden
Are we going to actually have James Bond or the black girl they hired to be the new 007 in order to please the idiotic, woke shitlibs, who aren't even fans of the franchise?
If it's the former, I'm all in.
If it's the latter I'll pass.
Diego Rubio
Diego Rubio - 20 timer siden
Captain Voluntaryist The Statist Slayer
So we're playing as a bullet now?
Evan M. Fabiano
Evan M. Fabiano - 20 timer siden
What that really necessary?
pooper scooper
pooper scooper - 22 timer siden
Dude this is gonna be sweet oh man it’s been way to long
Simon Gravel
Simon Gravel - 23 timer siden
Simple yet effective!
Jadzia Dax
Jadzia Dax - 23 timer siden
Ok... Now what?
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - Dag siden
Awesome a new Dora game!?!?!?
Atik Islam
Atik Islam - Dag siden
After a long time!
Mouktar Atiku
Mouktar Atiku - Dag siden
Please please from Russia with love remake.. The multi-player was so much fun on the ps2
Dave Houston
Dave Houston - Dag siden
Weres the fawking gameplay
DigitalH SKNR
DigitalH SKNR - Dag siden
I've never watched the bond films but I'm still gonna have fun watching people play this
Varen Abiyu
Varen Abiyu - Dag siden
The most iconic barrel in world
M. Bowman
M. Bowman - Dag siden
Another ringer with the slick trigger finger for her majesty
Victor W.
Victor W. - Dag siden
I have a feelings it’s gonna be a female 007 lol
I wonder who Microsoft let them to make it. Watch Microsoft buy IO before this game is released or make IO release 007 exclusive to Pc and Xbox
Ricky Vaughn
Ricky Vaughn - Dag siden
Teaser trailers are such a tease. They need a new name, maybe" we have nothing to show you" trailers.
LelandAndroid - Dag siden
I hope they capture the unique vibe of Everything or Nothing. That game is a masterpiece still to this day. Had it’s own original theme, solid gunplay, and theatrical missions. Very excited.
Samster Entertainment 2
It's about damn time!
tigerwong - Dag siden
Cool the last was on n64 i think🤣🤣 to many years
HennieBrood - Dag siden
Ok so this is from the makers from hitman? This gonna be fire
tinidor08 - Dag siden
In case tge game will have an opening theme like on the bond movies, please have muse or arctic monkeys do it.
BoutDatStrenuousLife - Dag siden
RedRiverChannel - Dag siden
I think IO Interactive is very very suitable to make a Bond game. I hope agent 47 make an apperance in the bathroom.
xGearzy - Dag siden
This actually sounds so fire. I love the visual style of hitman and to mix that with such a cultural icon of bond... *Chefs kiss*
Gustavo Fernández
Gustavo Fernández - Dag siden
I like the whole seeing the bullet get loaded first thing
IronDenni - Dag siden
I dont like the New Hitman Games hope the 007 Project is better
Rund - Dag siden
New ones are the best ones
adolfo arias
adolfo arias - Dag siden
4k at 120fps though?
Rund - Dag siden
Well it's probably going to release in 2022 so prob yes
Архив Валентина 2020
007 everything or nothing ......
Raphael Turtle
Raphael Turtle - Dag siden
What is this? A video game?
Joey Paredes
Joey Paredes - Dag siden
Red Hood
Red Hood - Dag siden
Bro please I've been waiting for a bond game again since goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 don't mess this up I'm a huge bond fan movies and games
Rund - Dag siden
The people making it are the makers of hitman
Clay_reznor - Dag siden
About time; it's so weird to have gone for this many years and not having a James Bond game.
Anagha Malwee
Anagha Malwee - Dag siden
But guyz keep in mind, bond is not only an assassin. I hope to see missions demanding a lot more than silent killings. They do have the premise for that.
yung氷 - Dag siden
Please let it be open world
Rund - Dag siden
Derrick Haggard
Derrick Haggard - Dag siden
This is awesome.
D Y - Dag siden
i will be a hitman! but instead of agent 47 it will be agent 007
Vishnu Prateek
Vishnu Prateek - Dag siden
Next up! Project John Wick!
Mr Smiff
Mr Smiff - Dag siden
I just hope its not rushed and stands up to the name.
Turan Kubilay
Turan Kubilay - Dag siden
Haydi hayırlısı bi nane göremedik ama...
zeropotatoes X
zeropotatoes X - Dag siden
I realized Hitman Absolution was a bond game in the wrong franchise.
Doylant - 2 dager siden
The beginning of something bigger
Mark Fikru
Mark Fikru - 2 dager siden
I hope it’s Daniel Craig.... no offense, I just love his version of Bond.
ronbuster1 - Dag siden
Couldn't agree more would love to play as Craig in this
Sector Gaming
Sector Gaming - 2 dager siden
I'm so hyped for this !!! =o
G Field
G Field - 2 dager siden
ioi?! That’s worrying.
Rund - Dag siden
Vicente Perez
Vicente Perez - 2 dager siden
Last 007 game I played was on N64, I remember is had multiplayer as well, I wish it were to have multiplayer like that one
Paul Michael Alonzo
Paul Michael Alonzo - 2 dager siden
Ray Traced Daniel Craig
Chetanya Mundachali
Chetanya Mundachali - 2 dager siden
Rafael Hernandez
Rafael Hernandez - 2 dager siden
After this game and the movie releases I can die happy lol 😭😭😭
Golan Katz
Golan Katz - 2 dager siden
Daniel Dickson
Daniel Dickson - 2 dager siden
This game needs to let us play with a Sean Connery skin.
Eduardo Dworzecki Pires
Eduardo Dworzecki Pires - 2 dager siden
WildBearFilms - 2 dager siden
This trailer teases harder than my gf does right before we go out get food lol wth
Iamfamoose - 2 dager siden
Agent 47 vs Agent 007
Iamfamoose - 2 dager siden
Just yes
Mare Perisoare
Mare Perisoare - 2 dager siden
Do Goldeneye the justice it deserves on next gen
L P - 2 dager siden
👁👄👁 its been 84 years.....
Aaron Coutinho
Aaron Coutinho - 2 dager siden
A match made in heaven
William Brown
William Brown - 2 dager siden
Don't forget the multiplayer ioi. Please don't let it be an afterthought. Goldeneye multiplayer was the go to for years.
vakama539348 - 2 dager siden
When 47 met 007
Mr. 0lvera
Mr. 0lvera - 2 dager siden
Watch. Its gonna be based off the new films female character.
OneWhackMan - 2 dager siden
My first thought when seeing this wasnt: oh they're finally making a new bond game?
It was: which bond are we gonna have
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot - 2 dager siden
Once again. As long as it's a LICENSED game. Always stay cautious guys, too many licensed games have pained us before (Star Wars 1313, Gotham by Gaslight, Open world Flash game, Open world Superman game, and so on)
Maheshwar - 2 dager siden
Both are damn amazing.
Ricardo Bravado
Ricardo Bravado - 2 dager siden
Put all the bonds in this one please for free for all plus all the classic baddies!!! Hope it's 3rd person too
Mohd Rizwan
Mohd Rizwan - 2 dager siden
Ps4 and ps5
Gamez Masta
Gamez Masta - 2 dager siden
The names Bond, James Bond 😁
Brooks Neilson
Brooks Neilson - 2 dager siden
IOI...getting Ready Player One vibes here!
Taylor Wisniewski
Taylor Wisniewski - 2 dager siden
This has the possibility to be the worst or best 007 game
TheData Thief
TheData Thief - 2 dager siden
I’m literally watching spectre right now wtf.
Saikonotpath - 2 dager siden
A james bond game in 2020?! So Syphon Filter is possible?! *MonkaHmm*
Rund - Dag siden
Pretty sure it's not going to be released in 2020
GREMGODMAN - 2 dager siden
Finally a new bond game
R520 J R
R520 J R - 2 dager siden
This is the best version of the gun barrel opening and its not even in a movie
Exeltih Op
Exeltih Op - 2 dager siden
Sooo not even a second of real footage😂😂
suicidalburn - 2 dager siden
In Vr please!!!
Rund - Dag siden
Not only vr hopefully
c4m320n - 2 dager siden
Yeah but can we do proxy mines only on Facility?
Mario187 - 2 dager siden
I hope the game is like Everything or Nothing with some iconic multiplayer modes from NightFire and GoldenEye 64 added to the mix. But I do wish a dev like Rare again or Dice tackle a first person 007 Bond game.
maritimus17 - 2 dager siden
Will be ready just in time for PS6
ChessIQ - 2 dager siden
... wow I'm so excited. I cant wait 💩
JustMR R34P3R
JustMR R34P3R - 2 dager siden
I missed when 007 games were a thing now here we are again I hope this new one hits it out of the park.
Tiago Borges
Tiago Borges - 3 dager siden
Still remember nightfire from the ps2?
Giorno standman
Giorno standman - 3 dager siden
in the words of moist jesus WOOOOOO this is what we have been waiting for thats what its all about