Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Review

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory reviewed by Gabriel Moss on PlayStation 4. Also available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox. Narration by Akeem Lawanson.
Runtime: 05:30


rickjamesia - 13 timer siden
The demo made me uncertain about the game. The presentation is confusing and difficult to judge precisely. I really preferred Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and sort of wish this was just on 3DS also. I might get this on a really deep sale, but I think for now I’ll just stick to pure rhythm games like DJMAX and Muse Dash, because they just feel better to play.
Epic Nick
Epic Nick - 16 timer siden
Why is this game 60 dollars when kingdom hearts 3 is like, 17
Chip Winzel
Chip Winzel - 16 timer siden
This game is so boring. As a huge Kingdom Hearts fan I’m struggling to finish this chore of a game.
Carlitos Freaking Burn It Down
0:01 How nice to hear music from the first video game on Kingdom hearts 1, and now I finally bought Kingdom Hearts melody of memory on my birthday.
❤Kingdom Hearts 🤩
A 7 (IGN) I gave it the vote okay we are satisfied the same.
Gejamugam Latsoomanam
Gejamugam Latsoomanam - 2 dager siden
Gonna pretend kairi died in kh3 and sora never disappeared
Kairi was useless in kh3, so much for all that training in Merlin's hyperbolic time chamber
THEBEASTKING109 - 3 dager siden
The only world they didnt have was 'Deep Jungle'. ...
DogeAmi doge
DogeAmi doge - 4 dager siden
I can’t believe this game cost as much as kh3
DogeAmi doge
DogeAmi doge - 3 dager siden
@Myles Gonzalez well if someone bought it then that is a waste
Myles Gonzalez
Myles Gonzalez - 3 dager siden
It costs more than the kingdom hearts complete collection somehow
JasonIGN - 4 dager siden
This reivewer sounds like Nathan Fillion
Michael Lochlann
Michael Lochlann - 4 dager siden
no story and still has a better story than KH3
Davorian Ware
Davorian Ware - 5 dager siden
The is canon isn't it?
Benny Boi
Benny Boi - 5 dager siden
I appreciate the idea but theres no way I'm buying this unless it's massively discounted.
DJ 40 Watt
DJ 40 Watt - 5 dager siden
This is not the Kairi game anyone wanted!
Jared M
Jared M - 5 dager siden
I want a keyblade guitar for my gaming experience, I will then play this game.
Roxas - 5 dager siden
He called me....Ruxas
A J - 4 dager siden
Sure he didn't get your name right but don't worry Ruxis for everything else stick with ign!
Amil Ramcilovic
Amil Ramcilovic - 5 dager siden
I´ve played KH when I was a kid, but seeing this feels like I´m playing Audiosurf, or am I wrong lol?
B S - 5 dager siden
Memory of melody 3:57 nice one yeah
TriscuitTheBiscuit - 6 dager siden
3:21 I noticed your in-joke Mr.Reviewer. (Wanted to let you know)
Allen Navas
Allen Navas - 6 dager siden
N Weirdo
N Weirdo - 6 dager siden
what the heck, they make the gameplay like mobile game...
Blessings of Babylon
Blessings of Babylon - 7 dager siden
Sure hope this sells well enough, so the dev team can go on to make theatrythm games again.
Cade Watkin
Cade Watkin - 7 dager siden
3:08 This man really just called him Rucksas 😭
Dreamsage - 7 dager siden
Let’s just agree on one thing here. If you played melody of memory, you’ve already redownloaded an older kingdom hearts or you’re thinking about it now
Tack Gaming
Tack Gaming - 7 dager siden
Solid 8.7....Nuff Said
Tack Gaming
Tack Gaming - 7 dager siden
₩oooooooo1 I enjoyed the video but Yalll gotta do better on Reviews
postjm9 - 7 dager siden
I loved Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, but this has the same problem Amplitude (/Frequency) did for me:
It just feels like pushing buttons.
It never feels like music.
At least Theatrhythm had the tactile feel of using the stylus, unless you played with buttons (no offense at all to those with disabilities who couldn't use the stylus).
Edgar Sanchez
Edgar Sanchez - 7 dager siden
Ill never forget the heart breaking moment I saw that a KH game was coming to the switch and I realized it was a rhythm game.
Ritz Malheur
Ritz Malheur - 7 dager siden
Cutscene Simulator.
Aaron - 7 dager siden
Yeah, I'm not supporting garbage like this lol. I cannot stand how much I was in expected to play and watch and blah blah blah that is nothing like the mainline titles, just to understand the 3rd game. Hated it.
And I'm just not going to support it. If I need a recap for the next mainline title, I will use youtube. Tired of this lol.
AleSavness - 7 dager siden
Platined days ago
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia - 7 dager siden
0:58 I can finally enjoy life because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Luke AHsaur
Luke AHsaur - 7 dager siden
fuckin lame.
caramatic - 7 dager siden
I love the series but I think I'll pass on this one just not my style I think this is gonna be another one that people might hate like the one where you have to play cards instead of attacking i don't see this one getting much ratings
James S
James S - 7 dager siden
Jovan Karri
Jovan Karri - 7 dager siden
I really thought we were gonna play with Kh3 graphics in this game when we saw the trailer but noooo.
King Claude
King Claude - 8 dager siden
Yeah 7 out of 10 is what I'd review to. It would be higher if they had added missing tracks like Tarzan, Pirates of Caribbean, and noteworthy songs like Face My Fears from kingdom hearts 3. It also would've of been great if they had more customizations. More character models costumes or just simply being able to change equipment like getting the Ultima Blade since your able to synthesize materials in this game. They reused alot of assets on this game. It could be so much better with an update.
Cesar Valle
Cesar Valle - 8 dager siden
Is this a phone game?
BigGuyZee - 8 dager siden
This game is A LOT of fun. I highly recommend this game for any KH fan (especially if you're a fan of the music). Yes it's not exactly 'KH4' but its a nice change of pace, plus its great to finally have a KH game on the Switch, and I hope more will follow.
Infamous-Riv3ra - 8 dager siden
It's memory Dives not "Drives"
Invisible Inque
Invisible Inque - 8 dager siden
If you like Kingdom Hearts but you do not like rhythm games: 7/10
If you do not like Kingdom Hearts but you like rhythm games: 8/10
If you like Kingdom Hearts and you like rhythm games: 9/10
If you do not like Kingdom Hearts OR rhythm games: I don’t know why you’re watching this video
Derek - 4 dager siden
@SuperStarRod 2 do you not know what a mobile game is?
SuperStarRod 2
SuperStarRod 2 - 4 dager siden
@Derek Mobile?
Derek - 4 dager siden
Why would I spend $60 on a mobile rhythm game?
ObiWannaBlowMe - 8 dager siden
Better suited for mobile.
SiriusBlack109 - 8 dager siden
This is a bad review. While i do agree that its a 7/10. The reviewer clearly is reading something because Kairi is technically not playable. Also the mode which he called Memory Drives is actually called Memory Dives. And while some people will complain about the price...if you put it in context with other rhythm games like Guitar Hero etc which have been known to have less songs plus make people buy DLC for more songs. The price actually balances out
Liz Zvereva
Liz Zvereva - 8 dager siden
No one actually wants this........... ESPECIALLY FOR 60 DOLLARS
KyleYoung2012 - 8 dager siden
I vow Disney to make a Keyblade guitar for this game...whose with me?
cast - 8 dager siden
Why does he say roxas name like that?
jeff wells
jeff wells - 8 dager siden
Ruxas joins Rain and Duncan in names that are pronounced incorrectly smh ign
Kevin Iz
Kevin Iz - 8 dager siden
According to the price point, they're trying to tell us that this game is going to have the same quality as KH3. Let that sink in.
Steven Higgins
Steven Higgins - 7 dager siden
Price has never been indicative of quality for any game. A price is set for a new game is set when a console launches, and all titles for that console are that price. Period.
Alessandro Moosa
Alessandro Moosa - 8 dager siden
Goodness me, this might actually be thievery. :/
Rezzy Senpai
Rezzy Senpai - 8 dager siden
Game should've gotten a 5 just for being a overpriced mobile looking rhythm game.
Meme Lord
Meme Lord - 8 dager siden
flurpes - 8 dager siden
Persona rhythm games just destroy this, and i looooove KH.
flurpes - 8 dager siden
Was pretty let's too simple and the graphics are awful.
Shiny Blake
Shiny Blake - 8 dager siden
I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts fan but I'm going to wait till this game is remastered as a collection of cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts 3.69: Prelude Final Mix International RE:Mastered Keyblade Edition
Empathy Trail
Empathy Trail - 4 dager siden
Part 3
chilling-boy - 8 dager siden
Japanese samurai sword makers also make samurai sword with a rythm you can look it up that is why japanese people love these kind of games
Brenin Watson
Brenin Watson - 8 dager siden
He said Kairi was playable, is that even true??
Noony - 8 dager siden
Err no! ..there's a scripted moment but that's it 😌
Danny Chavez
Danny Chavez - 8 dager siden
What a waste of making this one. I love you, Square Enix, but WTF?
Jolly Palangue
Jolly Palangue - 8 dager siden
Hit like if you sing on your mind after seeing the "SIMPLE AND CLEAN" title
Marlo Billiardo
Marlo Billiardo - 8 dager siden
Raycapone The Art Designer
Raycapone The Art Designer - 8 dager siden
This game ain’t worth no $60 dollars 💵 I’m sorry ☹️ I’ll pass
Chude existe
Chude existe - 8 dager siden
I love this series but it's crazy that being a saga based all around friendship this is the first game you can play offline with a friend
DPooleThe1 - 8 dager siden
Imma skip this one
cutez0r - 8 dager siden
This is Guitar Hero but suffering from the "Benjamin Button" effect.
Edwin - 8 dager siden
I just bought the all in one package... what now, they're going to release all in one remix hd 3.8?
Dr Coomer
Dr Coomer - 8 dager siden
Everyone here already watched the cutscene compilation
Space Man
Space Man - 8 dager siden
Im tired of playing this story over and over again. Im gonna play a different game instead. 😂
Mob 100
Mob 100 - 8 dager siden
This just paves the way to kingdom hearts versus 13 where an usurper of darkness with an army of heartless machines with guns, fight against the ancient keyblade masters wearing ffxv armor which I recommend, protecting kingdom hearts where an adult sora wait alongside with other keyblade wielders, standing together against the usurper of darkness.
Nick Reddy
Nick Reddy - 8 dager siden
People are not actually justifying full price for this rhythm game when games like cyberpunk are coming out for the same price right? Right?
Alrox97 - 7 dager siden
@Alessandro Moosa depends on your terms of cash grab.. is actually a fun game to play... i mean i like KH music so... a rhythym game is a welcome game for me... besides... On switch you can reduce the price... i mean i did use my gold points and i had a lot to reduce the price for a bit .-. And black friday helps on this too
GoodGuyBrian - 7 dager siden
@Alessandro Moosa it looks like a competently made rhythm game lol what do you mean cash grab
Alessandro Moosa
Alessandro Moosa - 8 dager siden
Don't wanna sound hateful, but majority of KH fans will buy anything with the KH title slapped on it and blindly sing its praises; eg. this absolute cash-grab of a game.
What Not To Do
What Not To Do - 8 dager siden it though? Or we getting another delay?
Jerome McCalla
Jerome McCalla - 8 dager siden
Why couldn’t the graphic be similar to kh3???
Steven Higgins
Steven Higgins - 7 dager siden
Because Switch.
Cralo - 8 dager siden
Man I love kingdom hearts but I was so disappointed with the story in 3. I was expecting a much better game. Gameplay was great but man smh at the story. That made me wanna leave KH alone. It might be over for me, I haven’t even had interest in this demo and it’s sad because I’ve been playing since the first game came out when I was 9
E Reyes
E Reyes - 8 dager siden
Who is "Rucksus"?
LeRandomBro - 8 dager siden
Take a drink everytime Square Enix forces us to play as KH1 Sora
Chip Winzel
Chip Winzel - 16 timer siden
Why are they still doing this? I remember being mad in 2012 when DDD had KH1 Sora
Gigamear - 4 dager siden
Why do you think they keep bringing him back? Fits the disney aesthetic more?
SectionEight - 6 dager siden
Are you trying to kill me?
Lightning H8
Lightning H8 - 8 dager siden
James Johnson
James Johnson - 8 dager siden
Kingdom of hearts.... the most over rated game series of all time.
- SalemCrow -
- SalemCrow - - 8 dager siden
The game came out like 4 days ago
DR METROPURSUIT - 8 dager siden
What an insult to an incredible franchise
Chris Reilly
Chris Reilly - 8 dager siden
Should not be more than £20
Gianni SLUICE Vargas-Navalta
Paloukotis - 8 dager siden
and still after so many years not a single pc version of this interesting are you smoking square enix?
Echo Pendragon
Echo Pendragon - 8 dager siden
Jvdumir - 8 dager siden
Its a 10/10
there now go watch another video
hiroisbak - 8 dager siden
This makes you feel like kingdom hearts melody of memory
Mecha Robots
Mecha Robots - 8 dager siden
Tried the demo was alright
Dirvinator - 8 dager siden
This should have come out for the PSVita years ago
MondoPartyMan - 8 dager siden
Where’s my real kingdom hearts for switch?
PastoKage - 8 dager siden
This should be a F2P game. Nomura is out of his effin mind.
Point Man
Point Man - 8 dager siden
0:37 KH3 review
Mr. Snake
Mr. Snake - 8 dager siden
7 out of 10. That seems fair.
Nep-tune Pro
Nep-tune Pro - 8 dager siden
there is not such thing as "spinoff" in Kingdom Hearts universe
Eric VanLeeuwen
Eric VanLeeuwen - 6 dager siden
@Rople dude sora is done right my man. Most are
Rople - 7 dager siden
*cough* the horrible V-cast game *cough*
pretty gexy
pretty gexy - 8 dager siden
Nomura dont even know what spin of is
Bubbly Jubbly
Bubbly Jubbly - 8 dager siden
The fact he mispronounced Roxas’ name makes my blood boil.
PETER RUIZ - 8 dager siden
Love the game but done like this guys review 🤣
Anonymous Dan #6523
Anonymous Dan #6523 - 8 dager siden
I’m a big Kingdom Hearts fan...but tbh I just don’t really feel up to reliving the series again for like the 8th time, I just want new (cohesive) content and main entries!
DAXTER - 8 dager siden
ps5 all parts remastered
Senor Frijol
Senor Frijol - 8 dager siden
Honestly I wouldn’t be mad if the next KH game we get more square Enix worlds and less Disney worlds. Like I know that won’t happen but the Disney worlds in KH 3 just didn’t hit for me. At this point t I just want more focus on the KH cast
Mr. Hollidayy
Mr. Hollidayy - 8 dager siden
so u can go afk and they can still move right?
LFFL - 8 dager siden
ff8 or ffx would be nice with this style. they have the best soundtrack
OPmules25 - 6 dager siden
@LFFL it used to be on iOS, where you would purchase individual tracks or bundle or the whole game. But square removed it from the App Store.
LFFL - 6 dager siden
@OPmules25 wow cool. Never know about that game. Dont have 3ds. Looks so fun. If they remake it, i think its gonna be better than this kh game
OPmules25 - 6 dager siden
Dissidia Theatrhythm exists, it has the final fantasy tracks, buts it’s all 2D, so it might look appealing at first glance.
ADz -
ADz - - 8 dager siden
man they need to put KH 1.5&2.5 remixes on the switch would be a instant buy for me
AleSavness - 4 dager siden
@Rotisserie Soup u right
Rotisserie Soup
Rotisserie Soup - 4 dager siden
@AleSavness I think they were talking about the games CALLED “1.5/2.5 remix”
AleSavness - 7 dager siden
Hell no, old soundtracks are way better, for ex lazy afternoon
Peter Bergania
Peter Bergania - 8 dager siden
you may find other breeze through it, i however have a very bad sense of rythm.
Crashme222 - 8 dager siden
10/10 game
sephiros9999 - 8 dager siden
They are running out of ideas :/
Kevin - 8 dager siden
:'( Couldn't get thru KH3...couldn't even get thru this vid as well.
bradlie1 - 8 dager siden
If it was 40-30$ then I'd buy it for sure but 60$? You really gotta love both KH and rythm games to justify that purchase and I dont like rythm games much to begin with. Hopefully the price drops soon so I can play it later on
WarmedLearner - 8 dager siden
Welp IGN your on thin ice! Don't make think I'm going on a rant about your reviews and everything you will be exposed!