LEGO Super Mario - Series 2 Expansion Sets Trailer

Check out the LEGO Super Mario Series 2 trailer to get a first look at the new Power-Up suits that give LEGO Mario new abilities and collectible character packs featuring iconic Super Mario characters.
Runtime: 01:36


Nathan Sanchez
Nathan Sanchez - 13 timer siden
The 30s pipe plays the music from Mario 64, cool
random stuff productions
random stuff productions - 18 timer siden
There's just one thing missing. Lego Luigi!!!
Sloth Tv
Sloth Tv - Dag siden
I am in fact a kid so oooooooohhhhhh dis finr
Rayzorum - 2 dager siden
Elwoodr563 YT
Elwoodr563 YT - 2 dager siden
Ferando Rojas
Ferando Rojas - 2 dager siden
No Lego Luigi😪
Effie Kalkounos
Effie Kalkounos - 3 dager siden
The highest it goes up to 60 bucks
Fernanda Pyrrho Doceria Artesanal
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Hamouda Mehdi
Hamouda Mehdi - 4 dager siden
Is there a kid on earth that doesn't know who is mario?
DEMONOX 400 - 23 timer siden
Like colonel from MGS says in smash bros, there is nobody who does not know mario, he's that famous
Nihad Tuzlak
Nihad Tuzlak - 4 dager siden
Anthony Bacchiocchi
Anthony Bacchiocchi - 5 dager siden
Xcaret Jasso
Xcaret Jasso - 5 dager siden
They do not have Luigi like WHAT!!!!!!
Aiden Landrum
Aiden Landrum - 5 dager siden
It would be cool if we had Mario 64 styled sets where it’s base plates or a space where you could move around Mario instead of the linear design, still cool sets that I love
greentoes buckboi
greentoes buckboi - 5 dager siden
Alexander TheGreat
Alexander TheGreat - 5 dager siden
Where Luigi
Armando Maximo Hernandez De Leon
Still no Luigi
Trash man
Trash man - 5 dager siden
wheres luigi?
LauraOnDuty - 5 dager siden
We get to see more of Mariobob Plumberpants. :)
NateTheGamerBoy - 5 dager siden
Larry has always been my Favorite Koopaling.
Mateo Alejandro Rendón Olaya
Why does Lego always keep us waiting why can’t they just release it right now
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer - 6 dager siden
More a toy for parents than their kids 😂
Sky Bros
Sky Bros - 6 dager siden
I screamed when I saw Larry
Jay Spradley
Jay Spradley - 6 dager siden
Still no Luigi
TheAntManChannel - 6 dager siden
I'm 33 and I have no shame.
Ximena Lindsey
Ximena Lindsey - 6 dager siden
I wanted ALL of this on series 2 since I got Lego Mario 3 months ago. Also the Penguin suit looks better than I imagined!
Nuggy TheBear
Nuggy TheBear - 6 dager siden
All yours for the low price of $750
D'Mire & Nyrese Hardy
D'Mire & Nyrese Hardy - 6 dager siden
D'Mire & Nyrese Hardy
D'Mire & Nyrese Hardy - 6 dager siden
Touching Evil
Touching Evil - 6 dager siden
Release date ?
Gamer Media
Gamer Media - 6 dager siden
Poor chain chompo
Mama Mia Studios
Mama Mia Studios - 6 dager siden
Where the heck is Luigi man?
Panda Ho
Panda Ho - 6 dager siden
Why can’t they release traditional mini figures
TonySpinDash 57
TonySpinDash 57 - 6 dager siden
Dang No Luigi 😢
35reich - 6 dager siden
Oh no ...
Johan Wayne
Johan Wayne - 6 dager siden
Lemuel Delvalle
Lemuel Delvalle - 6 dager siden
Lego Super Mario World.
TheDubstepDoge Gaming
TheDubstepDoge Gaming - 6 dager siden
This is cool but Leto Mario is far too expensive
tRAYantula708 - 6 dager siden
I'm still waiting on that LEGO Peach. Big or small, I don't care. *Crosses arms* 😐 But I'm happy there are more series expansion sets coming and that Nintendo is able to do all this during Covid-19. 😄
JCool Plays
JCool Plays - 6 dager siden
Me after watching the video: *wHeRe’S WeEgIe?*
john craw
john craw - 6 dager siden
Awesomeness set!
fnaf plush chaos
fnaf plush chaos - 6 dager siden
we saw the trailer and no Luigi STILL
Aryan Dey
Aryan Dey - 6 dager siden
Wait series 1 was a success?
SnackAttack1313 - 6 dager siden

Rynoverse - 6 dager siden
Man children preordering these as we speak
Gavmax 24
Gavmax 24 - 6 dager siden
Hmm still no peach or Luigi I’m surprised
Amir Amzar Mohammad
Amir Amzar Mohammad - 6 dager siden
In 2050 its gonna be vintage.imagine the price at that time...
ItsCaskey 408
ItsCaskey 408 - 6 dager siden
Nintendo doing more legos than releasing games in 2020
Diary of a wimpy kid fan! Last name!
No Lego Luigi. disappointed
IndysGameplayVids - 6 dager siden
What, no LEGO Weegee?
Joseph Lentz
Joseph Lentz - 6 dager siden
Where is Luigi tho?
Whatevr_ - 6 dager siden
I tought this was a video game
SYFY WIRE - 6 dager siden
Lego Mario
Lego Mario - 2 dager siden
I checked in the prices
Lego Mario
Lego Mario - 2 dager siden
All of this cost 155
Dj Sidney
Dj Sidney - 5 dager siden
Oh hi syfy I watched u on tv today
Jon Paul
Jon Paul - 6 dager siden
Need more Luigi.
Eddy M
Eddy M - 6 dager siden
This is so awesome I can't wait to get the set but I need the starter pack first and then get the rest
godzillafan 911
godzillafan 911 - 6 dager siden
P engu in
Fahrenheit - 6 dager siden
Fun fact : Person who play/buy this is adult
Ioly Wolf
Ioly Wolf - 7 dager siden
100% thought this was a new game coming out before I clicked. Lego Mario 😆
cry devil
cry devil - 7 dager siden
Is it free?
Aaron Montgomery
Aaron Montgomery - 7 dager siden
We Don’t Like You Workouts
MaxMoeFoe just failed NNN
JJ Productions
JJ Productions - 7 dager siden
Sorry Luigi maybe another day
Joshua Cooper
Joshua Cooper - 7 dager siden
Nathaniel bandy gonna have fun withe these
MirdjanProductions - 7 dager siden
They really should make a Peaches Castle 64 set tho
Mercury - 7 dager siden
Can we talk about how awesome the background music is?
Mark Lumsley
Mark Lumsley - 7 dager siden
If you're introducing Mario to your kids for the first time ever in this format...

you're parenting wrong.
Comrade Doggo
Comrade Doggo - 7 dager siden
*Chonky Mario*
Joshua S-P
Joshua S-P - 7 dager siden
I'm 30 and thinking dammm I want this ha. Oo to be young again
Officer Flat Foot
Officer Flat Foot - 7 dager siden
Let’s be honest, Nintendo doesn’t know their audience is full of manbabies waiting to buy these.
RICK ROLLED{FaCTz} - 7 dager siden
Lol mario is INFINITY.
TheFatbearCrew - 7 dager siden
So long lego bowser!
yoteca - 7 dager siden
Why are they always pairing a black man with an asian women in these commercials 😂 Apple does it, now Nintendo.. wtf 😂
Dr. Yumi Masamura
Dr. Yumi Masamura - 7 dager siden
Why do you think? It’s pretty obvious right now with what’s going on in America.
Exelier PL - Brawl Stars
Exelier PL - Brawl Stars - 7 dager siden
9yrs me using just huge lego platform and building my own level to play Mario in 2D before get DS
Me: amatours
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Fortnite gamer - 7 dager siden
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Bandana Waddle Doodle
Bandana Waddle Doodle - 7 dager siden
Dude, stop spamming.
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Fortnite gamer - 7 dager siden
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Kaden Mann
Kaden Mann - 7 dager siden
Who needs Luigi when you have Larry Koopa?
Help me reach 2k plz
Help me reach 2k plz - 7 dager siden
To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe 👐 read my name btw thx bye ok byee
EnergyTurtle - 7 dager siden
Fake sincerity to trick people into subscribing. Shame on you.
tomas Broflosvki
tomas Broflosvki - 7 dager siden
La wea mierda
Games Video
Games Video - 7 dager siden
SaiyanGamer42 - 7 dager siden
I want a lego luigi
Jacob McMillan
Jacob McMillan - 7 dager siden
Would have liked to see Luigi or Peach or someone
Julian Christoper Lintungan
Julian Christoper Lintungan - 7 dager siden
What the hell
Prestin Housen
Prestin Housen - 7 dager siden
Keep in mind that they added a Koopaling before Luigi.
Jimmyn19 - 6 dager siden
*Mario Kart Tour, that had a thousand variants of characters at launch but not Luigi:* 👀...👀
Space Core
Space Core - 6 dager siden
And so my grudge against the King of Koopas grows.
Alfred Christanto
Alfred Christanto - 7 dager siden
I love this kind a commercial. Clean, bright, fun.
Audi Haziq
Audi Haziq - 7 dager siden
Max gonna have a blast when he sees this😂
Jeromeee - 7 dager siden
Ist ja alles schön und gut aber wann kommen richtige Sets
Kudo - 7 dager siden
Nick Gardner
Nick Gardner - 7 dager siden
I still don’t understand why they won’t just make a Lego Mario Video Game. I mean they already partnered with a LEGO. They could both make really fun and unique game. But instead we get this.
Droolius Caesar
Droolius Caesar - 7 dager siden
so is it a game or a gimmick or?
Metal And Magic
Metal And Magic - 7 dager siden
It's a Lego set that functions as a interactive game with the Mario figure. He scans stickers that do things like give coins or time, and you go for the high score by scanning the flagpole! Neat stuff!
GonzaX - 7 dager siden
I don't know why but I imagine dashie games playing with this toy's
Pizza Kongen
Pizza Kongen - 7 dager siden
Where is LEGO from?
Bashar Jbour
Bashar Jbour - 7 dager siden
Fun Fact: *no body asked for this*
Bandana Waddle Doodle
Bandana Waddle Doodle - 7 dager siden
Funner fact: lots of people were waiting for wave 2 of lego mario
Metal And Magic
Metal And Magic - 7 dager siden
I did! :D
GLiTcH _point
GLiTcH _point - 7 dager siden
Wanna sprite cranberry?
Potato Tablet
Potato Tablet - 7 dager siden
Lego has DLC now?
Chris LaFace
Chris LaFace - 7 dager siden
It’s crazy how much Nintendo has expanded since the Wii U failure. I mean before you could only play a Mario game on a Nintendo console. But now it’s on mobile. Mario has a lego set. The original NES was released as a lego set costing almost as much as the NES itself when it was released.
Deliveredmean42 - 6 dager siden
They were known as a toy company, and they still are from time to time. So at least they have a bigger budget for these compare to a wii u era.
Metal And Magic
Metal And Magic - 7 dager siden
AR RC cars, Ring Fit and LABO with the Switch too!
Ross Mikhail
Ross Mikhail - 7 dager siden
Mario from minecraft
lionel sancha
lionel sancha - 7 dager siden
So a Chinese woman with a black guy huh