Marvel's Avengers: War Table - Kate Bishop Gameplay Deep Dive

Watch the latest War Table for Marvel's Avengers for a deep dive into Kate Bishop including a look at the character's combat abilities, and more.

Season 1 kicks off on December 8, 2020 with Kate Bishop in Operation Taking Aim.
Runtime: 09:11


luapn2187 - 6 minutter siden
So much wasted potential. Sigh
David McRae
David McRae - Time siden
Yeah this game is gunna get defunded 100%
awesomestuff81 - 3 timer siden
So Kate Bishop story is that she's going to go back in time to save her father. And the next dlc is Hawkeye and it picks up right after Kate's operation. Oh I really want to play it to find out if Kate manage to save him. 😅
Benyamin Razak
Benyamin Razak - 3 timer siden
How about make avengers gameplay like devil may cry? Can swap team members everytime to make endless combo
Beez Neez
Beez Neez - 7 timer siden
Fk Kate bitchup. BRING ON BLACK PANTHER. smfh
BoobaDoo - 9 timer siden
“Deep dive” is a joke term for this game. This game is as shallow as a puddle. It’s a game I would have expected to be excited about twenty plus years ago. Strike, jump repeat. No depth in this game at all.
the Notorious
the Notorious - 10 timer siden
Game was such a disappointment
RubherPuh - 10 timer siden
I just say they should fix matchmaking. When the game launched the first week it was impossible to find people and I stopped playing. Now its more impossible impossible to find anyone so it's not worth it.
jaydenrock - 11 timer siden
So super adaptioid is basically Taskmaster. Lame.
Angel Gonzales
Angel Gonzales - 11 timer siden
This games only been out for 2 months and lost 100% of its player base, right?
jaydenrock - 11 timer siden
@2:33 Spider-man
HakxxaW Official
HakxxaW Official - 12 timer siden
Forgot this game exists.
victor kyaw
victor kyaw - 12 timer siden
"Did you guys put the word quantum in front of everything?"- Scott
Christian W.
Christian W. - 14 timer siden
That look alot like francis barton man
YoungAfro - 14 timer siden
This trailer looks bad
Zenix Rodz
Zenix Rodz - 15 timer siden
Cyberpunk coming on December 10th...
“Millions have left the Chat”
Saif A.
Saif A. - 15 timer siden
"She shoots quantum energy arrows"
...What? That... thats not how that works.
Jasraj Gulshan
Jasraj Gulshan - 16 timer siden
This should never have been a games as service.
samuel fernandes
samuel fernandes - 17 timer siden
Bad silly game
sen3.14 - 18 timer siden
Having kate bishop to be the big first dlc to look forward to kinda turned me off the game ngl
Vasco Branco Francisco
Vasco Branco Francisco - 18 timer siden
Old Man Logan.
Humberto Correa
Humberto Correa - 18 timer siden
About feiking time
Cereal - 19 timer siden
Should have tried to make an open world, single player narrative.
Survival R
Survival R - 19 timer siden
ngl that hawkeye story might be the only reason i come back, already spent the money so no point in not trying it
Cody LyfeStyle
Cody LyfeStyle - 19 timer siden
I don’t care what anyone says I like the game over all and I’m a huge avengers fan captain America is my favorite and I can’t wait for Kate and Clint to be apart of this is going to be amazing 💯🙌🏽
black john
black john - 19 timer siden
Me too man. Love marvel and this game is no different. I don't play every day so maybe that's why I don't have the complaints that most do. I'm super excited about what they have planned for us.
one piece is the worst anime
one piece is the worst anime - 20 timer siden
GraphicsWhore - 20 timer siden
Yea she can't save this game. No one can.
settingsoul - 20 timer siden
The character design in this game is so boring.😩
Keef Katcher
Keef Katcher - 20 timer siden
This games player base was a battle royale within itself. Only one player left
Justbelieve - 21 time siden
Kamala Harris related to her?
La Goat
La Goat - 21 time siden
Wasted 60 dollars
Tuxer - 22 timer siden
Cyberpunk or this......... going to go with cyberpunk
Bruno der Kameramaa
Bruno der Kameramaa - 22 timer siden
Im interestet but PLEASE FIX THIS GAME
Matt Malone
Matt Malone - 22 timer siden
These cutscenes look like old mortal kombat cutscenes
Matthew Jacobs
Matthew Jacobs - 23 timer siden
None of us are going to care until the combat is re done. With no meaningless combos. And there shouldn't be bugs any more. Hire a better story writer.
DeAndre Evans
DeAndre Evans - 23 timer siden
Can it be whole 7 player do mission together? 4 player isn’t enough
anoni miti
anoni miti - 23 timer siden
This game had so much potential, sad have said farewell
XxcyxX - Dag siden
I forgot I had this game...
BatmAnubis - Dag siden
Going to delete my whole save file so this can feel somewhat worth it. Might as well start fresh on the story.
Man of the West
Man of the West - Dag siden
The campaign was great and the heroes' fighting mechanics are a lot of fun. Content wise, the game needs a shot in the arm badly. This deep dive is reassuring. I'm not going to write the game off until I try this DLC.
Sterling Mallory Archer
Kate's gameplay seems boring.... so yea, I guess it fits this "game".
SilverShadow1617 - Dag siden
This just might be worth the wait, I’m actually excited for this and future content coming down the line
Sterling Mallory Archer
Millions...?! Really
You mean as in dollars they lost on this bag of garbage 60 of em😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Blade - Dag siden
I was willing to give this game a chance multiple times then my game got reset..twice
Jeremiah Biggs
Jeremiah Biggs - Dag siden
This is this games way of saying “ But wait there’s more....”
Jeremiah Biggs
Jeremiah Biggs - Dag siden
They could have used this earlier.😔
Venom King
Venom King - Dag siden
6:50 I didn't know she could fly?
Ricardo Santiago
Ricardo Santiago - Dag siden
Low key excited
Anthony Salazar
Anthony Salazar - Dag siden
I hope the updates can save this game :)
LTKFatal- - Dag siden
Big fail of a game
Ibe Enns
Ibe Enns - Dag siden
This is awsome and im hyped. Buuuuuut. Can we at least re play story missons. I loved the story
TheTrueGame Chippy
TheTrueGame Chippy - Dag siden
if you want to buy this game just wait a year when its done a cheap.
Gage Christy
Gage Christy - Dag siden
Nobody cares. 🤣
Pierre Attaud
Pierre Attaud - Dag siden
Joke of the year
Chill Bill
Chill Bill - Dag siden
jaydenrock - 11 timer siden
It is pretty awful timing.
EddieParkerTV - Dag siden
I’ll run it tbh
MarkEll _
MarkEll _ - Dag siden
What thor skin is that
Incognitus - Dag siden
All that time for a LAME looking
KB01 - Dag siden
Put spider-man in all platforms
Andrews Wilson
Andrews Wilson - Dag siden
wwyd amonamarth hurdygurdy bush curren$y kygo beatles
Raja sekhar Chemikala
Raja sekhar Chemikala - Dag siden
Game characters, environment and story setup are great in avengers...but there's a main problem "gameplay" dynamic camera movements, and every body got bored after the fight with M.O.D.O.K...Actually, i have stopped playing it after that 😐😐... anyways take a note these things and atleast make avengers 2 better.
Dream Cloud
Dream Cloud - Dag siden
Kate and a ton of new bugs incoming....
Mason Paige
Mason Paige - Dag siden
How boring is this game?
Can’t wait
Nicholas Vazquez
Nicholas Vazquez - Dag siden
The Iron Asgardian lmfaoooooo 2:40
J Final
J Final - 2 dager siden
Oh are people still playing this game?
Julian Mc
Julian Mc - 2 dager siden
This game has literally 800 active players, why do they still supporting it ?lol
Hulk-Buster111 - 2 dager siden
Its fitting it chose this hill to die on. 🤣😂
Lorencito Galinato
Lorencito Galinato - 2 dager siden
Where talking about time...
V man
V man - 2 dager siden
Face it square enix y'all took big L with this game. Nothing can make this game better.
shahrul masud
shahrul masud - 2 dager siden
Crystal dynamics take notes from spider man by insomniac. That game is perfect
Carter blake
Carter blake - Dag siden
nope they shall not
soubido - 2 dager siden
what happened to Spider-Man? I thought it was a PS4 exclusive, did I miss something?
black john
black john - 19 timer siden
Coming spring 2021
avatarstany - 2 dager siden
does all the future playables comes with the Deluxe upgrade or do I have to purchase them separate?
Kildros - 12 timer siden
Sumokai - 2 dager siden
dead gane already lmao
Palastar VII
Palastar VII - 2 dager siden
Well guess she's the closest hero to nightcrawler that I'm going to get. Still I feel I should wait, til at least 3 heroes.
John Malizia
John Malizia - 2 dager siden
you need to update the characters we have now. need different or more combos. this game needs new levels and not just new missions on the same level.
? - 2 dager siden
i'm so confused, this game's still a thing?
archeil decastillo
archeil decastillo - 2 dager siden
i feel like this game is going to be free to play in the future? hahaha
LovesDarkness - 2 dager siden
Christ...even when they finally get the new content they've been demanding...people are STILL petty little children.
black john
black john - 19 timer siden
Yes. They sure are.
Stefhan Alvarado
Stefhan Alvarado - 2 dager siden
This game looks absolutely atrocious and extremely boring. I don’t get the appeal whatsoever.
Chig Chug
Chig Chug - 2 dager siden
You thought the FPS was bad? Now with all the teleportation it’ll be way worse
Braedon Morecraft
Braedon Morecraft - 2 dager siden
this looks kinda cool hopefully they keep it up and build something dope eventually
Johnny Hart
Johnny Hart - 2 dager siden
Ashly Burch...... I'm super out.
Isostormgamer 558
Isostormgamer 558 - 2 dager siden
Can someone explain to me why everyone has to keep posting hate comments on every single thing that has something to do with this game? It's just getting annoying. If you don't like the game then ignore it.
black john
black john - 19 timer siden
Welcome to 2020. Btw I dig the game
Nathan Hughes
Nathan Hughes - 2 dager siden
At the bottom of Maestro’s throne did anyone see black panthers mask!?!
B3ardeDragon - 2 dager siden
yeah im sorry. who tf is kate bishop really? no one to get hype over? ok
Snaglebeast - 2 dager siden
Adam Nichols
Adam Nichols - 2 dager siden
All 2 people still playing this game are really gonna like this update lol.
But seriously, why is their own update video so choppy? How are people supposed to have confidence that Crystal Dynamics will fix the game, when they can’t even fix their own videos FOR the game? It looks like a middle-school student made this video on their home computer.
Big Zs On The Way
Big Zs On The Way - 2 dager siden
An archer as your first
WeaponOfMyDestructio - 2 dager siden
Im Kate Bishop. Who? You know the other Hawkeye... Who?
Sirk Skywalker
Sirk Skywalker - 2 dager siden
Only thing I wish it to do missions solo or have duos. Kate bishop and Hawkeye going on missions together would be dope
SterlingK Art
SterlingK Art - 2 dager siden
Wow, they gave Kate a sexy skin and SENTINALS. That'll make me spend $30 on this dead game. Bravo guys.
DeViLLe 84
DeViLLe 84 - 2 dager siden
Reading some comments here seems like people are forgot about destiny 2 ( and many other games)...took bungie almost 3 years to bring the game on the right path, and they did it, make the game free and buy dlc with 40 euro ha ha nice joke. I forgot about eververse.. also I never played Avengers but tommorow i will buy it and give it a shot.
Eclectic Jon 101
Eclectic Jon 101 - 2 dager siden
Came for the comments. Haven't even watched the video. Wasn't disappointed.
Ethan Shearer
Ethan Shearer - 2 dager siden
Post launch content for a game that died on launch. 💀
ČINČILA - 2 dager siden
Thumbnail reminds me of Mockingbird
LBC02 Gaming
LBC02 Gaming - 2 dager siden
Same mission backdrop as always. I will be skipping this ish.
Theyungcity23 - 2 dager siden
6:44 there we go. I'm just here to see that her hip circles have been confirmed in game. Wooo!
LBC02 Gaming
LBC02 Gaming - 2 dager siden
This game will never make it without a open world setting
Miguel González
Miguel González - 2 dager siden
It has a 50% discount in the ps store... Might just get it! It could turn into another No man's sky!
Edit: yeah, I bought it and the game crashed quite quickly: in the second scenario, the rooftops with Kamala. The camera glitched and I couldn't jump anymore. I quit the game and started playing something else. Way to go, Square Enid!