Metal Unit - Official Gameplay Trailer

Check out the latest gameplay trailer for Metal Unit, an anime-inspired pixel-art side-scrolling shoot-'em-up from developer Jellysnow and publisher Neowiz. Metal Unit is due for release on PC before the end of the year, with a Nintendo Switch version to follow. There's a free playable demo available now on the Metal Unit Steam page:
Runtime: 01:03


John - 6 dager siden
The thumbnail made it look like Nier: Automata
Neave - 7 dager siden
What? I already have this game
Mahamadou Taibou
Mahamadou Taibou - 7 dager siden
Cool game!
Muhtasim Dhrubo
Muhtasim Dhrubo - 7 dager siden
Damn, that music!!
megarith - 7 dager siden
I don't think I want to.
Tchitchouan Inouane
Tchitchouan Inouane - 8 dager siden
side scroller what a shame
Tounushi - 8 dager siden
Was expecting another waifu gacha , saw a promising shmup.
양재호 - 8 dager siden
To be honest this game trailer looks nothing like it's 2020 game
Not because of it's pixel graphic, but because of it's bad visual and cliches
Even Megaman X4 would look better then this and its from 1997..
pyfro1 - 8 dager siden
I totally forgot this game was in early access.
Black Athena
Black Athena - 8 dager siden
Eriko. Oy
Eriko. Oy - 8 dager siden
I'm getting bored of 8-bit

I feel like my eyes are bleeding
Klark Griswold
Klark Griswold - 8 dager siden
Yeah with games like this they need to be on switch
William Andrews
William Andrews - 8 dager siden
What about us $ony and Micro$oft fans?
Stef Ssj
Stef Ssj - 8 dager siden
Oh damn this looks awesome
DrVince - 8 dager siden
I see anime I click
Earl - 8 dager siden
Anime Protagonist
Anime Protagonist - 8 dager siden
I see cute waifu I click. Simple.
Santiswayy ENT.
Santiswayy ENT. - 8 dager siden
Can’t wait for the switch release
Jon E
Jon E - 8 dager siden
Looks like it could have potential I’ll keep my eye on this one
Bumhuntah - 8 dager siden
Character design made my Unit go Metal.
HKgaming - 8 dager siden
the DARK BANKAI - 8 dager siden
Switch = NES
The Based Don Holy
The Based Don Holy - 8 dager siden
I might check it out when it drops on switch.
EhCloserLook - 8 dager siden
Is this ACTUAL music from the game? B/c the music is pretty lit.
Commander Cody
Commander Cody - 8 dager siden
Looks great!
Roji Pelayo
Roji Pelayo - 8 dager siden
Omg please be on switch!
Crit - 8 dager siden
I want this!!!
marco angelo
marco angelo - 8 dager siden
Looks interesting
Norman Couture
Norman Couture - 8 dager siden
Looks nice!
Diuran - 8 dager siden
Waiting for Switch ver.
Mob 100
Mob 100 - 8 dager siden
Sorry Metroid but I’m seeing someone.
Nicholas Zorgias
Nicholas Zorgias - 8 dager siden
alucard971 - 8 dager siden
you can bite my shiny metal unit
IMAN7THRYLOS - 8 dager siden
Why do most indie games look like 16bit games? We have consoles with terraflops of power and GB of RAM. I can understand that their budget doesn’t allow them to make Ghost of Tsushima graphics but cmon. 7 years ago, when PS4 was released, it had Resogun as an indie title. That game was Indy but did look like it was running on new hardware.
Sean Kinsella
Sean Kinsella - 8 dager siden
Why is the entire comment section whining about it being a pixelart sidescroller, it looks interesting at least
Fathur Shaon
Fathur Shaon - 8 dager siden
Anyone know the soundtrack ?
Reg Aubade
Reg Aubade - 8 dager siden
The cute anime girl made me click.
Gary Darnell
Gary Darnell - 8 dager siden
Another pixel game just what the world needed. This is really gonna push the graphical possibilities of the Series X and PS5.
Singed420SnowinIt - 8 dager siden
Ah yes misleading artwork only to show yet another 8-bit side scroller, a classic tactic done by shitty devs.
John C.
John C. - 8 dager siden
You wouldn't believe the amount of times I was tricked into clicking a trailer for an 8-bit game disguised as a different one from the thumbnail... instantly clicked off and clicked back on just to write this comment.
Vauxite - 8 dager siden
Side scroller indie game. Wow, haven't seen one of those before.
Arnell Long
Arnell Long - 8 dager siden
3D Adventure Game. Wow, haven't seen one of those before. A Racing Game. Wow, haven't seen one of those before. A FPS Game. Wow, haven't seen one of those before. Lol, seriously tho...I don't mind the side scrollers, but I do wish they updated the sprites to at least 32-bit instead of 8-bit.
FalcoMerc - 8 dager siden
I wouldn't mind that Indie developers finally move on on the 8 bit games to a 32 bits with high quality sprites and cool gameplay.
FalcoMerc - 7 dager siden
The other one is called Icey and I'm really looking forward to play Anno Mutationem.
FalcoMerc - 8 dager siden
@myd3boro let's I think it's calles Hex it's a Cyberpunk type game, Salt and Sanctuary, Tokyo Dark, Shovel Knight, there are others but I don't remember the titles when I turn on my PS4 will check it. Would you recomend any in particular?
myd3boro - 8 dager siden
What indie games have you played? There are many with hand drawn animations and characters
Giba - 8 dager siden
Bushiden is the only one coming soon that I can think of. It' looks like a Sega Saturn game.
Arnell Long
Arnell Long - 8 dager siden
Agreed. 🙏
Help me reach 2k plz
Help me reach 2k plz - 8 dager siden
To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe 👐 read my name btw thx bye ok...
spike Valencia
spike Valencia - 8 dager siden
What a class of metroid is this?
Diego Gael Cuevas Morales
Diego Gael Cuevas Morales - 8 dager siden
Will it be release on xbox ? Someday ? :c
Norbert Ward
Norbert Ward - 8 dager siden
If Samus had a sister...
Alexander Ryuu
Alexander Ryuu - 8 dager siden
Samus is an europian tho?
julianx2rl - 8 dager siden
Rotating retro-sprites... and that's a thing that's going into the "shouldn't exist" list.
Wilfred101 - 8 dager siden
Played about 1/2 of the demo on Steam; beginning enemies were kinda whack but I'mma still give it a chance.
Jon Tourville
Jon Tourville - 8 dager siden
Megaman. But you’re a lady.
JimBambi - 8 dager siden
This actually looks fun. Hope it comes to Ps4
likegamescom - 8 dager siden
It must be intersting and fun game, we will play soon like 👍
Andrew Cusumano
Andrew Cusumano - 8 dager siden
Damn, no ps4/5 plans?
FoxArrowOwl - 8 dager siden
Metal unit. Is this some sort of innuendo?
Ylendeth - 8 dager siden
0:05 and 0:42 are what you are here for.
Distant Mind
Distant Mind - 8 dager siden
You mean you're not?
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
She looks like either a mini Gundam or the final form of a Kamen Rider...
N A - 8 dager siden
More akin to bubblegum crisis meets metal slug to me.
jhigaloo - 8 dager siden
I see that you have made you're comment
david games
david games - 8 dager siden
give me a key IGN pls :), it's a joke
Eric Moore
Eric Moore - 8 dager siden
It doesn't even look bad but for some reason people really like hateing on 8bit looking games
Veer Pal
Veer Pal - 8 dager siden
Yea some people just don’t like them (tho they could just ignore them instead of complaining but whatever)
D4CJ - 8 dager siden
Franco André
Franco André - 8 dager siden
l - 8 dager siden
anime tiddies never get old
Black Acura
Black Acura - 8 dager siden
0:41 aand im sold
Distant Mind
Distant Mind - 8 dager siden
I would be too. Spritework overall looks fine as well, but there's just something about the video that makes me wary about it. Usually when a dev makes a protagonist that appeals mainly in how attractive they are, it means the rest of the game is lacking and they're just doing this to get more sales. For the time being I'm calling it for this game as well, but I'll keep an eye out in case I'm wrong.
SpikeTheWolf - 8 dager siden
Me 2
SeKToR - 8 dager siden
Was excited by thumbnail then saw Neowiz. Nope time to move on.
FalcoMerc - 8 dager siden
@Lucas yes it's getting old and most of this 8 bit style games are low quality. Doesn't have the feel of the early retro style games .
Lucas - 8 dager siden
So, what's the problem?
exSPiDERmate - 8 dager siden
same lol once I saw the 8-bit graphics I was like nope
SpikeTheWolf - 8 dager siden
Who they?
arnaldo alange
arnaldo alange - 8 dager siden
What Kind of Metroid is This? 🤔🤔🤔
Squidrific - 8 dager siden
This instead of a s4league sequel...
Dan - 8 dager siden
Strange up just using a remix of Metroid for the music
K Ho
K Ho - 8 dager siden
Cool story bro
SheikAshii - 8 dager siden
Every game with a cool picture/character is just another side scroller
Red Draco
Red Draco - 8 dager siden
Every damn time lol
Weiti666 - 8 dager siden
@Hikari Sakai Still have to give that one a shot. My pile of shame is just - well, piling up at the moment.
Hikari Sakai
Hikari Sakai - 8 dager siden
@Weiti666 nope, its as shown. Beats a lot of triple A games out there imo and its my favorite anime themed game atm.
Weiti666 - 8 dager siden
@Hikari Sakai Did Genshin Impact have totally misleading imagery? 🤔
Commander Cody
Commander Cody - 8 dager siden
Who cares, it looks fun.
Inaba39 - 8 dager siden
Strange seeing neowiz on this? Thought they were a Rhythm game dev.
Kilik - 8 dager siden
they are just publishing it
I Am Not Nice
I Am Not Nice - 8 dager siden
Looks like it might be pretty fun and interesting. I might check it out with some christmas money
『Seiba』 - 8 dager siden
My prayers have been semi answered finally a new mech game
Elibbb1111 - 8 dager siden
Transformars+ mega man
Tornait - 8 dager siden
nah, not even.
m15anthr0pe - 8 dager siden
Wishlisting simply because the music is fire lol
Clouds4Cheap - 8 dager siden
Music is hype!
Jonathan Christoper
Jonathan Christoper - 8 dager siden
Love the soundtrack
FakeEnglish - 8 dager siden
I will buy this.
Brujo Hernandez
Brujo Hernandez - 8 dager siden
Nice. Glad to see game's coming to steam first and not on epic 👍
Anthony17 - 8 dager siden
Music is nice
High Tier Loot
High Tier Loot - 8 dager siden
*A Weapon to Surpass Metal Unit*
alberto oliver
alberto oliver - 8 dager siden
Dam dis look litty!
BloopinDaThird - 8 dager siden
Indie devs always with the surprises keeping my wallet on E!!
heil diato
heil diato - 8 dager siden
Neowiz ? It’s not indie it’s a big company waiting for whales to sweep some cash tho