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If you're confused (or maybe worried) about what Microsoft buying Bethesda means for your favorite game franchises, don't worry! Sydnee breaks down Microsoft's recent comments about the acquisition. And If you're playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on PS5, make sure you're playing the right version! We'll show you how to check. And Twitch is doing a great thing for a great charity. It's your Daily Fix!
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Naked Old Snake
Naked Old Snake - 3 dager siden
I only care about Doom
Col. Kulwinder Singh
Col. Kulwinder Singh - 3 dager siden
teamedge dogs bigchungus blender swoozie carmenking
akingpa - 3 dager siden
Seems like PlayStation has a few more launch issues than Xbox
Rockstargames Official
Rockstargames Official - 4 dager siden
Keaton Reilly
Keaton Reilly - 4 dager siden
They can and will take away from ps whenever they want
Matthew Leifson
Matthew Leifson - 4 dager siden
Bye doom eternal on the switch I guess..
dann - 4 dager siden
We all know what there going to do lol
King Of Mount Olympus
King Of Mount Olympus - 5 dager siden
Sydnee my love always has the best video content on the whole planet...💃
Kirsty Rhind
Kirsty Rhind - 5 dager siden
"Presumably" .."I can imagine" .."I think" ... I think YOU need clarification on the meaning of "clarifies."
Sean Patterson
Sean Patterson - 5 dager siden
"Clarifies" 😂😂😂 that's come click bait!
Patrick Cruz
Patrick Cruz - 5 dager siden
No Microsoft will not release their AAA Bethesda titles on PlayStation....can we stop speculating and move on with our lives.
Patrick Cruz
Patrick Cruz - 5 dager siden
So this dumb Bethesda exclusivity narrative is just going to keep going until Elders Scrolls 6, Fallout 5 & Starfield are released as Xbox exclusives and everyone will be like....duh of course.
Kevin Skinner
Kevin Skinner - 5 dager siden
I play pc but I haft to say xbox x is better then ps5
P51 Mustang
P51 Mustang - 5 dager siden
Not very informative this time
wεw lαd
wεw lαd - 5 dager siden
oldspice051 - 5 dager siden
So basically they're not planning on console exclusivity, but Bethesda games will run better on Xbox.
Lala Land
Lala Land - 5 dager siden
Roll the thing
sinner 13 Halloween fiend
sinner 13 Halloween fiend - 5 dager siden
I still haven't opened my ps5 yet lol
José Almeida
José Almeida - 5 dager siden
Where are the people that said that PS players would cry about Bethesda being bought by Microsoft?
These Eyes See Darkness Clearly
Microsoft is weak AF if they don’t completely monopolize Bethesda. Sony has exclusives so Microsoft should do the same thing. And I’m a PS4 player!
Jiren Gray
Jiren Gray - 5 dager siden
Nah Microsoft ain’t as petty as Sony. I want them to make the games exclusives to shut the pony’s up
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips - 5 dager siden
IDC about Xbox buying Bethesda, I just want Spider-Man.
TheNewfineart - 5 dager siden
Microsoft do not own Zenimax yet and under US law it would be illegal to make any decisions public about exclusivity.
ForgottenNuts Yo
ForgottenNuts Yo - 5 dager siden
I'll be getting the xbox versions of bethesda games anyway, due to the more open and accepting modding policies.
Wilhem Almodovar
Wilhem Almodovar - 5 dager siden
To anyone who’s confused, Bethesda will not be making their IP’s we know and love exclusive to Xbox, more likely it will be a new IP you can only play on Xbox, there’s no way Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Deathloop, Doom, etc. is missing out on PS4/PS5 market
Sanaa Bouargane
Sanaa Bouargane - 5 dager siden
Better call saul
Kevin Donovan
Kevin Donovan - 5 dager siden
Isn’t Deathloop by Bethesda a PS5 exclusive for 1 year?
yah boi chris
yah boi chris - 5 dager siden
We still don’t know anything
gubernational57 - 6 dager siden
I think the next Skyrim and star field will be timed exclusives on Xbox. The next Skyrim will probably be exclusive to Xbox for a year then go cross platform. But idk that’s just me
itsmissCoCo - 6 dager siden
I would make them exclusive just like how sony do with spiderman and watch all the pathetic dweebs just cry about it
Death Rabbit Games
Death Rabbit Games - 6 dager siden
SourBogBubble - 6 dager siden
Love how she keeps saying Xbox over Microsoft over and over, as if there isn't some Operating system that was made by Microsoft used across the globe, doesn't exist. 🤔🤭
Justin Hoskins
Justin Hoskins - 6 dager siden
Microsoft should make ALL Zenimax games exclusive to the Xbox. Sony would DEFINITELY do it.
Roger Benjamin
Roger Benjamin - 6 dager siden
Bacalhao 5 anyone?
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig - 6 dager siden
Just a thought and maybe they already have something like this but E-sports for gamers with disabilities. It could be another great way to raise $ for causes and give some gamers with disabilities another career path as I'm sure at times its hard to find a job with a certain disability. I have seen vids of people with a disability who would destroy me lol...anyways just a thought.
BIMAXPRO - 6 dager siden
Ngl i cant wait to see the irony of "proconsumer"
james bond
james bond - 6 dager siden
Aditya Ravichandran
Aditya Ravichandran - 6 dager siden
CitanulsPumpkin - 6 dager siden
Who wants to bet the next three re-releases of Skyrim will be Xbox and PC exclusive?
Jake Raptorjuice3000
Jake Raptorjuice3000 - 6 dager siden
Let's hope of all things....they keep DOOM open for all
cubeflame - 6 dager siden
I think we can agree that Bethesda will be mainly exclusive
Krunal Meher
Krunal Meher - 6 dager siden
One area Microsoft is lacking is exclusive Xbox games. Its no brainer they realised it and started acquiring other studio's to have catalogue for themselves.
Gaming Devil
Gaming Devil - 6 dager siden
Told you they won't make it Exclusive
Bear Dran
Bear Dran - 6 dager siden
It means past games will stay available on other consoles but new games won't
Lord Sorrow
Lord Sorrow - 4 dager siden
Yeah I see this as the old games and the playstation exclusives that were already announced will be wherever they are announced. But future games beyond that will be xbox ecosystem. So gamepass, PC, and xbox.
the joker
the joker - 6 dager siden
its almost like the ps5 is a broken console. every video about it is "tips and tricks to get your ps5 to play games properly" or "oops! my ps5 just bricked its self"
J K - 6 dager siden
Microsoft is totally going to make it exclusive. There's no doubt about it.
Jiren Gray
Jiren Gray - 5 dager siden
Sony pony’s mad
Highlander001 - 6 dager siden
@Manas Ahuja No they won't, Phil Spencer said they don't need Playstation to make back the money, games on Playstation are staying there, any new ones no.
Gaming Devil
Gaming Devil - 6 dager siden
No bro they won't
Shaninator / Play_Forth
Shaninator / Play_Forth - 6 dager siden
If Sony had bought Bethesda, Xbox wouldn't be getting Elder Scrolls, Doom, etc. I'm certain of that. That's the same company who started the third party exclusivity with Final Fantasy 7 decades ago, and they'd do it now. I know Microsoft wants to make gamers happy, but they spent $7.5b on those studios. They need a revenue return to validate the expenditure. Drive people to your platform. They can play the games on their phones, PCs, and even a $300 console that can be bought at $25 a month (with Game Pass included).
Milkias Simon
Milkias Simon - 5 dager siden
having more platforms to sell on will actually help them get the money spent get back quicker. Who knows they might cap the frame rate or the graphics for all the other plaforms but xbox or might make special bonuses/pluses for getting it on the xbox. in all honesty though this exclusive practice is kind of toxic in my opinion because the the consumer will be forced to get a console just for the ip's they like not because of the console/controllers with the only solution being buying both consoles which is well over 1k dollars. lets say I want to play demon souls and halo I cant do that unless i get an xbox x and ps5 which i obviously cant afford to do so, in the end i have to quite literally pick between both games but if i want to play the other i have to spend 800 dollars more? and I wont even spend a breath on how consoles these days make you spend money to play online ps+ and xbox gold should only be for the free games I mean yeah it makes them alot of money but overall If i was a customer and I heard that i could play online with my friends without having to recharge every month I would be buying that console which is what i did for the ps3 because xbox 360 introduced gold. In short i want to get the ps5 because i prefer the UI and the hardware benefits I have smaller hands so the ps5 controllers dont strain me unlike the xbox 360 does after a few hours. the exclusive i literally dont give a damn about the rest of them but pulling ES6 away really annoys me because that was one game i was looking forward to play
Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson - 6 dager siden
Now if games do go exclusive people will say Microsoft lied to us.
Zorse 123
Zorse 123 - 5 dager siden
Supa Troopa
Supa Troopa - 6 dager siden
If they deliberately dumb down "other platforms" visual experience to make MS platform the place to play, I won't be happy as this goes against everything Phil Spencer has been touting and promoting. This would be anti consumer. Just release the damn game at the best the "platform" is able to reasonably run. Profit is profit no matter what platform they sell it on, they still get their slice! This is coming from an avid gamer of ALL the systems. I get all systems (MS, Sony & Nintendo) because I appreciate and love what each bring to the table.
Another worrying sign I don't like is if they (MS) are using the acquisition of these top tier studio's, to only then use them as a cudgel to steer or force people to get on their game pass subscription system. I have no interest in continually handing over cash, to just have access to games. I have a preference to purchase games to own, not rent. Yes, I know there are lots of people that do like Game Pass and I don't begrudge them of that, I'm just talking personal preference. I just don't want to be forced onto a subscription service to play a game that I really like. Keep choice available so people can buy to play, or rent to play.
Noah Elliott
Noah Elliott - 6 dager siden
I honestly didn’t come to hear about people who drool on their chins that think they can play video games
Happy Emperor
Happy Emperor - 6 dager siden
All that money goes for nothing
M - 6 dager siden
Sidny Goodman is the worst IGN presenter, please stick her behind the scenes and not on camera
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith - 6 dager siden
Why in any universe would you want to play the ps4 version on ps5 when you have the ps5 version. Makes no sense to even have this as an option. It’s cool to get the ps4 version if it lets me download it on ps4 I just got the game so I’ll have to check. If not though there is no point to make it more complicated.
-ØBÏTØ ÛČHÏHÂ- - 6 dager siden
So basically Bethesda games will be on all platforms but the games will look better on the series X console, probably some timed exclusivity too. That’s fair, Sony been doing it for years. I’m just glad I’m going to be able to play the next Doom game on the PS5.
Just Some Loch Ness Monster on YouTube
These comments will be totally peaceful, right guys!
mclaudio90 - 6 dager siden
yall to soft to sony
Sonys being bashing xbox in last gen, now its time to xbox to shine
Jordan Bryan
Jordan Bryan - 6 dager siden
Sony doesn't deserve any of it.
Varnava Christofis
Varnava Christofis - 6 dager siden
click bait. nothing clarified....IGN is getting worse and worse.....
Chris Oli
Chris Oli - 6 dager siden
My girl has a lot of booze to help her pass the lockdown
GHETTO CHUNGUS - 6 dager siden
playstation still reigns supreme
Foxtrot YankeeOU
Foxtrot YankeeOU - 6 dager siden
That didnt clarify anything about zenimax. In fact that might have been the most confusing answer.
Zorse 123
Zorse 123 - 5 dager siden
AK47 - 6 dager siden
Sony would have made them exclusive without a second thought at least Microsoft has some decency.
Prabesh Gurung
Prabesh Gurung - 6 dager siden
not really. Fallout, doom, alright, understandable, but what are they actually using Bethesda for. New IP? Excluve fallout or doom spinoff?
Bryn Whitehead
Bryn Whitehead - 6 dager siden
Common sense.
altham21 - 6 dager siden
2:09 I’m in love 😅😅
Richard Russell
Richard Russell - 6 dager siden
And before you do a factory reset, remember to make sure you have PS+ active because that's the only way you'll be allowed to backup on PS5.
Matthys - 6 dager siden
Fokof ign
Christian Nava
Christian Nava - 6 dager siden
I don't really care about the Xbox having quasi-exclusives. I don't plan on buying a gaming PC. The XSX is essentially the middle ground between console and gaming PC.
It's simple. I play games on console and if you want to compare consoles then the more powerful system is the XSX and I'll glady enjoy playing Bethesda games which are not available on the playstation. If Fallout: New Vegas 2 releases as an Xbox quasi-exclusive then it may just be gameover for the playstation.
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith - 6 dager siden
Smart to clarify this Bethesda purchase after console launch. Could have swayed some people’s opinions.
Zorse 123
Zorse 123 - 5 dager siden
Definitely wasn’t clarified it has people questioning their opinions
Matthew Claude
Matthew Claude - 6 dager siden
If sony bought bethesda, they would be exclusive. Microsoft needs to stop being so nice and play the game.
Highlander001 - 6 dager siden
Till the sale is finalized, by law then can not say anything. Wait till the sale is and watch all games are going to be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem.
Daniel Shirley
Daniel Shirley - 6 dager siden
Hanzo Yamazaki
Hanzo Yamazaki - 7 dager siden
Elder scrolls 5 still have same Broken engine as its predecessor's ?
Meteor Interior
Meteor Interior - 6 dager siden
It will have a new engine
Slayer orc
Slayer orc - 7 dager siden
Come on Microsoft dun be so stingy....Sony had release Death Stranding n Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. Is time u guys released XBox exclusives title on PS
Big Boss
Big Boss - 6 dager siden
sandro anch
sandro anch - 6 dager siden
dave's dodgy dealers
dave's dodgy dealers - 7 dager siden
Syndee goodman is the only thing that is stopping me from un-subbing
dgx panda
dgx panda - 7 dager siden
They didn't clarify anything lol they can't talk about a company they technically don't own yet
fudgeyman99 - 7 dager siden
They can't properly discuss it at the moment, may as well stop reporting it till the deal is done
1982bored - 7 dager siden
It would be crazy for a business to be exclusive to just one console.... Billions of dollars lost.
queenform - 7 dager siden
how about you actually acquire better studios and make better exclusive games?
A5hTriX - 7 dager siden
It's common sense Bethesda won't be exclusive to xbox or PC. If it were, wouldn't they have announced it before the "next gen" console was out? That would've BOOSTED their sales...
TheShadowedCrow - 7 dager siden
They can't legally say they're exclusive or not because the deal isn't finalized yet so technically they don't own Zenimax until March 2021
X- Force
X- Force - 7 dager siden
So pretty much they are saying it all depends on how much money they make. If they make alot of money without those titles then it probably be exclusive. If they don't and want to make more money, they probably release the game for Xbox first and withing a year to other platforms.
ramos3x - 7 dager siden
If the games do not sell in the Xbox , they will release to every device avaiable...
Tyla Gratton
Tyla Gratton - 7 dager siden
Nah im telling you, you don't spend that money and not make the games first party especially when you need first party games. They're just trying not to make Sony bois upset right now but what that comment means in my prospective is they aren't foing to pu existing games off the systems but i guarantee anything new going forward including new games in existing franchises will be exclusive to Xbox and PC msybe even an occasional game to Swith, pretty much just not Playstation. Guarantee you.
Noname - 7 dager siden
Probably Xbox series X Sxyrim release. Enhanced!
Curtis Morris
Curtis Morris - 7 dager siden
it’ll just be xbox dlc exclusives
Steward Appiagyei
Steward Appiagyei - 7 dager siden
I guess we'll know for sure when Starfield releases.
Touching Evil
Touching Evil - 7 dager siden
I miss jessica chobot :(
E V - 7 dager siden
Pray for no massive micro transactions increase. 😂
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba - 7 dager siden
The amount of times this thing had to be clarified is hilarious 😂
Zorse 123
Zorse 123 - 5 dager siden
@Jackson Cowdrey they’ll get in trouble
Jackson Cowdrey
Jackson Cowdrey - 5 dager siden
It's because they keep speaking in riddles instead of giving us a straight answer.
Zorse 123
Zorse 123 - 5 dager siden
They can’t clarify anything till the deal is done anyway
Chris LaFace
Chris LaFace - 7 dager siden
MS can’t really say what they will do with Bethesda. They don’t own Zenimax yet. But I never expected the big titles for Bethesda to not show up on the ps5 or even Switch. MS would be leaving millions on the table.
TryingHisBest - 6 dager siden
@TheShadowedCrow Microsoft gave up on that long ago. The last fight of the exclusives was the 360/PS3 era and in the end, despite getting hammered near the start, Playstation even won that. Ever since then the only one really pushing the amazing exclusives has been Sony while Microsoft has gone a different direction embracing more of a "pro-consumer friendly gaming hub" vibe. They want to be your best buddy and allow you to play all your games on pc, console and now even phone. They don't care about the direct hardware war. It's all about the services they provide and the ecosystem they have created. That's why every piece of marketing for Series X has been about old games and backwards compatibility while PS has been pushing Demons Souls, Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank etc. It's a different focus. If I was to sum it up, Xbox is an amazingly priced, amazingly powerful piece of hardware that is basically a PC and a great offer for those that prefer the lounging gameplay of consoles or can't afford a high end PC while Sony is saying "we're not just a PC, here's things you can ONLY do on our console, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, Tempest 3d audio, advanced SSD architecture, amazing exclusives you can't get anywhere else (at least not for a year or two like with Horizon)." Two different approaches.
1982bored - 6 dager siden
@Hiyuki Katagiri lol... No... But.. Most people won't buy xbox if they ps and vice versa and they amke millions from other console versions.. I would imagine launches first on xbox then couple monthsater on ps and Nintendo and or pc.
Hiyuki Katagiri
Hiyuki Katagiri - 6 dager siden
@1982bored you're saying that Bethesda only have one game? lol
1982bored - 7 dager siden
@TheShadowedCrow for one game..... Probably not... Most people wouldn't buy another console just for one game...... Unless it was gta😂
TheShadowedCrow - 7 dager siden
The whole point of exclusives is to draw people to your platform
CosmicTony - 7 dager siden
I would leverage games like Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield and Fallout Next against Sony. Its the smartest thing to do. 100% make those games exclusive to Windows. Sony can get a taste of its own medicine.
Milkias Simon
Milkias Simon - 5 dager siden
@Just Some Loch Ness Monster on NOburn yeah ikr like ps4 fans who like bethesda might boycott just for that reason
Just Some Loch Ness Monster on YouTube
I'm pretty sure you'd piss of to many fans.
gamer480 - 7 dager siden
Sony doesnt care about that, and Bethesda is not the center of gaming.
R Bee
R Bee - 7 dager siden
So many takes on the Bethesda thing from people who clearly have zero corporate business knowledge/experience...
Erick Gonzalez
Erick Gonzalez - 5 dager siden
Its their bread and butter what do you expect?
アレックス - 7 dager siden
What a terrible video title
BaeBunni - 7 dager siden
It won't happen but it would be hilarious if they only release 1080p versions of future Bethesda games on other systems.
Matt P
Matt P - 7 dager siden
It's a bad move from MS if they still allow Bethesda games on PS and Nintendo.
They've spent 7.5bn dollars, exclusivity would really help sell Xbox consoles and Gamepass subs, if a PS5 owner has to wait say 6 months for the next Elder Scrolls game, that's not gonna bother people all that much.
I own both consoles but Xbox needs to be a lot more ruthless if they're ever gonna take the marketshare from Sony
Dixie Pixie
Dixie Pixie - 7 dager siden
Sydnee - "Roll the thing"
Me - *Shudders*
Warchief Titan
Warchief Titan - 7 dager siden
You mean the Es6 that I've been waiting for for 9 years now could be an Xbox exclusive just so they can compete with Sony and lose anyway? Es6 hype is kinda weaker now specially after Fo76 the last thing they need is to cut down their player base
Brianstorm - 7 dager siden
1:56 Syd so cute
Ciggy Pop Culture
Ciggy Pop Culture - 7 dager siden
Why does she look younger? She used the special korean baby lotion
Theo Kusuma
Theo Kusuma - 7 dager siden
I hope they don't make Elder Scrolls 6 xbox exclusive
Gaming Devil
Gaming Devil - 5 dager siden
It won't lol
Milkias Simon
Milkias Simon - 5 dager siden
yeah i dont want to have to force myself to buy a $800+ console that i dont like just for the sake of my favourite game.
TheShadowedCrow - 7 dager siden
Buy an Xbox or play PC
nayib Hassan Diaz
nayib Hassan Diaz - 7 dager siden
This cannot be true
Wesker12349 - 7 dager siden
So it means they wont release games on playstation and nintendo since Microsoft always do the opposite of what they say.
Dyxvyxd - 6 dager siden
They will release on switch because the switch isnt direct competition to the xbox
BigBank Sumo
BigBank Sumo - 7 dager siden
Anybody’s else Xbox crashing ? Wen playing the right cod or sometimes when switching to other games?
Mat O'laughlin
Mat O'laughlin - 7 dager siden
Never been a fan of any of the games they make. Idk I must be to picky. Still don't think I'll be missing out on anything.