Minecraft - Official Star Wars DLC Trailer

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Check out the trailer for the Star Wars DLC, featuring characters and locations from the original trilogy and The Mandalorian series, available now in the Minecraft Marketplace.
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Runtime: 01:09


2 COOL • CLAUDE 123 - 3 timer siden
0:34 Epic Battle
ddd - 8 timer siden
why? just why?
Brick Man
Brick Man - 8 timer siden
No sequel or prequel content??
Kevin Wood
Kevin Wood - 8 timer siden
No. Just the normal quels and mandalorian
Barracuda - 11 timer siden
Which minecraft is worth getting on PC? Java or windows 10?
Tristen T
Tristen T - 15 timer siden
Why do you guys take the trailers xbox and sony put out an post them here?
Lego Dude 25
Lego Dude 25 - 17 timer siden
Oh damn i can’t tell
Lego Dude 25
Lego Dude 25 - 17 timer siden
Is this even real
Arigat - O
Arigat - O - 19 timer siden
I find Luke’s strangely detailed face... disturbing.
IL_filmfan416 209
IL_filmfan416 209 - 21 time siden
I soooo badly want a prequal and sequel map
JAKE THE AMERICAN GAMER - 22 timer siden
balashibu yeeter
balashibu yeeter - 22 timer siden
Ok when we getting prequels
ProGHost'Z GameCreed
ProGHost'Z GameCreed - 23 timer siden
"This is a happy moment, the happiest moment of my life"

we will wait for Clone wars, Prequels, Rebels, KOTOR, Force Unleashed and other Legend DLCs
balashibu yeeter
balashibu yeeter - 22 timer siden
I don't think kotor or force unleashed will be coming but I would definitely love some prequel content
Roman Knights
Roman Knights - Dag siden
Final can blow up the rebels
Marinauder - Dag siden
Suns are not square, not canon!
Travis Gregory
Travis Gregory - Dag siden
wait minecraft has actual vehicles now?
Angry Birds and the bois
“Create your own adventure”
Can’t wait to recreate yoda stories
Julies Caeser
Julies Caeser - 2 dager siden
Wow! They really consider this a DLC?! It's just a skin/texture pack!
Chef FREEDOM - 2 dager siden
Bro like....where’s the Clones?
The nostalgic nerd
The nostalgic nerd - 2 dager siden
*Um I pretty 100% sure we had this and the original skins are way better*
Jeronimo del Toro
Jeronimo del Toro - 2 dager siden
I find the lack of prequel content disturbing
Darth Vademare
Darth Vademare - 2 dager siden
... is this legit?
TIM Stickland
TIM Stickland - 2 dager siden
Faces are bit weird looking.......
Lucas Tan
Lucas Tan - 2 dager siden
Doctor who
TomerP פלץ
TomerP פלץ - 2 dager siden
be honest, who asked for this!?????????
Sepper 2755
Sepper 2755 - 2 dager siden
But we already had a star wars dlc they were skin packs
ps4 gamer
ps4 gamer - 3 dager siden
Corin Meredith
Corin Meredith - 3 dager siden
I’m having people ruin minecraft flashbacks because of this skin
Ryan bunce
Ryan bunce - 3 dager siden
Salim Sadoune
Salim Sadoune - 3 dager siden
"make your own adventure"
Can't wait to execute order 66
Zdhpack 6072
Zdhpack 6072 - 3 dager siden
It just a re skin
James McLaughlin
James McLaughlin - 3 dager siden
Just wishing for a dark souls dlc. I'd die happy with that.
Kristjan Insler
Kristjan Insler - 3 dager siden
Ummm excuse me but where is prequel trilogy
HCProductions - 4 dager siden
Thane Zollman
Thane Zollman - 4 dager siden
I dont like the new high res skins they just look way too dark and overdone
Blake Bruggeman
Blake Bruggeman - 4 dager siden
Another one?
James Soligo
James Soligo - 4 dager siden
im happy that trashy sequel trilogy isnt there
kijonco - 4 dager siden
Can we talk about how disturbing the faces are?
Daniel K
Daniel K - 4 dager siden
I can't wait to re-create all the famous ships!... for them not not be able to actually fly... or move at all for that matter...
Stevey - 4 dager siden
SPEG - 4 dager siden
Ewww wtf
Seth Kun
Seth Kun - 4 dager siden
Sad they didnt use rtx it wouldve looked so cool
Darius Barratt
Darius Barratt - 4 dager siden
You don’t know how long I have been staying we needed a Star Wars map and now it’s finally here
ghost trooper
ghost trooper - 4 dager siden
No clone wars
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Average Man
this looks better than the Sims 4 one
Joel Smith
Joel Smith - 4 dager siden
It better have prequels content
Quinton - 4 dager siden
No Clone wars? We don't care about Disney's Star Wars, we want the High Ground!
Clément 95
Clément 95 - 5 dager siden
daniel viegas
daniel viegas - 5 dager siden
Is this an aberration?
DacobDacob - 5 dager siden
ah yes youtube this is doctor who definitely not star wars
Viggevigg E
Viggevigg E - 5 dager siden
It’s worth it just for the fact that baby Yoda is in it
ZX GALAXY - 5 dager siden
From the creators of *"Lego Star Wars."*
Zhatka - 5 dager siden
It’s finally here
Schols06 - 5 dager siden
Where’s boba fett?
Deadpool - 5 dager siden
Ok but I love the Prequels, Sequels and Cartoons as well.
Jean Barr
Jean Barr - 5 dager siden
is it free?
Spongman69 - 5 dager siden
Quqrter Grqy
Quqrter Grqy - 5 dager siden
Heck yea
Jacob The weird
Jacob The weird - 5 dager siden
Man I still prefer the faces from the original skin packs
wojtekhugo - 5 dager siden
Ah yes, when the yoda skin brought advantage in hunger games on PS3
dolsen farm
dolsen farm - 5 dager siden
I find your lack of sequels and prequels disturbing.
Henrique Augustus
Henrique Augustus - 5 dager siden
And it took this long for them to make this DLC? Why? Feels like a no brainer
jay day
jay day - 5 dager siden
The faces though
EMANUELE 34 - 5 dager siden
They really want my money uh
Agent X
Agent X - 5 dager siden
No prequels? Seriously?
American Ardvark
American Ardvark - 5 dager siden
Minecraft quest 2 is what we want!
fabiolus2007 - 6 dager siden
Do I need to transfer my Java Minecraft version to Microsoft account to download this new Star Wars? I dont see ways to purchase it in the launcher.
Booplesnooty - 6 dager siden
Call me entitled but i really hoped for clone wars content
UPtick - 6 dager siden
Omg finnaly
G31M1 - 6 dager siden
A surprise to be sure but a welcome one!
Devin M. Luna W.
Devin M. Luna W. - 6 dager siden
i don't know about ya'll, but this is the way
Christopher Sainduc
Christopher Sainduc - 6 dager siden
This weird asf
TeburaGaming - 6 dager siden
Better saber combat then EA Battlefront games.
MisterTwister - 6 dager siden
I... what?!
Let’sdothis - 6 dager siden
Neat, now techno can conquer the galaxy
McEdam Productions
McEdam Productions - 6 dager siden
Wake me up when they release a full Doctor Who DLC
Filippos YEA
Filippos YEA - 6 dager siden
karkino sto sooi sas
MemeZyy - 6 dager siden
Can't wait for the salty prequel fan girls
John Doe
John Doe - 3 dager siden
Oh there are plenty of them around.
Maguette Fallilou Khouma
Maguette Fallilou Khouma - 6 dager siden
But will it bring balance in the force ?
Bashar Jbour
Bashar Jbour - 6 dager siden
Lone wolf 4221
Lone wolf 4221 - 6 dager siden
They went above and beyond for this DLC. Game of Thrones next
DarkseedAlpha - 6 dager siden
How did they manage to make The Child even cuter?!
It's Just Aksh
It's Just Aksh - 6 dager siden
Baby Minecraft Yoda
Yo Boi Crust
Yo Boi Crust - 6 dager siden
And once again, the prequels get no love
Dejv Dejv
Dejv Dejv - 6 dager siden
Actualy better than the new films
Awesome Person
Awesome Person - 6 dager siden
I am all the Jedi
I've never cared about minecraft.....until now.
Happy Hammoud
Happy Hammoud - 6 dager siden
bro wtf is this i thought this was a remaster of the classic star wars pack but its pretending the original never existed
Lego Stories
Lego Stories - 6 dager siden
This is the way
Randomizer - 6 dager siden
Rendog enters chat*
Lymbo is good
Lymbo is good - 6 dager siden
Ok I get it
Where is the baby yoda?
Putra Shafiee
Putra Shafiee - 6 dager siden
This is the way
No Name
No Name - 6 dager siden
“Recreate scenes from the original trilogy and the mandelorian.”
**Sad clone wars and RoTS noises**
Evan_or_somthin’ - 21 time siden
@Hafidz Murshidie because no one cares about them
Hafidz Murshidie
Hafidz Murshidie - Dag siden
I loved that people actually wanted Prequels in the comments, but I have not seen a single one begging for the Sequels..
iPlay Gaming
iPlay Gaming - 5 dager siden
**sad prequel fan noises**
Comio Erpingham
Comio Erpingham - 6 dager siden
Been waiting years for this best
Jake Damelio
Jake Damelio - 6 dager siden
Me: *see’s this*
Me again: “this is where the fun begins”
portrannavi - 6 dager siden
can we drive the landspeeders??
GHOST HUNTER - 6 dager siden
There's a disturbance in the blocks
J John
J John - 6 dager siden
Smart of them not to include the new trilogy.
SannicFann 333
SannicFann 333 - 6 dager siden
minecraft you never cease to increase creativity
Drey Warmheart
Drey Warmheart - 6 dager siden
2 plank blocks 1 stick = wooden light saber
Nikólaos Féngaros
Nikólaos Féngaros - 6 dager siden
Can’t wait to use my Prequels, Rebels and Solo skin packs.