Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition (PS5) - Rambo, Mileena, and Rain Fatalities and Friendships in 4K

Three new characters join the ranks of MK11's roster, which means there are three new sets of fatalities or friendships to enjoy. Check out the new finishing moves of Mileena, Rain, and Rambo
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Runtime: 03:05


Dina Romero
Dina Romero - 14 timer siden
I don't like Milena fatalities
Father Cosmic
Father Cosmic - Dag siden
I'm actually surprised that they didn't have million they eat anything in her fatalities this time. Low-key kind of feels like a waste
jhonathandio1 - Dag siden
Rambo cuts face with blunt part of knife.
James Phung
James Phung - 2 dager siden
Aw man... I wanted rain’s friendship to be him singing Purple Rain!
tremaineKR - 2 dager siden
I here for the Bohemian Rapsody picture
pancakes jackson
pancakes jackson - 2 dager siden
I hear a ladies's voice at the end of each Fatality?
Philosophic human
Philosophic human - 4 dager siden
That other fatality for rain was a little weird.
Keith Rosacay
Keith Rosacay - 4 dager siden
Ah yes I see what you did there Rain,Bohemian Rhapsody reference
Figuring Card
Figuring Card - 4 dager siden
1:30 🎶🎵is this the real life?🎶🎵
Young Lee
Young Lee - 4 dager siden
i wanna be doctor now after learning about body parts from this game
Lil.d got the Juice
Lil.d got the Juice - 4 dager siden
01:30, he did the queen on her😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
DIO - 5 dager siden
2:23 *"This taste.... is the taste of a liar !!"*
Raúl Carrera
Raúl Carrera - 5 dager siden
Does the ps5/xsx have 60 fps fatalities now?
CooperGal24 - 5 dager siden
The words on Rambo's Fatatlity almost sounded like Ramb-Owns. Also, sweet idea of having Rambo's Friendship in a retro Laser Tag game! ^^ That brings back memories of when I played Laser Tag for the first time!
Marcello Nina Macedo
Marcello Nina Macedo - 5 dager siden
Esa referencia al queen, xDDDDD
Travis MacPherson
Travis MacPherson - 5 dager siden
2:23 This is the taste of a liar Kitana.
William Huo Cheng
William Huo Cheng - 6 dager siden
Mileena's friendship is so creepy.
Saad Golandaz
Saad Golandaz - 6 dager siden
Am I the only one who about to throw up after seeing Mileena’s fatality?
jhohner man22
jhohner man22 - 6 dager siden
Yunior Gamboa
Yunior Gamboa - 6 dager siden
Man Rambo and Milena fatalities and friendships are on point 😄
hgfgh gfhfffh
hgfgh gfhfffh - 6 dager siden
johndee759 - 6 dager siden
These fatalities are way to gruesome
Pratima giribhat
Pratima giribhat - 6 dager siden
Millena is cute
Dean - 6 dager siden
I'd def have a tea party with Mileena if I was able to put the sellotape over her mouth although she'd prob just eat that, lol
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin - 6 dager siden
Mileena: Teddy Bear
Atul Kumar Pandey
Atul Kumar Pandey - 6 dager siden
Rain have some gruesome fatalities
Cat Wolf
Cat Wolf - 6 dager siden
NRS playin' with us
Tanya in Mileena's ending
and now Rain with Reptile, Ermac, and Smoke
YaBoyPsycho - 6 dager siden
Rambo's friendship is so fire lol
Dina Romero
Dina Romero - 14 timer siden
Edward Jones II
Edward Jones II - 3 dager siden
It makes soo much sense for Rambo: laser tag.
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin - 6 dager siden
HotCrispy - 6 dager siden
1:30 bohemian rhapsody???
Andre perez
Andre perez - 6 dager siden
Love the Rambo friendship so much
DD Angel
DD Angel - 6 dager siden
Ridonculous Friendships!! LOL 😂😂😂😂😂
Angelo Santos
Angelo Santos - 6 dager siden
Did rain just did a Bohemian Rhapsody?
Nam Nguyễn
Nam Nguyễn - 6 dager siden
'I did you some justice, Bruce!'
-John Rambo(2020)-
youssef tarid
youssef tarid - 6 dager siden
Love rain fatality with the purple rain citation. Miss smoke tooo😔😔, rest in peace smoke,ermac,reptile
황부장TV - 6 dager siden
모탈 컴뱃 제작자는 진짜 사람 죽여봤을듯 ㄷ ㄷ. 잔인해
MegaFan - 6 dager siden
Was that a Bohemian Rhapsody reference!?
NJPortugal - 6 dager siden
_Damn, Rain is such a fan of Queen, he even did their pose to represent them..._
You could say, that he is such a *Killer Queen!!!*
Febbb M
Febbb M - 6 dager siden
Killer Queen has touched this comment section
ae7 workıng studıos •
ae7 workıng studıos • - 6 dager siden
bro...mileena s friendship gives u something to think about...the girl only wants to be accepted...poor little thing...
Shlok Sharma
Shlok Sharma - 6 dager siden
I absolutely love rain
The Mind of a Nerd
The Mind of a Nerd - 6 dager siden
A character in homage to Prince just made a Queen reference in his fatality. AWESOME
Joseph Crawford
Joseph Crawford - 6 dager siden
I thought the first one was a friendship😭 I was gon say, tf kinda friendship is this
Exploding - 6 dager siden
Yo how tf do I get the free upgrade for the ps5 cause I been playing on the PS4 Version since there’s no option for the ps5 version
Kneswag !
Kneswag ! - 6 dager siden
What if they added darth vader
Yeety McGreedy
Yeety McGreedy - 6 dager siden
Those sound fx at 2:07 👌👌
Justins Music and fitness
Justins Music and fitness - 6 dager siden
Laser tag.... tea party..... the fair .... got to love friendships
Victor Vrbancic
Victor Vrbancic - 6 dager siden
Yes, this pleases me... 😈
slayin thots
slayin thots - 6 dager siden
Wow super smash bros really gon far
Acid - 6 dager siden
is this the real life?
Bobby Williams404
Bobby Williams404 - 6 dager siden
Mileena's second fatality is brutal😳
Swaggy McSwaggerton
Swaggy McSwaggerton - 6 dager siden
I'm still holding out hope for Blade being a guest character in the next round of dlc (if they have another dlc)
Zwergz 112
Zwergz 112 - 6 dager siden
chris berg
chris berg - 6 dager siden
I love how they kept Rain a little goofy w the second fatality
s4ms1d3r - 6 dager siden
Rambo’s Friendship is hilarious lmao
bbbonsai - 6 dager siden
Mileena plays Sonic the Hedgehog
Inkhaotic #
Inkhaotic # - 6 dager siden
Anyone else realize. Rambo used the non serated side?
BL4CK - 6 dager siden
1:31 reference
Justin Hiryu
Justin Hiryu - 6 dager siden
Call me crazy, but I think Mileena's friendship is adorable.
Arnell Long
Arnell Long - 6 dager siden
I was just about to say that...she's lonely but knowing her...she probably killed her actual friends. Regardless, it's still sad...but adorable as well haha.
Moon Knight
Moon Knight - 6 dager siden
Kinda sad when you think about it for a bit
Zelim - 6 dager siden
Rain be like : DESTRUCTIO-DISC
Sandro - 6 dager siden
Rambo playing laser tag was pure gold. 🤣
jack luffy
jack luffy - 6 dager siden
The Queens reference is flawless 😩😩😩
Alex Frank
Alex Frank - 6 dager siden
Why do we even have fatalities anymore we all know that everyone prefers the friendships more anyways😂
NotGabriel - 6 dager siden
I thought there was a bohemian rhapsody reference lol
Diego Vilca
Diego Vilca - 6 dager siden
1:30 Rain,Smoke,Reptile and Ermac
BoosterTheRooster - 6 dager siden
Mileena's friendship is the best lol
Rolando Roblero
Rolando Roblero - 6 dager siden
That pose with ninjas is pretty terrible.
Sofakingsick - 6 dager siden
0:01 this is what Gotham needed Batman to do
Motogames24 - 6 dager siden
0:08 Rambo really took the batman job
PRAlex13 - 6 dager siden
They drew first laugh
Romolu Djabari
Romolu Djabari - 6 dager siden
Rambo Was Made to be in MK
Jordan Avery
Jordan Avery - 6 dager siden
How many editions does this game have dear lord...
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
*Krillin to his Lawyer, looking at Rain:* "Write that down! WRITE THAT DOWN!"
Moon Knight
Moon Knight - 6 dager siden
Mystic _
Mystic _ - 6 dager siden
We met again..
Zwergz 112
Zwergz 112 - 6 dager siden
Rida El Ataoui
Rida El Ataoui - 6 dager siden
Hi again...
Johnny Gonzalez
Johnny Gonzalez - 6 dager siden
Rain: mama..just killed a man
Rated-R Sicario908
Rated-R Sicario908 - 6 dager siden
Kinda fcked up to Mileena but kinda true also
Joshua James
Joshua James - 6 dager siden
1:25 coolest fatality ever
MyMason911 - 6 dager siden
Does the ps5 version also support new haptics and 3d audio what are the graphical upgrades?
Chris Rosa
Chris Rosa - 6 dager siden
Me: So Rain, since you’re wearing purple, and your name is rain, do you just really like Prince?
Rain: 1:30
Me: Well never mind then...
Rated-R Sicario908
Rated-R Sicario908 - 6 dager siden
Could have used “Rain must fall” or at least a more known queen song as a quick sound instead of the electric guitar there but still like the fatality doh
Råf Åkerfeldt
Råf Åkerfeldt - 6 dager siden
Bohemian Rapsody by Queen
Justins Music and fitness
Justins Music and fitness - 6 dager siden
Main's Main
Main's Main - 6 dager siden
Yeah he got that name cuz of the song
Arkan NOA
Arkan NOA - 6 dager siden
easy come
septillion2501 - 6 dager siden
The datamine suggests there's still 5 more characters coming. Hopefully they include Reptile, Ermac, Smoke, Cyrax and Sektor but knowing NRS it'll be John McClane and Riggs and Murtaugh.
Your Average Joe 2
Your Average Joe 2 - 6 dager siden
@Swaggy McSwaggerton never watched em but ok.
Swaggy McSwaggerton
Swaggy McSwaggerton - 6 dager siden
@Your Average Joe 2 the main characters from the Lethal Weapon movies
A.P.B. - 6 dager siden
Never heard about those guys i doubt they’ll come. Ash was in the files so we’ll see if he still has a chance of coming
Your Average Joe 2
Your Average Joe 2 - 6 dager siden
Who are the last guys😂
Understanding 77
Understanding 77 - 6 dager siden
Man fatalities are over done nowadays
dipset kory
dipset kory - 6 dager siden
Your in the -1% who feels that way. Congrats
AwkwrdPrtMskrt - 6 dager siden
Mama, just killed a man…
DJCooL4 - 6 dager siden
when you think about it, mileena's friendship is kinda sad
mouda coulda shoulda
mouda coulda shoulda - 6 dager siden
It is sad..... She only wants a family and friends... And everybody deny her that just because she is a clone... Extremely heartbreaking
Zackghost 1
Zackghost 1 - 6 dager siden
Its prob because she has a dysfunctional family i think the toys are better for her
Red Hood
Red Hood - 6 dager siden
@Arnell Long in me head canon she's mates with Sheeva and they're always trying to thirst for every new fighter with varying degrees of success,seeing Sheeva and Rambos interactions tend to be sort of flirty
Arnell Long
Arnell Long - 6 dager siden
I was just about to say that...she's lonely but knowing her...she probably killed her actual friends. Regardless, it's still sad.
HHlaxbro - 6 dager siden
Who knew Rain was a Queen fan? lmao
Daddy Kratos
Daddy Kratos - 4 dager siden
@Dezmond Ferguson His fatality has a Queen reference.
Dezmond Ferguson
Dezmond Ferguson - 6 dager siden
The dark Knight
The dark Knight - 6 dager siden
This is bad. Really bad.
BiGKiDXavieR Holloman
BiGKiDXavieR Holloman - 6 dager siden
*pew pew*
Ted Clayton
Ted Clayton - 6 dager siden
Hands down, Mileena has the best 'Friendship'.
Chris Rosa
Chris Rosa - 6 dager siden
Nah man, that’s KID THUNDAAAAAAA
Myles Hoglund
Myles Hoglund - 6 dager siden
Why you gotta do Ermac, Reptile and Smoke dirty like that?
Your Average Joe 2
Your Average Joe 2 - 6 dager siden
@Darth Misogyny klearly.
Darth Misogyny
Darth Misogyny - 6 dager siden
@Alx 3115 their not in the game lmao
Alx 3115
Alx 3115 - 6 dager siden
What do you meen
Schizoid Man
Schizoid Man - 6 dager siden
1:30 i like this Bohemian Rhapsody reference =)
Jaune47 - 6 dager siden
“I understood that reference”
Your Average Joe 2
Your Average Joe 2 - 6 dager siden
@I dont want to be here dumb dumb is a lollipop name too.
I dont want to be here
I dont want to be here - 6 dager siden
@Your Average Joe 2 dumb dumb
Your Average Joe 2
Your Average Joe 2 - 6 dager siden
@Jaune47 ok.
Jaune47 - 6 dager siden
@Your Average Joe 2 the band
Your Average Joe 2
Your Average Joe 2 - 6 dager siden
@Jaune47 queen of Egypt.
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas - 6 dager siden
Till this day leatherface is one of my favorite kombat guests i miss him so much :(
jamesbong42007 - 6 dager siden
I'm telling you they need a 60player roster
Mega Gonzalez
Mega Gonzalez - 6 dager siden
we want animalities!!!
A.P.B. - 6 dager siden
@Mega Gonzalez i agree animalities would be amazing
Mega Gonzalez
Mega Gonzalez - 6 dager siden
@A.P.B. i never liked friendship
Mega Gonzalez
Mega Gonzalez - 6 dager siden
@A.P.B. with the tech we have now. animalities would look amazing
A.P.B. - 6 dager siden
Probably in the next game like how mk9 had babalities
yenkocamaro696 - 6 dager siden
Rain's Fatality: poses with klassic ninjas.
Shang Tsung: uses klassic Rain for a move or two.
Also Rain: does not have a klassic skin
yenkocamaro696 - 2 dager siden
Alert: they have added klassic outfits, but they're only available by buying them with time krystals
Ronnie Shires
Ronnie Shires - 5 dager siden
@Wayne Wong I legit got so hyped for that queen reference . Caught me off guard
yenkocamaro696 - 6 dager siden
@Zwergz 112 If we eventually get one, im happy. It's just that the dlc skins seemed really underbaked throughout all the dlc characters, and there's also no way to get dlc stuff from the krypt, besides Shao Kahn. So you have to tediously grind for characters you already spent extra money on, to unlock one or two items per tower you fight in
skull top
skull top - 6 dager siden
Soon to come
Zwergz 112
Zwergz 112 - 6 dager siden
@Moon Knight it's in his gear rundown trailer so quit whining
legendman97 - 6 dager siden
what kind of twisted weirdo comes up with these things.
MemeZyy - 6 dager siden
What kind of boring simpleton can't enjoy them.
Wayne Wong
Wayne Wong - 6 dager siden
An interviewer: Rain, what is your favorite singer?
Rain: 1:29
An interviewer: Okay I get it.
Rabia Amin
Rabia Amin - 6 dager siden
1:30 is that a Queen reference?
LEL0UP - 6 dager siden
Rain is alot of effing fun.
Samu Macchia
Samu Macchia - 6 dager siden
1:30 queen, bohemian rhapsody reference.
Don Nguyen
Don Nguyen - 6 dager siden
lol Queen reference
MooseKnuckel Slap
MooseKnuckel Slap - 6 dager siden
Will it be a free upgrade from ps4 to ps5?
Mertbeydiyorki - 6 dager siden
2:40 These are not for you, mileena. I'm used to seeing you in blood and brutality :(
dwi putranto
dwi putranto - 6 dager siden
I bet those teddy bears are the exploding teddy bears from the Konsumable 🤣
Elibbb1111 - 6 dager siden
Can't wait for shaggy dlc
Keltrin Parker Jr
Keltrin Parker Jr - 6 dager siden
He's TOO POWERFUL to be in the game
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh - 6 dager siden
So disgusting game ewww