Netflix's We Can Be Heroes: Official Trailer (2021) - Pedro Pascal, Priyanka Chopra Jonas

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Sharkboy and Lavagirl return -- as parents! -- in this sequel directed by Robert Rodriguez.

When alien invaders kidnap Earth's superheroes, their children must team up and learn to work together if they want to save their parents and the world.

This Sharkboy and Lavagirl sequel stars YaYa Gosselin, Pedro Pascal, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Christian Slater, Boyd Holbrook, Christopher McDonald, and Adriana Barraza.

We Can Be Heroes releases globally on Netflix on January 1, 2021.
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Runtime: 00:44


Moobeus - 2 minutter siden
Damn I guess that mandolorian check didn’t go very far...xD
Going Dark
Going Dark - 29 minutter siden
This isn't mando
Dave Adrian
Dave Adrian - 29 minutter siden
Taylor Lautner became mexican?
Wildan Ardiansyah
Wildan Ardiansyah - Time siden
Lava and shark???
Skinniest Kween
Skinniest Kween - Time siden
This is just the teaser. Why does it say official trailer in the title?
Fun With JJ
Fun With JJ - Time siden
omg the bad graphic that i for some reason love so much about those movies dude I'm excited
Marc-Ôlivier Vigneau
Marc-Ôlivier Vigneau - Time siden
Idk why but its kind of interesting
Ghost - Time siden
This is the most unexpected shlt I’ve seen in my life
John Wick
John Wick - Time siden
SolracNexus 2020
SolracNexus 2020 - Time siden
A surprise to be sure but a welcome one
SFB_BOI - 2 timer siden
giorno giovanna
giorno giovanna - 2 timer siden
ANTO - 2 timer siden
Just for one day
Verdun & Tannenberg Gameplays
wtf... ITS BACK
Strawberry Daiquiri
Strawberry Daiquiri - 3 timer siden
The question we all have for this movie... How did Sharkboy didn't die when... You know
ariq kamil
ariq kamil - 3 timer siden
what kinda CGI is this?
Emperor Simp
Emperor Simp - 4 timer siden
Why is mando narrating it😂
Ayomide Ogunlade
Ayomide Ogunlade - 4 timer siden
What sort of Nostalgic Spy Kids reboot is this??? 😂😂😂
First Animaniacs, now this!
What's next?
Jeremy R
Jeremy R - 4 timer siden
Damn, Pedro Pascal's résumé is getting more and more impressive. First, working with Baby Yoda and now with none other than SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL'S CHILD! 😂😂😂
Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez - 5 timer siden
My inner child is thrilled
Kota The Great
Kota The Great - 5 timer siden
Ash Cherisse
Ash Cherisse - 6 timer siden
this is the way
Al2elio Channel
Al2elio Channel - 6 timer siden
Lava girl
Justin Velazquez
Justin Velazquez - 6 timer siden
Would’ve preferred a movie about adult sharkboy and lavagirl but “SuPeR hErO kIdS yAy WoOhOo”
Whoop Thereitis
Whoop Thereitis - 6 timer siden
Can't wait for the third act where they shoot Pablo Escobar
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown - 6 timer siden
Mr Electric should definitely show up and save the day
Ole School
Ole School - 7 timer siden
Me: 2005- cool powers
Me:2021- Can't start the movie witout some weed🤣
Tanish Arun
Tanish Arun - 7 timer siden
My excitement for this movie is beyond Endgame
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett - 7 timer siden
So what took him so long to make a sequel for this movie
Nathan Morrison
Nathan Morrison - 7 timer siden
As a wise man(dalorian) once said: This Is The Way
Kiddo ki
Kiddo ki - 7 timer siden
OK..........where is Taylor

Did he sign up for this
Mystery nerd
Mystery nerd - 8 timer siden
Huh neet
YaBoiYoshio - 8 timer siden
Did they forget that the only reason people remember shark boy and lava girl is because of how bad that film was? You can't just remake something that's unintentionally bad and make it intentionally bad because then the whole point of what made it memorable is lost. This is going to be a depressing waste of a movie
mrhorrorjunkie78 - 8 timer siden
This film better explain how Sharkboy and Lavagirl were able to have a kid?!?!? That’s impossible!!!!!
FrozenYogurtDANIMATION - 8 timer siden
mohammed fakhruddin
mohammed fakhruddin - 8 timer siden
The sequel is awesome
Bryan Telles
Bryan Telles - 9 timer siden
No a kid superhero show why it would be better if it was just about shark boy and lava girl
rockman mix
rockman mix - 9 timer siden
Like that song?
Cowboy Max10
Cowboy Max10 - 9 timer siden
I can’t believe I’m saying this
but I really don’t want this
Spidey fan
Spidey fan - 9 timer siden
Givens Raymond
Givens Raymond - 9 timer siden
Everyone in the comments: W H A A A A A A T ! ? ! ? !
CM Nerf wars
CM Nerf wars - 9 timer siden
So is this coming out this year new years or next year new year cause if its coming out 2021 imma be pissed
booshoe2000 - 9 timer siden
I found what the kid said weird at first cause I thought sharkboy and lavagirl were siblings
TheDeafAJ90 - 9 timer siden
Taylor not returned movie
TK Plays
TK Plays - 10 timer siden
Lets go It didn't get the sequel but at least this can put an end to it
JJ Jxmmi
JJ Jxmmi - 10 timer siden
I love this new movie
Bao Trung Ngo
Bao Trung Ngo - 10 timer siden
The nostalgia hit hard on this one
StarlightKY - 10 timer siden
I want to say no, but my nostalgia won’t let me.
Allie - 10 timer siden
Can someone explain me how dreams... do... the thing?
Mordcai - 10 timer siden
Wow they didnt even show Shark-Man
Joey Cunningham
Joey Cunningham - 10 timer siden
The animation is so crappy
Ahsoka Skywalker, screw Rey
Ahsoka Skywalker, screw Rey - 10 timer siden
X-Calibur Gaming
X-Calibur Gaming - 10 timer siden
Sees Thumbnail...
'Ooh, that looks like Lavagirl'
About 15 seconds in...
'My daddy is sharkboy and my mummy is lavagirl'
qauck Shaun
qauck Shaun - 10 timer siden
Yay.... part of my childhood
Katelyn Sarah
Katelyn Sarah - 10 timer siden
who else had no idea they were making this movie until the trailer was released? Me! 👋🏼
lucaschannel7 2
lucaschannel7 2 - 10 timer siden
Wow, I put no one saw this coming
MrMrKhanman - 10 timer siden
Narcos season 4 is looking really interesting!
red deadheart
red deadheart - 10 timer siden
But how did know what. Nevermind. I'm sure they figured out a way to "make it happen"
Micro Wave
Micro Wave - 10 timer siden
No thank you
Nerd Squid
Nerd Squid - 10 timer siden
I didn’t think it was possible to have effects that look worse than the original but here we are
Earniebert - 10 timer siden
The visuals are just as bad as they were before
Richard.X - 10 timer siden
Is this my childhood?
Marvin Moreno
Marvin Moreno - 10 timer siden
I only watched lava girl and shark boy who the hell are the other kid
YayaTheRunner - 11 timer siden
This is the way
Ankur Saikia
Ankur Saikia - 11 timer siden
"What did we do to deserve this??"
Jim Noneother
Jim Noneother - 11 timer siden
This may have saved 2020
Jim Noneother
Jim Noneother - 11 timer siden
We didn’t even know how much we needed this
Adiyan Boeee
Adiyan Boeee - 11 timer siden
What happened to Mandalorian din djarin?!
Grimm Girl
Grimm Girl - 11 timer siden
Why does this look like it's gonna be Spy Kidd 3: Game Over but one of the new spy kids just happens to be Sharkboy and Lavagirl's daughter?
Sheep Co.
Sheep Co. - 11 timer siden
You know, the idea of kids beating up bad guys was a Nobel Prize level of comedy but now, please stop. It’s generic and unfunny now, at least to me.
Jakael - 11 timer siden
This is the wa... wait, wrong place.
Narancia Ghirga
Narancia Ghirga - 11 timer siden
So it was true he stuck his Sardine in her Volcano
November 89
November 89 - 11 timer siden
They kept true to their terrible VFX, perfect score of 5/7
Marshadow L
Marshadow L - 11 timer siden
Well my childhood is back
alaskanspartan89 - 11 timer siden
Julio Singapu
Julio Singapu - 11 timer siden
When did this come into existence and why now 😂🤣
Jack Wickk
Jack Wickk - 11 timer siden
Pablo Escobar is absolutely doomed.
Gustavo Fernández
Gustavo Fernández - 11 timer siden
Nathan A
Nathan A - 11 timer siden
Phoenix Henries
Phoenix Henries - 11 timer siden
The bullets of nostalgia hit me head on as soon as I saw lava girl 😭
Pedro Venceslau
Pedro Venceslau - 12 timer siden
0:27 Luffy?
weird - 12 timer siden
Theory: This is one more story that the blonde kid from Sharkboy & LavaGirl dreamed
Manusia KagakRusuh
Manusia KagakRusuh - 12 timer siden
So if Sharkboy and Lavagirl is real, does that mean Max's power is Reality Warping ? ...
Alberto Mejia
Alberto Mejia - 12 timer siden
I was hopping next gen effects at least...
Karl Martin Von Figueras
Karl Martin Von Figueras - 12 timer siden
where is max
Sammy Antoine
Sammy Antoine - 12 timer siden
If max not in here not watching
Kiłł Sś
Kiłł Sś - 12 timer siden
I wish mr electro was in this 😔
Glitchboys 23
Glitchboys 23 - 12 timer siden
My poor poor mando is in this cgi video from are child hoods Ima head out
Brian Marmolejo
Brian Marmolejo - 12 timer siden
This episode of Narcos looks wild
William Nguyen
William Nguyen - 12 timer siden
Just doesn’t feel right unless things are popping up into my face
StormWolf - 12 timer siden
So they got the Mandalorian for this? Cool
Will Ternes
Will Ternes - 12 timer siden
Supreme_ Grandpriest
Supreme_ Grandpriest - 12 timer siden
My childhood is back
LAUREN BENNETT - 12 timer siden
Omg it’s back boys
Dark - 12 timer siden
Wheres taylor lautner
i n c h e s
i n c h e s - 12 timer siden
That one guys the mandalorian
Ccisme - 12 timer siden
Well ladies and gentlemen I found the great value avengers
Gamezboy 212
Gamezboy 212 - 12 timer siden
This will make endgame look like a carebear special
UnknownGamer - 12 timer siden
Where’s the dreaming. where’s max. Where’s planet drool. This doesn’t feel right.
RunaxGames - 13 timer siden
Im going to explode :O