Nintendo Switch - Official Trailer (Awkwafina)

Check out the trailer to see Awkwafina play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
Runtime: 01:20


mistergooji - 3 timer siden
Not a white man or woman to be seen
Ryujinx - 8 timer siden
gika kiknadze
gika kiknadze - 18 timer siden
Yeeh you know mobail fake treiler game reaction this how it this triler fells like for real
David Molnar
David Molnar - 19 timer siden
Pps vita for life
Doranvel - 21 time siden
For such an awesome console they really have the worst controllers.
Derick James
Derick James - 22 timer siden
Кто йта?
Chris Winspear
Chris Winspear - 23 timer siden
Glanced at title and misread.
Thought we were getting The Beast! :(
Sparsh Agarwal
Sparsh Agarwal - 23 timer siden
These people have never completed online. They're so humble
southeast05 - Dag siden
Nintendo: wHaT iS pArTy ChAT
Cyberdemon Mike
Cyberdemon Mike - Dag siden
Who the hell use this woman again?
SillyBuzz - Dag siden
animal crossing for game of the year !
Deni Rogosic
Deni Rogosic - Dag siden
I definitly must get a switch ☺
todd vincy
todd vincy - Dag siden
so this makes us jobeless?
Darshit Mulani
Darshit Mulani - Dag siden
I thought a new version of Nintendo is coming out.
I agree but I think that
Next up: Dahsahknee
MadeIInTokyyo - Dag siden
I absolutely adore these commercials haha
A S - Dag siden
Why would she play with a single joycon alone, and I like the fact that they acknowledge that they don’t have a built in party chat.
Spider-Man - Dag siden
Of all people, Awkwafina was the last one I would have expected to do a video game commercial. And her dressed up as Toad should totally go viral. 😝
TheKindredblades - Dag siden
No one ever uses a single joycon. No one.
MrDill - Dag siden
I thought this was a game I just wasted 2 mins of my life lol
SidG86 - Dag siden
Why did they use a laptop i stead of the nintendo switch online app for the trailer?
Are they actually accepting that it's mostly useless?
SilverXT - Dag siden
She lost cuz of the joy con drift
COQUI-COQUI - Dag siden
Nintendo’s is for kids.
Twister - Dag siden
610 per turnip horysheeeeet
Meove - 2 dager siden
She got Koi, the best thing i can get is Black Bass
Killerwit Heynow
Killerwit Heynow - 2 dager siden
Grandma energy for daaaaaaays
240 G
240 G - 2 dager siden
Crash Bandicoot costume = meme
Toad = ¿
Squicx - 2 dager siden
Much MUCH better from that parasite also known as Brie Larson
JD69Han - 2 dager siden
Hey bud
jeff - 2 dager siden
if only the switch had a platform that we can communicate instead of through laptop.
C Ramirez
C Ramirez - 2 dager siden
smeagol is only slightly cuter
Junomaster - 2 dager siden
Svetlana Pavlova
Svetlana Pavlova - 2 dager siden
Are all actors non-gamers?
semzegt - 2 dager siden
Isnt that the woman from jumanji 3?
ragdolsaboveaverage - 2 dager siden
Which ones’ the funny guy?
Млађo - 2 dager siden
Asa Akira really let herself go.
aslkjdflkadsjkgjhri - 2 dager siden
It's a commercial for Animal Crossing and Mario Kart. Please change the headline title.
Jermaine M
Jermaine M - 2 dager siden
Turnips for 510 Bells?
I’ve never seen them over 220 on my island
Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia - 2 dager siden
“Faaaakkeee, she wasn’t fishing in the rain, when koi fish are commonly found in the rain
Justin Riley
Justin Riley - 2 dager siden
These feel more like ads for these celebrities than the Switch itself.
Mike L.
Mike L. - 3 dager siden
Switch has been out for years so I didnt get why they were just releasing a trailer and clicked out of confusion. Waste of time
Vassili Kioles
Vassili Kioles - 3 dager siden
But still no Nintendo Switch Pro
dante bloodink
dante bloodink - 3 dager siden
quien coño es esta china asiatica koreana?
LaCokaNostra81 - 3 dager siden
This is ableism. You can't find a trans woman of color in a wheelchair?
ickvergeethettoch - 3 dager siden
Free meleee
Donovan Smith
Donovan Smith - 3 dager siden
Watching someone with an animal crossing addiction really shouldn’t make people want a switch lol
Павел Ларионов
Павел Ларионов - 3 dager siden
So Nintendo Switch players can not have video chat without another device.
Arotrol - 3 dager siden
laptops are sold separately
Nicholas B
Nicholas B - 3 dager siden
mehdi amri
mehdi amri - 3 dager siden
What ?
Hero Acer
Hero Acer - 3 dager siden
Where's the Switch pro dammit!?
Kaeln Larien
Kaeln Larien - 3 dager siden
where the hell is the stabilization? why is the camera shaking so much
Bradley C
Bradley C - 3 dager siden
Bro I already own a switch why am I watching this
Скубут - 3 dager siden
what the hell was that
Ryuk - 3 dager siden
She is like a male Ken Jeong.
TheSilent Knight
TheSilent Knight - 3 dager siden
Next time we need an all American hero.....

Prizzy - 3 dager siden
Why this asia women sounds like a black women?
Andres Garza
Andres Garza - 3 dager siden
Who tf is she?
Krillinish2 - 3 dager siden
Where can I buy that Toad hat.
GameDevil Bitch
GameDevil Bitch - 3 dager siden
She so cuteew
Guillermo Alexis Morales Campusano
Nintendo, why don't you have public lobbies
funny guy rex
funny guy rex - 3 dager siden
Why so many dislikes?
Phillip Shagnasty
Phillip Shagnasty - 3 dager siden
she gonna use 1 joycon then wonder why she lost...
Saikat Banik
Saikat Banik - 3 dager siden
Nintendo is out of competition right now
Sammy Jankiss
Sammy Jankiss - 3 dager siden
This is just so...bad.
ShadowHumor - 3 dager siden
Nintendo died with N64
El de las trufas
El de las trufas - 3 dager siden
What we want: Breath of the Wild 2, New Mario, Metroid 4, etc updates
What Nintendo gives us: Almost daily videos with unlikable hosts, irrelevant info and cringey acting
Im Hectic
Im Hectic - 3 dager siden
i thought this was announcing the Switch Pro or something
jorge castillo
jorge castillo - 3 dager siden
Can you use the joy cons without the strap attachments?
R Flani
R Flani - 3 dager siden
Lame AF
Ben Campbell
Ben Campbell - 3 dager siden
They're just pointing out how shitty their online service is. Why did they make this?!
Steven Ramirez
Steven Ramirez - 3 dager siden
Did the Nintendo switch just get released wtf with all these damn commercials 😂
deadend79pe - 3 dager siden
I'm more interested on their laptop than the switch to be honest.
Nuggy TheBear
Nuggy TheBear - 3 dager siden
Their video chat seems to be in 4K. That's pretty impressive...
mjac28 - 3 dager siden
"We all see it...... We all see it...."
Ryan Hunt
Ryan Hunt - 3 dager siden
Who is she?
FIREWERTYHN - 3 dager siden
who s that noname
 - 3 dager siden
Daniel Godoy
Daniel Godoy - 3 dager siden
What was the point of all this
lilrokitproductions - 3 dager siden
Awkwafina vs Khabib
Who got the best hat?
My money is on Nora!
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson - 3 dager siden
Lmao who’s next?
*Amy Schumer*
Jose Castellanos
Jose Castellanos - 3 dager siden
I’m shocked at how civil the comments are... they’re not, but at least people aren’t attacking her for being a woman.
lozza b
lozza b - 3 dager siden
...why would people attack her for being a woman 😂
super razor
super razor - 3 dager siden
this is what we need for celebrity commercials
Rowan Llew
Rowan Llew - 3 dager siden
It’s so nice to see Danny Devito get work
BiryaniBoy - 3 dager siden
4N0NYM0U543V3RM0R32016 - 3 dager siden
This is one of the more confusing ads I've seen, since I was thinking it might be an upcoming movie as the Nintendo Switch has already came out.
renato2354 - 3 dager siden
Wait, a trailer for what? Hasn't the switch been on sale for years?
SomeRandomGirl [WhoLikesWriting]
Awkwafina likes Godzilla and koi fish? SHE'S CLEARLY A WOMAN OF CULTURE–
A Guy Stuck In The US
A Guy Stuck In The US - 3 dager siden
This a forced woke commercial, us minorities aren't falling for it. And her voice is nasty.
Tremayne Douglas
Tremayne Douglas - 3 dager siden
Go to NOOKVALLEY on etsy 🦃🤖
Marciano Morisson
Marciano Morisson - 3 dager siden
Cool she found a Nintendo switch in Jumanji
cell718 - 3 dager siden
I like how they show you have to use another device to talk to your friends.
EvilPerson XXIV
EvilPerson XXIV - 3 dager siden
Is this someone we are supposed to know?
matzer1110 - 3 dager siden
Sooo what are they advertising 😳 games that have been out since its release o think ille stick with my ps5
ZexyJedi - 3 dager siden
15 FPS Official Trailer
Latino Chico
Latino Chico - 3 dager siden
I love her voice
🎮@___@🎮 - 3 dager siden
We all know she wanted it in her contract to dress up as Toad.
Zack Syndicate
Zack Syndicate - 3 dager siden
ghost245353 - 3 dager siden
Nintendo showed this a few weeks ago I believe
lowflips - 3 dager siden
But why would you choose to use a single joy-con when you literally have another not being used?
Matt S. McKay
Matt S. McKay - 3 dager siden
By all accounts, it doesn't make sense 🙄