Nintendo Switch - Official Trailer (Brie Larson)

Watch the trailer featuring Brie Larson as she plays Fortnite, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch.
Runtime: 01:20


DavidFilms - Time siden
Bad news:It appears an xbox commercial
Melon Lord
Melon Lord - Time siden
*Captain Marvel* plays Fortnite*
*Thor* - Finally, a worthy opponent...our battle will be legendary
*Captain Marvel kills Thor as Noobmaster69*
*Starts Civil War 2*
Spider - 2 timer siden
If it was Keanu Reeves it's gonna be a masterpiece
lee leanhan
lee leanhan - 3 timer siden
VoidedChaos - 7 timer siden
Do we really need celebrities in everything?!?
Umi - 8 timer siden
what ticks me off is she won fortnite using handheld
I cant even aim properly with those baby buttons
Madame Feast
Madame Feast - 8 timer siden
I wouldn't feel comfortable playing a game against Brie. This isn't for me.
Vegan Shark
Vegan Shark - 9 timer siden
So much chaos cuz ps5 doesnt have enough internal storage or xbox series x has people vaping through it or some crap when Nintendo has got away with daylight robbery. The fact that they wont even acknowledge it, let alone fix it is ridiculous.
Icy Pen
Icy Pen - 9 timer siden
Highly recommend not buying just because of joy con drift(automatic input of mouvement )made it literaly unplayable had to buy pro controller which has some issue 2 ...I hope lawsuit will give me back money wasted on those.
jonyyfhi bell
jonyyfhi bell - 10 timer siden
people still pressed about brie larson?
David Güiza
David Güiza - 10 timer siden
Emmanuel Ortiz
Emmanuel Ortiz - 12 timer siden
So much hate towards this woman for no reason
王虎知 - 13 timer siden
Try hire henry cavill for the ads, he is true gamer
Michael Shabazz
Michael Shabazz - 14 timer siden
Nneon Knightt
Nneon Knightt - 14 timer siden
Why didn’t they have her play as Captain Marvel?
Cinematic Passages
Cinematic Passages - 15 timer siden
Thumbs down.
Jamie Taylor
Jamie Taylor - 16 timer siden
They really chose fortnite to show first over all the other great Nintendo IP’s
X-RAX- GAMING - 11 timer siden
because fortnite is actually a great game
Justin So
Justin So - 16 timer siden
Raul Dias
Raul Dias - 17 timer siden
What are you doing Nintendo... What are you doing
Lost in a Memory
Lost in a Memory - 18 timer siden
She’s so cute!
TheUplink777 - 22 timer siden
Brie Larson and Fortnite. My two favorite things in the world. Is there an emote where you disagree with everyone around you? They should make one just for her :)
Rob - 22 timer siden
Why are dude bros so mad over Brie Larson, just shows how weak and fragile most men are.
Shrimpmaster - 23 timer siden
Stay connected
Also Nintendo
Use a laptop to talk to ur frnds.
By MonsterDi
By MonsterDi - Dag siden
oh she has emotion and she can move here facial muscles! Nice
Tommy Crow
Tommy Crow - Dag siden
Why's that skank trying to stay relevant
Mark William Mendoza
Mark William Mendoza - Dag siden
oh brie is on this? -Dean Pelton
Shumungulaa a
Shumungulaa a - Dag siden
Let’s keep the dislikes comming
King Boss
King Boss - Dag siden
people will not buy Nintendo switch by seeing brie larson at the advertising
Omegaslashbuster1 - Dag siden
This is the reason why Animal Crossing SHOULD NOT win.
LEarNitEasy - Dag siden
She probably wouldn't advertise it if they made the switch in white colour.
Spike Kakeru
Spike Kakeru - Dag siden
Wait a min the switch came out 4 years ago?
jk12324 - Dag siden
Is that not Melissa McCarthy? When did they become Sisters?
Jack Kosc
Jack Kosc - Dag siden
César Santos Luis
César Santos Luis - Dag siden
Seriously? Brie Larson?
Adam S
Adam S - Dag siden
Google "Brie Larson Toes".
The Fandom Channel
The Fandom Channel - Dag siden
Is this about the Switch or Brie Larson?
Josh Talks
Josh Talks - Dag siden
lol and the cast of marvel movies are still gonna defend chris pratt
D E M O N S P I T C H - Dag siden
Please Nintendo don't attack on Brie .
Scopez_YeetedZ - Dag siden
Ps5 be looking like gods rn
rajiv vaddi
rajiv vaddi - 2 dager siden
Sony and Xbox releasing their trailers, Nintendo just want to join the party too !
al gore
al gore - 2 dager siden
upvoting to counter the incel chud crybabies
Scopez_YeetedZ - Dag siden
Nah, compare this to the ps5 trailer.
PaNDaSNiP3R - 2 dager siden
Reee Larson
Joe69 - 2 dager siden
Look at the dislikes
xenove rana
xenove rana - 2 dager siden
Video got almost 3 years to upload on YouTube...
Jquan Scarab
Jquan Scarab - 2 dager siden
0:55 Brie is clearly not sharing her wealth among her family
John Swanson
John Swanson - 2 dager siden
The likes to dislikes😂
Rodney J
Rodney J - 2 dager siden
She showed more emotional range in this little trailer vs her Marvel efforts. Smh
Clayton Dias
Clayton Dias - 2 dager siden
That dude looks like the bad guy from the tv show " the boys" .
Mr. Heheyeahhhboii
Mr. Heheyeahhhboii - 2 dager siden
She is the worst person to be asked to sponsor.
محمد أ
محمد أ - 2 dager siden
And just like that, I hate Nintendo.
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos - 2 dager siden
Very wholesome
sunny - 2 dager siden
Hey Nintendo, instead of using fake fortnite footage for your trailer, how about you optimize the game for the switch's full capabilities
Outer Cast
Outer Cast - 2 dager siden
Ewww her skinny tiny body make me want to turn away
THE S - 2 dager siden
Correct me if i'm wrong.
The next gen switch will built with Microphone for online multiplayer.
Aight Bro
Aight Bro - 2 dager siden
Yo is fortnite at 60 FPS wtf is the trickery.
Michał Chwastek
Michał Chwastek - 2 dager siden
Well I would change the fortnite to like every other action game but ignoring that I think It's the best switch trailer
Aries73 - 2 dager siden
Anyone know how many neckbeards and incels came to the comments?
Orin X
Orin X - 2 dager siden
A bunch of them. They all think it's trendy and cool to hate on Brie. Pathetic fools...I mean why waste energy on hating someone that doesn't have any impact in your life? Also, she's the ambassador for Nintendo Switch already so why hating even further?
ozob bozo
ozob bozo - 2 dager siden
Is that personal attack or something???
Rahul Raj verma
Rahul Raj verma - 2 dager siden
Brie is looking beautiful
TheKetchupLord - 2 dager siden
I'm gonna get a refund on my switch Jesus Christ wtf
Gab DP
Gab DP - 2 dager siden
Esa mujer me amarga la vista.
Gen 1
Gen 1 - 2 dager siden
Kmob 4.0
Kmob 4.0 - 2 dager siden
So Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are all getting famous actors to be in their trailers. Interesting 🤔
Michael Velandia
Michael Velandia - 2 dager siden
Chew Pacca
Chew Pacca - 2 dager siden
Are we back in 2017? Or this is a time glitch?
Karni Singh
Karni Singh - 2 dager siden
Yes, of course Captain Marvel would enjoy playing video games all day instead of helping around the galaxy
James Dodd III
James Dodd III - 3 dager siden
Their is more emotion in this trailer than in her role as captain marvel🔥😄😀😃😆😂😂😅😅
bill nye the russian spy
bill nye the russian spy - 3 dager siden
3.8k dislikes
Brie Larson: iS tHaT LiKe A pErSoNaL aTtAcK oR sOmEtHiNg?
Sam Hawkes
Sam Hawkes - 3 dager siden
Erm, hasn’t this been out a while now already, is this some updated version or something ?
Jeeva - 3 dager siden
why does this video has so many dislikes for no reason ?
Scopez_YeetedZ - Dag siden
@Orin X nah rather fake footage of fortnite. This video makes ps5 look like a demigod
Orin X
Orin X - 2 dager siden
Incels and trolls get triggered whenever Brie appears on screen.
NecromancerAdr - 3 dager siden
Cheesy AF.
My_Name Is_Borat
My_Name Is_Borat - 3 dager siden
Noob master 69 is captain marvel confirmed
kpb studios
kpb studios - 3 dager siden
fake people
kpb studios
kpb studios - 3 dager siden
fake af!
J Will
J Will - 3 dager siden
And soooo many dislikes, she must be a terrible person.
Suri Buxton
Suri Buxton - 3 dager siden
She kinda is a terrible person 😂
J Will
J Will - 3 dager siden
Who even is that, what does she do
Rigz Movie Diaries
Rigz Movie Diaries - 3 dager siden
People disliked this for no valid reason. Incels just hate Brie Larson.
Scopez_YeetedZ - Dag siden
I disliked because of the fake fortnite footage
Grim Knight
Grim Knight - 3 dager siden
Uhh..okay then
Rare Luna
Rare Luna - 3 dager siden
you can really smell the misogyny in the mcu fandom just from the way they idolize rdj but hate on brie
Orin X
Orin X - 2 dager siden
That is right. MCU fandom is such a toxic community and Brie is mostly hated for being a woman with opinions and for her, wanting diversity in film criticism. Let that sink in.
kris2pe yu
kris2pe yu - 3 dager siden
The Quartering like this lol!
Alex Harris
Alex Harris - 3 dager siden
Wait, Nintendo dont want sales to continue?
Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be
Miri Luna
Miri Luna - 3 dager siden
Im so happy and laughing that brie larson makes incels and men go mad and triggered😂manbabies
Miraya Moon
Miraya Moon - 3 dager siden
libby folfax
libby folfax - 3 dager siden
Brie is a goddess!
Alex Barba
Alex Barba - 3 dager siden
nintendo: just use the least popular famous people and see what happens.
Jack Parry
Jack Parry - 3 dager siden
Can't wait for the "FoRtNiTe BaD" comments
Sufficating Dreams
Sufficating Dreams - 3 dager siden
Why all the thumbs down?? Brie Larson is a goddess!!
Janemba 112
Janemba 112 - 3 dager siden
Celebrities are legit not real people. It feels like im being taunted whenever I watch these celebs ACT like they're normal people. Like seriously, they have to ACT like normal people and they can't even do it well. So out of touch, just like Nintendo.
Janemba 112
Janemba 112 - 3 dager siden
Knowing Nintendo fans I am very surprised to see the ratio of dislikes lol, you sheep usually eat this crap up.
Gorgan - 3 dager siden
Sorry but I guess she didn't make this commercial for men so we shouldn't watch it. Thumbs down for including her.
Embarkation. - 3 dager siden
Sony: We have Spider-Man
Nintendo: We have Captain Marvel
Microsoft: ______________
Please inset your choice in the comments section below ;)
billy johansen
billy johansen - 3 dager siden
Omg she's such an awful actress
Collin de filosoof
Collin de filosoof - 3 dager siden
She Britta'd it.
throwea -
throwea - - 3 dager siden
A trailer about a gaming console should focus on games, not Brie Larson🤣
COATL - 3 dager siden
iugh disgusting
Sak Pase Technology
Sak Pase Technology - 3 dager siden
Wow, folks in here really don't like Brie Larson lol, I thought that was a nice commericial...
Shin Kurosawa
Shin Kurosawa - 3 dager siden
Seeing this trailer got posted by IGN recently made me thought I woke up in a different timeline where the switch hasnt been released yet, I had to get out of my bed and literally run to my charging station to check if my switch is still there along with smash bros
Fernando Cortez
Fernando Cortez - 3 dager siden
Why people hate her so much?
Nate - 3 dager siden
Look at all those downvotes. Just what Bri deserves.