OPINION: Scalpers Selling $2000 PS5 Consoles Suck

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Securing a PlayStation 5 was incredibly difficult this year for a million reasons, which makes the shady eBay reseller market even more disappointing than ever.
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Brian Altano
Brian Altano - 12 dager siden
Hey everyone sorry my video output looks like it was filmed on a Game Boy Camera during this segment. I have fiber internet and I guess it just decided to be crappy that day! Either way, thank you for watching our video and please tell your friends not to spend $2000 on a PS5!
Brian + IGN
Thirsty - 2 dager siden
Bill Gears
Bill Gears - 4 dager siden
Retailers can fight this all they have to do is sell the item like the 1930s in store only
Bill Gears
Bill Gears - 4 dager siden
@Junomaster @Junomaster Now we all know who is one of them😂😂😂... You went way overboard this is a whole Nother issue don’t care for your Vote 🗳 Don’t try to camouflage the situation And one man can’t fix it all You just jealous cause I have a nail in the coffin ⚰️😂🤣😂
Junomaster - 6 dager siden
@Bill Gears if you spend all your time trying to fix scalpers rather than poverty and hunger, then I hope no one votes for you.
Junomaster - 6 dager siden
@Tyrone people have scalped since the beginning of time.
Mr.LEGENDARY - 10 minutter siden
The ones that disliked this are scalpers
K Cal
K Cal - 13 minutter siden
I don't know if I'm more mad at the people that are buying them overpriced or the people that are scalping
Mr.LEGENDARY - 13 minutter siden
Why don’t they do pre orders again in waves one per person 🤧
Thomas Boehmer
Thomas Boehmer - Time siden
Just wait for a half year and they are every where Available
Real N
Real N - Time siden
Make a captcha or soemthing so the scalpers can’t get it obviously they want them to get it
Mike Randy
Mike Randy - 3 timer siden
I find it funny that the scalpers always want to meet at a police station because they are scared of getting robbed, yet they are robbing others. 😆 🤣 And no I'm not hating. My fiancee was able to secure a PS5 for her son and a XBOX for me when they were first released.
Monkaround - 5 timer siden
What do you mean opinion post this is just pure facts of hating scalpers
Elijah Begley
Elijah Begley - 5 timer siden
I'm not charging 2k but I have one for $1500 or a cash option for $950 for local pick up. I'm not a felon so I carry a legal .40 Smith & Wesson for issue prevention.
CodeactioN - 5 timer siden
During a pandemic too. Selling them for a price that know can go to food or something
kmj2318 - 6 timer siden
This is bad logic
charles norwich
charles norwich - 6 timer siden
Only buy from authorized retailers. Let the Scalpers keep the consoles, even if they sell below the retail price.
Wilson Padilla
Wilson Padilla - 7 timer siden
let star a union , don't buy to scalpers .....we can do it together. 2000 for ps5 no warranty
Wilson Padilla
Wilson Padilla - 7 timer siden
let star a union , don't buy to scalpers .....we can do it together.
Wilson Padilla
Wilson Padilla - 7 timer siden
let star a union , don't buy to scalpers .....we can do it together.
Kiwi - 8 timer siden
“Opinion” everyone knows this is not a opinion, it’s a fact
xd sagecat
xd sagecat - 9 timer siden
i say we kill them all kill them all only if they are rich and not doing this because they are having a hard time
Pop Clutch Co.
Pop Clutch Co. - 9 timer siden
remember when sony said they were gonna take care of their pre existing customers first? Lmao 😂 yeah i still havent gotten a message askin if i would like to purchase one directly from messages, sony slipped and let all these people make money off there shitty plan😂
NP PJ - 12 timer siden
Yell it to my healthy bank account, losers hahahaha
Muhammad Abdlla
Muhammad Abdlla - 13 timer siden
Well i hope the food you bought with that money turns to ash in your stomach
Playerz714 - 15 timer siden
Blame the people buying them its all simple supply and demand
ur Mu͜͡rked
ur Mu͜͡rked - 17 timer siden
This ain’t no opinion, that is a straight up fact
MistAtsiM - 18 timer siden
I think big companies have a way to stop this but they don't care. They care that they sell their product. Who it goes to and how many it units go to them. Not their concern.
Pple that buy them are worse then scalpers in my opinion. If they didn't create a market for it, scalpers wouldn't have nothing to grab at.
Billy BOB
Billy BOB - 18 timer siden
You can buy a beast pc with $3000.. I drop 2000 for my pc and its well worth with. 2000 for a ps5 ill pass. I can wait for my ps5 and hopefully sony can update there mv.2 by then because the biggest down fall for the ps5 is storage.
P-Gage Miller
P-Gage Miller - 19 timer siden
How is this an opinion?
Aggressive Moron
Aggressive Moron - 20 timer siden
Let's Make A Promise To Each Other To Never Buy A PS5 From A Scalper!!!
Aggressive Moron
Aggressive Moron - 28 minutter siden
@Versatile Wolf not true you jackass
Versatile Wolf
Versatile Wolf - 7 timer siden
They already made money so there’s no point
BUTTFACEKILLA - 12 timer siden
@Damian Johnson that would be awesome, I hope that happens to all scalpers
Damian Johnson
Damian Johnson - 16 timer siden
Yes so they become broke cause they spent their money on 10 consoles, then they are homeless on the streets and barely surviving
Cortez Pates
Cortez Pates - 21 time siden
its sony fauly
illuminati2000six - 23 timer siden
don't feed the scalpers if you don't want scalpers, unfortunately that's not gonna happen in the real world, get used to it. it is what it is.
David C.
David C. - Dag siden
Anyone who gave this video a thumbs down is part of the problem!!!!
I’m a scalper only asking 600 for the disk version ps5 you know how ez it is to get a ps5 from Walmart I literally have 28 of em and sold 17 it’s business we don’t care about ur feelings and that how business works
Synthhead69 - Dag siden
Finally I agree with ign
J Will
J Will - Dag siden
I swear the only people who got their hands on the new consoles are them and the people who had them sent directly to them by Sony and Microsoft.
Koobs - Dag siden
It’s not a free market economy if said market is being manipulated artificially. That’s illegal in any other instance. If any major retailers did what these scalpers are doing, they would be in major trouble for price fixing.
LLCoolJo3l - Dag siden
Retailers are just as much to blame for not selling the items in store and only doing online sales.
Joseph Han
Joseph Han - Dag siden
If you buy from a scalper you are supporting the industry. Just like prostitution, there would be no prostitutes if no one bought them.There would be no crack dealers if no one bought them.
justnobody - Dag siden
for 2k u can buy mid high end pc , just buy pc 4Head
Chris Conrad
Chris Conrad - Dag siden
If we want to stop scalpers, we need to stop buying from them
Kris Almeida
Kris Almeida - Dag siden
The fact that Playstation has literally came out and announced that ALL currently manufacturer PS5's are sold speaks volumes as far as how bad scalping has been this year. It's now currently impossible to get a retail price console
LondynToEgypt - Dag siden
I got mine for retail so IDC
John Doe
John Doe - Dag siden
Anyone who buys from them is just as guilty as the scalpers
Human HUMAN - Dag siden
eBay:how much will the product cost
goodasswaytohide - Dag siden
9/10 the people that really want one have a ps4 that’s fully capable already this is just FOMO just play the console you already have until mass release the only reason I could see you NEEDING one is if you’re a YouTuber
Tranquilo - Dag siden
Brian won't tell them off but I will. Scalpers deserve coronavirus. Plain and simple.
Nkosinathi Thabethe
Nkosinathi Thabethe - Dag siden
In SA the Digital PS5 costs R9,999.99 and PS5 costs R11,999.99... I know how y'all feel
RebelXian Games
RebelXian Games - Dag siden
Unfortunately that type of money for some privileged people isn't that much but even if money isn't a problem for you I wouldn't do it. You could easily get a defective system and I'm not sure if those scalpers would accept any return.
davidgray1974 - Dag siden
Whats ridiculous is that people are buying them. WTH is wrong with them?!
Marranito69 - Dag siden
So what will be a fair price to sell or buy the ps5 outside the current price?
If you are going to drop 2000 dollars..you might as well buy a pc setup. Ps5 is not even worth 1000
Jacob Osborn
Jacob Osborn - Dag siden
Want to ruin a scalper’s day? Report them to the IRS
Phase10Minecraft - Dag siden
This is why they should release them silently in stores, so you dont have lines and avoid scalpers
Mr Smiley
Mr Smiley - Dag siden
People who bought a ps5 for $1900:
Me who waited a few months and got it for $399: 🥵
Lee Price
Lee Price - 2 dager siden
Just don't buy one from them
This isn't hard to do
Your current system is fine
Damian Johnson
Damian Johnson - 16 timer siden
I don’t have an Xbox 😞
Nicholas Hazleton
Nicholas Hazleton - 2 dager siden
It would be one thing if we were going from nes to snes with that type of generation gap. But what is the real appeal of this generation? A little bit prettier, faster, and a slightly better controller
Most of the games we can play on PS4/xbone. If there were more next generation games I might be more upset. I waited a year to get my Xbox one last gen and got a PS4 slim much later and I still have too many games to play.
I get it that many people are stuck inside due to COVID. But why not use this extra time you have to learn a new skill ( I started learning piano) or start an online business
I love video games too. But I think too many people just use it to escape a crappy life instead of creating a great life for themselves
WasifBoomz - 2 dager siden
Controversial opinion. Whoa!
TaylorPlayz Gamez
TaylorPlayz Gamez - 2 dager siden
DREADX GAMING - 2 dager siden
Change title of video from OPINION to FACT
OVER KILL - 2 dager siden
Your brain on Snoy.
Philip Wilford
Philip Wilford - 2 dager siden
I want a PS5. However, I refuse to buy one for way more than it is worth from a scalper on Ebay or Facebook! Why condone it?
Alex Oborne
Alex Oborne - 2 dager siden
I guess play does have limits it’s called production
Jeremiah Biggs
Jeremiah Biggs - 2 dager siden
Here in the UK. CEX is selling PS5 for 750.😔Shameful
NerdyNobody - 2 dager siden
Is this an opinion???? I thought it was a fact
Blue steelx
Blue steelx - 2 dager siden
Its a fact
charles norwich
charles norwich - 2 dager siden
Let's punish the Scalpers, no one buy their stuff. It is simple as that. BTW, only buy from authorized retailers, let the Scalpers "enjoy" having so many consoles.
Steven pineda
Steven pineda - 3 dager siden
Lmao when the second wave of consoles ships they’ll be out thousands of dollars so gg
Manuel Romero
Manuel Romero - 3 dager siden
Send messages to the gamertags to buy the new consoles only
Nathan Rorke
Nathan Rorke - 3 dager siden
Isn’t there a law that says stores can’t wildly mark up prices to capitalize on people’s suffering and misfortune? That should apply to these people as well. I know everyone really wants a new ps5 or Xbox but I wish they wouldn’t buy from those people because it just enables them
Mark H
Mark H - 3 dager siden
Websites should utilise better tools to avoid this happening which is easy to do, but also it’s important to note that for a “scalper” to function they need “scalpees,” just wait people it’s not life or death
Judoka vallejo
Judoka vallejo - 3 dager siden
It's a gaming console. The issue is this generation of people in their 30s and 40s acting like children. Just wait ! The coping skills today are non existent.
Kiro Percelli
Kiro Percelli - 3 dager siden
How can we make congress take notice this is a real issue? When they are a bunch of old people.
Noor Ghani
Noor Ghani - 3 dager siden
Don't buy it from them. Just have patience because you will save a lot of money. If you don't buy from scalpers, then they will be at loss. Buy it from stores.
Mykele Santana
Mykele Santana - 3 dager siden
love it
Jessie H.
Jessie H. - 3 dager siden
Some how I got one last night they Best Buy
David Okune
David Okune - 3 dager siden
Imagine not getting a ps5/serire x until 2027 since evry stocks are scalped immediately
Christian Valentin
Christian Valentin - 3 dager siden
I doubt scalpers are dumb enough to buy a bunch of consoles and not being able to sell all of them.
Keyloe Xiong
Keyloe Xiong - 4 dager siden
Well they the ones who bought it at resell price 🤷‍♂️
Loco Busters
Loco Busters - 4 dager siden
Its crazy to think a ps5 that I could of bought is probably collecting dust not being used because they are being resold
James Jones
James Jones - 4 dager siden
If your going to buy systems fir that price may i suggest going to xidax and build one that's what I did
Nando.G - 4 dager siden
Someone in my area is trying to sell the ps5 for $1100! Like yo wtf😤
Hunter G
Hunter G - 4 dager siden
In South Africa the retail price for the ps5 disc edition is $730 a console
Haresh Vijayan
Haresh Vijayan - 4 dager siden
If i am a billionaire re, i would buy the entire stock and sell it off for $300
Wicked Binary
Wicked Binary - 4 dager siden
Scalping does seem to bring out the true selfishness of people that don't care about other people.
- mildoo -
- mildoo - - 4 dager siden
I’m waiting till there are high terabyte versions of the ps5 that sells for $499
The Super Psycho Killer
The Super Psycho Killer - 4 dager siden
Will it be possible to troll ebay and make fake bids and fake purchases but don't make the actual payment? Troll the scalpers.
BengeJ Uknowit
BengeJ Uknowit - 4 dager siden
eBay needs to be punished by some regulator big time!
RaffiNGO - 5 dager siden
It’s obvious retailers cannot stop scalpers which should be reason enough for Sony to skip them altogether and sell the product from a single source, their own website.
Matt Hoehn
Matt Hoehn - 5 dager siden
Seen a used one week console for 850 today lol online only a huge joke, I might look for one next year
Mr Pollenizer
Mr Pollenizer - 5 dager siden
This launch is just a disaster.i try to preorder in june and got a message that its coming in may.then they open up pre order again couple of days before release and everything was snapped up by greedy people that was bragging about they buy 5+ consoles each using bots and sell them for blood price.And its also a slap in the face when i heard bubbleheads influencers got them throwed after them for free🤷‍♂️what happened with the ps slogan «this is for the players» guess thats not the case anymore. Im done with sony for this time so i pre order a xbsx, i might get before 2021.And for the record just dont buy a overpriced next gen console so the snakes dont grow further
Morning Glory
Morning Glory - 5 dager siden
You can still easily buy a quest 2 and they had five times as many preorders as the quest one
Jarrod Job
Jarrod Job - 5 dager siden
Welcome to the Sneaker world.
Sonn Ikdoh
Sonn Ikdoh - 5 dager siden
Not an Opinion.... a Fact
Amranx TV
Amranx TV - 5 dager siden
If people just for once could be patient and do the right thing and NOT BUY from those scalpers on eBay, they would've spent all that money on those consoles and SIT ON THE COSTS. Well that would be a lesson they never forget and maybe we could kill the scalping. But no, people actually give those people their money willingly, so yeah, thats why we are where we are.
Rick Rick
Rick Rick - 5 dager siden
Well most 1st release console tend to break. Hope karma goes to scalpers.
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous - 5 dager siden
Ps5 isn’t a basic necessity to survive omg stop being that for a piece of plastic and metal
S.Rhodie - 5 dager siden
Everyone. Buy them, break them and ebay ticket for refund. Teach them a lesson
who is the boss Polat
who is the boss Polat - 5 dager siden
devilish people making money
Damian. C
Damian. C - 5 dager siden
Its just unfair.
Tianyu Li
Tianyu Li - 5 dager siden
I hate scalpers. But I also feel bad for them. Just saw a Chinese news saying factories have received huge orders from Sony and are now mass producing ps5. Within two months theres gonna be way more ps5 scalpers can buy out.
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts - 5 dager siden
@3:51 In what world does 43 look like 25?!!!!
Kyle Martin Romero
Kyle Martin Romero - 5 dager siden
Didn’t Sony say you’re allowed only 1 ps5 per household? What happened to that?
Calvin Williams Jr.
Calvin Williams Jr. - 5 dager siden
The scalpers got around that by utilizing bots.
B Dubbz
B Dubbz - 5 dager siden
Somethimg gotta be done I see ppl with 5 consoles and I cant even get one
Strategic Slayer
Strategic Slayer - 5 dager siden
With so many consumers failing to acquire their preferred platforms this holiday season, myself included, I have finally decided to reach out to Phil Spencer, the executive vice-president of gaming at Microsoft, in attempt to offer a solution to this issue. And yes, I don't expect to receive a reply, but I had to try.
That said, here's my tweet.
"Hey Phil, with all of the scalpers snatching up nextgen consoles I believe preventative measures are warranted. How about a loyalty program for well established Xbox accounts? Meaning, why not give your loyal fans an opportunity to preorder or purchase products first?"
And make no mistake, this is definitely something Microsoft and Sony can do. But this idea needs support. Otherwise we'll have to continually combat scalpers and overwhelmed websites. Especially during a pandemic, seeing as local retailers rarely supply them. But what do I know? I'm just a realist.