Project Wingman: The First 14 Minutes

Check out the opening mission from Project Wingman, the jet combat game from Sector D2 that lets you blast bad guys out of the sky from the cockpit of your fighter jet. Project Wingman will be released on December 1 for PC via Steam.
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Runtime: 14:33


Slick Viper
Slick Viper - 14 minutter siden
How is this not a lawsuit lmao
MIster RMJdesigns
MIster RMJdesigns - 2 timer siden
This looks more like HAWX ,then Ace combat. And I highly welcome it. Some of the voice acting seems a bit stale though.I guess they didn't use a producer for this part or they were overpayed!
Black Samurai
Black Samurai - 3 timer siden
Terrible cockpit!(((
H- G93422HN
H- G93422HN - 18 timer siden
11:35 MonkaS
Luis Carvalho
Luis Carvalho - Dag siden
another arcade fighter game. wow, so creative
Luis Carvalho
Luis Carvalho - 2 timer siden
@Sarn Not at all, but the last ace combat just came out, so I'm just failing to see what's the point of this game.
Sarn - 17 timer siden
Yes, and that's what we wanted. Unless youre one of those bored dads who can only get off from overly complicated simulators that require reading a whole manual to learn how to play.
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - Dag siden
Does anyone know if this might release for PS4
Clewin Vaz
Clewin Vaz - Dag siden
What HAWX 2 should have been.
RAYAK - Dag siden
I'm so upset... I expected something between "Ace Combat" (too arcade) and "DCS World" (too complex). I miss the "F-22 Advanced Dominance Fighter" I used to play many years ago on Windows 95.
Sarn - 17 timer siden
Too bad, those kinds of games dont really sell anymore.
Chris LaFace
Chris LaFace - 2 dager siden
I thought this was a game where your wingman helped you get laid.
Kawaiiemo - 3 dager siden
Finnaly! I played the demo a long time ago and i still love it. Cant wait for it to be released!
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider - 3 dager siden
Is this coming to PlayStation it looks really cool.
george yap
george yap - 4 dager siden
feel like just another 2020 Tom Clancy's HAWX
Andy Black
Andy Black - 4 dager siden
That’d would’ve been cool if they’d use there own globe designs instead of mirroring it with our globe with fictional countries. Like I.e procedurally generated would be great with dynamic campaign. Anyway game looks interesting so far with the ace combat vibes we all love.
TheGarbanzo - 4 dager siden
Still don't understand who the hell they be getting to record these gameplays.
mR andross guy
mR andross guy - 4 dager siden
Don't hat the player hat the game
mjack70 - 4 dager siden
Love it, only thing I would have wished for, for the 1st mission would be to take off from a carrier.
Sareva - 4 dager siden
Pleasantly surprised they gave the player a WSO when flying the F-4. Nice touch.
Lucasart328 - 4 dager siden
Worthy successor to dcs world
Aaron Long Huynh
Aaron Long Huynh - 4 dager siden
Just remember: Project Wingman has a WSO Waifu.
Sarn - Dag siden
they just outdid Ace Combat with that
Christian Kozma Holm
Christian Kozma Holm - 4 dager siden
The second voice in the breifing, isnt that the youtuber ForceGaming, he sounds so familiar?
SuperMasterofdragons - 4 dager siden
I remember downloading a demo for this ages ago after seeing it on (I believe) BaronVonzGaming's channel! So glad to see that it went in a full production and is getting released soon!
The Crying Cat
The Crying Cat - 5 dager siden
we need this game for console
LLOYD CORTEZ - 5 dager siden
Zakjal - 5 dager siden
Jesus, stop using 2 missiles for targets that obviously only need 1 to be destroyed.
[ Nathandroid ]
[ Nathandroid ] - 5 dager siden
That "Backwater Country" looks a lot like the US lol
Nodto Modley
Nodto Modley - 4 dager siden
Give or take 400 years after a literally earth shattering cataclysm.
sukositb - 5 dager siden
Did I see Y E L L O W target?
Loko Megurine
Loko Megurine - 5 dager siden
Waiting for Zaptroxix to post the OST
Kilel Six
Kilel Six - 4 dager siden
The composer is already releasing tracks on his youtube
BisKit LMAO - 5 dager siden
bless Prez soul for those fancy flying that y'all gonna make after this.....
Mobiues 3
Mobiues 3 - 5 dager siden
Uh haaa uuuuuuuuhhhhh RTB
Ricardo - 5 dager siden
Is this game also for ps4/5????? I played ace combat 5and 7 and i love the game so plz tell me i can play this masterpice on console aswel🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
CRISP WHITE MOBIUS 1 - 5 dager siden
Maybe it’ll come to consoles. Let’s hope so.
Hatta Zulzila
Hatta Zulzila - 5 dager siden
japzone - 5 dager siden
Finally, I've been waiting since before AC7 released.
smokebomb.exe - 5 dager siden
Ouch- cockpit view needs a quick coat of paint. Looks like PS2 cockpits. (and yes I know Wingman was scaled back to be able to run on VR)
smokebomb.exe - 5 dager siden
@Ryland W ah cool
Ryland W
Ryland W - 5 dager siden
It's a known issue. The textures just didn't load iirc
Jack .Stravinsky
Jack .Stravinsky - 5 dager siden
It looks more arcady & I can't wait for it. Now we need a proper Starfox clone!
NabeshinIII - 6 dager siden
Oh I am loving the dialogue and the rapport of the people on comms. I can't wait for 1st Dec.
CyberThug1080i - 6 dager siden
PS5 HDMI 2.1 Bandwidth of 32GB/s capped and also Slower than
Xbox Series X's 40GB/s 😏
CyberThug1080i - 5 dager siden
@Palindromemordnilap For the moment
Palindromemordnilap - 5 dager siden
Are you lost? This is only on PC.
m Hero15
m Hero15 - 6 dager siden
Soo, ace combat with more details? I will but it if it supports the headtracker
Ryland W
Ryland W - 5 dager siden
Mod support will likely bring that if the game doesn't ship with it
Antz3The3rd - 6 dager siden
Looks almost like Battlefield 3 and 4 minus the problems.
CRISP WHITE MOBIUS 1 - 5 dager siden
Ace Combat, you mean. It’s more fitting due to the fact that this was made by an AC fan.
Muh. Raihan Rusli
Muh. Raihan Rusli - 6 dager siden
I thought when they say that the game will take place in our universe, kinda feel normal. But after seeing the distorted geography at the briefing, it hypes me up
anyone have it already
anyone have it already - 6 dager siden
The Stage Of Apocalypse PTSD.
And 13:05
8492nd Squadron PTSD
Akis Akis
Akis Akis - 6 dager siden
Hey was hard for you??? Super easy mode???
Ken Sebastian
Ken Sebastian - 6 dager siden
So is there any "super easy" mode?
Syukri R.Robert
Syukri R.Robert - 6 dager siden
I played their beta and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Especially now with briefing screens and everything.
Ace Combat Fan
Ace Combat Fan - 6 dager siden
It looks so beautiful and the story is exciting, very much looking forward to it!
CRISP WHITE MOBIUS 1 - 5 dager siden
More lasers in this game.
ishimura - 6 dager siden
One of the voice actors in this I'm pretty sure does the English voice for the MC of "Redline"
ishimura - 5 dager siden
@CRISP WHITE MOBIUS 1 Nah, I mean the guy who voices JP in the English dub. (But maybe also what you said, just dont remember)
CRISP WHITE MOBIUS 1 - 5 dager siden
The first part of Redline where the kid keeps telling his dad to turn on the camera?
ScootMG - 6 dager siden
Ace combat 7 part 2
Stinger913 - 6 dager siden
World looks like real world but with fake nations and fake geographical names.
Mobius792 - 4 dager siden
@FloatyBones what have borders given us?
FloatyBones - 6 dager siden
It's Earth, but a divergent history where natural disasters and other cataclysmic events in the 20th and 21st century have redrawn old borders and split larger nations apart due to the stresses involved.
Czotie - 6 dager siden
Watching this while listening to Daredevil on loop... So excited to paly Ace Combat w/ VR (looking at you Sony...)
assassino1480 - 6 dager siden
Wouldn't be an IGN review if the guy playing it wasn't awful. Some things really never change.
Strider 1 “Trigger”
Strider 1 “Trigger” - 6 dager siden
Yo! This looks phenomenal. A true spiritual successor to Ace Combat.
Gamer Dude
Gamer Dude - 7 dager siden
I love how the radar screen inside the cockpit is actually functional and shows targets instead of being a just a dumb screen. Wish Ace Combat had this.
Gamer Dude
Gamer Dude - 3 dager siden
@Rykehuss This game was a kick starter , I believe. If they can do it, i am confident Bandi Namco can also do it. Ace Combat 7 should have brought a lot of revenue.
mR andross guy
mR andross guy - 4 dager siden
@Coyote Knight - ひまわりくん But the fact that they can't even patch or update things in 07 is real facepalm :/
Coyote Knight - ひまわりくん
ACE6 had a working cockpit radar. The development hell ACE7 went through did a number to PA.
Rykehuss - 5 dager siden
You cant expect a small indie studio like Bandai Namco to implement such features like functional cockpits
Steve mc
Steve mc - 7 dager siden
Creole Republic?
This world looks amazing
psychocrysis2 - 6 dager siden
Major Shadowrun vibes.
Gamer Dude
Gamer Dude - 7 dager siden
Bring it on Xbox
CoolPsyco - 7 dager siden
Prez: Hey lets ditch (2:58)
Me: *nose dive, crash land, together at last*
CoolPsyco - 6 dager siden
@The Allied Powers you dont even have to ask.
The Allied Powers
The Allied Powers - 6 dager siden
can i expect more PW memes upon release, psyco?
TheMrLucasP - 7 dager siden
This is going to be insane to play in VR
Nathan - 7 dager siden
I can not wait to get this on Dec 1st!
Ash Wong
Ash Wong - 7 dager siden
poor man's ace combat
HHB_Fairsinner - 7 dager siden
Ok guys serious question besides story differences I’m sure what is the difference between this and ace combat like what would be something brought to the table by this game that ace combat doesn’t do
The Allied Powers
The Allied Powers - 6 dager siden
halo style skulls
Agung Dwi Wijaya
Agung Dwi Wijaya - 7 dager siden
Multiple Special Weapons for one aircraft, hardpoint stacking, dynamic cloud & weather, talking WSO, rouge-like mode. I'm sure there are more, but those are the key points.
Mervyn Lan
Mervyn Lan - 7 dager siden
ELECTRO HALO8 - 7 dager siden
CRISP WHITE MOBIUS 1 - 5 dager siden
They transported it from Strangereal to fake Earth
TheEnergizingbunny - 6 dager siden
Nasser FireLord Arts
Nasser FireLord Arts - 7 dager siden
You just wait, every TTV will now be using a fighter jet with their r99...
mucombo - 7 dager siden
Its too similar to ace combat and I know that is what its looking to do but what does it bring to the table to differ from AC ?
The Allied Powers
The Allied Powers - 6 dager siden
also halo style skulls
Waka 'Mitai
Waka 'Mitai - 6 dager siden
talking WSO
Solo Queue Pixy
Solo Queue Pixy - 6 dager siden
the gun is a weapon of mass destruction instead of a wasted button
Agung Dwi Wijaya
Agung Dwi Wijaya - 7 dager siden
Oh, I forgot dynamic clouds & weather.
Agung Dwi Wijaya
Agung Dwi Wijaya - 7 dager siden
Multiple special weapons, stackable hardpoints, rouge-like mode, talking WSO. Those are the main points.
Ivan Kuznetsov
Ivan Kuznetsov - 7 dager siden
-Hold up, Is this an Australian Ace Combat 8?
-Always has been , mate
TheVenom - 7 dager siden
Ace Combat like gameplay and feel without timed missions which ruined the last game. I'm all in
Jay K
Jay K - 7 dager siden
Lol nice one just played Ace Combat 7 last month and want more, finally learned how to fly haha
Joseph - 7 dager siden
Nothing new since first ace combat........
Agung Dwi Wijaya
Agung Dwi Wijaya - 7 dager siden
It'll have more than 1 SPW per plane. Also talking WSO. Also rouge-like mode. A lot of new things you won't find in Ace Combat.
WanPwr 5990
WanPwr 5990 - 7 dager siden
Liam Marra
Liam Marra - 7 dager siden
Wow, followed this for quite a few years now. Outstanding.
Toothless .Fury
Toothless .Fury - 7 dager siden
Hoping this game will have Co-op, since AC7 didn't have it
pm ayo
pm ayo - 7 dager siden
No multiplayer, sorry.
Mr.mcmiddle Finger
Mr.mcmiddle Finger - 7 dager siden
Are we not going to acknowledge that the San Andreas fault moved?
matheusgc02 - 6 dager siden
Its a fictional world whit fictional countries and continents, so that area only looks similar to the USA.
Emilius73 - 7 dager siden
WSOs in an Ace Combat-type game, FINALLY
Aaron Long Huynh
Aaron Long Huynh - 4 dager siden
Not just any WSO. A WSO Waifu
Smol BB
Smol BB - 7 dager siden
Well what do you know. You guys are actually using expert controls now.
codyknightrouge - 5 dager siden
Now they just need to figure out the rudders.
Komyeta SQ
Komyeta SQ - 7 dager siden
High Tier Loot
High Tier Loot - 7 dager siden
*All Aircraft, Form Up on Trigger. Nice and Tight*
Constipated Parker
Constipated Parker - 7 dager siden
That briefing tho, so accurate like AC.
SP3CTR3 1 - 7 dager siden
Briefing says 'MEILNYX' but the briefing officer says 'MEILYNX'.
Lustracii - 6 dager siden
Shaikh Khawaja Haseeb Uddin
Shaikh Khawaja Haseeb Uddin - 7 dager siden
Still Alive?
Euchre FGC
Euchre FGC - 7 dager siden
Meilynx is correct. Meilnyx is a typo.
Birch Tree
Birch Tree - 7 dager siden
More arcade flight games! Ace Combat 8 is years away, more games in this genre is awesome.
ethan correa
ethan correa - 4 dager siden
@Birch Tree I am hoping to see the gleipnir once again in better graphics 😁.
Birch Tree
Birch Tree - 4 dager siden
@ethan correa ACX happens in 2020, a year after 7. I highly doubt 8 and 9 would take place in between, they will likely have them take place a few years later.
ethan correa
ethan correa - 4 dager siden
Btw are the event's of ace combat X(psp) supposed to happen after ace combat 7 , 8 and 9?
VectorGhost - 7 dager siden
it would be nice if your character actually talked, one thing that would be superior
The Raven
The Raven - 7 dager siden
I'm sorry, is this *not* AC?
Agung Dwi Wijaya
Agung Dwi Wijaya - 7 dager siden
@Euchre FGC ayyo sorry I got it a bit wrong. Also real dumb of me to forget Mr. Pavli. But hey, the work's definitely appreciated! :)
The Raven
The Raven - 7 dager siden
@Agung Dwi Wijaya Ah I see, thank you. I don't follow the franchise, but I have enjoyed a couple of AC games. Belkan War was favourite when I was a kid, and I still occasionally listen to the OST, particularly the fight between Cypher and Pixie. I think I'll keep an eye on this
Euchre FGC
Euchre FGC - 7 dager siden
@Agung Dwi Wijaya one game dev, one producer who is also the voice director, and one music composer*
Agung Dwi Wijaya
Agung Dwi Wijaya - 7 dager siden
It's a love letter to AC by one game dev, one writer, and one voice director with a team of voice actors.
Freddy Romo
Freddy Romo - 7 dager siden
Wait the WSO talks? And has a NAME?!
Muh. Raihan Rusli
Muh. Raihan Rusli - 6 dager siden
Yeah, if you use 2 seat planes
Waka 'Mitai
Waka 'Mitai - 6 dager siden
And it's a waifu! :D
Freddy Romo
Freddy Romo - 7 dager siden
It feels like its 2006 again. Ace Combat gets a new release and clones follow suit. Hell, even Devil May Cry got a new game.
Lockon501 - 7 dager siden
Ari Permadi
Ari Permadi - 7 dager siden
Gentleman... grab your helmet.... we fly tonight.... moore bogey to hunt
ROBOHOLIC1 - 7 dager siden
Christmas came early this year
THE JUAN AYALA SHOW - 7 dager siden
So much talking! SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIP
Agung Dwi Wijaya
Agung Dwi Wijaya - 7 dager siden
You can turn off subtitles & dialogues. Will cut you off from important mission notifications, but the option's there.
Phonixrmf - 7 dager siden
Hope in the future the fans won't be like Battlefield v COD, but one and the same
GG - 5 dager siden
It was made by AC fans for AC fans
Mobiues 3
Mobiues 3 - 5 dager siden
Ace Combat VS Project Wingman
GG - 5 dager siden
riku riku
riku riku - 7 dager siden
Ace Combat
Ikcatcher - 7 dager siden
This is how you know an Ace Combat fan made this game:
Really likes briefing screens
Anime dialogue
Fictional not-earth setting
Wacky super weapons
Amazing environments to fly
k338914 - 4 dager siden
> Ace Combat You spelled Strike Commander wrong.
Thomas Kirby
Thomas Kirby - 5 dager siden
And missiles that lock onto anything
jojyrocks - 6 dager siden
Hope they at least get the animations of Aircraft BRAKES right, like, when you slow down.
Chicken Dinner Gamer
Chicken Dinner Gamer - 6 dager siden
@GarudaZero0ne So it's a world known as Realstrange?
Ahmad Syahir
Ahmad Syahir - 6 dager siden
@CoolPsyco WSO waifu for the win.
ArqTR - 7 dager siden
Master Goose? Makes me recall about that particular cargo plane from Ace Combat 5...
Kendicus - 7 dager siden
Its nice to have a IGN dude that actually knows how to fly
Scuttlefish - 7 dager siden
Just like my Japanese aniplanes
ItsCrisp - 7 dager siden
I need it!!
蔡昀晉 - 7 dager siden
The only thing this game lacking of is something like Daredevil or Archange
Agung Dwi Wijaya
Agung Dwi Wijaya - 7 dager siden
Jose Pavli will definitely match up to those two.
DJBV - 7 dager siden
I backed them so glad its getting released :)
Jacky - 7 dager siden
is this a mobile game?
Voltaic Backlash
Voltaic Backlash - 7 dager siden
nah, for PC
BF-109 - 7 dager siden
You can really see that the developer loves ace combat
Dive Colosio
Dive Colosio - 7 dager siden
That's pretty much why this game made. Fact is, it's made by AC fans when AC7 was in its uncertainty back in 15/16
Devin Morrison
Devin Morrison - 7 dager siden
Do you think this could be controller supported on PC?
mR andross guy
mR andross guy - 4 dager siden
@Voltaic Backlash THRUSTMASTER ?
Devin Morrison
Devin Morrison - 7 dager siden
@Euchre FGC I’ll be looking forward to it. Fellow Ace fan
Euchre FGC
Euchre FGC - 7 dager siden
@Devin Morrison It'll be playable through steam, which natively supports most modern gamepads
Devin Morrison
Devin Morrison - 7 dager siden
@Voltaic Backlash Cool cool. Thought I would have had to learn with the pc controls. With had been tricky.
Voltaic Backlash
Voltaic Backlash - 7 dager siden
It definitely can! Even the demo they released two years ago has support for it!
ian1231100 - 7 dager siden
AWACS Galaxy is almost as precious as Long Caster. Almost.
CRISP WHITE MOBIUS 1 - 5 dager siden
@Chicken Dinner Gamer Eh, Crux is the best I guess He keeps having intense Gleipnir PTSD during missions, seriously
Chicken Dinner Gamer
Chicken Dinner Gamer - 6 dager siden
@Agung Dwi Wijaya The part about food is what makes him standout. I would say Long Caster is the best out of all of the AWACS in the AC games, with Eagle Eye coming in second for me.
Agung Dwi Wijaya
Agung Dwi Wijaya - 7 dager siden
I'm pretty sure he'll do a bit better without having to talk about food all the time.
Story Mode
Story Mode - 7 dager siden when can we get a combat flight sim with a br op mode...controls like sw squadrons....fully customizable planes...and a campaign mode with a epic I'd def play this in vr or gamepass...🤷‍♂️
Blazededge RZ
Blazededge RZ - 7 dager siden
My body is ready
armynblaster - 7 dager siden