PS5 Owners are Making Their Own Custom Plates - IGN Daily Fix

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In today's Daily Fix Sydnee talks about customized PS5s, how to get a PS5 (if you still don't have one), and a Spidey-glitch.
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TRDN Poseidon
TRDN Poseidon - Time siden
They Didn't Make Any Ps5
Limited Edition
Coz Some Will Sell Custom Plates It's so easy to
Remove the plates
Lann - 21 time siden
she cute
Powerful Hermit
Powerful Hermit - 2 dager siden
This is the hottest gamer girl I’ve ever seen
mark moss
mark moss - 2 dager siden
Sony: " say bye bye to your warranty"
Sarouth Neang
Sarouth Neang - 2 dager siden
Glad I got one. Woohoo
Curt Fleischhauer
Curt Fleischhauer - 3 dager siden
Hit up Pitdawg Hydro on Facebook for custom PS5 Controllers that are hydro dipped.
Rickrickboom - 3 dager siden
Erm yeah, I think my playstation 5 looks fine as it is.
It's Akile
It's Akile - 3 dager siden
By the Players
Keahi Duarte
Keahi Duarte - 3 dager siden
Wait what was new on the series x besides a silly logo? Was this sarcastic?
Bikace Subedi
Bikace Subedi - 4 dager siden
Daily fix indeed 😌
Isaac Burr
Isaac Burr - 4 dager siden
The king pin series x takes the cake i think haha. Simplest one but low key most clever.
Butter Man
Butter Man - 4 dager siden
I lack the art talent to customize my ps5 plates lol.
Vakko 77
Vakko 77 - 4 dager siden
I like This girl is Hot 😘
Uselessly Sexy
Uselessly Sexy - 4 dager siden
images like this that lead me to trust in the provider.
Ghetto Lisa
Ghetto Lisa - 5 dager siden
As they should.
id104335409 - 5 dager siden
Sony: hmm, we could make some money on the side by selling plates or licences for others to make custom plates ORRRR, we could just tell them to stop selling.
dave's dodgy dealers
dave's dodgy dealers - 5 dager siden
Lol i came here to see what syndee is wairing
Dr. Batmanhattan
Dr. Batmanhattan - 5 dager siden
Sydnee is hot af!!🥵🔥🔥
Creatively Crafted
Creatively Crafted - 5 dager siden
I kept refreshing both of those dates and no ps5 lol
Magnific Day
Magnific Day - 5 dager siden
Literally only here for Sydney
peterhaase1982 - 6 dager siden
If your design is featured here you win a free Peppa Pig schoolbag and pencil case!
nightspeed98 - 6 dager siden
Is it just me or are her mannerisms reminding you of Olivia Munn? Some similarities as well such as the smile... just saying...
Sir Arrius
Sir Arrius - 6 dager siden
I actually am lking this whole segemnt that it happening
Shadowy Webhead
Shadowy Webhead - 6 dager siden
Spider-Trashcan haha, the glitch is honestly hilarious, i feel bad for Insomniac tho, hope they get it fixed
adrian Skudrinja
adrian Skudrinja - 6 dager siden
I finally found Daily fix
J. C
J. C - 6 dager siden
Whoever made that Kingpin Xbox, I love you.
Daniel Caverly
Daniel Caverly - 6 dager siden
Business is BOOMIN
Home World Hub Media
Home World Hub Media - 6 dager siden
Those are your favorite designs? So incredibly lackluster if you ask me.
TheDean Filez
TheDean Filez - 6 dager siden
Callum Warren Art
Callum Warren Art - 6 dager siden
Hey that orange one is mine! I have a tutorial on my youtube channel :)
TSG KiLLem Twice
TSG KiLLem Twice - 6 dager siden
TechRyze - 6 dager siden
Oh yummy 😋
Bhargav Desai
Bhargav Desai - 6 dager siden
I'd have customized with her face on both sides if I had ps5😁
Stadic - 6 dager siden
You can also play as Peter and have his animations
SpikeTheWolf - 6 dager siden
The glitch sounds like a win.
SpikeTheWolf - 6 dager siden
Jamie15211_Comments - 7 dager siden
Not even a reason to really buy a ps5 you really only need a pc switch and ps4 who cares about garbage’s souls and astros orgyroom
DocBravo - 7 dager siden
I have an idea for a new movie. "The Purge: PS5 Scalpers". A continuation of the movie series but people hunting down PS5 scalpers and continues your typical "Purge" plot.
Ed Kessel
Ed Kessel - 7 dager siden
Seen this coming!! Sony tells you not to do something and people go f*** you I'm going to do it anyway.
24 Burnaa
24 Burnaa - 7 dager siden
The black one is the best its simple but n8ce
D C - 7 dager siden
On another note, you just voided your sony and retail store warranty 😅
booptidyscoop - 7 dager siden
But the boxed Tom painted Xbox trumps them all.
D C - 7 dager siden
I painted a picture of Syndee on my ps5 🤩🤩🤩
xavier thompson
xavier thompson - 7 dager siden
What all of 5 people that own it
K T - 7 dager siden
I wish I can buy it 😂
matt mines
matt mines - 7 dager siden
I guess everyone has a talent?
CleavAlive - 7 dager siden
Roll the thing!
Rakshith Dogra
Rakshith Dogra - 7 dager siden
Wassup sydnee goodman
jaafar kassim
jaafar kassim - 7 dager siden
The one from Xbox Series X is just sad, The Guy Knows he will never be able to play a Spiderman game on his or her Console
Elo verse
Elo verse - Dag siden
Tbh that king pin design is fire and simple.
TheNorthmen Gaming
TheNorthmen Gaming - 7 dager siden
The he she
sakhile - 7 dager siden
We can't have custom plates because Sony plans on releasing exclusive game versions of the PS5. Like PS5 last of us edition
Nathan Venter
Nathan Venter - 7 dager siden
Why is it such a big deal for people to customize their face plates? Keep it original guys
Ethan Davo
Ethan Davo - 7 dager siden
Why did we never get a miles console
Harry R
Harry R - 7 dager siden
The colour buttons on the custom DS5 controller are perfect. Why did Sony remove such an iconic part of their Playstation branding?
Clayton Blum
Clayton Blum - 7 dager siden
Best I have seen is the carbon fiber mid; with the inside plate being white, and the outside being gloss black.
gadson92 - 7 dager siden
Spider brick 😂😂😂
Blue - 7 dager siden
1:40 I thought it was greg.. LOL
drink15 - 7 dager siden
This should have been an option from Sony on day one. Someone dropped the ball or they wanted to create demand to sale more.
baksyn builders
baksyn builders - 7 dager siden
Xbox is a villain lol 😋🤣😂
Shrump Døssing
Shrump Døssing - 7 dager siden
I would kill for a death stranding plate
Arnav Banerji
Arnav Banerji - 7 dager siden
I want to kiss your neck ❤️
matteo leoni
matteo leoni - 7 dager siden
Shidik Kautsar
Shidik Kautsar - 7 dager siden
ewh annoying news caster
eduardo gonzales
eduardo gonzales - 7 dager siden
She is so hot 🔥🔥🔥
Xx_Flare Boy166_xX
Xx_Flare Boy166_xX - 7 dager siden
Sony: The answer is no
Consumers: B-but Sonyyyy
Sony: Enough
Consumers: Fine I guess we'll just have to do it ourselves
Bikramjit Singh
Bikramjit Singh - 7 dager siden
People doing DIY with PS5 plates.
Later if they need to contact customer care for some issue
customer service: yes
Nick Chronic
Nick Chronic - 7 dager siden
the black version looks amazing
ZIYAD ZUHAIR - 7 dager siden
Here in iraq 🇮🇶 price of the new console PS5 is 1250 Dollars 💵
Tats Sacs
Tats Sacs - 7 dager siden
Playing sackboy then showed my wife how dual sense haptics make the experience. All she said was “The future of vibrators looks bright indeed”
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cinnamon Toast Crunch - 4 dager siden
Bro I haven’t laughed at a comment this much in a while. Underrated comment
Shadowy Webhead
Shadowy Webhead - 6 dager siden
A real woman of culture huh
Ankush Sen
Ankush Sen - 7 dager siden
You're one lucky husband😳
El Impoluto
El Impoluto - 7 dager siden
All it takes is paint & some imagination; not hard.
Rotten Opinion
Rotten Opinion - 7 dager siden
Relax people. The Chinese knock off plates will be hitting the market very soon.
AzmerVariety - 7 dager siden
I'm not gonna lie, I forgot the Daily Fix was a thing. Hasn't been in my feed for months 0_0.
VolkyWay - 7 dager siden
Spider Lamp?!? SOLD!
Ashish Gamer
Ashish Gamer - 7 dager siden
I Love you SYDNEE🥰
Gaming4Pride - 7 dager siden
how to do that? is it that easy to remove the 2 white outer "wings" and paint them with normal spray colour?
Jamielol - 7 dager siden
Mobular devices, has a weird ring to it 🤔
lexusalex - 7 dager siden
make an XBOX theme for ps5 haha, that would be hilarious
Khoa Leo
Khoa Leo - 7 dager siden
Omg they featured DAVE2D’s custom design as their thumbnail 😆
Phart bloom
Phart bloom - 7 dager siden
Sydnee always brings a smile to brighten up my gaming day thank you lovely, keep up the great job you do and those smiles 😎😊🤟🙋‍♂️
Heisenberg Pinkman
Heisenberg Pinkman - 7 dager siden
Hey where is Kaiba at? Its time to ddddduel!!!
Anton Schultz
Anton Schultz - 7 dager siden
omg prop hunt was sooo much fun!
Jojo Rabbit
Jojo Rabbit - 7 dager siden
1:42 business is boomin
AlteredDemon - 7 dager siden
I finally actually tuned in and I am not disappointed
K7TZ - 7 dager siden
I don’t think this is gonna fix the face
jyotiraditya Pawar
jyotiraditya Pawar - 7 dager siden
Parallel universe: spider brick 😂😂
JKE - 7 dager siden
The One Norealer
The One Norealer - 7 dager siden
yarisazam - 7 dager siden
Where is Naomi?
Buck Dewey
Buck Dewey - 7 dager siden
this is nice and all, but isn't this technically voiding the warranty?
OCTOBER GAMING - 7 dager siden
Yes we are
I’m doing mine orange 🍊 tomorrow with plastic dip
Federal Bureau of Gaming
Federal Bureau of Gaming - 7 dager siden
Customers : Ah who needs you
BokehMaster - 7 dager siden
She is so loud today
Killed Steel
Killed Steel - 7 dager siden
That black controller with the OG bittons is a must have.
James Zeitler
James Zeitler - 7 dager siden
The Seto Kaibo ps5 still takes the cake for me. lol
Hector Castellanos
Hector Castellanos - 7 dager siden
BIY. Buy it yourself
Wake Angelz
Wake Angelz - 7 dager siden
Not to be rude but does Sydnee look extra fine in this video for some reason or is it just me? xD
Muhammad Sameer Boodoo
Muhammad Sameer Boodoo - 7 dager siden
Well you guys are lucky the ps5 cost $500, in my country its $1250 which is insane in price
hgfgh gfhfffh
hgfgh gfhfffh - 7 dager siden
Brahm sareen
Brahm sareen - 7 dager siden
I must say your host is beautiful !!
SumDude __
SumDude __ - 7 dager siden
When the Kingpin Xbox turns on if you listen closely it says “Ya gonna love this”
crazyguy2179 - 7 dager siden