PS5 Queues Up Download Problems - IGN News Live

At the time of IGN News Live airing, we are happy to report that the staff pf Ubisoft Montreal are safe. PlayStation 5 seems to have run into some launch issues, so let’s vent about download queue bugs, but also appreciate that we have personal safety and keep things in perspective. We’ll discuss the crowded Game Pass bandwagon, the future of Black Panther, and a whole mess of reunions and reboots. All coming up at 4pm PST on your November 13th, 2020 edition of News, Games and More!
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Mike DSmoove
Mike DSmoove - 10 dager siden
They could just cast Winston Duke take over and just do a cameo of Chadwick Boseman given he the Black Panther power. Also Duke will come to be not so dominant and a little more passive maybe or go a different way with him.
Mike DSmoove
Mike DSmoove - 10 dager siden
My name need to be in the credits for something tho (I clam)
PunkRockZombie205 - 10 dager siden
Ign simping hard for Microsoft, lol
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 11 dager siden
Was my life worth it????
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez - 11 dager siden
How hard is it to edit out the first 14 minutes of nothingness before y’all post this? That’s just lazy
NickBLeaveIt - 11 dager siden
I doubt JR reads the YouTube comments, but the reason you'd download the PS4 version of cross gen games is because you've started trophy hunting for that version's Platinum, whereas you'd be starting completely from scratch with the PS5 version EVEN IF you're starting from a mid-game save.
Justin Marsh
Justin Marsh - 11 dager siden
Guy in the middle is not understanding how video games work. If you accidentally purchase the PS4 version, you can just upgrade to the PS5 version for free on a lot of titles luckily, but even if you're only playing at 1080p, the PS5 version would still look better. It would still have ray tracing, next gen textures, and 60 fps, it just would look a little grainy with the lower resolution.
Richard Medina
Richard Medina - 11 dager siden
I have had a crash loading Cold War and just a bunch of glitches playing the first mission in the campaign. I was also playing multiplayer with my son and it was very glitchy and it look like it was running on a ps3. I do have a wired connection not wifi, when playing solo multiplayer it seemed fine I hope all this gets worked out
Jonathan FR
Jonathan FR - 5 dager siden
The problem is from cod cold war who is not finish yet just like ww2 when he first came iut
10 O'Swords
10 O'Swords - 11 dager siden
"Do you own game pass?"...When in fact if you SUBSCRIBE to game pass you own, nothing.
Nick van Oijen
Nick van Oijen - 12 dager siden
Will the problems be solved with a patch or something, or is that not possible and you are left with a broken console?
JettTheWolf - 12 dager siden
That’s not the only issue. Games are unplayable due to freezing and crashing constantly
Space Dandy
Space Dandy - 12 dager siden
Xbox better
jenova1st - 12 dager siden
my series x doenst work
outworlddragoon - 12 dager siden
My PS5 has had no problems. It is quiet. I ran it for 7 hours straight and it wasnt even warm. Its fast. The games look and feel amazing. The controller and its haptic feedback is insane. the only negative i have found is the lack of storage space.
David P
David P - 12 dager siden
Maybe if you fools used disc and not running digital cos you’re obsessed with going all digital in America for reasons unknown to me.
Game - 12 dager siden
I hate how people are saying it's all star lords fault, yes he had a hand in it...but remember Dr. Strange knew what was going to happen, he knew thanos would win in order for them to win in the end. He could have stopped star lord at the beginning but knew it had to happen
Damon J
Damon J - 12 dager siden
Also some people been saying u shouldn't play while its downloading otherwise it'll crash and need to be factory restarted.
Joel Y
Joel Y - 12 dager siden
Why is everyone making such a big deal about Ps and Xbox backwards compatibility.. why would I buy a new console to play the games I could play on the old console.. Just concentrate on making new games worth buying then maybe there’s a reason to upgrade. 😅
GeeHarveyOswald - 12 dager siden
They’ll likely just have a whole ps3 and ps2 section on the ps store when it’s ready anyways
Joel Y
Joel Y - 12 dager siden
@GazJrpg I’m not saying it isn’t a nice thing to have but it’s nothing new either. Quite a few consoles from the past did the same, my point was these new consoles don’t have any real usable features or games at launch to justify buying one yet. My opinion of course.
GazJrpg - 12 dager siden
Because it's important? Why wouldn't you want your game library to transfer over, that sounds crazy to me...
Aaron Mcclure
Aaron Mcclure - 12 dager siden
It's a very nice free feature with free upgrades. Obviously it's important enough Xbox got Sony to do it finally
iAm Batman
iAm Batman - 12 dager siden
People get so excited about consoles at launch, ofc they gonna have a few problems to start. Chill
Daniel Weiss
Daniel Weiss - 12 dager siden
Time stamps please.
Rick Garcia
Rick Garcia - 12 dager siden
I believe we need king t'challa now more than ever
Darkula 666
Darkula 666 - 12 dager siden
So the queue problems were a 30 second per of your stream, but it is the stream name...
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Darkula 666
Darkula 666 - 10 dager siden
@Aaron Mcclure I am not a journalist who claims to be non biased though.
Aaron Mcclure
Aaron Mcclure - 12 dager siden
Definitely longer than 30 seconds, ironically you're talking about possible bias while clearly being biased
Amjad Jarrar
Amjad Jarrar - 12 dager siden
the long 13 minutes intro is a smart idea to use when uploading my classes on my university LMS! instead of actually doing a 60 minutes class i can do 15 minutes intro with music then do the class :D
James Jaurequi
James Jaurequi - 12 dager siden
Start time 14:48
Axel Lawson
Axel Lawson - 12 dager siden
I like this woman.
PunkRockZombie205 - 10 dager siden
Is there ever one you don't tho?
MK G - 12 dager siden
Is IGN gonna make a Video on the new XBs all randomly just shutting off!!!! Many have already voiced and put up videos on YouTube
smackachicken - 12 dager siden
@kato093 watch reviewteachusa ps5 hardware failure.
H R - 12 dager siden
What does that have to do with this video ??? Put ur fanboy away
kato093 - 12 dager siden
@otogigamer the whole of 1 or 2 people had that issue so....nobody cares. Its a bug, a software error that can be easily patched. The xbox one is a hardware failure, completely different issues.
otogigamer - 12 dager siden
They'll put it up when they put up ps5 having database issues and to fix it you need to reset your whole system
flows30 - 12 dager siden
well yeah obviously it's going to be a massive download queue when it's a launch day
Gilberto Arellano
Gilberto Arellano - 12 dager siden
Imagine spending $500 + on a Xbox series X just to play the same games you’ve been playing on your current Xbox 😂😂😂.
Gilberto Arellano
Gilberto Arellano - 12 dager siden
@TRX X Miles Morales, Is a remake? Sack boy is a remake? Bug snax is a remake? So you bought a $500 console to play last gen games. 😂😂😂.
TRX X - 12 dager siden
@Gilberto Arellano Better than playing a remake and call it new gen with 70$ more to spend just to make you proud of your next gen console LMAO
Gilberto Arellano
Gilberto Arellano - 12 dager siden
@Aaron Mcclure all that power just to play last gen games 💀.
Aaron Mcclure
Aaron Mcclure - 12 dager siden
Imagine 1 console has more power, better backwards compatibility, VRR, auto HDR, game pass instead of 70 dollar exclusives and more storage. And both consoles cost the same 🤔
TRX X - 12 dager siden
@otogigamer the problem not only that he is saying imagine you buy Xbox series X to play older titles, yet he bring a name of remake only title from PS3 days lol! I MEAN ARE YOU FOR REAL?
James Phoenix
James Phoenix - 12 dager siden
Let’s be honest if this wasn’t the best launch ever, I’d be very concerned, gaming as an industry has grown massively over the past decade, market share is the true indicator of success rather than raw figures.
BillB808 - 12 dager siden
These are very weak industry is crap vs the 90's...hopefully they start to fold and die soon starting with EA
Gemma Todd
Gemma Todd - 12 dager siden
Not a fangirl or anything, but Sony have claimed that 4000+ games will be available to play from their back catalogue on PS5. Essentially, 99% of what is playable on PS4 is playable on PS5.
Patrick B
Patrick B - 12 dager siden
@Jay Henny I'd say that's mostly true, with the exception of the few games that haven't yet been brought to next gen. Such games would include Fallout 3, New Vegas, Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, Dragon Age Origins, and this includes some Playstation exclusives such as the Resistance and Killzone trilogies from the PS3 era. Red Dead Redemption 1. I'd say that you're mostly correct, just with a few exceptions. But here's hoping that most of these are brought in remastered collections next generation. The Mass Effect Collection has already been announced for example. And every time something like that is announced, that's a few less games that the XB can boast about backwards compatibility with. .
Aaron Mcclure
Aaron Mcclure - 12 dager siden
@Jay Henny you are comparing backwards compatible games with free upgrades to buying a game again. Really?
Aaron Mcclure
Aaron Mcclure - 12 dager siden
@Jay Henny unreal tournament 3 is my favorite online shooter ever. Nothing made today is like it and I can still play it on Xbox. Not available on Playstation
Jay Henny
Jay Henny - 12 dager siden
@Patrick B exactly. In my opinion ps4 games are the only games worth bringing to next gen being as the other greatest ps1,2,and 3 games already have remasters or remakes thats better than the originals
Patrick B
Patrick B - 12 dager siden
I know. When people talk about the XB backwards compatibility, they don't realise that the PS5 is actually backwards compatible with more games, just over fewer generations. (Because there are more PS4 games than XB 360 & Classic compatible games essentially)
iTzHyruleGuardians - 12 dager siden
What happened?
king of the World
king of the World - 12 dager siden
What I want to know is is the Xbox improving are the PS5 because I've been hearing bad things about the PS5 about how is I like errors are coming on so you can't do this and then there's just storage and I'm wondering when did the i hop they dent down gread
kato093 - 12 dager siden
@DJ MadJam i think he had a stroke
t2om - 12 dager siden
This is a troll. Don't feed it.
VAX1S - 12 dager siden
DJ MadJam
DJ MadJam - 12 dager siden
I almost had a stroke reading your comment dude
Lee Werner
Lee Werner - 12 dager siden
I never buy on launch day .
PunkRockZombie205 - 10 dager siden
Lee Werner
Lee Werner - 12 dager siden
@svenson523 wait till they fix bugs
svenson523 - 12 dager siden
why not its fun
U WOT M8 - 12 dager siden
IGN really haven’t stopped praising Xbox yet hating ps5 apparently...
shishiMANGO - 12 dager siden
I mean...that praise is very very well deserved.
otogigamer - 12 dager siden
They praise xbox so much that they all constantly remind the viewers that they all pre-ordered and bought ps5 over xbox. How is that hate for ps5
John Donovan
John Donovan - 12 dager siden
They praised ps5 for its storage options and methods once Sony enables the drives, they praised the launch lineup, they praised the load speed they praised the dual sense controller,all in comparison to Xbox. How exactly do you justify that as hate?
Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah - 12 dager siden
انا معرفش مين شاف الكومنت ده 😄
بس يارب تنام وتصحي فرحان ❤️
ياللي تشترك ف القناه وتعمل لايك❤️
Sean John
Sean John - 12 dager siden
@23:00 PS5 Talk.
kihh mihh
kihh mihh - 12 dager siden
JoseSprays - 12 dager siden
Saved us a lot of time.
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford - 12 dager siden
We need a Bruce Lee game he was such a legend
otogigamer - 12 dager siden
Maybe you need an Xbox and get the game Bruce Lee Quest of the dragon
duke8579 - 12 dager siden
Or shang chi
Noah Smith
Noah Smith - 12 dager siden
People who have PS5, do you have to insert a PS5 disc to play it after downloading it to the system? I presume it’s the same as PS4...
Noah Smith
Noah Smith - 7 dager siden
Maybe one day we can have our cake and eat it too haha (sigh) They'd have to implement something that ties the disc to your console I'd imagine, and if I'm not mistaken that's what Microsoft got burned for with the Xbone.
GeeHarveyOswald - 12 dager siden
@TRX X that’s why don’t buy disks as if it’s 2003 or something
Kevin Duffy
Kevin Duffy - 12 dager siden
That why I buy everything digitally. Not standing up if I don't have to! :) plus the drive is loudest bit...
TRX X - 12 dager siden
@Matt York Wow PS5 becoming bigger joke day by day, so if the disc doesnt work I should say bye bye to my money!
Dale - 12 dager siden
Don’t know since I use digital console atm because don’t know if they release a better storage ps5 system. Consider that the consoles aren’t release globally yet and ppl still waiting for Black Friday to buy them. Launch days pretty much isn’t priority atm.
FitForActing Reynaldo B
FitForActing Reynaldo B - 12 dager siden
Starts @14:49 😳
God, Comics, and Gaming
God, Comics, and Gaming - 12 dager siden
@B Pott Thanks😎👍
FitForActing Reynaldo B
FitForActing Reynaldo B - 12 dager siden
@B Pott true
B Pott
B Pott - 12 dager siden
Really 23:00
FarmYard Gaming
FarmYard Gaming - 12 dager siden