PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Which Has the Best Streaming Apps?

A console's potential as a streaming video platform matters. While this is an area where you might expect the PS5 and Xbox Series X to be identical, it turns out that simply isn't the case.
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MBL666 - 2 timer siden
What about Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos..... are they available on PlayStation??
Moparman - 5 timer siden
Disney + app on Xbox Series X is broken I always get Error code 39. Disney customer service is useless. Also Livestreaming has issues where Twitch app will always broadcast with dark video.
The Light
The Light - 8 timer siden
Ps5 here
David McAuley
David McAuley - 13 timer siden
Just get a chromecast?
Jdeeez - 19 timer siden
The disparity between apps between both consoles is absurd, I loaded up my ps5 in my living room and was shocked that it had 5 apps that I would take advantage of
No fox
No nbc
No cbs
No nfl network
Not to mention the lack of 4k hdr on apps like disney plus
Gary Pittel
Gary Pittel - 19 timer siden
KODI on Xbox. Every movie and TV show in the world for free. Bottom line, game over!
GrandNoble - 20 timer siden
he basically said the Xbox is killing it and Sony is laggin behind, but in the end made it seems like they're the same. WTF.
Trev - 14 timer siden
Lmao Xbox’s only real advantage is having HBO Max, which will for sure come to PS5 soon. What are you on?
ITzGio XD - Dag siden
His face looks like he needs a day off
AzreyelDJ - Dag siden
Idk about anybody else, but I buy a gaming console to play games. Most TV's nowadays already have apps on them for these things and your only using up more electricity using your console when you already have other devices that are capable as well. Just my opinion.
EmilioEG87 - 2 dager siden
Why put more usage on your console and use more electricity when you can just get a $25 4k Roku .
alexander pierre
alexander pierre - Dag siden
ts the sane your using electricity using ruko and there in a early phase theyll hav more stuff later
ryan greatley
ryan greatley - 2 dager siden
Does the ps5 have neon and TVNZ on demand
Stoni41 - 2 dager siden
Or you Just watch on the playstation Browser for Free
Stoni41 - Dag siden
@Sudesha N thats a Shame lots of people used it on ps4 to watch illegally
Sudesha N
Sudesha N - Dag siden
There’s no built in browser on the PS5
Daniel Harborne
Daniel Harborne - 2 dager siden
Does either of the consoles' YouTube apps have a playback speed option... the fact this isn't present on my PS4 Pro has been killing me for a while...
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez - 2 dager siden
PS5 is starting from scratch because is a brand new console. Xbox Series X is an upgrade from Xbox X with everything the same, UI, controller, etc.
Rayaan Salem
Rayaan Salem - 2 dager siden
What about the browser you could use CBS All Access & HBO Max through that
jakob2016 - 2 dager siden
This also only applies in the US I'm not sure it's like this in most EU countries and deffinitely not in Japan.
Flaw3dGenius - 3 dager siden
Which one has the better Netflix Dolby Vision picture?
Whuuut - 3 dager siden
TV TV TV TV TV TV TV never forget 😉 Just kidding I'm fine with Amazon, Netflix and Disney 👍
Quadruple Curious
Quadruple Curious - 3 dager siden
His voice says I’m calm, but his face says I havnt taken a crap in 6 days
PharaohLoso215 - Dag siden
viniestbobby - 3 dager siden
Why are they doing this now? They should have done this on launch day, a lot of these apps already been updated at this point like FUNimation app just came out last week on PlayStation 5, so at this point a lot of apps already heading to PlayStation 5.😶
Joey N.
Joey N. - 3 dager siden
tldr; PS5.
alexander pierre
alexander pierre - Dag siden
you summerized the whole vid in 1 word.
Tim McDougall
Tim McDougall - 3 dager siden
Can either system play media from external or network storage? I have NAS drive and like to stream digital downloads to my PS4 but it has limitations with codec support
Icarus - 3 dager siden
I want Xbox gamepass on ps
Filip Carlsson
Filip Carlsson - 3 dager siden
hulu and hbo max
anyone outside the us: am i a joke to you
The Acting Nerd
The Acting Nerd - 3 dager siden
NO HBO MAX ON PS5??!?!? Damn it
kakarot134 - 2 dager siden
@youthgaming133 2 HBO Max isn't on Roku either.
youthgaming133 2
youthgaming133 2 - 3 dager siden
Just get a roku bro
moonlighter - 3 dager siden
PS5 has the best user experience
super guy reblex
super guy reblex - 3 dager siden
i like xbox better it just has more to offer, well it depends, but xbox has way more to offer for me, and i dont even have a reason to get a ps5
AK TREVOR - 3 dager siden
The main question is
*"Which has better games ?"*
alexander pierre
alexander pierre - Dag siden
PunkRockZombie205 - 3 dager siden
Ugh, looks like PS is gonna be short on apps again this gen as well. Can we at least get pandora? I hate Spotify
D2 - 2 dager siden
Johnny Five
Johnny Five - 3 dager siden
Is Spectrum App offered on either console?
Alfred Holman HD
Alfred Holman HD - 3 dager siden
PlayStation don't have this app Syfy and AMC and USA and NBC
Aloy Deathseeker
Aloy Deathseeker - 3 dager siden
The USA has more apps then us in Europe so to this doesn't bother me at all or most people.
Alfred Holman HD
Alfred Holman HD - 3 dager siden
PlayStation don't have this app The CW
Revvie Jon
Revvie Jon - 3 dager siden
Never knew this was a topic to discuss.
But interesting
Charles Carter
Charles Carter - 3 dager siden
No one cares.
Kevin Kev
Kevin Kev - 3 dager siden
Wee now you cant compite with ps5 games but at least xbox has the ather things like this
ShiningBOT - 3 dager siden
Why leave out format and resolution support? ps5 doesnt have 4k disney+ and lacks dolby atmos and vision in any app. That's a dealbreaker for a lot of people.
VizarthCC Gaming
VizarthCC Gaming - 3 dager siden
I want Deezer and/or Tidal on PS5 :(
Derik Walters
Derik Walters - 3 dager siden
I had no idea xbox wanted you to watch more videos on your console then game 🤷
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson - 3 dager siden
They don't. Oooooh Snap!!!!!!😁😁✌
BamBamxxxx - 3 dager siden
Xbox Series X has HBO Max?!
F in the chat for the PS5. 🤭
Keen2892 - 3 dager siden
I just need HBO max on my ps5
Amos Martinez
Amos Martinez - 3 dager siden
Whoa I had no idea ps was so behind 🤷‍♂️
Feverroneous - 3 dager siden
Do a video on how they massacred my USB Media Player.
TheMangoJay - 3 dager siden
To be fair, I can’t imagine anyone with these consoles not playing them on a smart tv that has all the apps on it already. I know that LG doesn’t have HBO Max yet, so I guess that’s one downside currently for the PS5
Zach Pohlman
Zach Pohlman - 3 dager siden
The 70" TV I play on only has NOburn and Netflix, which I never even use. Haha. Only way I usually stream anything on is my PS4 Pro.
Josh Boose
Josh Boose - 3 dager siden
My smart TV
mine Studio sg merlion Brand
Hope hv more TV Apps to watch TV Free. Like in Singapore " Starhub TV +, TVB Anywhere app, much more "
steve moore
steve moore - 3 dager siden
PS5 does not have disney plus in 4k hdr ?
Hidden VIP
Hidden VIP - 3 dager siden
ima go with xbox
Zykru - 3 dager siden
Check out my ps5 unboxing
usedfuzzbox - 3 dager siden
My games console is a games console, anything else is a bonus. Almost all of the ones that are not on PS5, I think "niche" is a nice way of putting it...Lastly, my new Smart 4K TV has all the apps I want anyways, having them on my console is again, just a bonus.
Lennie Godber
Lennie Godber - 3 dager siden
Since no-one can buy either console I’m not sure that it really matters
Jun Mushfiq
Jun Mushfiq - Dag siden
@ExhumedXxXx Or the dedicated and broke
ExhumedXxXx - 2 dager siden
Only the privileged and scalpers have it. :/
ColombianThunder - 3 dager siden
Don't talk to me until either one gets the Criterion Channel
dxsuperstarl - 3 dager siden
Why would I use a console to stream apps when the majority of TV’s have them already lol one more device on?
Corn Pop
Corn Pop - 2 dager siden
Hmm never thought of it that way. Guess it is pointless powering a console to watch Netflix rather then just the TV. But you can control the xbox with Alexa :D and it is nice going from watching a video and then straight into the game you was playing. But quick resume does that when xbox is off to so that would work :/
dxsuperstarl - 3 dager siden
@guaroguarino You can connect your TV to the internet via ethernet.. and its as fast if not faster than consoles. One less device, less power consumption.
guaroguarino - 3 dager siden
Because a console is actually connected to the Internet through an ethernet cable and it's way faster and more convenient than a Smart TV.
J S - 3 dager siden
@Moist Breadstick why's it weird to play on monitor?🥴 Plus you could just plug a firestick into the hdmi port problem solved best of both worlds
dxsuperstarl - 3 dager siden
@smackachicken Guess I speak for myself.. i own an LG CX. Every app works better there than on any other device. Only app missing is HBO Max. So for HBO Max i guess 🤷🏻‍♂️
TheDarkjedi94 - 3 dager siden
Game pass
Pixels & Pens
Pixels & Pens - 3 dager siden
I always love how people hate on videos doing nothing other than presenting facts. Like ffs... do you need your security blanket? JFC!
HerculezGaming - 3 dager siden
What about nba league pass ffs. I thought Black Lives Matter lol kmt it’s the only thing I used my Xbox one for
Ace - 3 dager siden
If it's on the Xbox one then it's on the series x they have the same UI.
shamel2014 - 3 dager siden
You can buy and rent movies in the store what are smoking
BroKenPROgaMeR - 3 dager siden
I’m waiting HBO max on PS5😭😭come on
ChollaChow - 2 dager siden
@Jan Rikardsen idk why anyone would get Xbox, but please don’t call it an inferior console.
Jan Rikardsen
Jan Rikardsen - 3 dager siden
Why wait on inferior console
Side Stepper
Side Stepper - 3 dager siden
What one has the best non cross generation games? Neither.
Side Stepper
Side Stepper - 2 dager siden
@Jasc Random isn’t demon souls on multiple consoles? Regardless of a remake. Isn’t the spider man game also on ps4? And is ratchet and clank even out? Lol
Jasc Random
Jasc Random - 3 dager siden
@Side Stepper Spiderman: Miles Morales, Horizon, Ratchet & Clank, Kena, Demon Souls, Deathloop.
Side Stepper
Side Stepper - 3 dager siden
@Jasc Random what games?
Jasc Random
Jasc Random - 3 dager siden
Playstation does.
ShadowDark Pro
ShadowDark Pro - 3 dager siden
What is the point for me of having apps in consoles when I have an android TV? 😂😂
Kaumran Esna-Ashari
Kaumran Esna-Ashari - 3 dager siden
99% of the time I use my android TV for my apps. There are occasions here and there where the apps crash and I just switch over to my console to watch until I reboot the TV.
bigbige559 - 3 dager siden
PS4 apps were always broken. Even now, I don’t think Disney+ isn’t in 4K HDR even though I have the right TV and it works on other platforms.
SuperSaiyanBroku - 3 dager siden
I had a launch ps4 until a week ago it was my media hub for 8 years no problem it mite be internet
Ronny Scheidt
Ronny Scheidt - 3 dager siden
PS4 doesn't support 4k HDR yeah and PS4 apps were alway broken, but not PS4 Pro apps where 4k HDR Is supported
Zain Kashif
Zain Kashif - 3 dager siden
why is there a big room track in the background for this vid??
Dylan Nickerson
Dylan Nickerson - 3 dager siden
Intro: There’s actually a huge difference!
Outro: Eh.... They’re basically the same, give or take some apps.
Patrick B
Patrick B - 2 dager siden
@Zach Pohlman The console would be fine for all of that. But as others said, you TV can do it already. And if your TV is unable to stream on its own, then you need to buy a new TV to go with your new console anyway.
reysantaner - 2 dager siden
@Zach Pohlman do you have a PS5 or Series X? I can guarantee you that all the apps that were on the PS4 will make it on the PS5 soon enough. The Series X essentially has the same OS coding as last gen’s so porting was effortless. PS5 apps just need to be ported and ensured to work, which takes time. Trust me, I’m personally disappointed that NOburn TV isn’t there at launch, but I’m 100% sure it’s coming.
Sgt.Shadowsong - 3 dager siden
@Zach Pohlman Do you have a smart tv? Or google chrome?
Zach Pohlman
Zach Pohlman - 3 dager siden
@Patrick B I don't have 45 Subscription Services, but I have Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock, and Netflix which is the only app through my parents. On Prime I have Cinemax, Showtime, AMC+ (for Shudder and Horror movies in general), and Starz. Having all these on a console is EXTREMELY important to me as I use them all a lot.
Patrick B
Patrick B - 3 dager siden
@McNugget 94 That's actually a very valid point. If you have a TV that is suitable for the PS5/XBSX then it itself can stream from these apps at 4K already, which is what you should do as it'll use less power by a significant margin.
Rolando Colon
Rolando Colon - 3 dager siden
I get it. It’s nice to have our gaming consoles also be our entertainment device. I just don’t use my gaming console to watch movies or TV shows. I’d rather have my console cool off after a gaming session while using either my APPLE TV box or the built/ in apps on my smart TV.
ps2 pro GAMER
ps2 pro GAMER - 3 dager siden
But yea you Save money on buying an android box or Tv box
p2 k
p2 k - 3 dager siden
X box series X is just better warzone feels smoother and everything is easier and the more ssd space becomes crucial for having 2 to 3 games extra
Noel Lopez
Noel Lopez - 3 dager siden
Next IGN video: Xbox Series X vs PS5, which looks better covered by a doily. The video will be over 5 minutes and conclude by saying it all depends on your personal tastes.
Myers Michael
Myers Michael - 3 dager siden
These apps are all 404 in China.
Sander Salp
Sander Salp - 3 dager siden
Better how to get one of these consoles.
InDueTime25 - 3 dager siden
Does Xbox series X have Kodi?
Sai Ming Tam
Sai Ming Tam - 3 dager siden
Doc Radakovic
Doc Radakovic - 3 dager siden
presentation does NOT matter ffs
jonnyram32 - 3 dager siden
Easy xbox if you have dolby vision you wanna go that route while ps5 does hdr10 only.
Bobby6killa - 3 dager siden
The question should be which has better exclusives games.. but yeah ok.
Archaniel Adskhan
Archaniel Adskhan - 3 dager siden
@Rafael Jandres emm anyway [cough] ps now.
Side Stepper
Side Stepper - 3 dager siden
Rafael Jandres
Rafael Jandres - 3 dager siden
Or ps1 🤣
Rafael Jandres
Rafael Jandres - 3 dager siden
Or ps2
Rafael Jandres
Rafael Jandres - 3 dager siden
The question should be why ps5 can’t play ps3 games. but yeah ok.
Shank Adams
Shank Adams - 3 dager siden
which one has the better web browser,if any
Andrew Simm
Andrew Simm - 3 dager siden
i just want to know where the NFL gamepass is on my PS5
Rushan Ahmed
Rushan Ahmed - 3 dager siden
PS5 also doesn't have Dolby vision and Dolby Atoms support. So the supported media will look and sound better on the XBOX side.
Jin Sakai
Jin Sakai - 3 dager siden
@Ahmed Barakat dolby atmos🤢
Ahmed Barakat
Ahmed Barakat - 3 dager siden
@Craig ! you do realize 3d audio is literally a dolby atmos replacement right
PickleBetard A.K.A Pickle Rick's Fatass Cousin
@Shayon Burman can't play any games that are censored to the top...
Shayon Burman
Shayon Burman - 3 dager siden
Ya and the games look and play better on ps5. Nice tradeoff
Craig !
Craig ! - 3 dager siden
Tell that to my 3d audio headset
BillyBet YT
BillyBet YT - 3 dager siden
Xbox also has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support.
BillyBet YT
BillyBet YT - 3 dager siden
Is YouTube TV on PS5?
ThaiJitsuEman - 3 dager siden
I can assure you no one will buy a next console based on apps, all those apps are the same for last gen.
Blair - 3 dager siden
Someone in the comments said they bought one of the consoles for it's apps
MarcusJuniusBrutus - 3 dager siden
Meanwhile in europe, oooh. 5 apps!
Icarus - 3 dager siden
@MarcusJuniusBrutus lol
MarcusJuniusBrutus - 3 dager siden
with limited content, oh you spoil me!
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba - 3 dager siden
Are people still doing playroom streams on ps5 😏
Edit : this video is so dumb my TV has all these apps why I'm gonna use my console
Gaming 100
Gaming 100 - 3 dager siden
If you want to use your headset
Joogle83 - 3 dager siden
yeah the Xbox Series X may have the Edge But i am getting the PS5 with The Optical Drive
Gaming 100
Gaming 100 - 3 dager siden
Physical addition?
Socal_lx450 - 3 dager siden
Do people not have smart tvs?
Follow the howl
Follow the howl - 2 dager siden
"DoNt yOu GuYs HaVe PhOnEs?!!"
Blair - 3 dager siden
What's that?
Courtney Gardner
Courtney Gardner - 3 dager siden
Scrapping the barrel with these vs videos
Alex R
Alex R - 3 dager siden
no mention of Atmos and Dolby Vision support in each app?
No Man's Land
No Man's Land - 3 dager siden
Dolby atmos works for me on Disney +, Netflix and dolby access on xbox series x. Can't remember for amazon prime and now TV etc.
Claudio Aguilera
Claudio Aguilera - 3 dager siden
Or the annoying 1080p layout and the constant screen resizing while switching to 4k?
ramensoup freak
ramensoup freak - 3 dager siden
Another L for PlayStation 5
Jin Sakai
Jin Sakai - 3 dager siden
@zinou music gamer plays third party better🖕
zinou music gamer
zinou music gamer - 3 dager siden
@MrSwitchblade327 and 1 week you will stop playing them
MrSwitchblade327 - 3 dager siden
While playstation owners are actually playing new launch games lol. Apps 🤣
Angel M
Angel M - 3 dager siden
If you are buying one of these consoles, then you probably have a smart tv or at least a chromecast. This is the most pointless video made for the next gen consoles yet.
RR D - 3 dager siden
@Jin Sakai you have literally one single exclusive game and it's a remake LOL Astro is a tech demo and doesn't count Nice try
Jin Sakai
Jin Sakai - 3 dager siden
@RR D ofc,u have nothing else going on in XSX
w3ghe - 3 dager siden
Apple tv cant be streamed from phones so that’s the only change for me
Ramon Lopez
Ramon Lopez - 3 dager siden
Um no
RR D - 3 dager siden
not at all, I use youtube on my Xbox an Disney + all the time
Kameron_ the_GOAT
Kameron_ the_GOAT - 3 dager siden
I have a smart tv pointless video
Kevin Hone
Kevin Hone - 3 dager siden
Mostly I use Netflix and Disney + and Blu-Ray every weekend and every Sunday afternoon I always watch BYU tv for family friendly entertainment. That's why I chose Xbox.
Kevin Hone
Kevin Hone - 3 dager siden
@Blair Oh don't worry I still play a couple games including the game I played the most is Destiny. It's just my family aren't full gamers. But some of my cousins are.
Blair - 3 dager siden
So you bought a gaming console to watch movies?
Roberto Melchor
Roberto Melchor - 3 dager siden
Can you play Video content from a USB memory stick like on PS4?
Justin H
Justin H - 3 dager siden
IGN is so bad. They are running out of content ideas..
Sem Mutalindwa
Sem Mutalindwa - 3 dager siden
Why the hell cares about apps that’s not why were spending hundreds of pounds for for gods sake we’re playing for the games.
Ichsuka - 3 dager siden
Basically, Xbox is better.
hipopera - 3 dager siden
Xbox doesn't have YouTube hdr. Ps5 YouTube app has hdr. Ps5 also plays everything in hdr once you select auto hdr in the setting.
SpiderLuke - 3 dager siden
PS5 applies a fake HDR to everything. It's tonal mapping that's always on.
Volts PC
Volts PC - 3 dager siden
6:00 rexeport this vid, you have dropped frames
Romeo2991 - 3 dager siden
It’s obviously Xbox, everything about Xbox is better and now they own Bethesda 🥰
Ryubi Blossoms
Ryubi Blossoms - 3 dager siden
Imagine not liking both consoles based on what company they bought.
Mark C
Mark C - 3 dager siden
I have an LG oled. (Yeah I’m that damm cool!) so can just stream on that while my Xbox waits patiently.
Jin Sakai
Jin Sakai - 3 dager siden
Keep waiting
Blair - 3 dager siden
@Mark C Of what?
Mark C
Mark C - 3 dager siden
@Blair jealous much?
Aaaaaa - 3 dager siden
so cool dude how are the burnins
Blair - 3 dager siden
@Mark C lame
vader ismydaddy
vader ismydaddy - 3 dager siden
i was flabbergasted when i fired it up yesterday and disappointed. Who needs to fix this ? sony and disney need to get house in order
MrSwitchblade327 - 3 dager siden
The boss game J
The boss game J - 3 dager siden
Who cares about apps we care about games
ShadowDark Pro
ShadowDark Pro - 3 dager siden
@T&S they meant, they don't watch videos on console
T&S - 3 dager siden
then why did you click on the video?
I am Samson
I am Samson - 3 dager siden
Then don’t watch the video
El Chancho
El Chancho - 3 dager siden
Bottom line you’ll enjoy whatever console you choose
Happy Gaming
El Chancho
El Chancho - 2 dager siden
@Reality N They actually both have games. I’m guessing Xbox doesn’t have exclusives that you care about which is fine I’m the opposite I only care about 3rd party games so I play Xbox it’s what I like and enjoy exclusives mean nothing to me
BlackNoir - 3 dager siden
Hope one day I can buy one
Patrick B
Patrick B - 3 dager siden
@Reality N Eh, both of the launch lineups look pretty crap to me. You don't buy a new console for the launch lineup but rather the whole generation. The PS5 has nothing for me at the moment, but I'll buy it because I know Forbidden West will be amazing and I may as well enjoy my PS4 games on a quieter and faster loading PS5 in the meantime.
Reality N
Reality N - 3 dager siden
One of them actually has games
Jaswinder Kaur
Jaswinder Kaur - 3 dager siden
Who is up at 2 am watching this?😂
Makinzie McGuffey
Makinzie McGuffey - 3 dager siden
Nah fam. East coast gang. It’s 3 p.m. step bro.
vader ismydaddy
vader ismydaddy - 3 dager siden
surprised you have not mentioned that the disney plus app has not got any 4K content or HDR