Tachanka Rework Best Tips & Tricks w/ Get_Flanked- Rainbow Six Siege

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Welcome back to IGN on the 6 where we give you an exclusive look at the new Tachanka rework which drops today! Tachanka has long been due for a rework and he's now finally getting one. So to prep you for the release of Tachanka 2.0, we brought in Rainbow Six Siege content creator Get_Flanked to share his first impressions and tips & tricks to get you ahead of the competition. We'll then jump into some Tachanka rework gameplay where he'll show you all the tips and tricks he was talking about. Let's check it out!
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IGN - 8 dager siden
Do you see yourself using Tachanka as your new main with the rework?
Nuka-Cola _Thief
Nuka-Cola _Thief - 6 dager siden
For the last 2 daus i havent lost a game and tbh I think it's because the positivity behind the tachanka rework and everything new being brought to the game. At the beginning of the season i was put all the wau down in silver 4 now I'm up in gold ranks trying for plat and diamond. Can't wait for next season. I love the lmg and the lord has always been my favorite. I'm going to go 4-2 someone now byeee
D n A
D n A - 6 dager siden
Not going to replace Kapkan unless they really nerf him 😂😂😂, but definitely will use him now.
GoldPoptart - 6 dager siden
Already was my main
bananamuncher5000 - 8 dager siden
bananamuncher5000 - 8 dager siden
Ben - 16 timer siden
The lord and GetFlanked in the same video?!? Tachanka be praised!
Khameleon269 - 3 dager siden
Playing Tachanka without the DP is blasphemy!
Panji Faridi
Panji Faridi - 4 dager siden
The lord has rise from his throne
Tech Triangle
Tech Triangle - 4 dager siden
The lord is back
Firefly Gaming
Firefly Gaming - 5 dager siden
Roses are red violets are blue, tachanka is the best and you know it too
Osiris_Revenge - 6 dager siden
If the lord would run for presidency I’d vote for him 😎💪🏻
Cameron Orzen
Cameron Orzen - 6 dager siden
Get flanked is the goat
Z33 60D
Z33 60D - 6 dager siden
Damn lol Tachanka about to be OP
Another Ness Main
Another Ness Main - 6 dager siden
I need to figure out how to get those fire grenades to center in the doorway
Aquariuskudo - 6 dager siden
Thank you Ign for outsourcing this video to someone in the community lol
Wicked Webb Snek
Wicked Webb Snek - 6 dager siden
They gonna make it 8 rounds total in about 2 months time
Xtrz - 6 dager siden
I thought he was gonna be needed he’s been buffed
Ronan Randomness
Ronan Randomness - 6 dager siden
IGN just got a free video from get flanked
Eren Hocaoglu
Eren Hocaoglu - 6 dager siden
Nuka-Cola _Thief
Nuka-Cola _Thief - 6 dager siden
0:01 the part with the horses makes the lord look like the fith rider of the apocalypse coming behinf the four riders. Just a quick observation
Banealot - 6 dager siden
I don’t like his gadget it seems too advance, meaning low level players will not get much out of him and will instead be an easy kill. I hate the bounce effect too
unerringleaf - 7 dager siden
The Chonka
GAME homeT
GAME homeT - 7 dager siden
hi dear
Fox Box
Fox Box - 7 dager siden
Нормально так затащил )
Campbell Duncan
Campbell Duncan - 7 dager siden
Is no one gonna talk about how Jager just executed that poor person at the end 😳😳😳
mapage2 - 7 dager siden
Tachanka been sipping that wok. Homie was leaning in every clip.
Reubthedude - 7 dager siden
Ive seen IGN play siege, so they really don't have the rights to give me tips lmao
Edit: oh they got get flanked makes sense
LordTachanka 50
LordTachanka 50 - 8 dager siden
I am happy but the voice is not the same anymore 😢
SoAz - 8 dager siden
The lord 🥱🥱🥱
stc94 - 8 dager siden
The lord has evolved...
wilcox tam
wilcox tam - 8 dager siden
I disagree with get flanked about old Tachanka. I have over 100 kills with him. You just have to know where to place it and arrange your “office”
Banealot - 6 dager siden
I have over 300 Grant it a lot of that was when I was new, so I rarely use him now in gold rank
Arthur's Little World
Arthur's Little World - 8 dager siden
That intro, is this a video clip for homeless dumbass in 3rd world ?
Nannn - 8 dager siden
I hope they nerf def motion sensors to only 1 per operators
Just some Forest Ranger with Internet Access
why dont you guys have Russian hosts for this one?
Helium - 8 dager siden
vigil rework/elite skin when ?
KryoFrostic IV
KryoFrostic IV - 6 dager siden
Why would vigil need a rework?
Fenix Indastris
Fenix Indastris - 8 dager siden
Where the HELL You all get K?!
Its ShumiHa! No K.
From the word Noise - Шум (звук).
James Downs
James Downs - 6 dager siden
@Fenix Indastris russian х and english h are not the same sound. How else would you differentiate them?
Brown Duck
Brown Duck - 6 dager siden
@Fenix Indastris english H - is just sound of you breathing air out of your lungs. Russian Х - closing your throat so barely air can come through.
Fenix Indastris
Fenix Indastris - 6 dager siden
@James Downs Well... Just Logic be like - Hell, not KHell. Van Helsing, not Van KHelsing.
James Downs
James Downs - 6 dager siden
Russian х doesn't really exist in english. Just like ы. So they have to come up with a harsher H sound. Adding a k is about as close as you can get.
Brown Duck
Brown Duck - 7 dager siden
English way of implementing that "Х" letter, nothing special.
BangJarum - 8 dager siden
Anyone care to support my channel? Drop by and subscribe. Your support means a lot to me. Tq
infernopirate98 - 8 dager siden
His new voice is terrible...
Derick - 8 dager siden
Poor tachanka next update he's going to get nerf
Егор Гоженков
Егор Гоженков - 6 dager siden
Lol no. Tachanka is weaker than Smoke
uhh boneless
uhh boneless - 6 dager siden
This is actually true. He had the highest win rate last season in ranked
Da Homie Chris
Da Homie Chris - 6 dager siden
He’s pretty balanced tbh
Anshit Gupta
Anshit Gupta - 8 dager siden
I am going to buy him now
L30N4RD0 _MPS - 8 dager siden
Does the new gun of tachanka has a black ice?
Douglas Tengler
Douglas Tengler - 8 dager siden
why do this bro seriously lord tachanka was goated and the greatest meme
mega gamer
mega gamer - 8 dager siden
The maestro/tachanka combo is gonna hurt a LOT as an attacker😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ITMeCE - 8 dager siden
This is what it should have been from the beginning...
Nick Perugini
Nick Perugini - 8 dager siden
Why don’t they just make a new game instead of working on a six year a game that has extremely toxic community
Dan. Null
Dan. Null - 8 dager siden
This guy’s so bad at R6
Bulletprufpsycho - 8 dager siden
They should put his shield on the LMG like Blackbeard but only one and it should be his old lord shield sum small tho
Josh Stewart
Josh Stewart - 5 dager siden
You realize that’s essentially same as giving Blackbeard an LMG, and incendiaries one less shield. No thanks.
vipers4eve - 8 dager siden
hes so scary
money4385 - 8 dager siden
He needs a nerf.
KryoFrostic IV
KryoFrostic IV - 6 dager siden
No he does not
ma70er - 8 dager siden
I liked Tachanka.
He was probably one of my favorite WWF wrestlers back in the day.
Blender Boy
Blender Boy - 8 dager siden
Jesus, Get_Flanked LOVES to mention that he's a content creator for Dark zero; you'd think he was in the pro lineup
9 plus 10 SAVAGE
9 plus 10 SAVAGE - 7 dager siden
You mad nobody has you on a team lol
Hambergler - 8 dager siden
He's *reborn*
M S - 8 dager siden
CyroT0x1Kz - 8 dager siden
did it release on the main servers? not test?
G8x2Keeper - 8 dager siden
On main
alfi e
alfi e - 8 dager siden
Nathan Zadrozny
Nathan Zadrozny - 8 dager siden
Tachanka plays the Russian anthem in Smash. I mean Siege
Master STA
Master STA - 8 dager siden
my nickname is Everybody 😁
YOUR FAVORITE SPORK - 8 dager siden
That hairline looking crazy bro
Felicity Halsey
Felicity Halsey - 8 dager siden
He's too overpowered
KryoFrostic IV
KryoFrostic IV - 6 dager siden
No he's not
Samuel Opashi
Samuel Opashi - 8 dager siden
Valkyrieisbae Get_Flanked a man of culture
Get_Flanked - 8 dager siden
Thanks for having me. The new Tachanka is a beast!
xXBongoBazookaXx - 22 timer siden
Rainbow six's channel and now IGN, where next? Great vid man.
534N Cunning
534N Cunning - 5 dager siden
Easily the best siege youTuber, genuinely so interesting to just listen to
Jared Romero
Jared Romero - 7 dager siden
Great job @Get_Flanked! Love seeing you on major outlets like IGN 👏
Jace Cleveland
Jace Cleveland - 8 dager siden
Ayy get flanked! That's awesome!
Nannn - 8 dager siden
Love ya
BallisticKnifes - 8 dager siden
A93K - 8 dager siden
Cross between the consoles only
Red KoJacK
Red KoJacK - 8 dager siden
All Hail Lord Tachanka!!
Help me reach 2k plz
Help me reach 2k plz - 8 dager siden
To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe 👐 read my name btw thx bye ok..
KryoFrostic IV
KryoFrostic IV - 6 dager siden
No bot
Reilly - 8 dager siden
Well this has me coming back into my favourite game. Thank you!!, can’t wait to get my PS5 and play this game on the PS5.
Emiliano Flores
Emiliano Flores - 8 dager siden
Hey it’s flanked
Deezyyeezy - 8 dager siden
where can i get the hibana poster from 0:15 ?
Tom Shariat
Tom Shariat - 8 dager siden
4:53 Fake he didn't get Teamkilled
and hi Get Flanked your prolly reading comments
Caleb Dolan
Caleb Dolan - 8 dager siden
Elibbb1111 - 8 dager siden
The lord is here
Bailey Yeager
Bailey Yeager - 8 dager siden
My Lord, what have they done to you
Kairyuu Cruz
Kairyuu Cruz - 8 dager siden
The lord is back, he’s reworked more than ever.
Officer Flat Foot
Officer Flat Foot - 8 dager siden
Sydney 🥵💕
WavyKiing - 8 dager siden
Ppl still play this?
Jun Imai
Jun Imai - 6 dager siden
@WavyKiing People still played Tetris and Neopets. There's no reason not to play a game if you want and can
Trafford Bage
Trafford Bage - 8 dager siden
@WavyKiing of course they do
WavyKiing - 8 dager siden
Why are yall so offended lol I’m genuinely curious if people still play this
G8x2Keeper - 8 dager siden
You literally play MortalKombat 11
NC Hawks Fan
NC Hawks Fan - 8 dager siden
People who play shooters do. You must be a minecraft type of kid.
Greg Games
Greg Games - 8 dager siden
He looks like a mad max fury Pimp
Fabian Ramirez
Fabian Ramirez - 8 dager siden
Hey that looks cool!
Max Player
Max Player - 8 dager siden
Wtf is this?
Greg Games
Greg Games - 8 dager siden
Oh Tachanka No....
iSolvano HDR
iSolvano HDR - 8 dager siden
I remember vividly playing this game. Then Fortnite came out and i stopped caring LOL
Nigel - 8 dager siden
And it begins
XXIV - 8 dager siden
Sydney Goodman, more like Sydney Badman 🤤🤤🤤
ElectricSurge Gaming
ElectricSurge Gaming - 8 dager siden
TRUCARDIII - 8 dager siden
i just came here to comment and say that i was NOT the first commenter
That one asian kid
That one asian kid - 8 dager siden
lol guys im saying first im so funny lmao
Parallel - 8 dager siden
Greetings IGN. I'm producing a game called Parallel. I made a Trailer and a page on Steam, but I hope to bring it to the consoles too.
Master Zone
Master Zone - 8 dager siden
I'm first your Vidor viewer promote my youtube channel
Ionic - 8 dager siden
Blue-Eyes Jay
Blue-Eyes Jay - 8 dager siden
First bb
UnafraidNinja Gaming
UnafraidNinja Gaming - 8 dager siden