Vanguard - Exclusive Official Clip (2020) - Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has to outwit a lion in this exclusive scene from Vanguard, the ninth film collaboration between director Stanley Tong and martial arts icon Jackie Chan.

Covert security company Vanguard is the last hope of survival for an accountant after he is targeted by the world's deadliest mercenary organization. Vanguard is a globe-trotting story filmed in London, Dubai, Zambia, and an ancient city in India.

Vanguard also stars Yang Yang, Ai Lun, Mu Qimiya, Xu Ruohan and Zhu Zhengting.

Gravitas Ventures is planning a wide theatrical release of Vanguard in the U.S. and Canada including drive-ins and IMAX theaters on November 20, 2020.
Runtime: 01:04


4uWeSeeTV - 4 timer siden
boring jackie not so much kungfu in this movie... i like more CZ12
IceColdCoal - Dag siden
This is so sad, guys can we hit 69k like so that jackie-chan can get out from this shiet show
Rydelio - 2 dager siden
The gun fire sound is from CS:GO's glock lul
Cuthbert Wehere
Cuthbert Wehere - 2 dager siden
The worst car chase I've ever seen in my life
Lazy Danko
Lazy Danko - 3 dager siden
Damn CGI really has come a long way
marcus mark
marcus mark - 3 dager siden
those who say the cgi is cheap haven't watched bollywood movies
W Nguyen
W Nguyen - 3 dager siden
When jackie animates his own stunt lion.
Paul Perez Ink
Paul Perez Ink - 3 dager siden
Jackie Chan hates democracy...
sakhile - 4 dager siden
But why Jackie? You're worth more than this
ITS ABOUT WHAT'S FAIR - 4 dager siden
ZX GALAXY - 4 dager siden
Wow! 😧
Macoi - 4 dager siden
What the hell happened to Jackie Chan’s movies?! It’s getting worse. The Who Am I movie lion scene was way better than this crap.
MrShitfire420 - 5 dager siden
This movie is just Chinese propaganda,
mxrtxo - 5 dager siden
Dude wtf..
THN - 5 dager siden
cmon they can do better than this
john Kunde
john Kunde - 5 dager siden
I see Jakie chan
AJ Stone
AJ Stone - 5 dager siden
Jackie's my boy. Always has been always will be. I'll watch only for him. ✊🏾
jinroh516 - 5 dager siden
Jacky Chan ccp kiss asser
King Of Mount Olympus
King Of Mount Olympus - 6 dager siden
Art - 6 dager siden
They tried so hard to make it look like KINGSMAN
Bluu9 - 6 dager siden
is the movie dubbed in english? sounds really bad
lector - 6 dager siden
the other actors really put me off. they r either expressionless or always trying to look cool or something, doesnt feel they r in the situation at all.
Alan Ambrister
Alan Ambrister - 6 dager siden
Go watch The Foreigner
Rohan J
Rohan J - 6 dager siden
Lion looks cheap
Ty Nation
Ty Nation - 6 dager siden
I've seen better CGI on ps2
Tim Kutz
Tim Kutz - 6 dager siden
This looks terrible.
In The Mix
In The Mix - 6 dager siden
Why yall so worried about the lion lmfao were here too see Jackie chan kick some bútt thats all
Gary Jahman
Gary Jahman - 6 dager siden
Haha this is a joke right?
CleavAlive - 6 dager siden
Lmfao Even Jackie Chan looks CGI 1:01
Sławomir Paśmionka
Sławomir Paśmionka - 6 dager siden
This is sad AF :(
Jordan Hassell
Jordan Hassell - 6 dager siden
Wow, that looked cheap AF
Delayed_Balloon - 6 dager siden
Looks like a video from a VFX channel circa 2013
cell718 - 6 dager siden
Take your movie and put it where the sun don't shine Jackie you commie ⬇️🇨🇳
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson - 6 dager siden
Prime Jacky Chan would’ve had a real Lion in the movie for sure 😔
Pimp Lotion
Pimp Lotion - 6 dager siden
lol must watch
nightbling890 - 6 dager siden
Movies have not felt the same bro..
Guinea Pug
Guinea Pug - 6 dager siden
My man out here still doing movies
carlotheemo - 6 dager siden
Eve rin
Eve rin - 6 dager siden
El León mas falso que he visto en mi vida 🤣
Usman Tariq
Usman Tariq - 6 dager siden
Man that cg lion was so badly made. It looks like the bad cg lion king.
RetroAnime&Sound - 6 dager siden
Wtf did I just see
Tetsu Hatano
Tetsu Hatano - 6 dager siden
At this point I’m fairly certain Jackie is mainly doing movies like these out of boredom at this point
todd vincy
todd vincy - 6 dager siden
evil mase
evil mase - 6 dager siden
lions on ps2 looks better
AKshay Patole
AKshay Patole - 6 dager siden
frOstZonE - 7 dager siden
As someone who've watched this movie i beg u guys to NOT WATCH IT. The whole film is so amateurishly made......pls dont waste ur money guys.
The Grammar Police
The Grammar Police - 7 dager siden
Jackie's so rich that he can afford to act in low budget movies just for fun.
Ilie T
Ilie T - 7 dager siden
If it wasn’t for Jackie Chan, this movie would look like it was made by a bunch of youtubers.
littlespongefond - 7 dager siden
wow. what a shitshow. bad editing. bad dubbing, bad music, bad camera, bad cgi, bad acting, bad directing, bad lightning.
Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack - 7 dager siden
This looks like a straight to YouTube movie.
Mrjarjar 8153
Mrjarjar 8153 - 7 dager siden
The lion is fake. The actors have no expressions. The movie is cheap. Can’t believe Jackie Chan will be part on this junk
ElSepsiGuy - 5 dager siden
well, he is jackie chan
Alan Escareno
Alan Escareno - 5 dager siden
The Director of this Movie is the Same guy who directed Supercop, First Strike and Rumble In the Bronx.
Triss M
Triss M - 5 dager siden
So was Simba, and he had money too.
Qifa Trahunt
Qifa Trahunt - 6 dager siden
Of course the lion is fake🤣. What? You want the real lion? Why don't you be the actor with real lion on scene...
Manaljav Xaagii
Manaljav Xaagii - 7 dager siden
Ithysueo4o4oeha.Ithysueo4o4oe iridjrhtuUTh0_%.5^7₩&:3='t906kthyr7f0
Keyaan Mantah
Keyaan Mantah - 7 dager siden
Shittest move I ever saw, left after 20 mins
Kwanie Bandz
Kwanie Bandz - 7 dager siden
The foreigner was the best Jackie Chan movie I have a hard time liking movies he plays in when it’s a bunch of goofy fighting
xIAMDAVEx - 7 dager siden
jackie, i am disappoint.
Nazh Man
Nazh Man - 6 dager siden
@xIAMDAVEx did I ask you to speak kid
xIAMDAVEx - 6 dager siden
open forum dude
Nazh Man
Nazh Man - 7 dager siden
Kid wait to be called onto before you talk
Justin93koch - 7 dager siden
That lion looked janky as hell.
Leonardo Cruz
Leonardo Cruz - 7 dager siden
Is this a sequel? I remember another film were he has the same students.
king papai
king papai - 7 dager siden
CGI sht is really not appropriate for Jackie Chan movies. First impression gets wrecked.
PixelFoundry - 7 dager siden
I've watched all of Jackie Chan's movies, especially his most popular like Druken Master, but also the sleeper hits like Who Am I. Anyone else seen Who Am I? I thought I read somewhere that Jackie retired from movies after the one where he's an artifact hunter- forget what it's called.
Herbert46 Lovecraft
Herbert46 Lovecraft - 7 dager siden
Did she just jump and roll over to him ? 0:19
Haze 48
Haze 48 - 7 dager siden
The lion still in beta version with RTX OFF. 😪
Chirag - 7 dager siden
No. Just no. Please no.
MrBucketlist - 7 dager siden
Jackie must be financially strapped to agree to a garbage movie like this
Davion Elliott
Davion Elliott - 7 dager siden
I thought Jackie Chan retired after the foreigner?
Fox Howell
Fox Howell - 7 dager siden
Why did she roll to the guy on the floor? 😒
DB - 7 dager siden
Terrible CGI
Gameplay - 7 dager siden
Bad lion rendering
Kung Pow Chicken
Kung Pow Chicken - 7 dager siden
Wow. That looks awful. Just make new Jackie Chan Adventures please.
Farah Febryx
Farah Febryx - 7 dager siden
I hate cgi effect -_- but why jackie chan look younger in here ????? 😂
LIPE - 7 dager siden
Que porra é essa???
Fuzion180 - 7 dager siden
This looks like an early 2000s film lol terrible music/audio and the voice acting is hilarious
Fuzion180 - 7 dager siden
Can't tell is this actually a real film?? lol in 2020
Noshadow Fex
Noshadow Fex - 7 dager siden
looks generic
I'm Off My Meds And I Feel Amazing!
Idk what’s worst. The fact that my childhood hero became a ccp sellout or that that lion looks like it belongs on sega genesis
PrinceKein27 - 7 dager siden
CG awful. sound effects awful. Jackie's 80's movie still better than this one lmao xD
SaadTheLegend - 6 dager siden
What do you expect? Jackie can’t find another original film idea to do in Hollywood. He said that’s it’s always some buddy cop film that they’re offering to Jackie. I have a ton of original ideas that Jackie could do in Hollywood.
SaadTheLegend - 6 dager siden
I saw this already, I liked it. However, the cgi wasn’t that bad when I saw it.
Edan Q
Edan Q - 7 dager siden
Lion look fake
urmie - 7 dager siden
Old man Jackie is a proud CCP member, he ain’t the same.
NewKidRamZ - 7 dager siden
what the hell did i just see
Steven Levinson
Steven Levinson - 7 dager siden
We need more jackie chan movies!!! He deserves way better than this though.
Matthias Lee 11th Channel
Matthias Lee 11th Channel - 7 dager siden
Hi Ya!
clone - 7 dager siden
I already watched this movie, boi I'm having so much fun with laughing all the bad CGI and cringing bad dialogue since I turn off my brain.
chigaderu - 7 dager siden
That Lion looks awesome
Razear - 7 dager siden
They must've cut corners on the budget. This CGI looks like something from the early 2000s.
The Static Shock Aka Static
The Static Shock Aka Static - 7 dager siden
Too Ancient Warriors is Jackie Chan Better then Jet Lee
Kage Williams
Kage Williams - 7 dager siden
OrionStarr - 7 dager siden
Don’t support this guys! So CCP can sell Jackie Chan’s mansion for real this time. Pfft backstabber of HongKong people.
TyrannyforSupper - 7 dager siden
damn right
fro-yo -momma
fro-yo -momma - 7 dager siden
Did he say im dead when he layed down lol
Koteshima :
Koteshima : - 7 dager siden
Give Jackie Chan better movies, jesus christ
itsgeofoo - 7 dager siden
Nick Perugini
Nick Perugini - 7 dager siden
Is this just a joke because the CGI looks horrible
KillerTacos - 7 dager siden
This looks like an Indie film, no joke
peruface - 7 dager siden
where's chris tucker
Jose Grave
Jose Grave - 7 dager siden
Look what they did to my boi :(
Dele Mala
Dele Mala - 7 dager siden
u know what, the Lion animation is pretty impresive I might say, but the lighting render on that CG lion still way off
Jamesizcool - 7 dager siden
Poor Jackie chan. Being manipulated by the ccp.
Fedora Connoisseur
Fedora Connoisseur - 7 dager siden
Damn what happened to Jackie.
Sagacious Eagle
Sagacious Eagle - 7 dager siden
Is Jackie Chan doing this for charity for lower-tier productions?
randez626 - 7 dager siden
Jackie chan has been making a lot of shitty films lately unfortunately. He should have agreed with Stallone to be in the Expendables and Donnie Yen for Ip man
Con Man
Con Man - 7 dager siden
This looks like is a really low budget flick...
Jonathan Tran
Jonathan Tran - 7 dager siden
Dear Movie Production Studios, stop using CGI. If you can't afford it just take it out and use something else. I've seen so many Chinese films do this to almost every action film release. It's terrible and does nothing but take away from the movie. Jesus Christ
BoneSaw is ready
BoneSaw is ready - 7 dager siden