Why a James Bond 007 Game From The Hitman Team Has Major Potential - Up At Noon

Project 007 was announced this morning, a new James Bond game from the team behind the Hitman series, and we couldn't be more excited about how killer this licensed game could be.
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franksond - 18 timer siden
Is it in VR too?🤔
Active Havoc
Active Havoc - 23 timer siden
does origin story mean we could get a casino royale as DLC. Kinda like Alien isolation DLC is just the Alien Movie
Kris - 23 timer siden
Maybe they decide to make a "WOKE" bond game.... hope not
J Brand
J Brand - Dag siden
Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy - Dag siden
I hope there will be driving because it wouldn't be a James Bond 007 game without driving ASTON MARTIN
Steven Sunderland
Steven Sunderland - 2 dager siden
I think there was a time when tell tale was in talks about acquiring the license. That was about 6 years ago approx
9 plus 10 SAVAGE
9 plus 10 SAVAGE - 2 dager siden
Hopefully this can be the next best shooter to play.
Andreas Albrecht
Andreas Albrecht - 2 dager siden
I think that this game will be awesome. Can't FREAKIN wait! 🎑💚
SPVCS - 2 dager siden
007 Nightfire & Agent Under Fire was the absolute golden age of 007 games. Not everyone talks about.
To mention you know there was a lot of things in the older 007 games you had to use just to progress in the game like different gadgets like in 007 night fire you had a cellphone that was a Grapple hook you can use instead of fighting enemies or even jumping into the back of a truck to sneak passed the Switz comandos.
Patrick J
Patrick J - 2 dager siden
Honestly doing a Bond game that’s similar to Uncharted 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider could be awesome. Have it linear for the most part with open areas within that level progression. And the big final act of the game can take place in a more open area where Bond has to use his gadgets, gear, and weapons to succeed. Getting new gadgets similar to How Lara Croft acquired her tools through the process of the story would be great
Tg dude
Tg dude - Dag siden
Nah that would be mediocre.i say we need a mix of mgs and hitman cause that's how James bond is intended as a spy.and an awesome story like mgs3 is what they are aiming for.
anas 447
anas 447 - 2 dager siden
Never say never is one of the worst bond movies dude, i hope they don’t marvelize the bond game too, not everything needs to be funny.
WaaGriever - 2 dager siden
Nolan North to play James Bond? No seriously who could mo cap bond? Idris?
Danish Patriot
Danish Patriot - 2 dager siden
IOI is the perfect studio for James Bond
Gwen Labb
Gwen Labb - 3 dager siden
0:40 I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Diurno MX
Diurno MX - 3 dager siden
and here yall go hyping it up again, goddamn stop hyping it up so much people will just be disappointed.
sifu tyler
sifu tyler - 3 dager siden
Be cool if u could unlock older bonds and other bond skins like arkham knight....my favorite would be Dalton...bomber jacket skin...lol low expectations tho
Ziggity Zee
Ziggity Zee - 3 dager siden
Very great idea, the hitman team could rock a bond game
Hi Kevin
Hi Kevin - 3 dager siden
The last Bond game I played was Quantum of Solace for the PS2, which was years ago. Great game btw.
Barebare kun
Barebare kun - 3 dager siden
I can't believe they never talked about EoN it's still the best all round James bond game.
And GoldenEye 007 didn't came alongside the movie the game it came out in 1997 the movie came out 1995,dude can't even get that fact right.
I know GoldenEye is amazing but they simply take the easy route no wonder game journalists are so dead and boring.
Nature Boy
Nature Boy - 3 dager siden
It’s about time!
Gareth Smith
Gareth Smith - 3 dager siden
OK so im a huge james bond fan. and know everything. This is not the first origin story, Casino Royale has already done this, so bit confused to that. In vieo game form yes, but not in any form.
Awais - 3 dager siden
Just need an everything or nothing remake
Jake Kilemade
Jake Kilemade - 3 dager siden
Guys dont jinx it!!!
Shut up
Shut up - 3 dager siden
I love the team handling the license. My worry is how far along they are? I hope they didn't just announce it as soon as they signed on other wise we will be waiting 5 years+. It's giving me flashbacks of the Avengers when they announced the game way too early and just had a project title instead of a finalised one.
gege - 3 dager siden
the fact is MGM going bankrupt because of the 007 movie francais, to survive they need to expand to other media like games
symbolic503 - 3 dager siden
Jason Karger
Jason Karger - 3 dager siden
Mission Impossible > James Bond
Jacob Green
Jacob Green - 3 dager siden
This will be awesome
Daniel Mazz
Daniel Mazz - 3 dager siden
I prefer the games in some ways to the film
aman bond
aman bond - 3 dager siden
Omg ,
There were literally 101 number of comments.
Now there are 102 lmao
Danilo Novaković
Danilo Novaković - 3 dager siden
In my opinion, perfect Bond game would be a mix between Hitman and Max Payne
george styles
george styles - 3 dager siden
It's got to be Kane and Lynch 2 with a bit of hitman and some driving. And have the Timothy Dalton Bond from Licence to kill
Steve Ozone
Steve Ozone - 3 dager siden
Btw Tom Hardy is the new bond.
Stu G
Stu G - 3 dager siden
How did no one involved in the making of this video not realize that’s the trailer for goldeneye reloaded...
Mr Singh
Mr Singh - 3 dager siden
If it isn't 'everything or nothing' then its nothing!
Perfectly Sliced Egg
Perfectly Sliced Egg - 3 dager siden
As long as its not just Daniel Craig it’ll be great!
Günter Hess
Günter Hess - 2 dager siden
I hate his bond movies
Dominique Powell
Dominique Powell - 3 dager siden
After playing the first two Hitman games and IO doing 007 got me hype!
Jack .Stravinsky
Jack .Stravinsky - 3 dager siden
Yeeeessss, I could not wait for a new 007 game...finally!
I loathe people who're still talking after I say hi
I want to play as Sir Sean Connery😭😭
Cameraman Matt
Cameraman Matt - 3 dager siden
Probably because it'll just be another Hitman game
ifStatement - 3 dager siden
You could just swap Agent 47 with Bond and it would fit right in.
Michael Vincent Beltran
Michael Vincent Beltran - 3 dager siden
The James Bond Multiverse? lol
Cranberry - 3 dager siden
Do u remember the sentinels?
Eazy E
Eazy E - 3 dager siden
Im obsessed with James Bond and have been since i was a kid so this made my year honestly. Its technically not the first Origin story as Casino Royale and Skyfall tried to do that some
Eazy E
Eazy E - 3 dager siden
@george styles no you will find thats not canon
george styles
george styles - 3 dager siden
No. You will find that LJN did James Bond Jr on the super nintendo. That is the origin of 007.
kyle g
kyle g - 3 dager siden
I hope it's not third person.
Nathan Venter
Nathan Venter - 3 dager siden
A new gaming news channel would be great
E-musick Vance
E-musick Vance - 3 dager siden
Were you expecting Solid Snake? Sam Fisher? Perhaps Gabe Logan? Maybe Joanna Dark?
Name is Bond....James Bond. The original who inspired others to create espionage action.
Glad to have 007 back into gaming where he belongs.
Tg dude
Tg dude - Dag siden
True bond is the literally the reason action movies ever became famous
Ivan Law
Ivan Law - 3 dager siden
Okay, I've been a fan of IO and Hitman series for years now. If I'm getting ideas from the Hitman Trilogy, it'll be like gadgets instead of picking of random things. There'll be a lot of remote controlled devices and then secret cameras. So many opportunities with the 007 game. Imagine all the possibilities. We could probably think of straight up shooting system, like Just Cause, but they might get Hitman system but with an option to go crazy. I'm just so stoked with this one.
Eulogy Jones
Eulogy Jones - 3 dager siden
Can you imagine the cool gadgets that will be available in this game. I can't wait. I hope this game is a third person, semi-open world.
george styles
george styles - 3 dager siden
We need Pierce Brosnan's x-ray glasses
ChrisW - 3 dager siden
Been wanting an ioi bond game for years, dream come true. Now I need Perfect Dark by Arkane.
Help me reach 2k plz
Help me reach 2k plz - 3 dager siden
To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe 👐 read my name btw thx.
Kishor Kanna
Kishor Kanna - 3 dager siden
The name's 47, Agent 47
deepak singh
deepak singh - 3 dager siden
of it has this slick movement style like max payne 3 but with the stealth of splinter cell or msg v then this could be dope, depending how they modify their current engine
KG - 3 dager siden
I cant wait for this!! Finally a company which will be able to make a true to form james bond game. This honestly might have the potential to be one of the best bond games ever.
Kaiser Ritter
Kaiser Ritter - 3 dager siden
Will be cool if they do a MI6 vs CIA vs MOSSAD vs FSB stuff. Have always wanted an all-out covert war.
Side Stepper
Side Stepper - 3 dager siden
I want a new 007 FPS that isn’t a ADS FPS cod clone
David Morrison
David Morrison - 3 dager siden
The Hitman map design would work really well for a 007 game
Danilo Novaković
Danilo Novaković - 3 dager siden
True, but I think for Bond specifically something like Absolution would be best
arbknight12 - 3 dager siden
Just for clarification, this new Bond game is not a VR game right?
Thejan Rodrigo
Thejan Rodrigo - 3 dager siden
Agent 007 vs Agent 047 who would win 🤔
Gaming World
Gaming World - 3 dager siden
VisionaryHi - 3 dager siden
Goldeneye great?
Inspector Steve
Inspector Steve - 3 dager siden
I hope they don't go overboard with this and they stick closely to the original Goldeneye.
PLAYER1 - 3 dager siden
"So, you want me to be half monk, half hitman?" - 007, Casino Royale. If that isn't fate, I don't know what is... Especially, since CR is also a rebooted Bond origin story, too.
PigzWigz - 3 dager siden
Have you ever wiped so much that blood starts to show up on the toilet paper? That's how you know your completely clean.
Nicholas Marshall
Nicholas Marshall - 3 dager siden
The problem is which bond are we going to get, because Craig doesn’t translate to video games, he isn’t very 007, he’s kinda more like a hammer, with nice clothes
We don't need Hollywood actors. We need an OG character from Io.
Günter Hess
Günter Hess - 2 dager siden
I would love to see Sean connery, George lazenby and Roger moore
Aaron - 3 dager siden
@Jay Styles "The guy that played Bond in the movie with Halle Berry" Come on, man, Brosnan not only has one of the greatest Bond films to his name(Top 5 in my opinion)but the most iconic Bond video game based on said film.(GoldenEye)
Shut up
Shut up - 3 dager siden
They might let you choose or just have missions based on each bond. Depends if they are going for a story based game or just one off missions like Hitman. It might mean whoever the new Bond will be irl will be used in the game when it comes out.
troll randon
troll randon - 3 dager siden
Bring back Brosnan!
Duzny - Geya - Fock
Duzny - Geya - Fock - 3 dager siden
Agent 47 cameo confirmed
Ethan Davo
Ethan Davo - 3 dager siden
It's about time they finally made a new bond game haven't had one since the ps3/360 days
Ashok Munde
Ashok Munde - 3 dager siden
Would they be putting wide President in it.
Ashok Munde
Ashok Munde - 3 dager siden
If it turn out to be an exclusive IO headquarters would be just one of the things we'd be saying goodbye in 2020.
Ashok Munde
Ashok Munde - 3 dager siden
@deepak singh And we never expected ff16 to be an exclusive and the Bloodborne was a shocker and so was street fighter and persona or dozens of games that weren't exclusive series but got exclusives in the end as will fallout and elder Scrolls so anything can happen as Sony is infamous for talking big studios into exclusives.
Ashok Munde
Ashok Munde - 3 dager siden
@UndeadWarfare well we did read same for demon souls and then PS5 responded to it by a tweet saying it was a quote unquote "TECHNICAL or HUMAN Error" though we never got to know which one was it. Some think of it as a trick to gather people response and game journalists as a dirty hyping moves which plays with gamers otherwise satisfying feelings.
UndeadWarfare - 3 dager siden
I read that it will be released on multiple systems.
deepak singh
deepak singh - 3 dager siden
exklusive to what ? they never made exklusive games
Mark Mystery
Mark Mystery - 3 dager siden
@SoulFeastLIVE That's exclusive
Nobody - 4 dager siden
Other franchises that deserve an AAA game:
- Tron
- Matrix
- John Wick
- Transformers
- Chronicles of Narnia
- Ben 10
- A song of ice and fire
- Lord of the rings
... Any more ideas???? 🤔😉
The Game Master
The Game Master - 3 dager siden
@ChrisW same as the PS2 and X-Box game
Nobody - 3 dager siden
@troll randon that'd be cool also. My only concern is that it could lend itself as a generic action game. They'd really need to put a lot of love and creativity to make it stand out.
ChrisW - 3 dager siden
@troll randon yes! I love the N64 game
troll randon
troll randon - 3 dager siden
Mission Impossible
ChrisW - 3 dager siden
I was hoping Rocksteady would do the Matrix instead of Suicide Squad, also a proper sequel to Fall Of Cybertron would be great.
Jack Oldham
Jack Oldham - 4 dager siden
So hype already and this is the first time I’ve heard about it
JD C - 4 dager siden
I played Goldeneye Reloaded 007 7 Years Ago
When i was 13 years Old Playing Teen game. 🎮
JOSHUA DSOUZA - 4 dager siden
troll randon
troll randon - Dag siden
@Tg dude More like Watch Dogs
Tg dude
Tg dude - Dag siden
@troll randon for far cry 007? Lol
troll randon
troll randon - 3 dager siden
It should have gone to Ubisoft
SkyDiams Team
SkyDiams Team - 3 dager siden
I love how everything you said is a terrible opinion
Aditya Nagar
Aditya Nagar - 3 dager siden
He is the most overrated personality in gaming.
Ashok Munde
Ashok Munde - 4 dager siden
Vodka Martini, Shaken not exclusive.

Totally would not be taking this Ip as an exclusive.
Modern Norseman
Modern Norseman - 3 dager siden
Ioi won't do that. As far as I know, they've never sided with any console
Rob Picken
Rob Picken - 4 dager siden
Just a thought, but if this does well and revives the Bond videogame franchise I’d absolutely love to see Everything Or Nothing get a remaster
dSpect - 2 dager siden
I spent literal days dying in the warehouse to the guys with rockets in the last mission. That'd be an expensive remake though, needing to get EA and all the actors on board.
Rob Picken
Rob Picken - 3 dager siden
Not really, they seem to remaster everything nowadays so they could easily remaster EON
Shut up
Shut up - 3 dager siden
Majuro oss
Majuro oss - 3 dager siden
@Jay Styles I mostly play it on the GameCube
Rob Picken
Rob Picken - 3 dager siden
@Jay Styles not quite, it was a masterpiece released on the PS2, they even got the cast back to do the voices such as Pierce Brosnan & Judy Dench who all reprised their roles
NvrStpGaming - 4 dager siden
Maybe they'll put a platinum trophy in their game for once
JayJay92 - 4 dager siden
It’d be dope if they took a page from the Warren Ellis Bond book.
jack black
jack black - 4 dager siden
80% of all Bond games are usually terrible.
Goldeneye 007 and Everything or nothing where great games.
Kevin Kettinger
Kevin Kettinger - 4 dager siden
Agent Under Fire and Nightfire were okay.
Ade - 4 dager siden
Playing Hitman 2016 atm, at long last and I adore it. Hyped for this
Largentina TM
Largentina TM - 3 dager siden
Love that game. It's even better if you turn off in-game music and turn on the 007 soundtrack/score.
DualSense Controller
DualSense Controller - 4 dager siden
I will buy this game the very second it's released
Roger Stryker
Roger Stryker - 4 dager siden
Still waiting for a TimeSplitters sequel...
Kris - 23 timer siden
Me 2
Daniel San
Daniel San - 3 dager siden
Damé Gulley
Damé Gulley - 4 dager siden
if you like manga, go watch my one piece chapter 996 review!!!! my first one!!! Ohara commented on it, off to a great start!!!!
John Smith
John Smith - 4 dager siden
It looks interesting...open world spy game with a contract to kill
MVP MatthewS
MVP MatthewS - 4 dager siden
“To The Early Squad That’s reading this
Sending Virtual hugs to anyone who needs it! Stay safe everyone and stay positive🥒
My dream is to hit 100 subs,Just Trying To Make My Mom Proud!
MVP MatthewS
MVP MatthewS - 4 dager siden
“To The Early Squad That’s reading this
Sending Virtual hugs to anyone who needs it! Stay safe everyone and stay positive🥒
My dream is to hit 100 subs,Just Trying To Make My Mom Proud!
MVP MatthewS
MVP MatthewS - 4 dager siden
“To The Early Squad That’s reading this
Sending Virtual hugs to anyone who needs it! Stay safe everyone and stay positive🥒
My dream is to hit 100 subs,Just Trying To Make My Mom Proud!
Over Heated EsKim0
Over Heated EsKim0 - 4 dager siden
Yeah a James Bond game that's 3 hour's long. With loads of replayability😂😂😂😂
I loathe people who're still talking after I say hi
@SkyDiams Team big yikes 😬
SkyDiams Team
SkyDiams Team - 3 dager siden
Yikes to you
Aditya Nagar
Aditya Nagar - 4 dager siden
IO interactive on their careers page said they are making a new *AI system for 007,fleshed out combat mechanics,World class character animations* and etc...
This will probably be the best spy game of all time.
Tg dude
Tg dude - Dag siden
@deepak singh rockstar gameplay is outdated and linear.we need a James bond game that integrates action and stealth like mgs5 or hitman.they should stick to gta
randomnobody playthrough
randomnobody playthrough - 2 dager siden
deepak singh
deepak singh - 2 dager siden
@Future Perfect wrong its still an active page on rockstar games website and they renew the rights every year , you cant tell me they forgot to delete a game on their website that they aint making
Future Perfect
Future Perfect - 2 dager siden
@deepak singh the game was canned. Plus it was multiplayer focused.
Future Perfect
Future Perfect - 2 dager siden
@iSolvano HDR absolution wasn't great. Hitman 2 did bad because of poor marketing and the fact that the first one was episodic. And plus hitman 2 was bascilly a expanison pack for hitman 1. Also hitman 2 name is confusing because hitman 2 slient assassion exists. Hitman blood money I still consider the best even though its graphics,ai,crowd mechinics weren't great. The upgrade system was better in blood money and I thought the levels while smaller sandboxes were more memorable and plus the story was better.
tmr hosny
tmr hosny - 4 dager siden
A James Bond game should be stealth/infiltration with some action elements. World : Casinos/hotels/etc... open world and choices that affect how the game progresses
george styles
george styles - 3 dager siden
Kane and Lynch 2 with some open world levels and driving.
Zyad Targaryen
Zyad Targaryen - 3 dager siden
It would be cool to have dialogue choices as well with the possibility of exposing yourself or blending in etc..
Danilo Novaković
Danilo Novaković - 3 dager siden
Essentially a mix of Hitman and Max Payne
Jay Styles
Jay Styles - 3 dager siden
@Henny Spiderman thats because its a 2 hour movie ofcourse its gonna be action dumdum. But a game should be more stealth since he technically is a spy
Henny Spiderman
Henny Spiderman - 4 dager siden
Have you watched James Bond movies?! It’s literally 90 % over the top action
LaCokaNostra81 - 4 dager siden
The AP declared this game will be mediocre.
Nathairsgiatach - 4 dager siden
Golden eye classic gaming, this next installment of bond.....James bond will be great! It will shake up the industry instead of stirring it up.
James Cam
James Cam - 3 dager siden
Yes! Amen
kangaroobollocks - 4 dager siden
Well casino royal was one of my favourite games so hopefully a step in that direction
Aditya Nagar
Aditya Nagar - 4 dager siden
Watched the teaser 100+ times already so stoked for this game.
Lokie - 4 dager siden
Daaaaamn I’m early!
[] - 4 dager siden
Box boc
Jared Cuffel
Jared Cuffel - 4 dager siden